Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 6: The Dragon’s Mountain


The Tyrannosaurus Rex lunged forward, with it’s jaws wide open at it’s victims, but Lindsey, thinking quickly grabbed the riders spear and stabbed it into the Tyrant Lizard King’s mouth.

She embedded the blade right into it’s tongue causing the giant to to thrash around in agony. It tried desperately to shake the spear out of it’s mouth, but when it bit down on the weapon, it just cut the spear in half. Lindsey, Kirsteen, Hersa and the rider quickly fled to the nearby cave for safety.

Whilst the Tyrannosaur struggled to get the blade out of it’s tongue, one of the riders, a young woman returned. She tried to impale her spear into the Tyrannosaurs mouth having seen what Lindsey had done, but the creature quickly spat what was left of Lindsey’s spear out, narrowly missing the rider before pursuing her.

Though the Pterosaur tried to fly as high as it could, it’s rider kept forcing it to go lower so as to keep the Tyrannosaurs attention.

“I’m sorry old girl, but we have to get him away from here.” She said.

The rider managed to drag the Tyrannosaur back down the passage way and into the ruins of the village.

By this stage Professor Fang’s bones had mostly healed and he was ready to try and take on the Tyrant Lizard King again, regardless of how futile that may be.

As the monster reached up and nearly grabbed the Pterosaur, the Professor quickly pulled the fabric off of the ruins of a tent and jumped over 20 feet in the air, onto the Tyrannosaurus’ neck. He then wrapped the cloth around the Dinosaurs eyes.

“Stop it, you’ll be killed.” The rider shouted out in desperation at the Professor.

The Tyrannosaur however struggled to throw the Vampire off, with the Professor holding on with all his strength. The Tyrannosaur stomped it’s way blindly through several more ruins, very nearly tripping itself up. As it let out a series of deafening roars in frustration, the rider flew over it’s mouth and hurled her spear straight down it’s throat, cutting it open.

The Tyrannosaur soon collapsed to the floor, choking on both the spear and it’s own blood. In it’s last few moments the Dinosaur managed to gag the spear out of it’s mouth, but it’s inner throat had been cut completely open.

The rider flew back to the top of the mountain to inform the survivors that the crisis was over, whilst the Professor sat beside the Tyrannosaur as it took it’s last breaths. He even rubbed it’s lower jaw to try and comfort the Dinosaur.

“Sadly it was you or us. Nature’s cruel that way.” The Professor said.

Lindsey, and Kirsteen were the first to return to the ruins of the village.

“There are some perks to being a Vampire it seems.” Kirsteen said upon seeing the Professor had mostly healed.

“Yes well it doesn’t feel that way when you’re still awake whilst all your bones are being crushed by a Tyrannosaur, but I get your meaning.” The Professor replied.

Suddenly the remainder of the Pterosaurs and their riders returned to the village.

“You arrived just in time.” Lindsey said sarcastically.

“Who are you?” The leader of the riders, a large burly man snapped?

“Just travellers passing through, I happened to help save your village, or rather what’s left of it. Ask your friend when she get’s back, you know the one of you who stayed behind to fight the monsters.”

“The flyers got too wild being near that thing. We couldn’t control them.”

“Well she managed it?” The Professor said.

“Okay Professor” Lindsey interrupted. “Best not to antagonise the angry people with spears.”

The rider who the Professor had helped slay the Tyrannosaur soon returned.

“It seems we owe you our thanks.” The leader said, somewhat reluctantly to the female rider.

“You DO.” The Professor said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to slay the monster had it not been for this, eh mysterious traveller.” The rider said.

“Yes well you can thank me later, but right now I need your help. The mountain that’s the centre of the valley. I, we, need help getting there.”

The leader laughed.

“You think an old man like you can make your way past those beasts. They have been twisted by the dark magics into being creatures far beyond.”

“Yes I know your friend Hersa told me, by the way how is she.”

“She’s fine. Obviously taking a rest after her ordeal, but she’ll live.” The female rider said.

“Yes well not for long if you don’t help me, us get to the mountain. I might be able to fix the core. I can’t promise anything, but not to sound smug, I have a much, much better grasp of magics than you do.”

“If you’ll just lend us a Pterosaur we’ll be on our way.” The Professor said somewhat jokingly.

“I admire your confidence old man, but our entire valley is at stake.”

“I’m not just an old man” The Professor said as he bared his fangs.

“Vampire!” The leader shrieked as he held his spear in place.

“There are Vampires on the moon as well as Dinosaurs?” Kirsteen said in surprise.

“Well if some of the humans ancestors who were brought here were infected, why not?” The Professor replied.

“Vampires are evil, bloodsucking monsters. I don’t know what cheap trick this is.”

“It’s no trick, I’m one of the few nice Vamps.”

“Or” Lindsey interrupted. “Even if you don’t believe that which I wouldn’t blame you for, he’s in the same position as you. If this valley explodes into space, he’ll die too. In fact, worse as a Vampire, the lack of oxygen won’t kill him, he’ll just float through space forever. You can count on him to want to help save this valley regardless.”

“Well I don’t know I’d imagine he’d be okay with nothing but his own company forever” Kirsteen said.

“But ehm seriously though you can trust us to want to save our own necks.”

“He did help me slay the monster.” The female rider interrupted. “I couldn’t have done it without him. He covered the monsters eyes, allowing me to get close to it’s mouth, Any other Vampire would have fled at the sight of one of those giants, but he didn’t.”

The leader frowned. “Well I suppose we don’t have anything to lose. The mountain could go at any minute. I want you to go with the Vampire, and I shall come too.”

“We’ll need a full army to get to that mountain.”The female rider said.

“Maybe not. That’s the mistake we’ve made every time. We charge in there and the monsters see us coming. Maybe stealth is the only way to get to it.”

“You know he’s probably right.” The Professor said.

“That is if we can still trust you Vampire.”

“Well I’m not the one who ran away from the Tyrannosaur.” The Professor responded.

“Okay, let’s not fight.” The female rider said. “It probably doesn’t matter what we do as the valley’s doomed regardless. I’ll get the flyers ready.”

Hersa meanwhile rested at the very top of the wall that surrounded the village, near where the Pterosaurs were normally kept.

All of the wounded were kept in this area, though Hersa’s screams in her sleep meant that none of them were able to get any rest.

She kept dreaming she was back with Orlagia, fleeing from the Allosaurus and failing to save him again.

As the leader and the female rider prepared Pterosaurs for the three time travellers, Kirsteen went to try and comfort Hersa.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re safe now, the Tyrannosaurus is dead.”  Kirsteen said.

“I left him. I left him. In all the confusion I, I.”

“It’s okay” Kirsteen said, having no idea what she was talking about.

“We’re going to the mountain. The Pterosaurs will take us there.” The Professor told Hersa.

“You have to let me come with you.”

“No you’re still too cut up from the Raptors.” Kirsteen said firmly.

“She’s right, besides we need all the people we can to protect what’s left of the village anyway. If you do feel better, you can help there.” The leader said.

The female rider helped The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen get strapped to their Pterosaurs.

“I trust none of you have ever ridden one of our flyers before?” She said.

“Well me and Lindsey have ridden on the backs of Pterosaurs and other flying creatures many times, but Kirsteen here, well.”

“Sorry I was off singing when all my friends were learning how to fly Dinosaurs.”

“Pterosaurs actually” Lindsey had to interject.

“Well don’t worry.” The female rider said.

“We’ve put you with our oldest and most experienced flyers. As long as you don’t startle them they’ll take you there no problem. They’ll follow our lead.”

“Can I ask what your name is?” The Professor said.


“And yours?” He said to the leader.


“Alright I’m Fang, this is Lindsey and eh, I’ve forgotten your name again?” The Professor said jokingly to Kirsteen who didn’t appreciate it. “It’s Kirsteen, Kirsteen.”

The Pterosaurs departed from the cliff top at a lightening speed. Kirsteen could not stop screaming at first. It didn’t help that she already had a fear of heights. Her screaming however caused the Pterosaur to begin to panic and fly off course. Fortunately Tiseia was able to command the beast to follow her, though not before telling Kirsteen to shut up.

The 5 Pterosaurs took the Professor and the others across the valley and to the mountain in just over 20 mins.

Despite how badly it had been ravaged by the magics collapsing, the valley still looked beautiful. There were massive lakes, forests and open fields, filled with wonderful prehistoric creatures below.

Brachiosaurs, Stegosaurs, Triceratops, various species of Hadrosaur all herded together for protection.

There were a few gruesome sights along the way however. They witnessed a Carnotaurus attack and kill a small sauropod, and also by one of the lakes. A gigantic Spinosaurus emerge out of the water like a Crocodile and pull a Hadrosaur down to a watery grave.

“Remind me not to go skinny dipping in this valley.” Kirsteen said at the sight of the Spinosaurus’ lake going red with the Hadrosaurs blood.

“Spinosaurus” Lindsey said. “They were always among my favourites. The biggest meat eaters ever to walk the earth. Don’t worry though they only like small wet areas. We’ll be fine where we’re going.”

“You’ll soon be eating those words.” Miscorak said.

As soon as they came near the mountain the Pterosaurs suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“We’ll need to land and try and get in from the bottom.” Miscorak said.

“If we try and fly to the top, the”

Before he could finish a large shrieking sound suddenly came piercing from the mountain.

“Damn those monsters. It’s like they can sense us.”

Several large, hairy, yellow, Pterosaur like creatures soon came flying from the mountain. The sight of the monsters was enough to make a pack of nearby Allosaurus’ scarper for the nearest wood.

The monsters were incredibly fast, but under Tiseia’s command they were able to keep a good distance ahead of them, except for Kirsteen’s Pterosaur. Her screaming at the monsters caused her Pterosaur to fly slightly off  direction, allowing one of the mutated Pterosaurs to fly ahead and cut her off.

Kirsteen stared into the creatures hideous face. It had three eyes, all of which were bright green, with a red iris. Green slime meanwhile dripped from it’s long, thin jaws.

The monster soon spat it’s slime right into Kirsteen’s Pterosaur’s face causing it to scream. Some of the noxious liquid splashed Kirsteen and burned her skin too. The mutated Pterosaur then rammed into Kirsteen’s Pterosaur and clamped it’s jaws around it’s neck.

Kirsteen tried to fight the mutant off, but several more started to swarm her. Lindsey soon noticed Kirsteen wasn’t with them, but when she tried to direct her Pterosaur back the way, several more of the mutants soon swarmed her too.

To Be Continued.


King Kong Part 5


Gerisian waited for Kong to do something, anything, but the Ape simply stared at the woman who at one point, the great Ape’s entire world had revolved around.

She started to speak.

“Kong, Kong please listen to me. I don’t know how much you can understand, but please just follow me to the village, like you used to when we’d go on those walks. Do you remember?”

The Ape growled again, so much so that Liassa screamed at him to put her down. Again however Gerisian shouted at her daughter to get back.

Kong dropped his foster mother and started to roar, knocking over a few more trees before slamming his fists down in front of Gerisian and Liassa as she ran to help her mother.

The Ape gave one last look at the two women before walking away through the forest. Gerisian didn’t give up however. She ran ahead in front of the great Ape, and stood her ground.

“Please, please Kong. Come with me to the village. They need you.”

Kong roared again, but this time he flipped Gerisian over onto his shoulder and started to run through the woods, trampling them as he went.

“Slow down” Liassa shouted as she ran frantically after the gorilla.

Back at the village, the Raptors had decimated the last of the villages main line of defence.

All that was left were a few civilians who tried to hide in their huts from the ravenous Dinosaurs.

The Raptors had slowly been moving into the humans territory for a few years at first. The break up of the island was constantly pushing the Dinosaurs and other creatures further inland, making it harder and harder every year for the humans to survive.

There had been a few attacks on the village by some larger carnivores such as Allosaurus which had led to severe casualties, but the Raptors were ironically a far bigger danger.

They were far more numerous, and their greater intelligence meant that they were not as easy to lure into traps either.

Worse still whilst the Allosaurus would only occassionally turn to the humans as a source of food, when their normal prey was scarce. The Raptors it seemed were determined to utterly exterminate the humans from the area. The Raptors instinctively saw the humans as their main competition and were determined to hunt them down above all else.

The last of the tribe had virtually no way of defending themselves, as all of their weapons had been used in the last futile defence against the pack. All they could hope for was to remain hidden in their huts. Whilst they were cunning, the Raptors at the end of the day were just animals. The humans only hope would be too outthink them.

The Raptors however had a highly developed sense of smell and were able to trace some of the humans hiding in the huts. Some tried to barricade the door against the Raptors, whilst others hid under their bed, or even under the floorboards if they could as the Dinosaurs tried to break their way into people’s houses.

Some foolishly tried to run away whilst the Raptors were distracted, only to be pounced on by more of the creatures who had been waiting for them in the nearby woods.

Those who watched from the windows of their homes could do nothing. If they made even a sound the Raptors would find them too and rip them apart.

Suddenly several of the Raptors on the outer edges of the village were sent scurrying. As the trees started to collapse, a massive log came hurling into view, managing to crush two of the Raptors before they could flee.

Several of the villagers started to cheer from their homes, whilst others cowered when the creature responsible came charging into the centre of the village. Kong, who was still carrying his “mother” Gerisian on his back.

The great Ape roared as loud as he could to scatter the Dinosaurs, but instead not only did all the Raptors in the village turn their attention towards him, but dozens more emerged from the woods. In total there were over 40 Raptors. This was going to be a harder fight than either Gerisian, or even Kong had hoped.

200 years later

Peter tried to warn the others about the sound he had heard in the cave, but they ignored him. After his earlier behaviour none of them really had much time for him either way.

Unfortunately a hideous, winger creature soon started to hobble it’s way out of the cave. It was a gigantic, batlike animal, with a red furry body, massive fangs (some of which were broken) and completely white, blank eyes.

The creature stood over 7 feet tall and when it opened it’s wings they were over 40 feet wide. The creature gave a puzzled look at Peter who had completely frozen with terror, before spitting at him.

It’s spit was a thick, boiling, stinking green slime that stuck to Peter who instantly called out for help. Again the rest of the criminals didn’t pay him much attention. Those who did quickly hurried up the hill anyway.

Peter walked back slowly, only to trip over a small rock, which startled the bat who let out a shriek, alerting the others above.

Hamish looked down at the monster and for a moment contemplated helping Peter. He picked up a large rock and prepared to drop it on the abomination’s head.

Unfortunately another one of the creatures soon came hobbling it’s way out of the cave too.

Hamish still held the rock up for a bit before deciding to just move on up the hill. He didn’t abandon Peter out of spite, but he felt that if he were to strike one of the monsters, it would draw the attention of the other who would then kill more of his men. He also didn’t know how many more of the bat’s there were. The fact that it was Peter however made it easier for Hamish to abandon him.

Peter screamed out for Hamish to help, and even tried to draw the Bats attention to his fellow convicts, by throwing stones at the hill, but the bats were too focused on Peter.

The first Bat waved it’s massive wings in the air and spat at Peter again, before shooting up into the sky and grabbing the former prisoner by the shoulders before he could run away. The creatures claws cut straight through his skin before lifting him into the air far above the hill the other crooks had now almost climbed.

The bat taking no notice of the others then flew across the landscape to another large mountain, though not as far away as the Wall, where it dropped Peter.

Below the mountain was a pit of the bones of humans, snatched from the nearby village, as well as other animals. The Bats whilst nesting on the ground, would always choose a more secluded area to feed as the corpses of their victims may draw scavengers if they ate them at or near their nest.

The bat hovered over Peter for a few minutes as he got to his feet, before swooping down and clawing him across the chest.

Peter knew he couldn’t fight the monster so he tried to run down he mountain, but the Bat instantly flew after him and dragged him back to the top. The monster was clearly having fun playing with it’s prey, which was a mistake on Skull Island, where the competition for food on the ever dwindling landmass was so fierce. Within a few minutes of the Bat’s torture of Peter, another of it’s kind had spotted the spectacle and attempted to steal Peter away. It jumped the other Bat from behind, knocking it to the ground before trying to grab Peter by the legs.

The first Bat however quickly recovered and flew into the second one, sending them both hurling back through the air. The two beasts then bit and clawed at one another, whilst Peter seized his chanced and ran despite his injuries down the mountain and into the graveyard below.

Peter quickly hid behind what looked like the ruins of an old temple at the very end of the mass of skeletons, some of which stall had bits of mangled, rotting flesh attached.

He waited for a few minutes until he was sure the Bats had gone. As he walked slowly through the graveyard, he could see one of the bats carrying the corpse of the other to the mountain where they had both attempted to devour him. It wouldn’t trouble him anymore.

After he had managed to get clear from the mountain, Peter took refuge in a small cave. It was small enough not to house any of those bat creatures, at least he hoped.

“Those bastards.” He said to himself as he tended to his wounds. None of them were deep or serious, but they were still excrutiating.

“I swear when I find those cowards I’ll kill every single one of them.” Peter didn’t even once consider the irony that they had all only been so willing to leave him because of his earlier actions. All he could think about was in making Hamish and the others pay.

“Ah this is the spot.” William said.

“What are you talking about.” Scarlett asked.

“We are just outside the village, but before we can go in I’ll need to light a signal for them to come and get us.”

“Isn’t that a little dangerous? The predators are all around here.” Daniel said in a worried tone.

“Trust me, in the last bit just before the village, we’d never make it through alive. A lot of the carnivores have gathered around the village. They see it as a great unconquered area, a source of food or I don’t know what, but the largest have set up shop there. Our only hope is to summon some of the natives to escort us through it. Fortunately I know the signal, but you’re right we’ll need to have a place to hide before they get here.”

After lighting a small fire, William and the others took refuge behind or in a small cave (there were over 80 in William’s team in total) and waited patiently for someone to come. There was a fight over who got to be in the cave, with the strongest managing to push the others out who had to hide behind some small bushes. William did make a few allowances, namely for Scarlett and Sarah, but other than that he didn’t care who was in the cave as long as he was. Daniel much to his annoyance was among those who was forced to stand behind a small bush.

Two hours passed, during which a few Dimetrodon’s came near the fire, as did a few large crab like creatures, before quickly leaving.

Finally one of the giant bats came to land near the fire and seemed to wait patiently unlike the others who seemed to be just curious.

The bat it seemed had learned that this was a signal humans used to contact each other, or at the very least was man made and was waiting for any to show up.

Unfortunately for the bat however, another predator was thinking the same thing. A Gorgonopsid, the largest and most powerful meat eater on this part of the island, as well as one of the oldest.

The Gorgonopsid stood about 6 feet tall and was over 20 feet long. It looked like a gigantic reptillian, sabre tooth cat, though it was in fact older than either Mammals or Dinosaurs.

The Gorgonopsid had once been the apex predator of the entire island, but the arrival of giant meat eating Dinosaurs had pushed it to the outskirts of the island.

The creature crept up slowly on it’s unsuspecting prey, but just as it prepared to jump forward, the bat suddenly flew up into the sky and landed on the Gorgonopsid’s back.

The Gorgonopsid tried to shake the bat creature off, but it held on with it’s massive talons and bit hard into the predators back, ripping out massive chunks of flesh.

The Gorgonopsid started to ram itself into a wall to get the creature off, but the bat quickly managed to fly out of reach of the predator and started to circle it.

The Gorgonopsid tried to reach up, but the bat was too high and fast. It would periodically fly back down and deliver a flurry of bites and scratches to the ancient reptile’s back.

The Gorgonpsid pushed itself agains the Bat next time it attacked. It didn’t try to bite it, it simply used it’s gigantic bulk to knock the bat through the air, sending it crashing to the ground.

Before the bat could get up, the Gorgonopsid quickly grabbed the bat by the leg, which it broke in it’s jaws. It then hurled the bat over 20 feet in the air, until it smashed against the top of the cave William and the others were hiding in. The bat’s corpse then rolled from the top of the cave and dropped in front of it.

The Gorgonopsid quickly ran up to the bat’s body and growled at the people in the cave. It was worried they were going to steal it’s kill and went as far as to stick it’s head and upper body into the cave. It pushed the former prisoners back as far as they could go. Daniel couldn’t help but laugh at how they’d become trapped by the creature, but his joy was short lived, as barrage of spears from above soon pelted the Gorgonopside causing it to drop.

As soon as William and the others left the cave, they were greeted by the sight of 7 Skull Islanders, all wielding spears.

To Be Continued



Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 5: The Doomed Valley


(Sorry about the delay. I was really ill this last week. Thankfully it wasn’t the Corona Virus, just a regular serious chest infection.)

The Tyrannosaurus Rex had always been Lindsey’s favourite Dinosaur as a child, and even up close she couldn’t help but stare in awe at this majestic, powerful beast before the reality hit her, when the Tyrant reptlie roared and splattered blood from it’s mouth all over her and her friends.

Kirsteen tried to run away she was so scared, but the Professor caught her.

“No sudden movements. This thing is fast and it’s very, very intelligent. It’s smarter than a Lion, or a Tiger never mind another Dinosaur. Hell it’s probably smarter than you.” The Professor said.

The Tyrannosaurus was inspecting the Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen more than anything else, as it had never seen a human quite like them. It wasn’t even used to human beings in general as they were normally wise to keep out of it’s way. Nevertheless within a few seconds it grew impatient and instantly went for Lindsey.

The Professor jumped onto the side of the Dinosaurs head just as it was about to strike, causing it to swerve to the side. Had it not been for the Professor’s intervention it surely would have snatched Lindsey who was not fast enough to escape it’s grasp.

The Professor tried using all of his strength to keep the Tyrannosaurs jaws open but the force they could exert completely dwarfed his and indeed most Vampires strength. The Professor still clutched on to the side of the Dinosaurs skull, but the Tyrannosaur rammed the side of it’s head into the nearby cave wall several times.

Had the Professor been human he would have been crushed into paste, but even with his Vampiric constitution the Tyrannosaur still broke every bone in his body. Something smelled off about the Professor to the Tyrannosaurus, so it didn’t bite him, but Lindsey and Kirsteen seemed ideal prey.

Kirsteen fled with Hersa to one of the few remaining tents in the ruins of the village, despite Hersa’s protests.

The Tyrannosaurus simply smashed the tent apart, burying the women under rubble. As Kirsteen crawled out from under she said to herself.

“Maybe he is smarter than me.”

Lindsey tried to draw the Tyrannosaurs attention away by hurling a spear she found near the half eaten body of a native at the Tyrannosaurs neck.

The spear however simply bounced off of the Tyrannosaurs scales.

The Tyrannosaur then instantly turned it’s attention to Lindsey, and though she had a good head start on it, the king of the Dinosaurs soon caught up to her. Lindsey was forced to jump into a the river just in front of the village to escape, but to her surprise and horror, the Tyrannosaur followed her in.

The Tyrannosaur stood up to it’s knees in the river, and would strike it’s head down to try and catch Lindsey like a bird trying to catch fish. Fortunately it’s movements were somewhat slow and jerkier in water, though even then Lindsey was forced to hide at the very bottom of the river to keep out of it’s range of vision. She couldn’t hold under for long however and the Tyrannosaur was absolutely relentless in it’s attacks.

Kirsteen and Hersa ran to help the Professor, hoping he could do something to help Lindsey, but the Vampire wasn’t even finished nitting his bones back together yet.

Lindsey meanwhile crawled along the bottom of the river bed until she managed to get a few feet ahead of the Tyrannosaur before being forced back up for air.

The Tyrannosaur noticed her right away and lunged at the terrified time traveller, and though she managed to narrowly dodge it’s jaws, the force of the Tyrannosaurs head hitting the water beside Lindsey still sent her flying over 10 feet in the air onto the river bank.

The Professor seeing the danger Lindsey was in jumped onto the Tyrannosaurs tail. Even though all of his bones had not yet repaired, the Professor was still able to jump over 20 feet through the air and grab onto the tip of the Dinosaurs tail with a tremendous grip.

The Tyrannosaurus tried to shake him off, but the Professor held on harder than he ever had before. He tried to bite the Tyrannosaurs tail, but it’s scales were too thick for his teeth to puncture.

Kirsteen and Hersa ran past the Tyrannosaurus as it smashed it’s tail in the few remaining huts in an effort to shake the Professor off.

On the other end of the bank Lindsey was badly injured. She had broken her wrist when the Tyrannosaurus slammed her to the ground.

“I prefer it when T-Rex’s are killing Triceratop’s instead of me.” Lindsey said as Kirsteen helped her up.

The Professor kept trying to bit the Tyrannosaurs tail but as it swung him around more furiously, it broke his teeth. The Tyrannosaur smashed the Professor off of the ground a few more times, breaking his legs, before smashing his spine off a nearby rock after which it then threw him 40 feet through the air with it’s tail.

The Tyrannosaurus then sped after the three women, moving at a tremendous speed despite it’s massive size.

Knowing they couldn’t keep ahead of the Dinosaur Kirsteen ran away from Lindsey and Hersa, hoping she could distract the Tyrannosaur long enough for her two wounded companions to escape. As she ran into the darker side of the cave she tripped over a small rock.

The Tyrannosaurus quickly caught up to her with it’s jaws open. It only stopped because Lindsey who managed to catch up, (having been forced to leave Hersa) managed to distract it.

The Tyrannosaurus however was not so easily fooled this time. The monster stood back slowly, until it was about an equal distance from both women.

There was no way either of them could escape now, at this range and with it’s speed. The Tyrannosaur opened it’s jaws, and this close Lindsey could see the blood from it’s previous victims stained over it’s massive sharp teeth, as well as bits and pieces of it’s previous victims caught in between it’s teeth including what looked like the mangled arm of one of the natives.

With nothing left to lose Kirsteen reached into the dirt beside her, grabbed two handfuls and threw them into the Tyrannosaurs eyes.

The monster stumbled back a bit, whilst Lindsey and Kirsteen quickly ran to Hirsa and helped her up.

“That’s what happens when you’ve got small arms. You can’t rub your eyes.” Kirsteen said, though Hersa was hardly in the mood.

The three woman ran to the other end of the cave, and down a passage on Hersa’s urging. Neither Lindsey nor Kirsteen liked to leave the Professor, but there was nothing they could do for him at the moment. His Vampiric healing factor would heal his injuries in due time, and the Tyrannosaur was solely focused on them anyway.

The T-Rex chased the three women down the long passage way, though it struggled to fit down it somewhat which gave the three girls a good head start.

“It’s just up ahead, if we can reach the cliff top.” Hersa said.

The passage got narrower and narrower the further down it they went, until eventually the Tyrannosaurus got stuck near the end of the passage, whilst the the three women were able to escape down a larger part of the cavern at the other end of the tunnel, that led to the entrance to a cave.

The Tyrannosaurus desperately tried to struggle free, but it’s shoulders were jammed between the narrow passage. Still the more and more it pulled, the more the rocks on either side began to give way.

The three women prepared to make their way into the cave but just as they did several flying reptiles began to descend from the sky. These Pterosaurs were Quetzalcoatlus, the largest creatures ever to take to the wing. Riding on their backs were several humans, the last survivors of Hersi’s tribe.

This tribe had managed to tame a large pack of Quetzalcoatlus as pets. These Pterosaurs were vital to the tribe’s survival as they helped them cover masses of land in a short time. They never used the flying beasts for hunting however as their delicate wing membrane’s meant that they could be easily overpowered in a fight and they were too valuable in other areas of the tribe’s life.

Desperate times however called for desperate measures. The Tyrannosaurus had destroyed the tribes main area of defence in the cave effortlessly, wrecked their village and devoured most of the tribe. The few survivors had, just like Hersa had intended, fled down the passage way, through the smaller cave at the back, and up to the highest cliff edge, whilst the Tyrannosaur was killing the rest of the tribe.

They could have stayed there and been perfectly safe, but the natives felt they needed to destroy the Tyrannosaurus. It was so much more dangerous than any of the predators they had normally come into contact with, the Raptors, the Sabre Tooth’s, and the Allosaurus, they couldn’t let it wander around this area and even build a nest near the cave.

The Tyrannosaurs normally lived on the outer reaches of the valley, but now they had been forced inland.

Hirsa shouted at her friends to get away from the Dinosaur, but it was no use.

The 8 or so Pterosaurs all hovered around the Tyrannosaurs face as it continued to try and pull itself free.

They hurled their spears at the Dinosaur, in an effort to try and find it’s weak spot, but as it thrashed it’s head around their spears simply bounced off of it’s scales. The Tyrant Lizard King soon broke free and leaped out at one of the Pterosaurs. It’s jaws narrowly missed the flying reptile’s wing, another Quetzacoatlus soon jumped onto the Tyrannosaurs back, with it’s rider, a young woman frantically hiting the Tyrannosaurus’ back with her large, spiked club.

Again however it did nothing to deter the Dinosaur and when the Tyrannosaur rose up, the Pterosaur quickly retreated.

The Pterosaurs all started to circle the Tyrannosaurus Rex, with it’s riders all hurling spears and even some torches down at the Dinosaur. The Tyrannosaur growled in anger and tried to reach up to bite it’s flying enemies, but they were too far out of reach.

The Tyrannosaur then started to crouch down, to try and lure it’s enemies closer to the ground.

They all however wisely kept their distance, with one of the group flying behind a nearby boulder that the Pterosaur then attempted to push onto the Dinosaur from behind whilst it was seemingly distracted by the rest of the pack. Suddenly however the T-Rex  ran into the wall causing the boulder to fall on top of it. The boulder despite it’s massive size, did little to deter the Tyrannosaur and simply bounced off of it’s back, but the Pterosaur was caught off guard and nearly pulled down with it. Though the Pterosaur managed to regain it’s flight, it had fallen too near the Tyrannosaurus which reached out and crushed the lower body of the Pterosaur and it’s rider in a single bite.

Lindsey, Kirsteen and Hersa could hear the rider’s bones snap from over 20 feet away. The Tyrannosaurus’ bite was the greatest of any predator on earth (or rather the Moon.)

The rider was crushed into past instantly, and the Tyrannosaur threw what was left of the Pterosaur into another one of the reptiles sending it crashing into the ground.

As the other Pterosaurs swooped in to try and help their comrade, but still keeping their distance, the Tyrannosaur crouched down, but this time swung it’s tail upwards. With it’s tail hitting one of the Pterosaurs, and crushing it and it’s rider into mush against a nearby wall. As it swung again, it managed to hit another Pterosaur on the wing sending it an it’s rider crashing nearby. The remaining riders all fled the area, not that they had much choice as their Pterosaurs, though well trained were too terrified to be near the Tyrannosaur again.

Kirsteen, and Hersa ran to try and help the rider whose Pterosaur had crashed, with Lindsey quick to follow.

As soon as they reached the rider however, who was nothing more than a teenage boy, the Tyrannosaurus had already caught up to him and stood in front of the four helpless humans ready to strike.

To Be Continued


King Kong Part 4


“This was where he was last spotted.”

“How long ago was that? A year ago. Maybe those things killed him.”

Liasa could see her words had hurt her mother.”

“I’m sorry, but we turned our backs on the Ape why would he.”

“I turned my back on him you mean. I saved him all those years ago from the river. I was the only family he had. I shouldn’t have let them. It doesn’t matter now though, he’s our only chance.”

Suddenly the two women could hear a rustling sound in the distance. Gerisian stopped her daughter from going ahead. It didn’t sound big enough to be Kong, though granted she didn’t know what size the Ape would be by now for sure, but it sounded more fleet footed and light, like a Raptor.

Sure enouh the noise was followed by the sound of several Raptors screeching.

“They followed us up here. They’re smarter than you’d think.”

The two women tried to make their way out of the jungle as fast as they possibly could. If the Raptors saw them for a second it would be over. No one could outrun them.

The two women concealed themselves in the low grass to keep out of sight from the Dinosaurs that they could see come into view in the distance. There were three Raptors in total all sniffing at the ground, trying to pick up the two woman’s scent.

Unfortunately however Gerisian and her daughter were too focused on the Raptors in the distance to notice one of the Dinosaurs watching them from above. The Raptors were pack hunters and would often use members of the pack to cover multipe areas, rather than all attack at once.

The Raptor glided slowly from the tree tops like a bird of prey on top of Gerisian, using it’s wing like forearms. It pinned her to the ground with the claws on its arms and feet and sunk it’s jaws into her back.

Before it’s teeth could cut through her spinal chord however, Liasa was able to bat the Dinosaur away with a stick. It’s bite was still deep however and Gerisian was in tremendous pain, though she fought through it for her daughters.

Liasa tried to drag her mother away, but the other Raptors had noticed the commotion and were quick to swarm the humans.

Liasa and Gerisian both crawled up a nearby tree. The Raptors tried to follow, but at the top Liasa was able to knock them back down with a stick.

At the very top of the tree, Gerisian could get a better view of the forest. There was no sign of Kong, but with no other choice Gerisian started to use her special call for Kong.

Back when Kong lived in the village, Gerisian would always use a special call to summon the monkey. She hadn’t attempted to use the call when searching for Kong up until now, as she was afraid the call would make the Ape flee after what had happened. (She was also worried about attracting the Dinosaurs.)

Now however she had no choice.

She screamed out Kong’s call from the top of the forest for a few minutes until suddenly the trees in the distance began to break down. Kong came charging into the clearing behind the Raptors who he towered over. Kong now stood over 15 feet tall, and was several tons in weight.

Kong slammed both of his fists into the forest floor and whilst one of the Raptors wisely fled, the remaining 3 Raptors all dogpiled on the great Ape at once. The largest Raptor went for Kong’s neck and started to kick with the talons on it’s feet, whilst the other two each jumped on Kong’s arms.

Such a tactic had worked many times for the Raptors when taking down lumbering herbivorous Dinosaurs such as Hadrosaurs. Two Raptors tear at the arms, distracting the animal, whilst another goes for the jugular and takes it down quickly before it can realise what is going on.. Kong however was much too smart for their tricks and slammed both of his arms into trees crushing the Raptors. He then grabbed the Raptor going for his neck and bit down hard, tearing the animal in half. He then threw the bottom half onto the ground and stepped on it, before spitting the top half he had chewed up over the nearby trees.

Kong then beat his chest furiously and roared sending all of the birds and a few Pterosaurs in the nearby area flying from the tree tops.

Even Liasa cowered at the sight of the beast, whilst Gerisian walked slowly towards the Ape, undettered by the tremendous pain in her back.

Kong stared at her tenderly for a few moments before letting out another roar and grabbing his foster mother in his hand. He hoisted her up to his angry, scowling face.

Liasa ran to try and help her mother, but Gerisian signalled her to stop, even as Kong’s grip around her tightened.

200 Years Later

Scarlett tried to hurl herself forward, but the Dimetrodon was just as fast and managed to grab her foot it it’s jaws. It wasn’t a good bite however, though the monsters teeth still penetrated the skin and muscle on her foot.

Daniel meanwhile had reached the top of the hill without even looking back, whilst William in contrast hurled a massive rock he had found at the Dimetrodon’s sail. He knew these beasts well. They were arguably the most perisitent enemies of the humans on the island. Their sails which they used to regulate body temperature, and to attract a mate were nevertheless extremely delicate and Peter’s well aimed throw managed to puncture a hole in the sail.

The Dimetrodon let out an agonized scream and darted back into it’s cave, leaving a trail of blood behind as it went.

William and a few of the other criminals, helped Scarlett up, whilst the rest, including Daniel waited paitently at the top of the hill.

“Can you walk?” William asked.

“Yes I can” she said as he put some pressure on her foot.

“Good because if you couldn’t we would have left you. You’re right in that we are all in this together, but at the same time no dead wood. Unless I get hurt of course.”

“What makes you so special,” Daniel said from above?

“I’m the only one who knows the natives on this island remember? I not only know where their village is, but I’m you liason in with them. Without me you won’t last long on this island as you can see.” William said whilst looking back at the remains of the criminal the Dimetrodon had devoured. Come on, let’s get out of here before more of those sail back’s get hungry.”

Over the hill ahead was another maze of rock formations, but William was confident he knew the way ahead.

“I remember one of these passages led to a large underground lake where we did most of our fishing. I must have walked past this area 100 or so times.”

“Why did you stop coming here?” Scarlett asked.

“Something else, something bigger and hungrier found out about our little watering hole, let’s just leave it at that. Don’t worry we won’t run into it here. We’ll be fine.”

As they walked down one of the ridges together, keeping an eye out for more Dimetrodon’s, Scarlett couldn’t keep her contempt from Daniel hidden for long.

“I guess there isn’t any honour among thieves after all.” She said in Daniel’s direction as she limped behind the others.

“There was nothing I could have done to help you, Scarlett, besides I’ve only ever looked out for myself before, why should now on this godforsaken island of all places, suddenly change that.”

“Yes well you better hope you’re not ever in danger here yourself. I and don’t think anyone else will be in a huge rush to help you.”

“I wasn’t going to help him anyway.” One of the other criminals said.

“I hope one of those things eats him slowly.”

“Yes well it wouldn’t want to eat you would it? You look like you’ve already passed through something’s digestive system.”

William and Scarlett quickly intervened and broke up the fight, but within a few seconds the roaring of a Dimetrodon took their minds off of the petty squabble.

“It’s near.” William said.

“We just have to stay on our feet.”

William made sure to place himself in the middle of the circle so that if there was a Dimetrodon around any corner he would be the last person to get snatched.

The others weren’t happy at this arrangement, but realised they had no choice as he was their only chance of getting to the natives.

At the end of the latest ridge was a hill at the top of which stood a Dimetrodon roaring. The criminals paused for a minute.

“It won’t go away. It can smell us.”William said.

“It’s waiting for us to go by, into the open where it can pick us off.”

“What do we do?”

“We might just have to leg it.”

“I can’t run as fast after that thing bit my leg.”

“You’re dead wood Eva.” Daniel taunted.

“We don’t leave anybody behind” Sarah interrupted. “The fewer of us there are, the less likely we live.”

William meanwhile didn’t say anything for once. He agreed with Daniel, but he didn’t want to push the prisoners too far, or completely alienate Sarah either.

Fortunately it was soon taken out of their hands. The Dimetrodon that William had wounded crawled slowly out in front of them towards the end of the hill. It had obviously made it’s way out of the end of the cave.

Weak, bleeding and limping in pain, the wounded Dimetrodon didn’t even notice the other member of it’s kind at the top of the hill as it pitifully tried to crawl up it.

The healthier Dimetrodon meanwhile bolted down the hill and leaped at it’s wounded kin.

The healthy Dimetrodon easily overpowered the wounded creature after a short struggle and pushed it on it’s back, breaking it’s fragile sail completely.

The Dimetrodon screamed in agony as it waved it’s legs around helplessly on it’s back like a turtle. The healthy Dimetrodon meanwhile started to tear into it’s helpless kin whilst it was still alive.

Even the criminals looked away in disgust.

“It’s the way it is on this island. Food is so scarce the big predators hunt each other just as much. Everything eats everything on this island.” William said.

“We need to go now, whilst it’s feeding.”

The other criminals meanwhile had been forced to go down a different route. After what had happened with the Dimetrodon in the cave they were too scared to go back that way, so instead they decided to climb up a hill near to where the boat had crashed.

Peter had lost any small respect he may have among the other criminals for his cowardly actions in leaving behind one of his comrades to be devoured by the creature.

At the top of the hill, the criminals could see the same maze spread out ahead of them. They also spotted various Dimetrodon’s down several of the passages, some fighting brutally with one another.

In the very distance they could see what looked like a gigantic wall.

“Unbelievable, what the hell kind of a place has that mad man brought us too. ” One of the criminals who had somewhat assumed command of the group, named Hamish thought to himself. Hamish was an absolute bear of a man, standing over 6 feet 5 inches tall. Despite this he was actually one of the more fair and reasonable convicts. He had a pathological hatred of William however and had been against travelling to Skull Island from the start. As William himself had said however, he had no other idea of where to go.

“That hill up ahead” Peter said sheepishly, whilst pointing to another hill that led into the one they were standing on.

“It’s the only way forward, the passages are filled with those sail backed monsters.”

“That hill leads us away from the wall”. Hamish said.

“What’s so special about that wall.”

“You idiot it’s the sign of a civilisation. That’s clearly where these natives William is always going on about live.”

“I don’t care” another of the prisoners said.

“I’m not going through those things. I’d rather have drowned in the ocean.”

Hamish wasn’t too eager to fight his way through those things either and so he sheepishly agreed, hoping they could see another way around the hill.

The criminals walked down the hill, but as they prepared to climb the next hill, Peter noticed there was a small cave beside it. Whilst the others moved on ahead Peter was sure he could hear something coming from the cave, a deep growling sound.

To Be Continued




King Kong: Part 3


It had been a long tormented night for quite possibly the last of the Kongs. After Gerisian had taken the monkey back to her tribe, she was predictably met with scorn by the others. Her leader complained that it was one more mouth to feed, that it could attract predators. It was only Gerisian’s mother who thinking quickly, was able to convince the tribe to keep the Ape. She argued that when it grew larger it could protect them.

Even then however the tribe leader was still unsure, but agreed for now at least to let the Ape recover in their village.

Kong had been kept in Gerisian’s family’s hut overnight, and though the Ape was made comfortable by Gerisian, the recent horrors it had been through haunted it’s dreams.

Kong kept dreaming that he was back in the safety of his cave, with his parents and sister, just before those nightmarish Tyrannosaurs attacked. In the morning the little Ape would be jolted from it’s tormented slumber by something nudging him. It was Gerisian’s pet Protoceratops. The little Dinosaur was more curious about Kong than anything else. She certainly wasn’t trying to harm him.

Gerisian’s little sister who had been playing with the Dinosaur stood at the back, curious but also scared a little of the small Ape. The fact that it was almost human in it’s appearance, movements and expressions just made it all the more unnerving.

The little Ape intitially crawled away from the Dinosaur in fear. It didn’t have the best experience with reptiles to be fair.

The Protoceratops followed the small Ape however, which caused Kong to jump on the Dinosaurs back and start biting it in self defence.

Gerisian’s sister, named Herisic, instantly tried to pull Kong off of the Dinosaur. Kong held on tightly however until Gerisian entered the room. The Ape stopped in it’s tracks at the sight of her.

Herisic quickly rushed the Protoceratoprs outside to tend to it’s wounds. Fortunately the Ape’s single bite wound wasn’t deep and the little Dinosaur would recover easily. Herisic however was furious and picked up her fathers spear. Gerisian however got in the way of Kong.

“He’s just scared.” She said.

“Please, I’ve always wanted to see one of the legendary Kongs. Please.”

Herisic slowly dropped the spear.

“I warn you if he hurts her again. I won’t hesitate.”

Gerisian went to the Kong that had curled up in the corner. She approached it slowly and after a few minutes started to pet the Ape gently.

The Ape was just as unsure of the humans, but in time it would come to view Gerisian as a mother figure.

Gerisian showed the Ape more affection than even it’s own family had. She would spend all her time with the monkey, that soon became her favourite pet. Initially her bond to the little Kong was somewhat shallow. She loved it simply because it was a special animal, that only she had. She loved to boast to her friends that she had the rarest animal on the island and they were all a little jealous.

Still as time went on the Kong was able to show a greater loyalty to Gerisian than any of her other pets. The little Ape would always shower Gerisian with affection, even when the rest of the village would turn against her for sheltering so many animals. Gerisian in turn spoilt the Ape, and even forced her father to build a small area outside their hut for it to play in undisturbed.

These would be the only years the last of the Kongs would know peace. The rest of Gerisian’s tribe would also come to accept the Ape in time. Many of the other children would come to play with the Ape, whilst even some of the adults came to see having possibly the last of the Kongs as a big accomplishment for their tribe.

Sadly however these years would not last, as the Ape grew larger, and Gerisian moved on and had a family of her own, their bond would begin lessen.

200 years later

One by one the survivors crawled out of the wreckage of the ship. Only a few had died in the crash, though many more were injured.

Scarlett, Sarah, Daniel and William had all managed to escape uninjured and were among the first to make it to the beach.

“I can’t believe we made it.” William said excitedly, completely oblivious to the wellbeing of the rest of the crew.

One of the other prisoners got so angry, he ran at William with a knife, but fortunately for the former captain, Scarlett noticed and warned him in time.

William quickly ducked, whilst Scarlett tried to restrain the prisoner only to be easily overpowered.

“This maniac has killed us all. He crashed the ship on this godforsaken rock, and you want to protect him?”

“He knows this place better than the rest of us. We need him.” Scarlett argued.

“Really. I’d argue that we can’t trust him” Peter said from the back, as he limped forward in pain.

“He lied to us about this being some safe haven. Look at it? It’s a barren wasteland.”

“It is not. There is a tribe just over the rocks ahead. They’ll take care of us.”

“Even if you’re telling the truth, how do I know those natives, are going to be friendly towards us? You hate us. You think we’re all freaks, I heard you. I evesdropped on your entire little conversation with this slapper.” He said about Sarah.

“He said we’re all freaks that he couldn’t stand to be around for another second. That was why he was so reckless bringing the boat to this dump.”

“I don’t think much of any of you, but there’s what? 200 or so of you here. It would be a bit stupid of me to make enemies of all of you wouldn’t it.”

“What makes you think these natives will want to look after 200 people?” Another one of the criminals shouted from the back.

“This is all a trap.” Another young woman shouted.

“I say we kill William and take what we want from his Native friends, if they even exist.”

“You’re an idiot if you think you’ll get anywhere near them without me.”

“We were idiots for letting you take us all the way out here.”

“And where else would you have gone? If we’d made our way to back to England we would have been arrested and stuck on some other ship. None of you had any idea where to go. I warned you that we would have to take the long way round to escape the authorities. You all owe me.”

Several of the prisoners started to surround William and Scarlett, including Daniel and Sarah, whilst the majority gathered around Peter.

“Think about what you’re doing now. I won’t show any mercy if you cross me.” William said, only to be met with laughter from the rest of the prisoners.

Knowing he was outgunned, William ran down a nearby passage way between two rock formations.

Scarlett, Daniel, Sarah and a few others were quick to follow, whilst the rest of the mob searched scattered around the Island in attempt to cut him off.

William knew this area better than they did however, and he also knew that there were dangers lurking in these rocks that he had seen the Natives struggle with every day.

In some respects William had actually hoped that some of the prisoners would turn on him as it would make it easier for him to get through these cliffs. The monsters that lurked in them had a real taste for human flesh, so much so that the Natives still lost several of their number to every year. William would have been perfectly happy to lose all of the prisoners except for Sarah. Though he didn’t know much about her. In fact in the entire time she had been locked up, she never once shared with him what she had been found guilty of. William had nevertheless found her more understanding than any of the other prisoners. It seemed doubtful however that she would ever trust him again.

Whilst Sarah had taken his side against the other prisoners, it was more out of self preservation than anything else. Much like Scarlett and Daniel she felt that her best bet was with William, only because he knew these cliffs and rocks, though even then neither she nor the others were equipped for what they were about to encounter.

Peter had followed William’s group straight down the passage, along with several more criminals, including the one who had originally attacked William.

Little did they know however that William was luring them into a trap. At the end of the passage was a ditch that led to a cave.

William suddenly stopped the rest of the criminals for a few moments.

“Why are we waiting here! They’re coming up behind us!” Daniel screamed.

“I know just any minute.”

“You lunatic I’m not waiting around.”

Suddenly Daniel’s hysterical cries were drowned out by a roar in the cave. Slowly a creature started to emerge from the dark, enough to make all of the supposedly hardened criminals tremble. It was a long creature, short in height, that waddled on four legs like a Lizard. It had a massive sail along it’s back and a short, squat, toad like head, and a large mouth filled with long, razor sharp teeth.

It was a Dimetrodon, a prehistoric reptile even older than the Dinosaurs and the top predator from this part of Skull Island.

On William’s urging all of the criminals who had sided with him stood completely still, whilst the monster inspected them.

A few seconds later Peter and his team came charging down the path after them. They initially froze in terror at the sight of the monster that quickly diverted it’s attention towards them. Peter was so terrified he instantly pushed the largest criminal there down and ran for safety.

The Dimetrodon soon went for the criminal Peter had knocked over and clamped it’s strong jaws around his skull, killing him right away. The other criminals scattered, and the Dimetrodon was able to pick another one off. The creature despite being larger than a Grizzly Bear was able to move at a lightening speed and grabbed another criminal by the leg. With one bite it tore his leg clean off and crushed it into pulp.

“Now” William said as the Dimetrodon was busy tearing into it’s victim. William and his team quickly headed up a nearby hill. Unfortunately as they ran, Daniel tripped on one of the rocks. Scarlett quickly went back for him, but the Dimetrodon, having made short work of the criminal pounced on them.

Whilst Daniel quickly fled, the Dimetrodon knocked Scarlett off her feet.

To Be Continued

King Kong: Part 2


The little ape tried to grab onto any nearby branches as the furious current pulled him downstream, but it was no use.

He started to scream in panic, but seemingly the only animals nearby were large, slow witted plant eating Dinosaurs, Brontosaurs who didn’t even take notice of the small ape.

As the little Kong was dragged further and further down the gigantic river however, his cries would soon be answered by one of the latest unfortunate human natives of Skull Island. Over the millenia various human civilisations had come to Skull Island, only to all fall before the monsters of the Island.

These Skull Islanders however were made up of survivors from various boats that had shipwrecked on the island. They came from all over the world. Europe, Africa, America, with all differences being forgotten in the desperate struggle to survive against the Dinosaurs.

Whenever a new ship would crash on Skull Island, the natives would welcome any survivors into their clan and teach them how to survive, as well as learn any secrets from the outside world that they knew. With so many ships crashing near Skull Island, the natives were able to keep up to date with many aspects of the outside world.

The native who had noticed Kong, was a young woman by the name of Gerisian. She had come to the river to do some fishing. Gerisian had always had a real soft spot for animals. Her tribe kept small Dinosaurs named Protoceratops as a source of food, but she had bonded with one of them so much that she refused to let her tribe kill it, even when food supplies were low.

As a result she was often the first sent out to try and get food for the rest of the tribe, which was what she was doing now.

As soon as she saw the little Kong in the very distance ahead however, she instantly forgot about her tribe and focused on helping the little Ape by cutting down a small tree near the river.

Gerisian’s tribe had lived in the jungle for centuries and had witnessed the last of the Great Apes fall to the Tyrannosaurs. Gerisian herself however had only ever heard stories about these strange, giant, wild men of the forest, and was quite shocked to see this strange creature at first. The way it thrashed around so desperately, it looked like it was almost human in its desire to live.

Gerisian managed to chop the tree down just before the little Kong was pulled ahead of her.

The Ape quickly grabbed onto the log and pulled itself up. It then quickly ran to the other end of the log and jumped with all its strength onto the river bank beside Gerisian. The strain of constantly trying to pull free from the current, and jumping across the log had worn the little Ape out, and he more or less collapsed in the young woman’s arms.

Gerisian was torn about what to do. She thought it might be better to leave the Kong. Her tribe were running low on food already, and they most likely would not give up any of their vegetables for a monkey. Worse she was worried that in their desperation they might try and eat the Monkey! Still ultimately she found she couldn’t leave the little creature to fend for itself. This jungle was crawling with predators big and small. The fact that it was such a rare and unusual creature may have also influenced Gerisian too. Whilst she did genuinely care for the animals she took in, there was also a little selfish and shallow aspect of wanting to own as many unusual creatures as she possibly could. Regardless she decided to take the Kong home, and wrapped it up in her blanket.

200 years later

The crowd had remained somewhat quiet since Daniel’s outburst. None of them were willing to risk provoking him as he sat in the corner just simply staring into space.  His gamble had paid off in that once again his former lackey’s knew their place.

The prisoner who had been burned meanwhile was being tended to by Scarlett, who was the only one not scared of Daniel.

“Why are you helping him?” Daniel asked.

“Do you know what he was guilty of? He murdered his wife. Beat her to death. Dying like that’s too good for him.”

“You’ve done worse.” Eva replied. “Yet I tried to help you. I did it for the same reasons. Wherever that mad man is taking us we’ll all need to stick together. I personally don’t think it’s the promised land.”

“I never killed anyone I didn’t have too.” Daniel protested.

“I made sure the people I cared about were taken care of. I never betrayed anyone who trusted me. Can you say the same thing?”

Suddenly the entire ship started to shake. Despite the foggy weather, William had pressed on with the journey. He told Sarah that the waters around Skull Island were always dangerous, and that given their low supplies they couldn’t afford to wait around.

However the landscape had changed somewhat since William’s last visit. Skull Island was slowly breaking off into the ocean, due to unstable fissures at the centre of the landmass.

Most of the time however it was only tiny chunks to the land that would quickly break off and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Every few years however the fissure’s would act up, and giant shards of land would be ripped off. Whilst most of these pieces of land would sink to the bottom of the ocean, a few were left sticking out around the island, blocking the way. Coupled with the strong rapids that tossed the ship from side to side, it was a foolish decision to press on, but William couldn’t take another second with the crew.

As soon as he made his way through the foggy waters however the ship was knocked into a large piece of broken off land. Fortunately it didn’t pierce the ships hull, but it still threw the entire crew off of their feet including William.

William nevertheless jumped back up and still pushed the ship forward.

“Are you mad?” Sarah shouted?

“Trust me I’ve been through these waters before, we just have to stay calm.”

“We’ll be lucky if we can stay on our feet. What harm can there be in waiting.”

“You want to spend any more time with those freaks below than necessary.”

The ship continued to be thrashed around by the weather, but William for the most part was able to avoid the next few shards of land, until the boat reached just a few miles off the shore.

Even this close however, William and Sarah could barely make anything out of the island up ahead. It looked like a dark, dreary place, though Sarah for just a minute thought she could make out what looked like some ruins in the very distance of the island.

“What the hell kind of a place is this?” She said to herself.

The boat quickly bumped into another shard of land, this one despite being concealed by the fog, was the largest yet. It was at least twice as big as the others.

As William tried to steer the boat away however, the boat hit another few bumps along the way.

It was yet another shard of land, that was mostly concealed beneath the waves. Its very tip however was still high enough above the water to pierce the outer hull of the vessel.

William still ploughed on, even as the scraping of the metal against the rock became defeaning.

Sarah tried to stop him, but he pushed her back.

Unfortunately for William however one of the prisoners, named Peter soon arrived on the deck.

Peter had always been somewhat cowardly, though despite this he was one of the most vicious killers in the prison. He was a pyromaniac who had torched several buildings, killing over 50 people. He always however made sure to set his fires from a safe distance.

Peter didn’t even try and reason with William and instead came at him with a knife.

Peter and William struggled, whilst Sarah tried to get the ship back on track. Unfortunately however during the fight William knocked Peter back into Sarah, causing the ship to crash harder onto the shard sticking. This time it managed to pierce the hull to an even greater extent.

The ship almost became embedded in the rock, but William (who had easily overpowered the weak Peter) managed to push the boat further towards the shore of Skull Island.

As the vessel reached the shore, Sarah and Peter could begin to make out the Island through the fog.

They could see what looked like a gigantic wall in the distance, over 100 feet tall. In front of the wall looked like the remains of several temples, buildings, and statues.

A large mountain, near the edge of the shore however soon came into closer view behind the fog. William was the first to run below the deck, with Peter and Sarah following.

None of the three of them had any time to warn the rest of the prisoners, before the ship smashed into the mountain and toppled beside it, crashing right onto the beach of Skull Island.

To Be Continued.







Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 2: The Last of their Kind

The Brontosaurus continued to chase the time travellers, it was absolutely relentless. The monster had become so paniced and stressed by the lack of food, and the loss of its herd, that it was almost crazed. It could think of nothing but stomping out any nearby threats.

Unfortunately the Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen soon came to a dead end, with a gigantic mountain being ahead of the nearby jungle.

“Quick we need to hide in the undergrowth, He might miss us there.” The Professor said as he jumped down beneath some ferns and bushes.

The Brontosaurus knocked over dozens of trees as it stomped around in rage. At first it did miss the time travellers who tried to crawl to safety.  The Brontosaurus was not only a very stupid creature, but it had very poor eyesight.

When the animal saw it had come to a dead end via the mountain however, the Brontosaurus started to go beserk and blindly trampled the woods near it. It very nearly crushed Lindsey and Kirsteen under its gigantic foot without realizing, but fortunately they were both able to quickly swerve to either side. In the confusion however, Kirsteen became seperated from her two companions, whilst the monster continued to stomp around in panic.

As she tried to get away Kirsteen ended up running ahead of the beast and came into full view of the Sauropod.

The Brontosaurus quickly reached down and prepared to clamp its small jaws around Kirsteen, bu she easily managed to dodge the lumbering giant in time.

“You’re only supposed to eat plants” Kirsteen said in annoyance.

In truth however the Brontosaurus was not trying to eat her. It was just using any weapons it could against its enemies. Lindsey quickly ran in front of the monster and tried to distract it by throwing any twigs and dirt she could find at the beast. As soon as it turned its attention to her however, Kirsteen tried to draw it back away from Lindsey.

“Get out of here now.” Lindsey shouted.

“Why do you think you can handle it any better? You get out of here.”

“Oh for god sake” Lindsey said.

“This isn’t a macho thing, I have experience with Dinosaurs I know.” Before Lindsey could finish the Brontosaurus’ long serpentine neck quickly darted for Lindsey. Before she could evade it, the monster scooped her up in its jaws and lifted her into the air.

Fortunately its mouth wasn’t big enough to swallow her, and its tiny pegg shaped teeth barely cut her skin. The monster shook her from side to side in its mouth, but even then, the shakes were very slow and just made Lindsey feel a bit sick more than anything else.

The Dinosaur however still lifted Lindsey over 40 feet off the ground as it raised its neck upwards. Lindsey was almost sick at the sight below her. She’d never been good with heights.

Kirsteen could only watch helplessly. She wanted to do something, but if she did somehow manage to distract the Brontosaurus then it would most likely drop Lindsey to her death.

“Where the hell is the Professor.” Kirsteen said to herself.

As the Sauropod started to bite harder, its peg like teeth started to pierce Lindsey’s skin, and in pain and panic she kicked wildly, with one kick landing straight in the Dinosaur’s eye.

The Brontosaurus dropped Lindsey, who fell into a large tree. The branches broke her fall, but she still fell through them until she hit the ground below.  She didn’t break anything, but she was knocked out and the Brontosaurus started to close in on her.

Kirsteen quickly ran in front of Lindsey and started to throw things at the Brontosaurus for all the good it did.

Just then Kirsteen noticed some of the trees behind being trampled over.

“Oh god there’s not another of these bastards.” Kirsteen thought to herself.

The Professor however soon came running from the direction of the trampled trees. Behind him, Kirsteen could see what looked like a gigantic predatory Dinosaur, in actual fact an Allosaurus, the most numerous of the carnivores of the valley. The Allosaurus immediately set its sights on the Brontosaurus. The Brontosaurus was about 5 times the size of the Allosaurus, yet the Brontosaurus looked far more scared than the Allosaurus.

The Brontosaurus reared up on its back legs, looking even larger than before. The Allosaurus however simply darted around with its much greater speed, confusing and scaring the giant.

The Brontosaurus was forced to stomp back down to the ground after a few minutes the strain on its back legs was too great, and for the few seconds it was disoriented, the Allosaurus jumped on the Sauropods side. It gripped onto the Brontosaurus’ body with the long talons on its hands, and slashed its head at the long necked giant’s side like a hatchet, cleaving off massive pieces of flesh.

The Brontosaurus thrashed around in in deseperation, knocking several trees down. Kirsteen was barely able to pull Lindsey’s unconscious body away in time from one of the Brontosaurus’ feet.

The Brontosaurus tried to ram the Allosaurus into some trees, but the meat eater was too quick and crawled onto the top of the larger Dinosaurs back, where it continued to slice more flesh off of the Brontosaurus’ gigantic bulk from either side. Unfortunately neither the Brontosaurus’ neck or tail could reach the Allosaurus’. The crafty theropod knew this, and it would always strike at the centre of the beasts body as a result. One whack from the Brontosaurus’ tail could kill the Allosaurus.

Eventually after a few minutes the Brontosaurus collapsed onto its belly from blood loss. Too weak to barely raise its tail, the Allosaurus still held on to its back even as the giant collapsed, and would continue to slash away for a few more moments until it was sure the Brontosaurus was down for good.

The Professor quickly ran by the Allosaurus as it feasted on its kill. The Allosaurus wouldn’t give them anymore trouble. It was too busy focused on its well earned larger meal. The Professor had counted on that. He knew that he couldn’t have taken down the Brontosaurus itself, so he quickly searched for a predatory Dinosaur that could.

It wouldn’t be too hard to find one here he guessed, as there were so many herbivores nearby. It was then just a simple question of leading it to the Brontosaurus.

Lindsey stared at the Allosaurus tearing into the Brontosaurus’ carcass with an almost grim fascination. She wanted to take a picture of the gruesome spectacle, but she thought it would look a bit strange in front of Kirsteen.

The Allosaurus itself was a truly remarkable animal. The perfect blend of savagery, cunning and speed. That fact that it was able to bring down such an animal 5 times its size with minimal effort, almost earned it Lindsey’s respect. The large meat eaters had always been her favourites as a child after all.

The Allosaur however soon noticed the awestruck and horrified humans and Vampire and let out a mighty roar to scare them away.

“I think we should be going” The Professor said.

“I didn’t enjoy leading that monster to the Brontosaurus, but he didn’t leave us much choice” The Professor continued as the three time travellers crept their way through the thick jungle, past the Allosaurus that returned to devouring its kill.

As the Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen made their way through the jungle, they saw more Dinosaurs in the woods. Mostly Triceratops’ and Hadrosaurs. These two Dinosaur species didn’t normally socialise, but as the populations had dwindled so much, various different species had gathered together for protection.

At the end of the forest, the Professor could see what looked like the entrance to a cave system. The cave was connected to the mountain that had blocked their path ahead earlier, and ran right around the forest.

Just next to the cave, and beyond the forest was a large open plain, where dozens of Triceratops and Hadrosaurs all congregated.

In the very distance of the plains, near the forest Lindsey could see what looked like a pack of Dromeosaurs circling a Hardosaur.

These Dromeosaurs or Raptors were far larger than those Lindsey, the Professor and Kirsteen had seen when they first entered the valley.

They were at least 6 feet tall, and over twice as long. They still looked small however compared to the Hadrosaur.

The Raptors were not hunting the Hadrosaur itself however. Lindsey could see that several of the Raptors had made their way to the Hadrosaurs nest in the woods behind, where they were dragging the baby Hadrosaurs away kicking and screaming.

Once they got the infants a good distance away, the Raptors killed them either by slicing their stomachs open with the sickle like claws on their feet, or by ramming their claws into the infants necks and choking them on their own blood. The infants screams soon alerted the adult Hadrosaur who charged back in the direction of the nest.

Whilst the rest of the Dromeosaurs scattered, one quickly descended from the tree tops, like a giant bird of prey. This Raptor looked larger than the rest and was probably the alpha, Lindsey thought.

The alpha Raptor sunk the claws on both its hands and feet into the Hadrosaurs back, and held on, similar to how the Allosaur had jumped onto the Brontosaurus.

The Raptor however didn’t attack in quite the same way. Instead it merely held on, whilst the Hadrosaur frantically tried to shake it off.

The Raptors were capable of bringing down big game, but only when they had too. Even for a pack it was still difficult taking down a 40 foot long Dinosaur such as a Hadrosaur, and so they preferred to target their offspring instead.

The Alpha held the Hadrosaur off long enough for the rest of the pack to drag the Hadrosaurs infants deeper off into the woods out of sight. The Alpha then retreated back to the tree tops, whilst the rest of the pack scattered back into the woods.

“We should have done something”, Kirsteen who had also noticed the gruesome sight said with regret.

“No” The Professor said firmly. “We have to let nature take its course, besides we don’t have time.”

The Professor had barely paid any attention to the Raptors. He was focused instead on the cave. It looked more like the rest of the moon, than the artificial magical landscape around it.

“The magical centre of the valley like I said will most likely be underground” the Professor continued as he walked towards the cave.

“There are a lot of corpses in there. I can smell them.” The Professor said.

“It does appear to be our only way forward though.”

“There’s bound to be more caves around here somewhere.” Kirsteen replied.

“Yes but we don’t have the time to look for them. This whole valley is holding on by its finger nails.” The Professor marched ahead into the cave without even looking back.

“He never likes to talk things over” Kirsteen said.

“To be fair he’s right this time.” Lindsey replied.

“You saw those Dinosaurs floating off into space. He has no idea where those caves lead, but still its not exactly safe out here either.” Lindsey said as she saw one of the Raptors drag a small Hardosaurs away in the distance.

The inside of the cave was surprisingly light. It was grey and dusty however, much like the moon’s surface.

“I can sense the magic here. Its stronger than anywhere else. We’re on the right track though I still have no idea where this centre is, or how we are going to fix it.”

“Well journey of a thousand miles and all that.” Kirsteen said.

“I just hope something doesn’t eat us before we finish the journey.” She continued

“Well if we run into something hungry you can always sing.” The Professor said, whilst Lindsey struggled not to giggle.

The three time travellers reached the end of the tunnel, where they saw a massive cavern below that was filled with the bones of various Dinosaurs and other animals, including human beings.

All of the Dinosaurs and animal bones looked relatively small. Some of them were clearly infants of larger Dinosaur species.

“This is the Raptors cave.” Lindsey said.

“They must drag the babies they kill in here.”

Suddenly several Raptors began to emerge from behind the corpses, roaring and hissing.

“Well I think that’s our cue to get of here.” Kirsteen said

“No” The Professor replied.

“I told you we have to go ahead. Its only Raptors.”

The Professor jumped down to face the three Dinosaurs, baring his fangs and roaring. The Raptors were a little taken aback at first. They had hunted many humans, but they had never seen even the largest and strongest humans face them so brazenly. Little did they know the Professor wasn’t even human.

Still the largest Raptor jumped at the old Vampire who quickly tossed the Dinosaur aside. The second Raptor meanwhile, the Professor sent tumbling over his shoulder and into a larg pile of human bones behind. The final Raptor started to back away a bit in fear, as the Professor slowly walked towards it.

The Raptor tried to hiss at him, but the Professor simply laughed and snarled back.

The Vampire however realised too late that it had been tricked, when a fourth Raptor emerged from behind a small pile of bones and jumped the Professor from behind. Before he could react, the third Raptor then jumped on top of him, as did the first two Dinosaurs who had recovered.

They all slashed their claws into the Professor. Had he been an ordinary human, the Raptors would have cut him to pieces! Still he was unable to break free from the Dinosaurs.

Lindsey and Kirsteen prepared to jump into the cavern below to help the Professor, but as they did, they suddenly heard the sound of several Raptors behind them.

Three of the Raptors from the forest, with one of them holding the body of a Hadrosaur by the neck had managed to creep up on the two time travellers.

To Be Continued