Why I Want Tulsi Gabbard For President

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In January of this year, the Democratic representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard announced that she had put herself forward as a candidate for President of the United States in 2020.

Personally I’ve never been more excited about a political candidate than Tulsi. Though I am not an American myself, the influence of American politics goes far beyond just their country. To me the positive impact Tulsi could potentially have on left wing politics on a global scale can not be understated.

In this article I am going to run through the reasons as to why Tulsi in my opinion would be the best US President of the last 50 years. As always the opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Tulsi is the perfect candidate for me first and foremost because she is anti regime change. The main reason I wanted Donald Trump to win over Hillary Clinton was because Trump was at that point opposed to US intervention in other countries such as Syria.

Hillary Clinton was quite possibly the biggest war monger in US politics (and that’s saying a lot.) She voted in favour of the war in Iraq, a potential war in Iran, played key roles in destabalising both Honduras and Libya, and wanted to topple President Bashir Al Assad.

This was the main reason Clinton lost to Trump. Idiots like Michael Moore and Stephen King try and paint the rise of Trump as being a modern day rise of the Third Reich, but in truth it was simply because Trump was less dangerous than Hillary.

Many left wing people voted in favour of, or expressed support for Trump solely based on his stance on foreign policy, such as Susan Sarandon, a famous left wing actress, and George Galloway, a left wing MP.

See here.

George Galloway: Trump is Better Than Clinton

Susan Sarandon: America Would Be At War If Clinton Had Won

John Pilger meanwhile, arguably the most prominent left wing journalist of the entire 20th century, also voiced his support for Trump in 2016.

Pilger has done more to expose the true horrors of American interventionism in other countries than anyone else, having produced extensive documentary’s on countries the US has devastated such as Vietnam, Iraq, Chile, and Cambodia. Yet he of all people urged Americans to vote for Trump because of his stance on foreign intervention.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of Trump’s right wing supporters such as Info Wars pushed Hillary Clinton’s atrocious war record as the main reason not to vote for her. It’s not often that you see the likes of Alex Jones and John Pilger, or Paul Joseph Watson and Abby Martin saying the exact same things!

Face facts. Americans are fed up of money, resources and countless young men’s lives being wasted on pointless wars that are designed to benefit only those at the very top. They are fed up of more time being spent dismantling other countries governments, whilst America itself is an absolute shithole.

Quality of life for Americans in the 21st century.

Poverty in America

Extreme Poverty in America

Poverty in America: Greater Than Expected

Most Americans Away From Financial Disaster

1 out of 3 Americans are one paycheck away from poverty

Meanwhile over 2 trillion dollars has been wasted in the war in Iraq alone.

Americans are also fed up of the disgusting hypocrisy of their leaders who tell their people that their country has a moral right to dispose of the likes of Gaddaffi and Assad, whilst sucking up to the likes of Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s Hypocrisy On Saudi Arabia Is Part Of US Tradition

Americans (and the rest of the world) are also fed up of constantly living in fear of a full scale conflict with Russia.

Nuclear Close Calls A Timeline

Finally most Americans are also fed up of their country being hated by the rest of the world. Their government has invaded over 30 countries since the end of World War 2, is in bed with the most twisted nation of earth, and is generally seen as an evil, imperialistic force in the world.

Trump who promised to put America first, improve relations with Russia and pull out of the middle east was clearly the better option than a woman who represented the epitome of American imperialism.

Sadly Trump has gone back on his promises. He has improved relations with Russia to some extent, as seen here.

Putin Thanks Trump For Foiling Terrorist Attack

However Trump has also launched two illegal strikes on Syria, and is now planning to overthrow a democratically elected leader in Venezuela, and install a puppet leader of his own.

He has also stepped up the use of drone strikes and has continued to, in Tulsi herself’s own words “been Saudi’s bitch.”

Overall I still think he was the better choice than Hillary. The problem with Trump however. For all his base love to call him an alpha male, is that he is actually quite weak and easily manipulated. I feel he has been pushed into a lot of his worst foreign policy blunders by the war hawks around him. I also think that he is desperate to win favour with the mainstream media, (who have in all fairness put far more pressure on Trump than practically all Presidents of the past 50 years combined!)

Still Trump has not honoured his non interventionist promises and so in 2020, Tulsi who is very anti regime change is now the better candidate.

Tulsi is a long standing critic of US foreign policy in countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria, and unlike Trump she is firmly against regime change in both Syria and Venezuela.

Bashir Al Assad is a brutal dictator, but toppling him at this stage is the worst option. It would throw Syria into absolute chaos, and allow Islamic extremists who are on the verge of defeat the perfect opportunity to gain a footing again.

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Trump

Tulsi Gabbard Is More Of An Anti War Candidate Than Bernie Sanders

From a purely practical point of view, the Democrats could steal a lot of support from Trump with Tulsi as their candidate, as now ironically the Trump of 2020 is closer to Hillary, with his attempts to overthrow democratically elected leaders in other countries, and illegal strikes on Syria.

In addition to her stance on foreign policy, Tulsi I also feel could bring credibility back to left wing politics.

I myself would by and large identify as left wing. I hate labels of any kind, but I think I would in all fairness tend to fall on the left side for many key issues. I support socialised healthcare and welfare and re-nationalising the roads, railways and gas and electricity, as well as gay marriage.

However that said I would never wish to associate myself with the modern left for various reasons.

The modern left by and large are extremely bigoted towards white men, are fascistic and try to shut down contrary opinions, and also focus on laughable, petty concerns, whilst shutting down any legitimate criticism of the bigotry caused by Islam as “racist.”

Just a few examples of the lefts disgusting bigotry towards white men, and its contempt for freedom of speech.

As a result of the left’s actions. More and more people are turning against left wing politics. The next generation after millennials, Generation Z are said to be the most conservative since World War 2.

Why Democrats Should Be Losing Sleep Over Generation Z

It’s great that young people are waking up to how toxic the regressive left is, but sadly I feel that the next generation, (if the polls are to be believed,) may very well end up going too much the other way.

I can easily see right wing identity politics taking the place of current left wing tribalism. In 20 years time anyone who doesn’t have an Ayn Rand style opinion of the poor being entitled, lazy bastards who deserve to be at the bottom of society, could end up being labelled as a Stalinist, the same way anyone with any criticism of Islam or feminism is labelled as a Nazi today.

Tulsi however could change that. Tulsi unlike Trump supports genuine left wing ideals. She supports universal health care, increasing the hourly minimum wage, and making community college tuition free for all Americans.

At the same time however Tulsi is a critic of identity politics and is not afraid to call out the genuine problems there are with Islamic extremism too.

Tulsi’s criticism of Islam is fair and measured. She has not tarred all Muslims as evil, despite the mainstream medias attempts to smear her as a bigot.

Tulsi Gabbard is Not Bigoted Against Muslims

Tulsi could show the next generation that left wing politics does not have to be associated with the revolting misandry and fascism of the regressive left. If she is elected President then America could very well have universal health care, which would set a good example to other western countries.

Finally Tulsi’s election much like Trump’s is also a blow to the biased and crooked mainstream media. Much like with Trump, the media attempts to slime her as a bigot and a Russian stooge, simply because of her anti war stance.

Mainstream Medias Smearing of Tulsi

The only one of the mainstream media’s complaints against Tulsi that holds any water is her record on LGBT issues. Until 2012, Tulsi was opposed to gay marriage, but she has since changed her stance, and has even apologised to the LGBT community for her previous views. The same was true of Hillary Clinton as well who was opposed to gay marriage for many years too, though oddly enough the regressive left didn’t see that as an issue in Hillary’s case?

Ultimately Tulsi Gabbard for me would be the best choice for President as she would do all of the things Trump promised to do, like focus on America first. Stop the American government from launching illegal invasions of other countries on flimsy moral reasons, whilst sucking up to Saudi Arabia, and give the mainstream media another kicking. At the same time, however unlike Trump, Tulsi would also support genuinely left wing ideas like Universal healthcare and bring some much needed credibility back to left wing politics.

To be fair to Trump, given how corrupt the system is. Tulsi could always end up being pressured into going back on her promises too. I don’t think she would, but ultimately you can never say for sure.

Still in the here and now, just as Trump was the better candidate than Hillary in 2016. Then Tulsi for me is the best Presidential candidate in 2019, and I will do everything I can to promote and support her campaign, and you should too.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Why I Want Tulsi Gabbard For President

  1. All I can say about your article is: Ditto

    And invite you to watch this video that reflects in a different way the same message.

    And just like you. I’ll do everything in my power to elect Major Gabbard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment. That’s a great video Enjoyed that a lot.. Tulsi is an amazing woman in more ways than one. If the Democrats are stupid/corrupt enough not to pick her then I hope they do lose to Trump, as losing twice to that joke of a man would be the biggest humiliation you can imagine.

      I see Bernie has tossed his hat into the ring. Well sorry but he can fuck off too. He is an identity politics moron too with his “White people don’t know what its like to be poor.” That has got to be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard in my life. Also as Tree of Logic pointed out, he’s a weak man who got pushed off the stage by two hoodlums! He’d be easily pressured into all of the things Trump has.

      Tulsi is a strong woman, who doesn’t divide people along the lines of race. She cares about all Americans and the country as a whole. She is the last chance for left wing politics in the west IMO.


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