Gina Carano and Neil Patrick Harris: A Lesson in Hypocrisy

Gina Carano has recently being doing the rounds again on social media. The usual suspects, AV club, Mary Sue, and so on are celebrating her apparent downfall and bullying her in all kinds of ways from gloating over her career, to making jokes about her sex life, to poking fun at her weight. As a fan of Gina, both as an actress and a fighter, it has been hard to watch, but what makes it even more infuriating is the disgusting hypocrisy from her critics.

Never mind the fact that many of her critics identify as feminists, yet have torpedoed the career of a strong woman (because of what the media told them.) There is also the fact that other figures in the geeksphere have done considerably worse, yet not received any kind of backlash, such as Mark Hamill and Neil Patrick Harris. To be clear I am not saying that I want these figures to be cancelled, but I still find it interesting that some people who are in with the bricks get a free pass whilst others don’t. To me it shows how the so called progressive mob, are really just a nasty, upper middle class clique who love dominating the genre and having the power to finish people, but don’t have any real principles of their own.

Now for those of you who don’t know what the drama around Gina Carano is, I’ll give you a recap. Carano is a former mixed martial artist champion who in the late 00s began an acting career, starring in action flicks like Haywire, In The Blood, and Scorched Earth. In 2020 she landed a role in The Mandalorian as the bounty hunter Cara Dune. Her character proved popular and she was even set to get her own spin off. Sadly however it came to an end when she made several comments that were deemed unacceptable by the woke mob, who launched a smear campaign against her which led to Carano being fired. The media has always reported it as Carano getting fired because she made comments that were both racist and transphobic, and clearly all of the supposed, die hard leftists and anti establishment types who hate her, ultimately just went along with everything the actual racist, right wing, mainstream media said. (Curiously however almost none of them will ever answer you when asked to provide ONE thing she said that was racist.)

What actually happened was Gina Carano refused to endorse the group Black Lives Matter as she did not want to get involved in politics (ironically). For this she was smeared as a racist. The mob on twitter then demanded she put her pronouns in her bio to make up for it. She said she didn’t want to as she found that to be a creepy way for the media to label how many minorities they have hired to make themselves look good, and I agree. She has also made it clear that she has 0 problem with trans people or gay people. Contrary to popular belief she has never expressed any TERF opinions online and she was actually best friends with a lesbian woman for years, specifically her MMA rival Tonya Evinger. There were even rumours of the two having an affair, as they were spotted on numerous nights out together dancing at gay bars, though Evinger did confirm they had kissed many times, she also stressed that nothing happened beyond that. She did say that Gina was up for doing more however. Gina Caran has also referred to Tulsi Gabbard as sexy several times too, leading to rumours she has a crush on the former Presidential candidate. Again I don’t know what the truth is, but Gina has certainly been happy for people to think that.

Only a gay hating conservative monster would befriend a lesbian, go to gay bars with her, kiss her and roll around in bed with her.

Following the backlash to not listing her pronouns, Carano put beep boop bop in her bio to ridicule her critics to show how meaningless it was, which they then stupidly used as proof that she hates all trans people. After this Carano was then criticised for claiming that the 2020 election was rigged and for stating anti vaccer beliefs.

The final straw came however when she compared her political rivals to Nazis trying to dehumanise her and others they disagreed with.

Now to be clear I do not agree with Gina Carano’s opinions about the election, vaccination or her rivals being like the Nazis, but there is absolutely nothing wrong morally in anything she said. Thinking that an election was rigged? Ironically all of Gina’s critics did this for 5 fucking years about the 2016 election, with all the bogus Russiagate crap. Hell they are still doing it!

Similarly whilst I am vaccinated, given the absolute arse the government on both sides of the Atlantic made of the COVID situation, whether it was Trump, Biden, Johnson or Sunak, I can understand people not trusting them.

Finally comparing your political rivals to the Nazis whilst hysterical and over the top is hardly racist. Again it is ironically something that a good chunk of Gina Carano’s critics have done again and again about their own political rivals, such as Donald Trump!

See here.

Based on this Sarah Silverman is clearly an anti semite, as according to Gina’s critics, comparing people you don’t like to Nazis is supporting Nazis.

As you can see Gina Carano did not at any point express any racist or transphobic/homophobic views. In fact she isn’t even that right wing. Ironically she has actually taken more genuinely left wing positions than a lot of her critics. For instance, she was partying in gay bars ten years ago when it was less socially acceptable or trendy for celebs to show solidarity with LGBT people. Carano has also publicly expressed support for Julian Assange, a journalist who for the past 11 years has been persecuted by the American government for exposing America’s war crimes. Assange’s persecution and subsequent imprisonment is a threat to honest journalism and future attempts to expose the American war machine for what it is. Yet the supposed Nazi loving, right wing extremist Gina Carano is the one to use her platform to talk about this, whilst the Mary Sue (one of the websites that led the backlash against her.) Is moaning about why some people don’t like She Hulk? The only right wing thing you can accuse Gina Carano of is working with Ben Shapiro. Now in all fairness I dislike Ben Shapiro greatly, but to be fair to Gina, A/ he is the only person who will work with her after her thought crimes, and B/ as much as I may dislike him, he is hardly worse than anyone in mainstream Hollywood. Shapiro may have disgusting views about health care and gay marriage, but he hasn’t protected sexual predators like Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein and he also hasn’t bullied a grieving father out of placing a Spider-Man picture on his sons grave because he couldn’t milk every cent out of the character, like Gina’s last employers, Disney did.

We also all know that Walt Disney has never EVER been embroiled in any controversies about racism or insane anti communist paranoia either.

The great irony is that Carano, is everything the Mary Sue and many of her critics claim to want to see. She IS a genuinely strong woman, who was a pioneer in a male dominated area, Mixed Martial Arts, who was actually supportive of the LGBT community in less enlightened times, and calls out American imperialism. I also find it ironic that her movie, Terror on the Prairie which her critics have laughed at over its perceived failure, also does represent a woman starring in what is normally a male led genre, Westerns.

Sci fi and fantasy, that feminist websites like The Mary Sue love to demonise as a boys only club, have actually always had a strong female presence. From Lucy Lawless to Sigourney Weaver, to Sarah Michelle Gellar, countless women have been able to make careers in this genre, whilst Westerns truly are almost exclusively dominated by men. The Mary Sue however will demand that everyone like an obviously shit female led sci fi show like Jodie Whittaker era Doctor Who, because it’s important for representation in this genre(despite the hundreds of genuinely popular female led sci fi shows and films before Jodie.) Yet here one of the few female led films in a genuinely male led genre, should be boycotted and laughed at?

To me all of this rank hypocrisy smacks of an elite mob in Hollywood having control over the sci fi and fantasy genres and using identity politics to silence their critics. Sadly a lot of genre fans, clearly don’t think for themselves when it comes to politics or are too scared of being in the firing line themselves, so they go along with what the elites tell them. “You say Gina is a racist, well okay that’s that then. I won’t bother looking into it, or thinking for myself, my tribe says she is a racist and that’s that.”

The real lesson to learn here is anyone who is even the tiniest threat to the elites in the industry’s narrative, even if it is a woman must be stamped out and crushed. Gina became a threat the second she didn’t do something they wanted, endorse BLM. She didn’t actually criticise BLM, just the fact that she didn’t say “how high” when they said “jump” was in the elite’s eyes a threat as it meant that their hold might not be as ironclad as they thought.

It absolutely was never about protecting trans people, or calling out racism. Conclusive proof of that is that people who do dance to the elites every whim have got away with far more offensive and disgusting remarks and actions than Gina Carano.

Neil Patrick Harris for example an actor known for starring in a number of popular television series, and who recently landed a big role in Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, back in 2011 created a cake done up to look like Amy Winehouse’s corpse, which he not only showed off at a party, but posted online for the entire world to see. This was just a few months after Amy’s tragic and untimely passing.

Harris’ disgusting actions were sadly typical of the treatment Amy got from the media at the time. She unlike say Jodie Whittaker (who was largely criticised for her awful performance and the politics she brought into her casting) was a victim of a misogynistic smear campaign. Amy was regularly called ugly, crack whore, junkie slut, and was mocked for both her weight and her mental health problems regularly in the mainstream media, not just in a few youtube videos.

Harris was clearly trying to cash in on that disgusting attitude at the time, though it backfired somewhat in that his cake was too much even by the fucked up standards of 2011.

Now again I can’t stress this enough. I do NOT want Neil Patrick Harris to be fired from any job or blacklisted. As much as I hate him for that cake, at the end of the day free speech must apply for everyone. Also whether Harris is a disgusting person or not, should not have any bearing on his talent as an actor. Unless he is actually a danger to anyone on set, or a criminal of course, which he is not.

However that said, what he did was obviously worse than anything Gina Carano said, yet these same websites that have relished in Gina Carano’s supposed downfall, praise Harris constantly?

Here is the post that finally did Gina Carano in that these websites use as proof that she deserves to be bullied and laughed at.

Here meanwhile is what Neil Patrick Harris did that evidently doesn’t bother them at all.

Here is how sites that care so much about toxicity in the genre, and promoting women view Harris after doing this.

From the AV Club

The Mary Sue

Rachel Leishman is a writer for the Mary Sue who has written dozens of articles attacking Carano, slating her as a fascist, gloating over her perceived failures etc. At this stage she is practically Carano’s stalker. Here is what she thinks about Neil Patrick Harris.


We Got This Covered

You can see how they all either love him, or at least don’t care enough to slander him, bring up his past, and are happy to celebrate his career and role in Doctor Who.

When it comes to Gina however?

The Mary Sue

Apparently serving up corpse platters doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm for Neil Patrick Harris being in Doctor Who.

AV Club

I guess tweeting stupid shit, doesn’t apply to their buddy Harris and his corpse cake pictures. By the way, the AV club lied about the movie’s box office returns.


We Got This Covered. Now in all fairness they did bring up Harris’ cake in a previous article, but it wasn’t anywhere near as judgemental as their articles about Gina, and after bringing it up once, they have never done so again. With Gina however?

Again a lie repeated enough times just becomes accepted as fact. Say she was anti semitic enough times and the morons who click on our site will believe. Also I think it’s hilarious that We Got This Covered claim the Internet never forgets.

They seemed to forget about this didn’t they? I mean yeah they mentioned it once, in a very neutral, non judgemental way before going back to kissing Neil Patrick Harris’ arse. Even though this was something he actually did, unlike Gina being anti semitic.

The irony is that the post this very website earlier claimed justified her firing was calling for people to be gentle with one another. I guess though if Gina Carano had just bullied a grieving family, and took part in the media endorsed mocking of a woman with anorexia and jumping on her grave like Harris did, then We Got This Covered and Scott Campbell (who has written countless articles on this site attacking Carano) would have happily turned the other cheek and welcomed her with open arms into the Doctor Who family.

To be fair Harris is not alone in getting away with things that Carano wouldn’t.

Stephen King, the famous horror writer who again is praised, particularly for his politics on We Got This Covered, actually DID praise a Nazi, Stepan Bandera as a great man. He also expressed extremely bigoted views towards Russians, stating that they were too stupid to enjoy his books and that he was superior to every Russian writer.

Meanwhile for calling an actual Nazi a great man, We Got This Covered who claim the internet never forgets, did completely forget or turned a blind eye to King’s pro Nazi beliefs.

Hmmm seems that to We Got This Covered and Scott Campbell, comparing people you don’t like to Nazis like Gina Carano did, means you are an anti semite, and should be smeared as such every single time your name is brought up. Saying an actual Nazi collaborator was a great man, like Stephen King did however………. is nothing?

Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker and voicing the Joker in numerous Batman cartoons, has also made some ridiculous political comments over the last few years, which could easily be interpreted as being more offensive than anything Carano has said.

Now for the record I am a huge Mark Hamill fan. (Showing I am not being biased here.) Mark Hamill’s performance as the Joker to me is one of the all time greatest villain performances in any medium. I have not only praised his performance throughout my entire life, but I was also the one who set up the petition to get Mark to play the Joker in the animated Killing Joke, which he endorsed! Sadly the film didn’t quite turn out how I’d hoped. Basically like everyone else, I disliked the opening 30 mins with Batgirl and Bruce bumping uglies, but I loved the actual adaptation and Mark’s performance. In hindsight however I am glad it was made in spite of the controversy, as in light of Kevin Conroy’s tragic and untimely death, it marked the last serious production in which he and Hamill were together as Batman and the Joker, with the final few mins representing some of their best work together.

Still whilst I will always be a fan of Hamill and I think he is a great guy overall. When it comes to politics he has been very guilty of jumping on the current thing, without really thinking. The worst example of this was in a recent interview where he stated that Ukraine was the first country since World War 2 to be invaded. This completely ignores all of the countries the US has invaded and destablised and destroyed, like Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea and Chile.

I personally think Mark just said something stupid without really thinking, (showing you can be a great man in some ways, but not others.) Some political commentators did however argue that Hamill’s comments demonstrated ignorance of countries like Iraq simply because they were not white. Again I disagree with that sentiment, but still if you can extrapolate that Carano was undermining the horrors of the holocaust, then you absolutely could say the same thing about Hamill in regards to the Iraq War, the Vietnam War and the Libyan Crisis.

Again obviously I don’t want Hamill cancelled, but if Gina Carano should be for apparently trivializing one tragedy from history, then why does Hamill get a free pass for outright ignoring other atrocities?

The absolute worst example of sites like the Mary Sue and the AV Club’s hypocrisy and someone getting away with far worse than what Gina Carano did, however is their welcoming back James Gunn with open arms after his dodgy past was exposed. Back in 2009 and 10 Gunn made numerous jokes about raping underage boys, and sharing child porn online. As soon as these tweets were unearthed when Gunn supported the cancelling of Roseanne Barr, the director was briefly cancelled by Disney and fired from working on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (after having directed the first two.)

After a backlash from both fans and Gunn’s co-stars however he was reinstated and the Mary Sue have since forgotten about his past tweets and have actually supported his work, including Guardians 3, The Suicide Squad, and taking over DC comics films and television series.

Here by the way are the tweets Gunn made circa 2008 – 10.

Now in all fairness to Gunn, these posts whilst disgusting are no worse than the types of jokes that we have seen in tv shows like South Park and Family Guy (which made a pedophile a recurring character for shock value.)

Given that Gunn’s jokes were on a public platform, and weren’t something he was posting in private. It is most likely he was just trying to be provocative like both of those series, though that does not mean you can’t criticise all three for this type of comedy. Still whilst I absolutely would not say that this is proof that Gunn is a predator, or a cancellable offence. At the same time for the Mary Sue to actually claim that Gina Carano’s posts are more abhorrent, or that her not putting her pronouns in her bio is more offensive than Gunn making blowjob jokes about kids is utterly obscene.

Here is an article by Rachel Leishman, Gina Carano’s own personal stalker on the Mary Sue who has written countless articles trashing the former MMA star, gloating over her perceived failures, calling her a moron, etc, talking about how excited she is about Gunn’s latest Batman announcement.

Hmmmmm, no comment on Gunn’s past actions? Why aren’t you stalking him for his blowjob pedo jokes Rachel? It is clearly less offensive to you to make light of child molestation, than put “beep boop bop” in your twitter bio. Hilariously for a website that’s entire reason for being is supposedly female empowerment. The Mary Sue have created a situation where, a man can get away with a joke about sharing child porn, whilst a woman can’t get away with saying Beep Boop Bop.

The AV Club also don’t seem to mind either.

Here the Mary Sue are actually criticising the decision to cancel Gunn.

The simple reason that Hamill, Harris, Gunn and King get a free pass over everything from corpse cakes, to ignoring the Iraq war, to praising ACTUAL Nazis, is because they are in with the bricks. Harris is a favourite of the elite, Gunn shares the same politics as the Mary Sue, whilst Hamill and King at the very least go along with “the current thing” in terms of politics and both hate Trump. The fact that Carano didn’t go along with absolutely every single little thing they asked her too, was why she was demonised by the elite and cowardly media and fandom for considerably less offensive posts and comments than either Harris, King, Gunn or even Hamill.

The important thing to remember here however, is that the elite within the industry are not really left wing or progressive. They simply hide behind shallow forms of left wing politics, which they use to either rope in shallow people on the left, or cowards too afraid to call them out. It’s important not to turn towards the right completely in an effort to go against them, but at the same time never ever become such a tribal leftist that you’ll instantly go along with whatever they say, as sadly has been the case for a lot of people in regards to Gina Carano.

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