Why I Want Tulsi Gabbard For President

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In January of this year, the Democratic representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard announced that she had put herself forward as a candidate for President of the United States in 2020.

Personally I’ve never been more excited about a political candidate than Tulsi. Though I am not an American myself, the influence of American politics goes far beyond just their country. To me the positive impact Tulsi could potentially have on left wing politics on a global scale can not be understated.

In this article I am going to run through the reasons as to why Tulsi in my opinion would be the best US President of the last 50 years, and is the Democrats only choice to wrestle power back from the Republicans. As always the opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Tulsi is the perfect candidate for me first and foremost because she is anti regime change.

The main reason I wanted Donald Trump to win over Hillary Clinton was because Trump was at that point opposed to US intervention in other countries such as Syria.

Hillary Clinton was quite possibly the biggest war monger in US politics (and that’s saying a lot.) She voted in favour of the war in Iraq, a potential war in Iran, played key roles in destablising both Honduras and Libya, and wanted to topple President Bashir Al Assad.

This was the main reason Clinton lost to Trump. Idiots like Michael Moore and Stephen King try and paint the rise of Trump as being a modern day rise of the Third Reich, but in truth it was simply because Trump was less dangerous than Hillary.

Many left wing people voted in favour of, or expressed support for Trump solely based on his stance on foreign policy, such as Susan Sarandon, a famous left wing actress, and George Galloway, a left wing MP.

See here.

George Galloway: Trump is Better Than Clinton

Susan Sarandon: America Would Be At War If Clinton Had Won

John Pilger meanwhile, arguably the most prominent left wing journalist of the entire 20th century, also voiced his support for Trump in 2016.

Pilger has done more to expose the true horrors of American interventionism in other countries than anyone else, having produced extensive documentary’s on countries the US has devastated such as Vietnam, Iraq, Chile, and Cambodia.

Yet he of all people urged Americans to vote for Trump because of his stance on foreign intervention.

Its also worth noting that a lot of Trump’s right wing supporters such as Info Wars pushed Hillary Clinton’s atrocious war record as the main reason not to vote for her too. Its not often that you see the likes of Alex Jones and John Pilger, or Paul Joseph Watson and Abby Martin saying the exact same things!

Face facts, Americans are fed up of money, resources and countless young men’s lives being wasted on pointless wars that are designed to benefit only those at the very top. They are fed up of more time being spent dismantling other countries governments, whilst America itself is an absolute shithole.

Quality of life for Americans in the 21st century.

Poverty in America

Extreme Poverty in America

Poverty in America: Greater Than Expected

Most Americans Away From Financial Disaster

1 out of 3 Americans are one paycheck away from poverty

Meanwhile over 2 trillion dollars has been wasted in the war in Iraq alone.

Americans are also fed up of the disgusting hypocrisy of their leaders, telling their people that their country has a moral right to dispose of the likes of Gaddaffi and Assad, whilst sucking up to the likes of Saudi Arabia, the vilest country on earth.

Trump’s Hypocrisy On Saudi Arabia Is Part Of US Tradition

Americans (and the rest of the world) are also fed up of constantly living in fear of a full scale conflict with Russia.

Nuclear Close Calls A Timeline

Finally most Americans are also fed up of their country being hated by the rest of the world. They’re government has invaded over 30 countries since the end of World War 2, is in bed with the most twisted nation on earth, and is generally seen as an evil, imperialistic force in the world.

Trump who promised to put America first, improve relations with Russia and pull out of the middle east was clearly the better option than a woman who represented the epitome of American imperialism.

Sadly Trump has gone back on his promises. He has improved relations with Russia to some extent, as seen here.

Putin Thanks Trump For Foiling Terrorist Attack

However Trump has also launched two illegal strikes on Syria, and is now planning to overthrow a democratically elected leader in Venezuela, and install a puppet leader of his own.

He has also stepped up the use of drone strikes and has continued to, in Tulsi herself’s own words “been Saudi’s bitch.”

Overall I still think he was the better choice than Hillary. The problem with Trump, for all his base love to call him an alpha male, is that he is actually quite weak and easily manipulated. I feel he has been pushed into a lot of his worst foreign policy blunders by the war hawks around him. I also think that he is desperate to win favour with the mainstream media, (who have in all fairness put far more pressure on Trump than practically all Presidents of the past 50 years combined!)

Still Trump has not honoured his non interventionist promises and so in 2020, Tulsi who is very anti regime change is now the better candidate.

Tulsi is a long standing critic of US foreign policy in countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria, and unlike Trump she is firmly against regime change in both Syria and Venezuela.

Bashir Al Assad is a brutal dictator, but toppling him at this stage is the worst option. It would throw Syria into absolute chaos, and allow Islamic extremists who are on the verge of defeat the perfect opportunity to gain a footing again.

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Trump

Tulsi Gabbard Is More Of An Anti War Candidate Than Bernie Sanders

From a purely practical point of view, the Democrats could steal a lot of support from Trump with Tulsi as their candidate, as now ironically the Trump of 2020 is closer to Hillary, with his attempts to overthrow democratically elected leaders in other countries, and illegal strikes on Syria.

In addition to her stance on foreign policy, Tulsi I also feel could bring credibility back to left wing politics.

I myself would by and large identify as left wing. I hate labels of any kind, but I think I would in all fairness tend to fall on the left side for many key issues. I support socialised healthcare and welfare and re-nationalising the roads, railways and gas and electricity, as well as gay marriage.

However that said I would never wish to associate myself with the modern left for various reasons.

The modern left by and large are extremely bigoted towards white men, are fascistic and try to shut down contrary opinions, and also focus on laughable, petty concerns, whilst shutting down any legitimate criticism of the bigotry caused by Islam as “racist.”

Just a few examples of the lefts disgusting bigotry towards white men, and its contempt for freedom of speech.

As a result of the left’s actions, more and more people are turning against left wing politics. The next generation after millennials, Generation Z are said to be the most conservative since World War 2.

Why Democrats Should Be Losing Sleep Over Generation Z

Its great that young people are waking up to how toxic the regressive left is, but sadly I feel that the next generation, (if the polls are to be believed,) may very well end up going too much the other way.

I can easily see right wing identity politics taking the place of current left wing tribalism. In 20 years time anyone who doesn’t have an Ayn Rand style opinion of the poor being entitled, lazy bastards who deserve to be at the bottom of society, could end up being labelled as a Stalinist, the same way anyone with any criticism of Islam or feminism is labelled as a Nazi today.

Tulsi however could change that. Tulsi unlike Trump supports genuine left wing ideals. She supports universal health care, increasing the hourly minimum wage, and making community college tuition free for all Americans.

At the same time however Tulsi is a critic of identity politics and is not afraid to call out the genuine problems there are with Islamic extremism too.

Tulsi’s criticism of Islam is fair and measured. She has not tarred all Muslims as evil, despite the mainstream medias attempts to smear her as a bigot.

Tulsi Gabbard is Not Bigoted Against Muslims

Tulsi could show the next generation that left wing politics does not have to be associated with the revolting misandry and fascism of the regressive left. If she is elected President then America could very well have universal health care, which would set a good example to other western countries.

Finally Tulsi’s election much like Trump’s is also a blow to the biased and crooked mainstream media. Much like with Trump, the media attempts to slime her as a bigot and a Russian stooge, simply because of her anti war stance.

The mainstream media’s

Mainstream Medias Smearing of Tulsi

The only one of the mainstream media’s complaints against Tulsi that holds any water is her record on LGBT issues. Until 2012, Tulsi was opposed to gay marriage, but she has since changed her stance, and has even apologised to the LGBT community for her previous views. The same was true of Hillary Clinton as well who was opposed to gay marriage for many years too, though oddly enough the regressive left didn’t see that as an issue in Hillary’s case.

Ultimately Tulsi Gabbard for me would be the best choice for President as she would do all of the things Trump promised to do, like focus on America first, stop the American government from launching illegal invasions of other countries on flimsy moral reasons, whilst sucking up to Saudi Arabia, and give the mainstream media another kicking. At the same time, however unlike Trump, Tulsi would also support genuinely left wing ideas like Universal healthcare and bring some much needed credibility back to left wing politics, after the cancerous regressive left’s influence.

To be fair to Trump, given how corrupt the system is, Tulsi could always end up being pressured into going back on her promises too. I don’t think she would, but ultimately you can never say for sure.

Still in the here and now, just as Trump was the better candidate than Hillary in 2016, then Tulsi for me is the best Presidential candidate in 2019, and I will do everything I can to promote and support her campaign, and you should too.

Thanks for reading.



5 Worst Right Wingers On Youtube

Image result for Sargon of AkkadImage result for Yaron Brook

Okay hands up for the past few years I admit, I have been focusing a bit too much on the people I despise on the left like Anita Sarkeesian, Linda Sarsour, Owen Jones, and Whovian Feminism.

The left currently are a bigger danger than the right in many ways. Whilst we may have a right wing government in power, its the regressive left who hold all the social influence. You’re not in danger of being tarred as a racist, a bigot, or in getting fired from your job, ostracised by friends, or blacklisted if you say you disagree with any piece of right wing dogma in public.

Currently its okay, even trendy to bash the right, but that could change very soon. The next generation after Millennials, Generation Z are said to be the most right wing since World War 2.

Its understandable. Many young people will have taken one look at screaming feminists and leftists throwing trash cans, and pepper spraying women in the eyes when they don’t get their own way, focusing on debunked concerns like the gender wage gap, (whilst ignoring tragedies like the Rochdale grooming scandal and even silencing the people who do bring awareness to these scandals such as Tommy Robinson), spewing the most disgusting bigotry against white men, and being happy to ruin a man’s life over a joke about a dog doing a Nazi salute and thought; that’s the last thing they want to be!

Still the right are not a suitable alternative as I will explore in this article. The right in my opinion would be every bit as fascistic, bigoted, intolerant and tribal as the left currently are if they were in control, and that’s why I think its important to debunk them now.

Rather than just trade left wing identity politics for right wing tribalism, we need to provide a suitable alternative that looks at the best political options in a practical and even handed way.

5/ Sargon of Akkad

Image result for Sargon of Akkad

I used to quite like Sargon’s videos and even used a few of them as references in some of my earlier articles. However my respect for him has diminished gradually over the last year or so until now I’d regard him as nothing more than a right wing SJW.

Sargon unlike the others on this list has done many good things in the past.

He has rightfully criticised bigots, fanatics and chancers on the left such as Anita Sarkeesian, whilst still defending genuinely socialist ideas such as the NHS and the welfare state.

I’m quite a socialist in some ways. I like the idea of socialised healthcare and welfare”

“In most cases, poverty is something that happens to you, not something that you choose. You’ve got to to get this notion that these are just lazy and feckless individuals out of your mind. They’re not. They’re working full time just to maintain the bare minimum. I don’t see why a bit of compassion is out of order. If it were you in their position, unable to catch a break, unable to get off the bottom rung, are you honestly going to sit there and tell me that you would say the blame lies entirely with you and none of it lies on the system within which you are trapped?”

In addition to this he also supported Bernie Sanders until Hillary torpedoed his chances.

He also did fantastic work in debunking the mainstream media’s bullshit claims about Assad launching a chemical attack on Syria in 2017 in the two part series “A Tale of Two Narratives”.

I can’t recommend this mini series enough. Its in all fairness probably the best debunking of the media’s claims about Syria I have ever seen. 

Sargon is also a supporter of gay marriage, and has also openly criticised the bigoted and pseudo scientific idea of race realism, and given a platform to Tommy Robinson when the mainstream media were viciously slandering him as a racist. He also recently supported the youtuber Mark Meechan, better known as Count Dankula when he was unfairly fined for making his pug perform a Nazi salute as a joke to wind up his girlfriend.

So no I don’t hate Sargon, I just simply feel that in the last year or so Sargon has become so disgusted with the left that he has now genuinely turned completely to the right. Of course a more cynical view might be that Sargon of Akkad is simply a sell out, as he is more likely to get his money from the right.

Whatever the case Sargon is now such a fanatic in his hatred of socialists and communists that he is happy to tar them all as evil and defend people who have silenced, tortured and even killed socialists and communists in the past.

Sargon has outright said several times that if you are a communist, then you are a bad person, refused to listen to a communists idea of what is amoral in a debate on the grounds that all communists are amoral, and has expressed admiration for Joseph McCarthy of all people.

Sargon also said in another video when talking about communists that he wants McCarthy back!

Worse than his defence of McCarthy is Sargon’s apologism for Pinochet. Sargon has regularly attempted to downplay the horrors carried out by Pinochet and dismissed his victims as being communists who got what they deserved. He said that all Pinochet did was “take care of his communist problem”, and in his most recent video, Sargon said that all Pinochet did was kill 400 communists. Leaving aside the fact that he killed far more than just 400 people.

Is Sargon honestly saying that it didn’t matter that Pinochet killed 400 people, simply because they were communists?

Sargon is now ironically just the right wing version of all the things he claims to hate about the left.

Like the worst people on the left Sargon is against free speech and perfectly happy for people he doesn’t like being shut down. His support of Joseph McCarthy alone shows this.

McCarthy was exactly the same as the people who wanted to lock Count Dankula up for making a joke, or the rabid feminists who got the likes of Tim Hunt fired and blacklisted for making a comment they found offensive.

Like them McCarthy got people fired for expressing political views he found offensive, he blacklisted people to the point where they could never work again. Many people’s careers and lives were completely ruined by McCarthy’s actions.

McCarthy was also such a fanatic like many (not all) modern day feminists that he would tar people as the most extreme thing at the drop of a hat. Anyone with even the most mild liberal or left wing views was slimed as a communist threat to America by McCarthy, in much the same way as modern SJWs will tar someone who makes a joke they don’t like such as Count Dankula as a Nazi!

See here, what the guy who did nothing wrong in Sargon’s opinion was actually like.

Victims of McCarthyism

The Injustice of McCarthyism America

Threat of McCarthyism

But Sargon doesn’t mind. In fact he supports these types of attacks on free speech, because they are against people who don’t share the same beliefs as he does like Count Dankula and Tommy Robinson. With this in mind how can anyone ever take him seriously when he claims to support free speech again?

Furthermore Sargon also famously blasted people who defended Castro on the grounds that they were defending a dictator, yet he constantly tries to downplay Pinochet, another dictator’s disgusting crimes against humanity.

Hey Sargon if you’re reading this, these are some of the horrors Pinochet carried out against his people that you dismiss as “just him getting rid of his communist problem.”

Life Under Pinochet: They Took It In Turns To Electrocute Us

How I Survived Torture Under Pinochet

Tales of Torture

Victims of Pinochet

Milton Friedman did not save Chile

Victims of Pinochet Identified

Pinochet Economic Miracle Debunked

Pinochet’s Economic Disaster

Pinochet’s forces trained to torture

1973 Stadium Massacre

How Pinochet Destroyed A Country

Its tragic and disgusting that the people who suffered under Pinochet are being dismissed as getting what they deserved by Sargon who for all his talk of living in a police state could never begin to comprehend what victims of Pinochet went through.

Sargon is quite possibly one of the finest examples of the horse shoe effect. A man who claims to be a champion of free speech because he attacks left wing censors, yet praises the likes of Pinochet and Joseph McCarthy and essentially claims its okay to silence, black list, torture and kill communists.

Hey I’m just taking him at his own words. He’s the one that said all Pinochet did was kill 400 communists as though that made it okay. He’s the one who said bring back McCarthy. He’s the one who said that Pinochet just dealt with his communist problem, when he you know had innocent men, women and children tortured, raped, and killed en masse!

Sargon is only not higher on this list because of the good things he has done in the past, but I think that sadly much like Steve Shives before him. He has gone so far down a certain ideological path that he is almost a caricature of his former self.

4/ Ben Shapiro

Image result for ben shapiro

Ben Shapiro’s attitude towards the poor would make Prince John blush.

To start with Ben Shapiro believes that national healthcare is a selfish concept simply because he is forced to part with some of his wealth to support it.

See here.

Healthcare is not a commodity. Its a matter of life and death. Shapiro is actually happy with someone who say comes from an impoverished background, works a 10 hour shift in a Dickensian call centre for barely above the minimum wage, to not be able to afford a life saving operation, simply so he doesn’t have to part with some of his money.

Private Health Care Killed My Husband

This Is How American Healthcare Kills People

How dare these selfish bastards want life saving healthcare.

Shapiro also has said that those who are poor for their entire lives deserve it simply because they made bad decisions.

5th of UK children in poverty in the UK

Sharp rise in poverty among pensioners and children

Is Shapiro honestly saying that children born into poor families in impoverished areas aren’t going to have a harder time than say Scarlett Johanson’s daughter?

And this is before we get to people who are disabled, or ill, who Shapiro would just dismiss as people who didn’t work as hard as he does (quite ironic for a man who has never actually had a real job in his life.)

Poverty rates among disabled

Half of people living in poverty are disabled

Quality of Life for the Disabled in Britain

Disability and poverty a vicious cycle

Right wingers like Ben Shapiro always try and frame rich vs poor as being so simplistic. In their mind its just lazy bastards at the bottom who didn’t work as hard as those at the top.

They don’t take into account wealth that is inherited, why conditions for those at the bottom are much poorer than they need to be, and worst of all come up with the most ridiculous strawman examples of things like ” a socialist would want to take away JK Rowling’s money and give it to a junkie lowlife on the streets who hasn’t done a days work in their life.”

No one is saying string up Paul McCartney and throw his possessions to the rabble apart from true psychopathic fanatics.

However at the same time there is absolutely no reason why wages cannot be improved for those at the bottom, working hours cannot be lessened, and safety nets such as the welfare state and the NHS can’t be installed. The likes of Shapiro would say that the welfare state is terrible and needs abolished because its completely unfair when people on benefits make more money than those who actually work.

Obviously I’m not denying that is the case with some people on benefits, but you get round that by improving wages and conditions for people who do work, not in taking away a safety net for those who do genuinely need it. Why should someone who is genuinely unable to get a job such as this person here.

Be made to suffer because of benefit cheats? All the while those who still work 12 hour shifts for barely above the minimum wage, are still working in the most Dickensian conditions without any kind of a social life, and are still struggling to pay for life saving health care simply because they apparently didn’t work as hard as Ben Shapiro. Yeah it seems being a nurse and helping to save people’s lives isn’t as worthwhile a contribution as boasting about how your wife is a doctor and spewing poison against the underprivileged for a couple of hours a week on some lame youtube series.

Nurses Need Better Working Conditions

Why the 8 Hour Working Day Doesn’t Work

Living Wages Still Not Enough For Most Families

Is working long hours bad for your heart

British people work an average of 469 unpaid hours a year

Being on a zero hours contract is bad for your health

Indian slave children making clothes for Gap

Child labout in the 21st century

Even with insurance, most Americans still struggle to afford health care

Disabled Man Starved To Death

Austerity leads to thousands of deaths

Construction Fatalities Rise

Effects of bedroom tax on children

Scale of foodbank use in the United Kingdom

Also not all of those at the top are there simply because they worked the hardest either. Leaving aside inherited wealth, many of the most powerful companies in western society have reached the top through simply monopolising a brand. I’m not saying that is always the case of course, but still this idea that its all just hard working entrepreneurs who got to the top on their own merit that the likes of Shapiro promote is laughably naive.

The Microsoft Bully is back

There are clearly problems with the capitalist system. As much as the likes of Sargon and Ben Shapiro would love to us to believe that its perfect and its just lazy bastards who can’t succeed: Capitalism is a system that allows larger companies to monopolise others regardless of whether they produce the best product or not, leads to people being exploited for their labour under some of the worst conditions, and leads to the most vulnerable people living in obscene poverty and not having access to medical care that could save their lives.

Ben Shapiro however dismisses all of these problems because he is at heart a selfish miser who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and uses the most ridiculous frog logic to try and justify his own cheapness.

How right wing SJWs like Ben Shapiro, Stefan Molyneux, the Academic Agent, and Yaron Brook see themselves.

How the rest of us see them.

3/ Jordan Peterson

Image result for Jordan Peterson

I used to have some respect for Peterson. Like many people I first heard about Peterson when he made a stand against censorship laws in Toronto in 2016. I watched a few more of his videos sporadically and he generally seemed to be okay. I knew he was far more right wing than I was from the start,  but it was only when I started to look deeper into his work that I came to view him as a right wing fanatic.

His hatred of communists and socialists alone exposes his hypocrisy. Peterson has said on many occasions that anyone who says that in the countries where communism failed, they just weren’t doing it right, and that it might work, should be punched in the face so hard it will knock them out. He also said that they should never be forgiven for expressing such views. Of course how intends to make sure they can never be forgiven is anyone’s guess. Blacklisted perhaps? A big red C stamped over their passport?

See here.

Go to roughly twenty minutes in to see his hysterical threat to punch out Marxists.

Oh the irony for a man who first shot to fame for being a champion of free speech to say that if people express a political opinion he doesn’t like then they should be punched out, and never forgiven. Imagine if a leftist said this about conservatives? Ironically Jordan Peterson would be the first person to complain about how they want to destroy our freedom of speech.

I find Peterson’s remarks about communists to be not to dissimilar to those feminists and SJWs make about their opponents. Feminists want to dismiss ALL critics of Islam and feminism as racist and sexists who shouldn’t ever be listened too.

Here Owen Jones goes on about how we shouldn’t listen to “Islamophobic bigots” like Tommy Robinson because they are dangerous and evil people, and automatically dismisses anyone who supports him as a racist.

Owen Jones: Tommy Robinson is a far right bigot

How is that any different to Peterson saying that people who support communism are automatically bad people regardless of their points and that they shouldn’t be listened to and punched out?

Jordan Peterson’s remarks are also hypocritical in that the whole “they just weren’t doing it right” argument that leftists use to cover up the horrors of communism, is also used by capitalists and right wingers to hand wave the horrors that capitalism is still causing.

In this video Paul Joseph Watson uses the “they just weren’t doing it right argument” for capitalism. Do you want to punch him out Peterson for ignoring things like the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, the Libyan crisis, the Hiroshima bomb, the dark satanic mills, the first world war etc.

The great irony is that capitalism has led to more deaths around the world than communism.

Capitalism is the religion of peace.

Of course I am not trying to say that communism isn’t open to corruption either. I do think that communism and socialism are more open to fascism as they wish to hand over everything to the government. However capitalism has just as many flaws. Capitalism allows those at the top to dominate through a monopoly and it also ironically leads to globalism. After all a company has to expand and be the best beyond its home country. All the people that the likes of Sargon despise are ironically capitalists, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, who simply want to monopolise their power on a global scale.

Capitalism also leads to a waste of resources and pollution of the environment too as products are constantly being replaced, not because they have too, but simply so that companies can sell the latest version of their product.

Devastation of Capitalism to our environment

Capitalism has to grow in order to survive and considering that we don’t live on an infinite planet, with an infinite amount of resources then it doesn’t take a genius to work out that capitalism will eventually collapse.

Finally a total capitalist system also leads to those at the bottom being left out in the cold, as profits are valued more than human lives.

In my opinion a mixed economy is the best solution. There should be safety nets installed for everybody, such as the NHS, and the welfare state. I also support re-nationalisation of the railways, and of resources such as gas and electricity. However I don’t believe in handing over total power to the government. Obviously some things should remain private. Again no one is going to say that a restaurant, or a little corner shop should be owned by the government for instance.

In my opinion a mixed economy though obviously not perfect (no system is.) Is nevertheless the best alternative, and we can see this when we compare how well the United Kingdom flourished under a more mixed economy after World War 2 to how it later crashed and burned under the capitalistic Thatcher government.

China which also utilises a more mixed economy model lifts more people out of poverty than any other country every year.

China has lifted over 800 million people out of poverty in the last 20 years.

China Lifts Over 800 Million People Out of Poverty

Of course this is not to say China is perfect. It is still a dictatorship, and unlike Sargon with Pinochet victims, I would never dream of dismissing the victims of China’s totalitarian regime as deserving it, or just pretend that they don’t exist. However whilst China may lack behind the west in other key areas, in terms of its economic model it is far superior to any capitalist system.

Sadly a mixed economy can never happen because of the foaming at the mouth leftists who refuse to acknowledge any faults with their chosen political systems, and the Jordan Peterson’s on the other side, who similarly want to punch out anyone with any pro socialist or communist ideas. (Again taking him at his own words.)

As far as I’m concerned, if the likes of Jordan Peterson had the social power that the SJWs like Owen Jones have, they’d be no better. Just replace misogynist or Islamophobe with communist and we’d be in the same situation.

In addition to this Peterson is also a proponent of race realism too.

Now I am not saying that Peterson is a Nazi, but I do think that race realism is a very dangerous path to go down.

To start with I think its nothing more than pseudo, cod science and ultimately an excuse for racist attitudes with no real basis in fact.

The Unwelcome Revival of Race Realism

I am not saying that all cultures are equal, but there are many more complex reasons for why some cultures lag behind others.

Natural resources, the influence of a particular ideology, social developments etc, all contribute towards the development of a culture overall. For instance my country Scotland has contributed a disproportionately large amount to the world in terms of science, technology and art.

49 wonderful gifts Scotland gave the world

101 inventions Scotland gave the world

The Scots invention of the modern world

Image result for winston churchill scotland quote

The simple race realist analysis as to why the Scots have contributed so much to the world would be that they are born smarter than everyone else.

In truth however the reason the Scots are over represented compared to other small nations among inventors and scientists is simply because we were among the first nations to introduce free and universal education for our people.

Compare Scotland to a country where a backwards ideology is in charge such as Wahhabism. The people born and raised under that culture are obviously not going to contribute much to humanity as a whole, but again that’s solely because of the culture and society rather than the genetics of its people. In Scotland’s case, the culture and society ensures everyone can learn how to read or write, whilst in the case of the Wahhabi culture, it strives to keep its people ignorant to survive.

Race realism not only oversimplifies the histories and influences of ideologies on certain cultures, but it also tries to make out that certain races will always be at the bottom no matter what. Indeed Peterson even makes an argument in this video that the people with the lowest IQs (which according to him, means the majority of black people) cannot be trained to ever be in higher paid jobs or positions in society.

Now I’m not saying Peterson advocates for persecution or extermination of black people, or anything extreme like that, but its not hard to see how if Peterson’s ideas of black people being on average stupid and never being able to improve as a group became received wisdom. Then we could easily see genuine racists use Peterson’s ideas as justification for actual persecution.

It doesn’t help that in various videos Peterson refers to those with IQ’s below 85 as a problem that we need to deal with. Again not saying that he wants to kill them, but its not hard to see how that level of thinking of “the Untermensch with low IQ are a drain on society” coupled with the fact that Peterson is trying to associate low IQ with particular ethnic groups could lead us down a very dangerous path.

Its really just a stepping stone from “these people are on average useless, and a drain” to lets get rid of them. In this respect I find Peterson to be an objectionable and poisonous influence on modern political discourse.

Once again Peterson is also really no different to the SJWs he rallies against. They whip up racial tensions by trying to apply negative characteristics to all or most white people. In their case it’s all white people are racist.

Why are white people so defensive?

Transgender model accused all men of being racist

Peterson is essentially the same except replace white with black and racist with stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that there aren’t problems with the black community in places such as New York, but those are once again cultural and societal. The ghetto culture’s influence on the black community for instance needs stomped out pronto. However just simply writing black people off as stupid and never being able on average to be as productive members of society is as bad as Munroe Bergdo saying that all white people are racist.

Finally Jordan Peterson is also in other areas something of a quack. His ideas about dieting for instance are laughable. Peterson apparently eats nothing but meat and claimed that when he had a single glass of apple cider he didn’t sleep for 25 days.

It amazes me that he actually thinks that people will believe that he went an entire month without sleeping!

Jordan Peterson is really nothing more than a right wing SJW that the right have adopted as their spokesperson simply because he is a professor and in their minds because they are such class snobs can therefore give some “legitimacy” to their absurd claims about race realism, socialism etc, more than say Stefan Molyneux.

2/ Stefan Molyneux

Image result for stefan molyneux

Its hard to pick out just one thing wrong with Molyneux. From his revolting attitudes towards women, his sneering, superior attitude towards the poor and underprivileged, to his promotion of race realism.

Molyneux has claimed that most of the problems of the world are caused by women choosing assholes and that we need to hold these women responsible (of course how he intends to hold these women accountable is anyone’s guess? Personally though I hope we never find out.)

“Women who choose assholes will fucking end this race. They will fucking end this human race, unless we don’t start holding them A-fucking-countable.”

“Look women who choose assholes guarantee child abuse. Women who choose assholes guarantee criminality, sociopathy. All the cold hearted jerks who run the world came out of the vaginas of women who married assholes. And I don’t know how to make the world a better place without holding women accountable for choosing assholes.

“If asshole wasn’t a great reproductive strategy it would have been gone long ago. Women keep that black bastard flame alive. If women choose nice guys over assholes we would have a glorious and peaceful world in one generation.”

“Stop fucking monsters we get a great world. Keep fucking monsters, we get catastrophes, we get war, we get nuclear weapons, we get national debt, we get incarcerations, and prison guards and all the other florid assholes who rule the world.”

Women worship at the feet of the devil and wonder why the world is evil? And then you know what they say? Poor me I’m a victim.”

Molyneux also pushes race realism too and claims that a truly egalitarian society will never happen because some people are genetically less intelligent. He says that that is a good thing however, as not everyone should be equal and uses such ridiculous arguments as because some people are better Basketball players then not everyone deserves to be treated equally. He uses a similar argument as to why the poor deserve to be poor too. Basically in Molyneux’s opinion because some people are better at sports the poor shouldn’t be entitled to life saving healthcare!

Molyneux also tends to generalise those at the bottom as being lazy, fat bums, too stupid to go out and get a high paying job. This coupled with the fact that he feels certain minorities just aren’t on other groups level intellectually demonstrates a sneering “untermensch” attitude towards certain groups in society.

Molyneux and other race realists like Jordan Peterson will often try and justify saying that some races are less intelligent than others as not being racist because intelligence isn’t the only value a person can have.

If the likes of Molyneux and Peterson actually believed this their opinions wouldn’t be so objectionable. (Though race realism is still not only a pointless, but dangerous path to go down, as again, just like the racist SJWs do for white people. You are tarring one group as generally having what is still seen as a negative characteristic. )

Still whilst Molyneux and Peterson may say that intelligence doesn’t matter when discussing race realism they also talk of how low IQ people are a drain on society. (Molyneux goes as far as to say those at the bottom are stupid wasters who deserve to be there.)

Okay Molyneux may defer to certain other ethnic groups as having a higher IQ than whites, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t hold blacks and those he regards at the very bottom as being useless drains on any society they are a part of which makes him a racist.

Stefan Molyneux is also a massive hypocrite in many of his opinions too. For instance when defending Ayn Rand, he laughs at those who point out Rand’s hypocrisy in going on benefits at the end of her life as not having a rebuttal to her arguments because they are attacking her private life.

Molyneux meanwhile did an entire video attacking Karl Marx’s personal life, mocking the fact that he was unemployed for large sections of his life, the fact that he was an alcoholic, and the fact that he had boils on his arse!

In fact Molyneux outright said that because of Marx’s disastrous personal life we can’t accept any of his teachings. He compared Marx’s teachings to a diet book with a fat man on the cover. So going by Molyneux’s opinion of Marx, the same must be true of Ayn Rand who despite despising socialism relied on socialised welfare and healthcare in the final years of her life?

Its also ironic that Molyneux despises those who rely on hand outs and benefits, when he ends just about every single one of his videos practically begging for cash

Oh the irony! Maybe you should just get a job Stefan? I mean the free market works for everyone.

1/ Yaron Brook

Image result for yaron brook

Mr iphone himself.

Yaron Brook is digital age, snake oil salesman who travels the world trying to justify being a selfish, miserly, tax dodging, cheat to halls of naive young students. Anything to avoid a real job, eh Yaron?

Yaron tries to justify only caring about himself by actually claiming that selfishness is virtuous because you don’t ask anyone else for help. He also much like Molyneux promotes the naive idea that all of those at the top are just honest businessmen. Again I’m not trying to tar the successful as just being parasites, but surely there is a happy limit between acknowledging that its wrong to let big businesses monopolise basic resources such as gas and electricity and transport, and not wanting to nationalise every single aspect of society.

Brook’s arguments tend to be very simplistic and hollow. He tends to dismiss ALL leftists under the blanket term of cultural Marxism. To be fair he is far from the only right winger who does this, but still once again its an interesting example of the horse shoe effect. Cultural Marxism is to the right what the alt right is to the left.

They are both the insidious group that wants to destroy our society that you can dismiss anyone you remotely disagree with as being part of.

Almost all of Yaron’s arguments come down to his iphone. Seriously just watch any of his lectures. No matter what the subject, the NHS, the welfare state, why socialism doesn’t work, why Ayan Rand was an unsung genius etc. It ALL comes back to his iphone.

The great irony is that whilst Brook uses the iphone as proof of why capitalism works, and why private businesses are the best model for success. The iphone was actually created by the state!

Love Your IPhone Thank The US Government

Why The State Is The Hero of Innovation

Look at the phone in your hand and thank the state

Yaron Brook is also the head of the Ayn Rand institute which explains everything really. Ayn Rand is simply philosophy for the selfish. Aside from being a terrible, hack author, Ayn Rand advocated a survival of the fittest attitude to explain inequality in society, dismissing those at the bottom as deserving it for not being as strong or intelligent.

With this in mind it makes perfect sense that Yaron would devote himself to this ideology as its basically a way for him through some cod philosophy to try and justify not paying his taxes.

Yaron Brook for me is the worst right winger on youtube, as all he cares about is himself. With Sargon and Jordan Peterson, as obnoxious as they might be, at the very least I get the feeling that they actually believe what they say. They do believe that they are making the world a better place (as laughable as that may sound.)

However all Yaron cares about is himself and not having to part with a single penny, which again makes him the perfect poster boy or Ayn Rand.

Thanks for reading.

My Favourite Social and Political Commentators


Nowadays it seems you can’t trust anyone. Everyone from the biggest news channels, and media outlets to Youtubers making entertaining videos from their bedrooms are derided as fake news, or a shill for some crooked politician, or part of some new and dangerous political movement..

In my opinion the only thing to do in the current climate is to look at as many different sources as you can, even people that you don’t particularly like, and then draw your own conclusions. For instance, even though I find them most of the time to be nothing more than a sick parody of what they once were. I still watch BBC News regularly, simply so that my sources don’t become too one sided.

That said however there are obviously social and political commentators who I agree with more than others on the most important issues, and whose style I even just personally enjoy watching.

In this article I am going to run through my personal favourite social and political commentators. I don’t agree with any of these people on absolutely everything, and again I obviously don’t get everything I think from these people either. I just feel that they are generally on the right track more than most, and whilst I do think its important to listen to as many different people from both the left and the right as possible. These would still be my best recommendations.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below and also who your top choices would be as well.

John Pilger

Someone I have been a huge admirer of for most of my life. I was first introduced to John Pilger through my parents who were also big fans of his.

I’ve read many of his books and watched almost all of his documentary’s. Pilger for me is probably the most accomplished journalist of the entire 20th Century. He has helped to shed light on many of the worst disasters caused by US, British and Australian foreign policy over the course of his decades long career.

For instance his groundbreaking documentary ” Year Zero the Silent Death of Cambodia” helped to bring world wide attention to the suffering of the Khmer people. As much as 45 million pounds was raised in small donations from across the entire United Kingdom in solidarity to the nation after its first showing.

Pilger has also produced documentaries about the Australians treatment of the Aboriginies, the genocide in East Timor, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the Vietnam war. He has also been a consistent critic of the likes of Tony Blair, George W Bush, and Barack Obama.

Though there have been some controversies over the years, with some critics dismissing Pilger’s work of being too sensationalised. Overall Pilger has continued to have a large influence.

I do agree that he can be a little bit too anti Western at certain points. He is guilty of sometimes taking anybody’s side against Western governments and also of sometimes sugar coating the sins of its enemies.

However overall I think he maintains a clear and level head in his reports and his work is very thorough and well researched.

He also somewhat refreshingly for someone on the left has criticised identity politics. Indeed he warned of identity politics influence long before many of its most outspoken critics on the right back in 2008 when Obama was elected.

John Pilger is the type of journalist that we don’t see much of anymore. Someone with real integrity who tries to bring attention to those who are in need of real help and that’s why even though I don’t always agree with him. (I do most of the time) I always have nothing but respect for him.

Brendan O’Neill

Much like John Pilger, O’Neill is one of the few people on the left who criticises identity politics.

I would consider myself a socialist, but I absolutely despise identity politics. I feel that identity politics is the biggest enemy to any kind of genuinely progressive politics, as it keeps us squabbling about the most unimportant differences like race, sexuality etc, whilst duping us into thinking that we are fighting to end racial and other prejudices.

Thanks to identity politics the left is more fragmented than it has ever been. Rather than trying to work together to try and fix the real source of inequality, which is class. People are instead fighting over things like who is more oppressed, gender pronouns etc.

Its also advocated that people be put in positions of power regardless of their ideas or character just to tick some boxes. This can be seen with the lefts attempts to canonise Obama and Hillary Clinton, two of the biggest war mongers in US Politics simply because Obama was the first black president, and Hillary could have been the first female president.

Those on the left, who should have been calling Obama and Hillary out for destroying the country of Libya and leading to a greater rise in Islamic extremism were instead viewing their time in office as being steps forward for society, simply because of their gender and race.

We are never going to get anywhere with identity politics (which is why so many of the corrupt bastards at the top like George Soros LOVE identity politics.)

Thus someone like O’Neill who champions old genuine left wing values, yet criticises the phoney, divisive nature of identity politics is important in my opinion.

Tree of Logic

A youtuber and outspoken critic of Islam and Black Lives Matter. I agree with Tree on most things, but politically she is probably a little more to the right (by her own admission) than I am. When I say right I obviously don’t mean “oh my god she is a Nazi” more just that she is less a critic of Capitalism than I would be.

Still Tree’s video’s on Islam are absolutely brilliant. She really has done her research and also speaks from personal experience too.

Sadly like many critics of Islam, Tree has been dismissed as racist, but that’s ridiculous. Islam is NOT a race. Islam is an ideology. We are allowed to criticise all other ideologies from Christianity to Capitalism, so why not Islam? For instance I’m not about to call Tree a racist for presumably being opposed to Socialism given her pro Capitalist ideas. So why the fuck would anyone call her a racist for criticising another ideology?

Not all Muslims are violent or bigoted of course. Many Muslims that live in the west, who are brought up with western values will cherry pick the good parts of their faith.

Those who do actually follow everything the Quran says however, at the very least hold bigoted views towards women, homosexuals and Jews, and in the most extreme cases become terrorists.

The reason for that is of course because the Quran says to kill all non believers, kill all homosexuals and that all women and black people are inferior to white men.

In my opinion people like Tree who are brave enough to speak out against the religion not only deserve our respect, but are also important in helping to stamp out the worst forms of racism, sexism and homophobia that come from the Islamic world.

Angry Foreigner

Another youtuber, Angry Foreigner is from Sweden and has done excellent videos on the devastating effects of Sweden’s open door immigration policy.

I obviously like any decent human believe that we should help refugees. However I don’t believe that the open door policy is the way to do it. The open door policy is dangerous as it allows in people without checking them first. Ultimately any country has a right to decide who comes in, to ensure its own people will be safe.

Angry Foreigner has also explored in great detail the Swedish government’s soft bigotry of low expectations in dealing with Muslim criminals, often ironically for a so called feminist government at the expense of women.

There isn’t really that much I disagree with him on. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything major I clash with him over, but I’m sure there will be something eventually. Still overall his videos are very well researched and informative. Definitely worth a look.

Blaire White

One of the most popular Youtubers, Blaire I’d say is probably more to the centre of things. She’s certainly not as left wing as say John Pilger, but I wouldn’t describe her as right wing either. Though hilariously she is often derided as a Nazi by the mainstream media.

Blaire’s main targets are feminism, identity politics and Islam. She has a very laid back approach to the subjects she tackles, though her sense of humour is often quite biting. She doesn’t strike me as someone with an axe to grind, more someone in the middle who tries to be as fair in her assessments as much as possible which, coupled with her brilliant sense of humour make her videos always interesting to watch.

She is also a great debater too and was among the first members of the “Skeptic community” who was able to successfully reach out and convince people on the other side to actually discuss their opinions, such as in her video with Laci Green.

In this respect I feel Blaire has had a very positive influence on bridging the gap between the SJW’s and the Anti SJW’s.


Another youtuber that I would describe as being in the centre. Shoe is very keen not to associate herself with any real political ideology. She laughs at the most ridiculous people on both the right and the left. Though her style is very accessible and her sense of humour is brilliant, and her videos are very well researched too.

My only problem with her is that she doesn’t release that many videos.

Still good things come to those who wait and I rarely find myself disagreeing with her videos.

Christina Hoff Sommers

A second wave feminist, Sommers split from mainstream feminism due to what she felt was a hostile attitude towards men and also a lack of action against Islams treatment of women.

Since then she has provided interesting critiques of third wave feminism. In my opinion Sommers is what feminism needs. Feminism though starting out as a genuinely progressive movement has over the years been hijacked by posers, who are actually too scared to comment on real inequalities faced by women.

People like Anita Sarkeesian and Caitlin Moran don’t want to run the risks that actually come with speaking out against Islam’s disgusting treatment of women, so they go after safe, benign targets such as video games, and science fiction.

Worse than that however is the way that feminism has become dogmatic to the point where it can’t accept any criticism of itself, which has in turn led to it becoming a static movement.

Sommers meanwhile is trying to break feminism out of its rut and gear it towards becoming a respectable and noble movement once again that actually helps women, rather than just as a vehicle for posers.

Whether she will succeed or not? Who knows, but she will always have my support at least.

Chris Ray Gun

A self identified classical liberal, Chris much like Blaire and Shoe, is really more to the centre of things, and tends to look at the worst of the left and the right. He has a very even handed and fair approach to the subjects he tackles, and isn’t I feel motivated by any pre existing biases.

Chris’s videos are always very amusing. His humour is energetic, self deprecating, and over the top, yet he always in amongst the drinking bleach and other crazy antics, manages to make his points very clearly and backs them up well.

He is also a talented and accomplished musician and has produced many songs, including original material and parodies of old songs with a political slant.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A true feminist hero. Ali grew up in a Muslim country Somalia, and had to among other things endure genital mutilation at a young age. Ali has devoted her entire life to trying to bring about a reformation of Islam and has written many books on the subject as well as given many talks too.

Among the books she has written on Islam include The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam, Infidel, Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilisations and Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now

Sadly she has been targeted by extremist Muslims for many years, and in fact has to walk around with body guards almost everywhere she goes. Worse still many people on the left and the mainstream media have tried to deride Ali as a racist and trouble maker.

Still she has always remained a strong critic of Islam and continues to this day to be a true champion for women’s rights and free speech.

David Wood

David Wood is a Christian apologist and so naturally as an Atheist I clash with him on the subject of God. For the record though I have no objection to anyone believing in God.

I have always said the only right way to live your life is a way that doesn’t harm other people. Thus for all I care you can believe the universe was actually created by a flying spaghetti monster as long as it doesn’t impinge on anyone else’s rights.

To be fair to David its not like he tries to silence anyone who doesn’t believe in God either. He is always willing to debate with people in civilised ways, but again as he is a devout Christian then obviously I don’t believe in what he does.

Despite this however I do love David’s videos on Islam. David probably gives the most comprehensive run down of the religion of anyone and really help to debunk a lot of the most dangerous myths about Islam.

See here.

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is an editor at Info Wars, though he also has a youtube series of his own. He is one of the most popular critics of third wave feminism and identity politics with his videos having had over 100 million views so far.

Now Paul is someone that I disagree with on quite a lot of things. Paul by his own admission is very right wing. He believes capitalism is the greatest system on earth and I feel he tends to gloss over America’s sins too.

Though I often describe myself as a socialist, I suppose you could maybe call me a light socialist. I think that capitalism has to at least be reformed, and that we need to bring in more socialist elements into western society, though not necessarily become a full blown socialist society. Not yet.

I feel we have already done this in the United Kingdom to great effect so far, with the NHS obviously being a more socialist concept. I personally think the NHS despite its problems is always preferable to a private health service.

I think a full capitalist society ultimately leads to corporatism. Paul on the other hand feels that corporatism and capitalism are distinct from one another.

I also at the same time am not always so keen on Paul’s videos against feminists. He does make some excellent points about the state of the movement, but I think he can get too nasty and personal when he goes on about feminists being fat, ugly bitches that no one wants to fuck. (Though to be fair its not like feminists don’t make similar comments about the supposed “Alt Right” all being ugly, sad, basement dwelling virgins.)

Still despite these faults I do have a lot of respect for Paul and think he talks a lot of sense on most things. His videos on Hillary Clinton were brilliant and really helped to shed a lot of light on her corruption. He also does great videos on Islam and its apologists, and has also highlighted the hypocrisy of the mainstream media brilliantly many times.

Paul’s style is very confrontational and no nonsense which is refreshing in the modern over sensitive PC culture that we live in, and its not hard to see why he has earned so many fans as a result.

I also feel that Paul is more even handed and fair than people give him credit for. For instance he has often been derided as a Trump fanboy. Yet he was among the first to criticise Trump when he launched an air strike on Syria.

Unlike those who still praised Obama even after he had destroyed the entire country of Libya, killed hundreds of innocent people in drone strikes, and kept the USA at war through his entire tenure as President. All it took for Paul was one air strike for him to criticise Trump.

Compare Paul’s comments warning Trump of “opening the gates of hell” by toppling Assad after Trump’s first foreign policy blunder to Owen Jones’ about Obama “being so cool” in 2016, a year in which Obama dropped over 26,171 bombs on wedding parties, hospitals, schools and homes, and then tell me who is the real fanboy of a President?

Overall I’d say Paul could almost be described as the anti John Pilger in that, whilst Pilger’s problem is that he is too anti Western society, Paul’s is that he is maybe a bit too pro Western society. I can understand Paul’s frustration when idiots on the left try and make out that the West is a worse than any Islamic culture, but still in the past Paul has gone too much the other way to the extent where he has made out that Margaret Thatcher was a hero which is just ridiculous in my opinion.

Interestingly enough Pilger and Watson do actually overlap in terms of opinion on many key issues, such as the bias of the mainstream media, American intervention in the Middle East, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and identity politics.

A debate between Pilger and Watson would be very interesting I think.

Tommy Robinson

The founder and former leader of the EDL, Tommy Robinson was someone that I only began to appreciate recently.

Like many I believed the lies the mainstream media told about him being a far right racist, and a Nazi for years.

It wasn’t until I saw him on Paul Joseph Watson’s channel and finally heard his side of the story that I saw that nothing could be further from the truth.

To start with politically Tommy is really more to the centre than anything else. Also he has never expressed or promoted racist views at any point in his career.

All Tommy has ever done is criticise Islam (he has frequently made a point not to tar all Muslims with the same brush either. He has simply gone after the religion of Islam.)

Sadly however because the mainstream media are such miserable, pathetic cowards when it comes to Islam, they slander Tommy as a racist.

Tommy has done more for the truly marginalised in this country than all of his critics combined.

Whilst I admit that he has made mistakes, overall I have to respect the fact that for the past 10 plus years Tommy at a risk to his own livelihood, reputation, safety and even life has done all he can to speak out against a hateful and dangerous ideology and the poisonous influence it is having on our society.


Honorary Mentions

Among the other people I listen to frequently include Computing Forever, Sam Harris, Abby Martin, Some Black Guy and Kraut and Tea.

Now, Kraut and Some Black Guy I really like, but I haven’t had time to see as many of their videos. I aim to rectify that soon, but for the time being I am not as familiar with their work. I will say that Kraut gave what is undoubtedly the best run down of homophobia in the Islamic world.

Other Youtubers who I have only seen fleetingly but who so far I have been impressed with include Logicked, Roaming Millenial, and The Iconoclast.

Abby Martin meanwhile I have been a fan of for a long while. I think she talks a lot of sense about the negative effects of American foreign policy. Her videos on Hillary Clinton are also excellent. Indeed I’d say she and Paul Joseph Watson more than anyone else really helped to bring to people’s attention just how corrupt Clinton actually was, though ironically Paul and Abby despise each other.

The reason for that is because Abby is sadly a rank Islam apologist. Seriously she is an Owen Jones level of Islam apologist. Its like her brain just shuts down any ability to look at things in a fair and rational way as soon as Islam is brought up, and she just hears all fair criticism of the religion as “I hate brown people!” Even when Abby is being told Islam is in need of a reformation by an actual Muslim man himself (Maajid Nawaz) Abby still writes his criticisms off as Islamophobia.

Computing Forever meanwhile though I like his regressive news series I do feel he is perhaps a bit too right wing for me at times. For instance he is opposed to gay marriage (and even voted against it), whilst I support it very strongly. Still I don’t think he is a bad guy or anything, and he is always willing to listen to other people’s opinions too. However I feel that politically, though I agree with him on a lot and respect him, we are maybe just too far apart.

Thanks for reading.