The Circus Master: Journey to the Centre of Evil: Part 7:


“Ashlei, please. You have no idea what you’re doing.” The Circus Master said.

“If you stop us now the Kardons.”

“The Kardons are obviously influencing you. Did you ever think about that?” Ashlei fired back.

“You’re not even trying to help these people. All those young men, women, even the children, the soldiers who helped to save our lives. You’ll happily condemn them to the giants.”

Florence tried to use her singing voice to calm Ashlei, but Ashlei quickly shot the Siren in the chest.

“Next time it’ll be Keptis.” Ashlei said as she thrust the gun back to the side of the Martian’s head. “Do you think he’ll be able to survive it as easily?”

“You treacherous bitch” Florence said in anger as her wound began to slowly heal. The Circus Master, Denika and Keptis were aghast to hear Florence use that kind of language. Even in these circumstances!

“After all we’ve done for you” Keptis said bitterly.

“I’m sorry, I really am, but I can’t let you do this to these people.”

Whilst Ashlei was distracted, Carlene seized her chance and hurled a smoke bomb from her beehive at Ashlei. Ashlei dropped her weapon in the confusion, and Carlene who could see through the gas quickly restrained Ashlei.

The Circus Master then started to slash at the Mashica’s machine, whilst Kile opened fire on the Vandal. It did no good however and Kile was soon restrained by Florence.

“How could you Carlene.”

“I’m sorry darling, the last thing I’d ever want is to hurt you or anyone else here, but I, I saw the vision too. I saw what those things will do if we let em get to the surface.” Carlene said whilst barely being able to look Ashlei in the face.

Within a matter of seconds the Circus Master had completely shredded the core of the machine. Decades worth of work by arguably some of the greatest scientific minds this planet had ever produced, was undone in under a minute. The Circus Master had never felt so ashamed.

As soon as the Circus Master had finished the alarm went off.

The Circus Master looked out a nearby window and saw hordes of monsters emerging from the black, filthy waters.

“I told you they have eyes and ears everywhere. Which reminds me Denika.”

Denika quickly scanned for magic and found several lesser spells around the room. All designed to monitor the progress on the ship from the Demons. Though the Demons had access to stronger magics, stronger magics would have been instantly detectable even for the Kardons. She quickly shorted the spells out.

“Good we can talk properly now. There is a ship below that we can use to take you out of here.” The Circus Master said to Kile who Florence quickly released.

“Not all of them” Ashlei sneered. “How are we going to get the Rysteans to decide which of them lives and dies? Or are you going to make that decision for them?”

“This isn’t the time for that. The Ishica and the other lesser Demons will attack first, but it won’t take long for the Kardons to follow and this time they won’t be holding back.”

Kile however simply reached for her weapon and shot the Circus Master several more times.

“You monster. I should have never trusted you.”

Denika quickly pulled the gun out of Kile’s hands with her magic and knocked her to the ground.

“Sorry Circus Master.” Denika said. “We don’t have time to talk her into it.”

The Circus Master tried to rouse Mashica, but much like Kile as soon as he awoke he instinctively tried to attack the Vandal, who quickly overpowered him.

“All those years of my life were for nothing. I’ll kill you” Mashica screamed as he caught sight of the wreckage of the machine he had hoped would be his people’s salvation.

The Circus Master pulled the Rystean scientist to face a nearby window, where Mishica saw much to his horror the sight of literally thousands of Demonic creatures heading towards the base. The Ishica, the Ocotopus creatures, and hundreds more Demons from the darkest depths of the oceans, many of which even Mashica had never seen before, all swarmed the base, creating a wall.

“They’re trying to keep us here until their masters arrive. They know that the Kardons will want the pleasure of torturing us themselves. Now do you believe me? I told you those Demons were monitoring your every move in here. Now that the machine is destroyed we have to move.”

Mashica wasn’t ready to admit that his entire life had been a lie. Even when he thought he was fighting against the Kardons, those Demons were still manipulating him. Still at the very least the Rystean accepted the reality of the danger his people were in now.

“We have to move now.” Mashica said as he tried to rouse Kile. “Everyone will be heading for the escape pods.”

“They’ll never make it, you have to stop them, now.” The Circus Master said.

“What is this another trick?”

The Circus Master rolled his eyes in frustration.

“It wasn’t a trick the last time as you can see.  If your people try to leave now those Demons will stop them. We need a distraction, while your people get away.”

“What do you mean” Ashlei asked.

“Not all of us are going to get out of this. I’ve known that since the start. When you deal with the Kardons you’re lucky if anyone makes it out alive. I’m going to send one of the ships into those Demons. With a little magic tinkering, it should explode. It’ll only take out a few Demons at the most, but it might dupe them long enough into thinking we have weapons that can hurt them. That’s when I’ll pilot a ship straight into the horde. With a little luck they’ll scatter in fear at first. That’s when the Rysteans and the rest of the Circus Folk should flee and head for the tent. Its not a perfect plan, but its the best we have.”

“You can’t face those Demons alone.” Ashlei protested.

“No I’m not.”  The Circus Master said as he looked at Denika.

“I won’t ask you to come with me Denika, but I’m not going to lie that with your magics I could hold the Demons off a lot longer and save more people here. I won’t ask you though as when the Kardons find us, the torture they’ll reign down on us, will be beyond anything even we can imagine.”

“When you put it like that how can I refuse.”

“Denika I don’t.”

“Please Circus Master. You’re right I’m terrified. For the first time I wish I hadn’t joined our little team, but if I don’t help you, more people will die. Two lives for thousands more? It seems like a fair trade to me.”

“I want to help you too.” Florence said, with Keptis soon offering after.

“No, as many of you need to survive to get the Rysteans out of here. I’m the leader, I destroyed their machine so it needs to be me. Denika meanwhile needs to be here to help, the rest of you don’t.”

“Circus Master, I, I, don’t know what to say” Ashlei said sheepishly.

“Save it. If I do survive this, you and I are going to have a chat. I’d never take you along, not only because you’re useless, but because I don’t trust you anymore.” The Vandal spat back.

Ashlei didn’t bother to respond. She had always felt like the weak link in the group and now she had let them down. She still wasn’t entirely convinced that the Circus Master was right however, but she wouldn’t bother to argue with him now.  They’d all have to work together if there was any hope of escape.

“Attention, attention” Mashica said through the speakers.

“Please remain calm. We cannot evacuate the base yet. The Demons are all around us. Please remain where you are.”

Sadly his pleas fell on deaf ears as the Rysteans started to tear the place apart in their desperation. They fought with each other over the few remaining life boats, with some even shooting at one another, using the guns from the guards that the Circus Folk had knocked out cold.

The first ship that made it out barely got within ten feet away from the base before it was ensnared in the tentacles of one of the Demonic Octopus creatures. The terrified Rystean family who had managed to flee into the pod during the commotion, tried to fire the ships flimsy magical weapons at the Octopus, but this time the Demon didn’t even flinch.

Several Isica soon gathered around the pod and started to tear it open. The family were all pulled out slowly one by one. Thankfully the Circus Master couldn’t see what the monsters were doing to the family through the murky waters, but he nevertheless still saw the green waves turn bright red.

“I guess they think they can have fun with some of us before the Kardons get here.” The Vandal said in disgust.

Florence quickly grabbed the mic from Mishica and started to sing through it. Within a few seconds the entire crowd had become pacified.

“No offence but I have better powers of persuasion than you do.” Florence said to Mishica who had also fallen under her spell until she slapped him out of it.

Come on we need to get to one of the pods. Denika this is your last chance if you’re sure you want.”

“Yes, yes, yes I am, lets hurry up before common sense prevails.”

Denika and the Circus Master quickly headed for the pods, not even bothering to say goodbye to the rest of the Circus Folk they had been travelling for years with, they had so little time to lose. The Circus Folk had been peace with their own, and each others deaths many years ago. They had too, as every mission they undertook could be their last.

Carlene, Ashlei, Keptis, Florence and the Strange Boy who was being held by Carlene gathered at the centre of the crowd who had been placated by Florence’s music, but were now beginning to wake up.

“Listen to me. You’ve all only got one chance to get out of here.” Keptis shouted.

“Our friends out there are giving their lives so that the rest of us can live. Even with that our chances are slim.”

Suddenly Carlene pushed Keptis of the way, and took a blast straight in the chest. It was Kile, who had woken up from Denika’s spell, whilst having slept through Florence’s.

Before Florence could sing again, Kile shot the Siren in the face, destroying it!

Though Florence’s wounds would heal it would take a few minutes to do so. The crowd instantly started to act up again now that Florence’s spell was broken. Carlene quickly grabbed Ashlei and shielded her from more gunfire from Kile.

“Its them!” Kile shouted as she fired her gun into the air. “They’re the monsters who trapped us. They’re working with the Kardons.”

Mashica tried to shout over Kile but it was no good. He was quickly knocked off of his feet by the stampeding crowd who started to attack the Circus Folk.

Keptis tried to fight them off, but he was soon overpowered. Carlene meanwhile after giving the Strange Boy to Ashlei soon effortlessly tossed the crowd members who came near away like children. As more and more began to pile on her however, Carlene soon tried to scare them away by screaming and baring her fangs.

The crowd were taken back for a moment whilst Kile continued to shoot at Carlene.

“See what I mean, she’s not one of us. She’s a monster!”

Carlene managed to effortlessly dodge Kile’s attacks but as she moved closer to the Rystean to attack her, Kile quickly shot at the ceiling above Carlene, burying her under rubble.

The rest of the crowd soon dogpiled on Carlene. Though she fought back and managed to throw several of her attackers away she was soon overwhelmed. Several of the Rysteans even started to beat her with pieces of the fallen rubble.

Keptis meanwhile had been completely overwhelmed whilst Ashlei was forced back into a wall with The Strange Boy.

She could see the Rysteans were beginning to rile the boy. She wasn’t sure if she was more scared for herself or for them.

To Be Continued







Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 7: The Ghost and the Wizard

Sorry about the delay. Been a very difficult two months, but I am back on track now. This story and the Circus Master story Journey to the Centre of Evil will conclude over the next two weeks after which both series will take a break until early January, whilst Scratchman will continue. This blog however will return to opinion pieces over the Christmas period.

Lindsey and Lee had managed to make their way to the centre of the village. They had left the mother and son they rescued on the roof of a large building. They weren’t happy about leaving them, but they felt it was better than dragging the villagers through the hordes of blood thirsty Vampires in the streets below.

Sadly however it appeared that Lindsey and Lee were too late. The fire had spread through a large part of the village, killing any villager the Vampires didn’t get to first. Many of the Vampires meanwhile ran around frantically covered in flames, roaring. They didn’t appear to be in any pain however. Instead they were more angry at the lack of humans around.

“We’re too late.” Lindsey said with regret.”Those monsters haven’t left anyone alive. I’m sorry.”

Just then the Wizard and the time traveller heard the sound of someone screaming. As they turned around they saw a young woman calling for help out of the window of a burning building.

Unfortunately however several flaming Jiang Shi had also seen her too.

“No, no, no I told you repeat after me.” The Professor screamed at Kirsteen.

“I told you I don’t speak Chinese!” Kirsteen fired back.

“Well English is not my first language you know, but I learned it fluently. I’m only asking you to repeat a few words.”

“I thought the magics in this vessel were supposed to translate every language? Why doesn’t it just translate what I’m saying to Chinese? Also how do I know you learned English fluently, you could just be hiding behind your magic?”

“The translation spell’s just an illusion. You have to say the words. I told you, we both need to say them at the same time to channel the spell to the paper.”

“Why doesn’t her majesty do it? She speaks the langauge and this whole thing is her fault?”

“I told you I am not touching those magics.” The Empress said. In reality she was worried that the magics would expose that she had been infected by the Jiang Shi and they would kill her. She just had to hope that she could use her people’s hatred of magic to bluff the old Vampire.

“We don’t have time to convince an Empress to do what she doesn’t want too. Come on repeat after me.”

It took her another few minutes but finally Kirsteen was able to get the pronunciation right. As the Professor had told her, pronunciation was everything!

The spells started to appear on the 15, small thin sheets of yellow paper the Professor had laid out.

The spells still appeared in Chinese to Kirsteen.

“Why haven’t they been translated.”

“It told you that’s just an illusion. A translation spell is most basic, weak form of magic. These enchantments are among the strongest. They have to be to tame a Jiang Shi.”  The Professor said as he stuck 13 of the yellow pieces of paper on either side of his coat. He handed the final two to Kirsteen and the Empress.

The Empress was at first reluctant to take it, but the Professor insisted.

“I’m not sticking them all on myself! Besides if you’re cornered or get seperated from us, you can make the first Jiang Shi that attacks you into your loyal servant. Its either that or you can wait here until we’re done, which considering as Kirsteen pointed out, this is all your fault, are you going to let your people down again?”

Not wanting to draw attention to herself, the Empress quickly snatched the spell from the Professor. Fortunately it didn’t have any effect on her, at least not yet.

“Remember only use these on the largest and strongest Jiang Shi. I’ll try and get the Emperor.” The Professor said as he hurried to the teleporter.

The Empress meanwhile tended to her son.

“I’m only going away for a short while. You need to stay here. You’ll be safe, just don’t touch anything.”

The prince for the first time responded.

“I don’t hate you. Everyone blames you for this, but you were just trying to save father. Please don’t leave me. I can’t lose you too. I don’t care about the kingdom, please mother don’t.” The boy pleaded with his mother. Sadly she knew that no matter what happened she would have to leave her son. She hugged him one last time and promised her boy that she would be back, though she knew this would most likely be the last time she would ever see him.

Who would look after her boy? The Wizard, the Vampire? Would her people blame her son because of her actions? Even if he was allowed to continue on as the Prince how could he deal with the responsibilities? As callous it may have seemed, the Empresses had to put those thoughts out of her mind for now. There may not even be a kingdom for her son to live in. For once she would have to put the good of her people first above her family.

In the forest below, the Professor, Kirsteen and the Empress could see the Jiang Shi all gathered around one small area.

It was the ghost woman. Even though the bloodsuckers couldn’t see her, they could sense her presence. The ghost hadnt moved an inch the entire time she was so terrified.

The Professor used the distraction to creep up on one of the Jiang Shi. The Vampire noticed the Professor however when he got nearer, but as soon as the monster lunged at him, the Professor placed the paper on its forehead, stopping the brute in its tracks. The Professor then shouted out a spell in Chinese, causing the Jiang Shi he had placed the spell on to glow white before it quickly spun round and begun attacking the other Vampires. The Professor’s Jiang Shi batted another of the monsters to the ground, and restrained the one closest to him long enough for the Professor to place another piece of paper on its forehead. The Professor then chanted his spell again, placing this Jiang Shi under his control too.

The Professor’s two Jiang Shi started to fight with the others, whilst he would take another two of the bloodsuckers by surprise and place two more enchantments on their foreheads.

During the confrontation, Kirsteen would attempt to jump one of the Jiang Shi, but the Vampire easily deflected her attack and pinned Kirsteen to the ground, knocking the spell out of her hands in the process.

Before the Vampire could sink its fangs into Kirsteen’s neck however, the Empress was able to surprise it from behind and place her spell over its forehead. Kirsteen then quickly grabbed her spell and managed this time to place it on the head of a Vampire that was just about to pounce on the Professor from behind, whilst he was too busy admiring his own handiwork.

Within a matter of minutes all of the Vampires in the area had been placed under the Professor’s control.

“Brilliant” the Professr shouted excitedly.

“Now we have a fighting chance.”

“Not really” Kirsteen bemoaned.

“We have what twelve Vampires? There are probably hundreds of them in the village by now.”

“I told you, all we need is the Alpha. If we can surround him with this lot, we’ve won. ”

“Also we may have some extra help” The Professor said as he snapped his fingers, causing a young woman to appear.

“Oh that’s right I forgot only I can see her.” Well trust me there’s a Ghost lady there.

“Please I don’t know what you want with me but.”

“I’m sorry, there’s no easy way to tell you this, but you’re dead.”


“Those monsters they killed you. Take a look at this Vampire.” The Professor made a young female Vampire walk forward and lifted the yellow paper up, but not off, revealing its face to be that of the Ghost lady’s herself.

“It’s me, I know that. Those creatures, they created a copy of me. I am not dead, I can’t be.”

“Your spirit has left your body. Its trapped in a limbo. It can potentially happen to any life form, but thankfully most of the time the soul passes on. Sometimes there can be genetic cause for the soul lingering. Ghosts they say run in the family. Sometimes magics can be used to keep a soul here, sometimes if there has been a great magical upheavel, the spirits of people can be affected. I suspect that we’ll be seeing quite a large proportion of ghosts in this area over the next few centuries. I can help you move onto the next life, all I ask is that you help me first.”

The Ghost lady had stopped listening to the Professor. She had instead become focused on the Empress. She didn’t recognise her at first, as why would the Empress be here? Still she never forgot a face, and the Ghost tried to attack the Empress in rage.

“You caused this. You brought those monsters down on us!” The Ghost lady screamed as she tried to grab the Empress’ neck only for her hands to phase through.

“I told you, you’re a spirit. You have no physical presence in this world. That doesn’t mean you can’t help us. Please I don’t expect you to fully understand it, but you can help us stop those monsters from hurting anyone else.

The Ghost lady looked at her nearby surroundings. From here she could see the tree she had tried to climb up in a futile attempt to escape the Vampire, and her own corpse sprawled underneath it. It was beginning to sink in, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

“Why can’t they see me.”

“Most Ghosts are in a state of denial after death. Their subconscious affects their ectoplasm and makes them invisible. As time goes on, many ghosts become secluded and insane and isolate themselves further. There are magics that can fix it and make you visible. The Jiang Shi meanwhile can always detect souls. Like their cousins the Vandals they can even tear them apart, though they don’t feed on souls like they do. I can use stronger magics that can make you invisible to them. If you’re willing you can help us restrain the Emperor. I won’t force you too. There is still a chance the Jiang Shi can find you, even with the spell, and if they do, you’ll be gone forever.”

“My name is Asika” the Ghost lady said.

“I’m only 20 years old. The only good thing is that I’m not leaving anyone behind. My father and my brother were both killed in that awful war, whilst my mother passed away a few months ago. I have no one else. I didn’t have the time and now I never will. Its not fair.”

“I know its not, and I wish we had found you earlier, but you can make the monsters that did this to you pay. End their evil now before it spreads across your land.”

“What can I do? I can’t even touch anything.”

“With my magics you can help. I could force you to help with the magics if I wanted, but don’t worry I won’t. Its up to you if you want help us or not.”

“Help, help, please” the woman screamed from the burning house. An entire crowd of Jiang Shi had gathered below and several of the bloodsuckers ahd begun to crawl up the side of the burning building.

“You have to help her.” Lindsey said.

“What can I do?”

“You can use your magics to teleport her out of the window.”

“I told you using those magics for an extended period of time wears me out. I’m still not completely.”

Lee was interrupted by the sight of one of the Jiang Shi jumping through the air and through the window at the young woman.

Without a seconds delay Lee used his magic to pull the woman out of the window before the Vampire could grab her by the throat.

Lee however struggled to hold her in the air and as he slowly carried her over the crowd of the Vampires he began to weaken until he dropped her into the horde of bloodsuckers.

Lee almost fainted from the strain whilst Lindsey ran to the crowd of Vampires in a futile attempt to help the girl. Within a few seconds however the Vampires had swarmed the girl and started to tear chunks out of her flesh. Lindsey knew it was pointless and walked away slowly and quietly from the gruesome sight to avoid drawing the monsters attention.

Suddenly however the Emperor descended with a lightening speed from one of the rooftops beside Lee. Lindsey called out to the Wizard to try and rouse him but it was no use. The Emperor quickly grabbed Lee and jumped back across the rooftops.

Unfortunately Lindsey’s call to Lee had alerted the other Vampires too her. Having just barely finished tearing the young girl from the burning house apart the monsters quickly circled Lindsey, trapping her.

To Be Continued



Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 8

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                            Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter


“EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE” the metal monsters screeched at Yarox who in desperation tried to climb up a nearby tree. He knew he couldn’t get out of the Daleks line of fire by simply running away, but as soon he started to climb the trunk, one of the Daleks had already hovered to the very top ahead of him.

“YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE!” The Dalek taunted as it aimed its gun down. Yarox closed his eyes and prepared for the worst. Being shot by a Dalek was literally the most painful way to die. Their death rays stimulated every single pain receptor in a person’s body to the maximum they could be.

To Yarox’s surprise however he heard one of the Daleks screaming instead.


Yarox turned round to see several more humans, similar in appearance to those he had left behind in his own time swarming the Dalek from behind. The Dalek that had hovered to the top of the tree started to open fire on them, whilst the Dalek on the ground was able to push several more off. The humans were weak, sickly and battered looking. They had only been able to momentarily swarm the Dalek due to their large numbers, but in a matter of seconds the two monsters had gunned them all down.

Yarox used the opportunity to jump down from the tree and speed off through the undergrowth. He hated having to leave the others, but he knew that there was nothing he could do against the two Daleks. As he ran through the thick forest aimlessly, Yarox saw the Daleks green rays heading in his direction, melting all of the trees and plant life around him. He jumped to behind a nearby tree narrowly missing the Daleks rays. As it was being this close to the radiation from the Dalek rays was still enough to cause Yarox tremendous pain. He’d never felt agony like it before as the background radiation from the rays soaked every cell in his body. He wanted to scream, but the Daleks were right above his head. Fortunately they hadn’t seen him hiding in the undergrowth just yet. They were firing at random into the woods to try and smoke Yarox out. He had to keep moving, but the pain was so much he could barely move. As soon as the rays started to move closer to him however, Yarox instantly jumped in the opposite direction. The brief burst of adrenaline gave Yarox enough strength to stumble through the woods a short distance before he collapsed again face first onto the earth above the TARDIS floor. He almost fainted in the process.

When Yarox pulled his head up from the dirt, he saw the woods ahead of him were gone. The entire landscape had changed. Up ahead was a Dalek camp, where hundreds more humans were being worked in the Daleks filthy mines. The most disturbing sight however was just outside the mine, where those the Daleks deemed unfit for work were being lined up for extermination.

The humans included men, women, children and the elderly. They were all incredibly frail, some couldn’t stand, others were even missing limbs. One at the front, a child was crawling along on the floor, clearly unable to see.

“EXTERMINATE” one of the Daleks shouted as it fired on the prisoners, one after another. The Dalek could have easily doused them all in the radiation at once, but it chose to kill them one at a time instead. The screams from each prisoner were deafening. Even after all the prisoners had suffered they still feared death at the hands of the Daleks and some of them even got on their knees only to be cut down. Yarox couldn’t take it anymore and tried to crawl back through the woods, but when he turned around he saw the woods had been set ablaze. The two Daleks were flying through the fire, completely unaffected.


Yarox was so terrified he crawled behind a nearby tree and curled himself up into a ball, and put his fingers in his ears to try and cover up the screams. This was his worst nightmare coming true. Yarox hadn’t even thought about the Doctor and Elena during the ordeal. The only escape he thought was possible was a quick death.

Elena meanwhile was jolted awake by the Daleks screams of exterminate. Her room was just a few decks above the garden. She was so exhausted from her ordeal against Scratchman that she had collapsed into a sleep almost the second she hit the bed. The Daleks rasping battle cries, as well as the screams from their victims would be enough to wake her from even a coma. Like Yarox, Elena was terrified of the Daleks more than any of the other monstrosities she had encountered on her travels with the Doctor.

“No they can’t be here.” She said to herself.

“THE DOCTOR IS LOCATED, ALERT, ALERT” One of the Daleks below screamed.

Elena quicky jumped out of her bed to try and find the Doctor, but the door to her room suddenly sealed itself shut. She tried to pull on the door, but it wouldn’t budge, so she tried to kick it down, but again it wouldn’t move.

“Why do you bother.”

Elena turned around only to see there was no one there.

“This is not your time. Not your home. Why bother travelling half way around the universe to solve some problem that would never have affected you, when there are people at home who need your help?”

“Who are you, what trick is this?”

“I am a servant of the Master.”

“Scratchman? I thought we sent the last of your lot back into the hell you came from.”

“When I attacked the TARDIS during that sacrifice I was able to take refuge in the heart of the console. The TARDIS itself acted as an unwilling shield when the rest of the Masters servants were pulled back into his realm. It took me a long time, but I was eventually able to work from within. I can control more superficial aspects of this vessel, but I still need.”

“You still need the Doctor, and let me guess you’re going to hurt us until he helps you. You’re so predictable.”

“No I’m going to cut a deal with you. If you convince the Doctor to help us, then I’ll send you back home.”

“Why would I do that?”

“You are selfish that’s why. You may play the hero to the others, but I know deep down you only care about yourself. The only reason you do this, is so that you won’t be seen as the failure of the family, which is what you always were. You let that man get pulled into our domain where he suffers every day while you go on quite happy. Most people after leaving someone to that fate, wouldn’t be able to sleep so easily.”

“There was nothing I could have done.”

“Oh please, no one else is around now Elena, I can read your thoughts. I know you. You were a sad joke of a woman whose life was going nowhere, while your sister was a famous astronaut. You lived off of your parents, bled them dry, never made any effort to turn yourself around, until the Doctor came along. With a quick fix he gave you a spot on the TARDIS, no responsibility, and the odd monster aside an easy life. You’ll always take the easy way out Elena.”

“If you want to cut a faustian deal this isn’t the best way. What about buttering me up, trying to play on my vanity. You call me a failure?”

“I’m being honest with you young lady. I’m giving you the one chance you have to do the right thing.”

“And let a Demon into the universe?”

Just then Elena suddenly saw an image of her parents appearing at the far edge of the room. They both looked much older however.

“What are you doing?”

“This is your parents future. I am linked to the TARDIS a machine that can not only travel through time and space, but look into potential futures. How do you think it knows what timelines are safe for the Doctor to meddle in? This is a potential future for your parents. Its what will happen if you stay with the Doctor.”

“What is happening.”

“They are mourning the loss of their daughter. Your sister to be precise. Killed in a mission in deep space, I won’t show you the gruesome details. Not yet anyway.”

“Its nothing but a cheap lie.”

“Can you be sure though? Besides you haven’t seen the best part yet. Losing one child is hard, but how do you think they will cope with losing two.”

“You’re saying I die?”

“No you don’t die. In fact you’ll live a long and happy life, but you will never return to your own time. You know how unreliable the TARDIS and the Doctor are. They’ll try to get you home, but he’ll miss it by about 100 years or so. Once that timeline is set for you, you can’t go back without creating a paradox. You’re parents will never know what became of you.

After your mother passes on from a broken heart, your father will spend most of his days waiting by the window, staring out in hope that his little girl will come to visit him one last time.”

“Shut up, you sick.”

“See for yourself.”

Elena saw an image of her father, weak, frail and utterly broken, staring out of a small window in a nursing home.

“We’re all just abandoned and forgotten about in the end, but imagine not knowing if your other little girl is even alive. If that careless moron she went off with got her killed, if she’s suffering in a Dalek camp thousands of light years away, been converted into a Cyberman, or if she just doesn’t care about you anymore?”

“Please stop it”

“You can avert this future now. This is your only chance. I can send you back to the 31st century. You can be reunited with you parents, stop your sisters death. I can give you an easy life back in the 31st century. Stay with the Doctor however and do you really trust that old fool to take you back to the correct time. You know how many mistakes he makes whenever he tries to get to the right time? You laugh them off normally, but this time?”

“Its a lie, I’d be a moron for listening to you.”

“Its true I am a Demon with an agenda, but are you willing to gamble with your families lives? Do you really trust the Doctor to get you home?”

Elena stared at the image of her father looking out the window, waiting for his daughter who would most likely never come for several minutes. She knew the Demon was trying to trick her, yet his words still tormented her. What if he was right, not only about her families future, but about her. She was sure that she had done everything to help Stanley, but then she remembered how she used to be. The first 30 or so years of her life were a complete waste. She was lazy, she constantly got into trouble and embarassed her parents. She thought about all the times she had let them down and couldn’t bare the thought of doing so again. Then however she thought about Stanley once more. If it was true that she had left him to suffer in the Demon’s dimension because she was afraid, then she owed it to him to do all she could to stop the last of Scratchman’s minions here and now.

“No.” She said proudly.

“Maybe you’re right about everything, about me only caring about myself, and if you are its time I stopped doing the selfish thing, which would be to help you free your Master into the universe, just for the sake of my family.”

The Demonic voice burst out laughing.

“Perhaps I should show you what is in store for your sister then? Its one thing to be a sad lonely old man, but what they did to her? Its beyond description.  Just a few years after you left the 31st century, her ship will be attacked by a race of creatures known as the Yisear. The Yisear will never become a major power like the Daleks or the Cybermen, but in some ways they are among the most vicious creatures in the galaxy. Your sister was very unlucky to stumble into their domain.”

Elena couldn’t even look at the Yisear they were so horrifying. She repeatedly tried to kick on the door, but it still wasn’t moving. With her sisters screams ringing in her ears, Elena with all of her strength picked up a nearby chair and rammed it into the door, but yet again it didn’t budge.

Elena turned around to see the monsters attacking her sister and in fury she jumped into the illusion to try and attack the creatures. Her hands and feet however just went completely through the monsters and even her sister when she tried to grab her.

“This is a lie, an illusion!” Elena screamed as she continued to fight, pointlessly with the illusionary creatures.

After a few more moments however, the illusions vanished and the door opened.

“I’m not done with you yet.” The voice taunted.

Elena ran down the corridor to the garden screaming for the Doctor.


“They’re not real, they’re illusions.” Elena said to herself as she headed down stairs. When she reached the door to the Garden however she saw that it was gone. There was nothing but a black wall. As she pounded on it, she heard the unwelcome sound of two Daleks coming up behind her.


Elena tried to keep her cool. She knew they weren’t real, but up this close she couldn’t help but tremble in terror at the sight of the most evil creatures in the universe.


Elena still didn’t back down and as the Daleks cornered her against a wall the monsters suddenly stopped.

“Just as I thought a real Dalek would have killed me by now.”

The two Daleks faded into nothing much to the mutant’s relief. At the end of the corridor Elena could see the Doctor running frantically towards her.

“Elena, I’m so glad to.” Before the Time Lord could even finish, Elena tripped him up.

“What are you doing?”

“Sorry I just had to be sure you were real.”

“Well at least I know you are real.”

“Doctor what is going on? I thought you sent all of those things back to the other universe.”

“I know, one of them it seems managed to slip through the net. Its conjuring up images from our minds to torment us. Don’t believe them for a second.”

The Doctor got to work on the door, with his sonic screwdriver. He knew the wall was an illusion, but he still had to find a way to open the jammed door.

“Yarox is in there. These Daleks are his worst fear, though some of the memories are culled from my mind.”

“Doctor, what did you see.” Elena asked, not sure if she should. She knew how secretive the Doctor could be, but she was scared with all he had seen that something worse might be lurking around the corner.

“I saw many things. Daleks, Cybermen. There’s some horrible memories tucked up in here. Some wonderful ones too of course, but lets just say my head is not always a pleasant place to be.”

“What I saw this time was one of my enemies. The Master.”

“The Master?”

“He’s not Scratchman. He’s a Time Lord like me. We’ve been fighting for thousands of years. I’ve tried to finish him so many times, but he always gets away. He always shows up again to cause more suffering. He’s tried to finish me too of course. We’ve never managed to rub the other one out. Whenever I see him I know that no matter who wins, more innocent people will die. Yet whenever he’s not fighting me I worry about the chaos he’s causing all over the galaxy. This wasn’t just a vision of the Master however. He was, he was attacking the worlds I have saved, the people I’ve saved. I have done so many things wrong, made so many mistakes, but knowing that I’ve saved people, it makes it easy for me to sleep at night. The Master however was destroying them all, killing the friends I’ve left behind and I was powerless. I had to watch him standing over my former companions bodies, in the ruins of earth and other worlds, laughing at me that my entire life had been worthless.”

“I’m sorry Doctor. I saw my parents and my sister. I had always thought that they were relieved to get rid of me.  I wasn’t up to much back home. I was a bit of a burden, but in the vision they were alone, miserable, waiting for me.”

“We have to ignore these visions Elena. This Demon wants to break us so it can use the TARDIS to free its Master. Always remember that whatever this Demon can throw at us, its nothing compared to what Scratchman can do if he gets free. He created this monster.”

The wall soon vanished and the TARDIS door flung open.

“Ah see, your illusions are nothing but cheap tricks” the Doctor said proudly. “You think I can’t rework the lock on one of the doors of my own TARDIS?”

“Or maybe I want you to see what’s happened to your friend.” The voice taunted.

The garden had been replaced with a long, drab silver corridor. The Doctor instantly recognised it as being of Dalek design, as did Elena. Up ahead they could hear Yarox’s screams.

The Doctor quickly ran down the corridor, passing through several more illuisonary Daleks in the process. At the end of the corridor he saw Yarox strapped to a table with two Daleks standing over him.

“I don’t understand they’re just illusions, how can they hurt him?”

“He thinks they are real. These memories are not his however. They’re mine. This is a memory of the Daleks camps, the worst place in the universe. They’ve kept people alive in these torture chambers for decades, even centuries in a state of perpetual agony.


“I don’t know where, I would tell you if I could, but you took me from his TARDIS.” Yarox said in desperation.

The Doctor paused for a second. He had hoped Yarox would have been stronger, but he didn’t blame him for giving in. The Daleks torture device used the same principle as their guns of stimulating all pain receptors, except it did not damage the tissue like their death rays and thus kept the victim alive in the worst agony.

The Doctor and Elena ran through the two Dalek torturers and tried to help Yarox snap out of it.

“Its all just a dream Yarox, these monsters aren’t real, you’re still on the TARDIS. The pain isn’t real, its an illusion.”

Yarox wasn’t listening however. He felt sure it was another trick from the Daleks to get him to let his guard down.

“PLEASE, PLEASE JUST KILL ME” Yarox pleaded with the Daleks.

Elena tried hitting him, but he didn’t even feel it through the pain of the imaginary Dalek’s torture device.

The Doctor then tried to pull Yarox off of the table, but unfortunately the Demon was using its actual power to hold him onto the illusion. Still the Doctor tried and tried with Elena’s help until eventually he was able to wrench Yarox free. As soon as Yarox was free the illusion of the Dalek ship, and the Daleks themselves vanished into smoke and the Doctor, Elena and Yarox were back in their garden again.

Yarox had by this stage fainted after everything he had went through. Elena cradled him in her arms, whilst the Doctor searched around the woods for any sign of the Demon.

The TARDIS suddenly started to shake violenty enough for the Doctor to be knocked off of his feet.

“What are you doing to my ship?”

“You are a fool Time Lord. These illusions were not designed to break you, rather to distract you. The TARDIS had unknowingly shielded me from being pulled into the other universe for a time, but even it couldn’t keep me here forever. Eventually I will be pulled back too, so I decided to fuse myself to your machine’s very core. When I am finally pulled back into Scratchman’s domain, so will the TARDIS and all of you. There your machine will give Scratchman the power he needs to enter your universe. Of course if you had been in the console room you would have detected my presence and been able to eject me right away. These illusions culled from your worthless life have given me the time I needed.”

The Doctor quickly ran back to the console room, with the Demon taunting him as it did.

“You’re too late. I was thinking of killing you, but the Master may have some fun with you and your companions instead. The horrible things you’ve seen Doctor can allow him to create a very special hell for all three of you.”

The TARDIS shook again, much more violently than before, with several of the Doctors clocks and ornaments that decorated the walls falling and breaking. The Cloister bell began to ring again. Once the machine had calmed down the Doctor made his way to the console room, where he saw on the scanner that the ship had landed.

On the scanner the Doctor could see the landscape was a mostly barren wasteland, save for a few rocks that led to a large boiling lake. The earth was completely red, whilst the sky was burning.

The Time Lord knew where they had landed, but couldn’t bring himself to say it. He couldn’t even believe it existed.

To Be Continued


The Circus Master: Journey To The Centre of Evil: Part 6:


“You can’t be serious” Ashlei asked.

“I’m afraid so. I’ve known it since we first arrived. Carlene has too.

Ashlei looked around at Carlene who was silent for a few seconds.

“I had my suspicions I’m not gonna lie. I’m sorry Ashlei love, but from the vision I saw, if we let them go through with their plan, they’ll release the Kardons.” Carlene said with regret.

“The Kardons have been letting them perform their experiments.” The Circus Master interrupted.

“It’s the only thing that makes sense. There is no way the Rysteans could hide from the Kardons for as long as they have. The Kardons have tried to smash their way through this forcefield, but brute force isn’t enough, so they’ve had to rely on more sublte means for once. The natural forces that govern this world. The Kardons are an intelligent race, but they know nothing of the natural forces of this world. Why would they? They’re gods, normally they can bend a world to their will. Still like I said earlier, sometimes natural forces can counteract the supernatural. It would seem the Kardons have allowed these Rysteans to tinker away until they’ve stumbled on a natural element that can create a rip in the barrier. That’s why that Demonic Octopus was driven away by those pitiful magics Denika. It along with every other animal the Kardons have corrupted in these filthy oceans is monitoring the Rystieans progress for their masters. As soon as the portal is ready, the Kardons will swarm this base and use it to escape to the surface and then.”

“Then what?” Ashlei asked.

“There will be no stopping them. They’ll ravage the entire cosmos and beyond. We have to sabotage the Rystieans machine now or else all is lost.”

“Trap them in here? With those monsters?” Carlene asked.

“You saw the vision. They’ll die either way . At least we’ll be saving the world above. Besides if the Rystieans are smart and listen to us, we can take them away in our Tent.”

“They won’t all fit in there. Besides I’m not sure they’ll want to listen to us love after we’ve buggered their one and only chance at escape.” Carlene said.

“Well then tell me Carlene what do we do? We can’t fight the Kardons. Those Demons have power beyond most Gods. We also don’t have the time to try and make the Rystieans listen to us. That machine is almost ready. Probably within the hour they, or rather the Kardons will escape.”

Carlene was silent for a few moments before Ashlei interrupted.

“You’re not seriously going to go along with this Carlene? Any of you.” Ashlei said in shock.

“These people have been sufferring for centuries and we’re going to lock them in here with those things? Tell me honestly, Circus Master, how many of the Rystieans will die if we sabotage their machine.”

“In all honesty, we’ll be lucky to save any of them. As soon as the machine is sabotaged, the Kardons will attack this place. We will be lucky to get out. Its possible we can get some of the Rystieans vessels to the Tent, but given how powerful the Kardons are.”

“Then we can’t trap them here.”

Keptis interrupted.

“You’re new to this Ashlei. You don’t understand that sometimes in order to preserve the correct timeline we have to, to do bad things.”

“Like murder? No not murder, genocide? The Circus Master and Carlene are clearly being influenced by those monsters out there, what’s your excuse.”

“I can assure you that my decision is not being influencde by the Kardons. I’m doing everything I can to stop them.” The Circus Master said in an uncharacteristicly angry tone.

“The Rystieans are doomed either way.”

“No I don’t believe you’d do that. Not after all we went through with the Vampires and Hylexans. We can find a way for the Rystieans to open the portal and escape before the Kardons can, or we can find a way to make them listen to us and escape in the tent.”

“I told you we don’t have time to make them listen to us. Besides the Kardons will know if there’s any delay. They’ve been speeding up the process with their attacks on the final facilities. The fact that some of them know we’re here means we have to act now. Are you with us?” The Circus Master said to Carlene and Ashlei.

Carlene couldn’t bring herself to say it, so she simply walked towards the Circus Master much to Ashlei’s shock.

“Well Ashlei? You can stay here and die, or you can come with us and most likely die, but at least save the world above, and countless others.”

“Or I can help you carry out a genocide.”

“I’m not going to ask again Ashlei. What is it” The Circus Master said more firmly.

This time Carlene stood beside Ashlei. Carlene knew deep down that the Circus Master was right. Though Ashlei had not exactly lived the most sheltered life before meeting Carlene, the beehived Vampire was still more experienced with the supernatural to know that there wasn’t always an easy way out. Nevertheless Carlene would never leave the young urchin’s side no matter what.

For a few moments the Circus Master paused. He didn’t want to have to fight or abandon Carlene or Ashlei, but he couldn’t wait much longer.

Eventually they both stood beside the Vandal much to his relief. Ashlei had been the first to do so, more for Carlene’s sake than anything else. She still wasn’t sure however, but she knew she couldn’t stop any of the Circus Folk, for now.

“Denika I hate to have to ask you to do this but.” The Circus Master said.

Without even responding Denika ripped the doors off of their cell with her magics. Denika could have done this from the beginning, but she had only waited around to see what the RystIeans were doing. Much like the Circus Master she had a feeling that they would have to stop the Rystieans as soon as she heard about their plans of escape.

The Rystieans magic and defences were puny. From a practical point of view it would be an easy victory for the Circus Folk.

Denika soon hurled several Rystiean guards away with her magics, whilst the Circus Master similarly overpowered another three, whose weapons didn’t even slow the Vandal down. Florence meanwhile was able to calm several more with her hypnotic singing, whilst Keptis took down another more guards relatively easily even though he was unarmed.

The Strange Boy meanwhile didn’t take part in the fighting at all. The influence of the Kardons was still too great on the young Jiang Shi, that he couldn’t afford to give into his bloodlust for a second. Carlene carried the Strange Boy throughout the fighting. Neither Carlene or Ashlei helped the other Circus Folk to fight the Rysteans either. Carlene was still conflicted. She knew deep down the Circus Master was right, but as she looked at the Rystieans fighting for survival against the Circus Folk, she couldn’t help but wonder if the Kardons were influencing them after all.

Across the green, corrupted oceans meanwhile, the Kardons had actually begun to panic at the news of outsiders in their filthy waters. The Kardons leader, once one of their most fearsome warriors, Garishikar had had sensed the presence of the Circus Folk’s magic from the start. His evil ran right through the oceans to the extent that they had more or less become a part of him. However Garishikar had not detected any breaches to the barrier. He would know if there were, as the Demon had spent so many centuries throwing all he could at the barriers.

Garishikar assumed these new magics were simply experiments from the Rysteans. It made no difference he thought. Those puny magics could never possibly hope to harm us.

“What do you mean they weren’t Rystieans?” Garishikar barked to one of his underlings.

“It is true oh lord.” The lesser Kardons said cravingly as it bowed before its master.

“There was a Rystiean scout ship. We thought we’d have some fun with it before our ascension, but there were other strange creatures. They looked like the surface dwellers we had encountered all of those centuries ago before our imprisonment, but.”

“But what?”

“There was something about some of them, something familiar. For a moment I thought I could sense… Khastran.”

“You think he has come to rescue us?” Garishikar said, almost barely able to contain his laughter.

“Khastran would never wish to help us. That monster never cared about anything but himself. Also have you forgotten how he punished those who failed him? The only good thing about being sealed down here is that we are free from his reach.”

“They were not here for us oh lord. They were helping the Rystieans to escape from us.”

“What are you saying?”

“It seems likely that Khastran sent his minions to sabotage our attempts to escape.”

“No, no, he was defeated. The Gods let us know or have you forgotten. They assured us that no Kardons would ever be able to free us, not that it mattered as they wouldn’t anyway. Even after all this time those fools still didn’t understand us.”

“What if he escaped? What if he finally managed to triumph over the Gods, what if his servants still walk the earth.”

“Do you question me!” Garishikar said more out of fear than anger.

“I tell you there is no way that Khastran is plotting against us. Even if he was, he wouldn’t ever leave lowly minions to do it.”

“Maybe they are just there to let us know he is coming, oh lord what if.”


“Khastran will never escape. He will be forced to watch as we go on to conquer all of the realms. Still, it seems that the Rystieans have tricked us. Don’t you see they know about Khastran too. Its their last desperate attempt.”

None of the others were convinced.

“We need to send some of the Ishica to investigate.”

“My lord we need to keep the last of the Rystieans under thumb.”

“I told you not to question me! We could never force the Rystieans to obey us. Even with the torture, they would rather die than help us. If we turned them into the Ishica they would become nothing but blood thirsty monsters like us. We needed them to think they had a chance. If we attack now they could destroy the machine and then that’s it. We need to show restraint now.”

“What if it is Khastran?”

Garishikar did not respond as he commanded thousands of Ishica to the Rystieans base.

“Why are they doing this” Kile said.

“They helped me escape?”

“I told you its the Kardons way, to let us think we have a chance and then take it away from us.” Mascia said as he grabbed a large weapon.

The Circus Folk had easily fought their way through the Rystieans without causing a single death, though in some ways it would have been more merciful to finish them now. Florence and Denika had done most of the work, with Florence’s singing voice subduing most of the Rystieans peacefully.

When the Circus Folk arrived in the main hall Macsia and Kile were among the last people standing.

“You monsters. You tricked me, you lied to me.” Kile said.

“I’m sorry Kile believe me. I don’t want to do this. We have no choice. The machine you’ve built is brilliant. It will do exactly what you want it too. Unfortunately the Kardons are counting on that. They’ll use the portal you create to escape to the world above and destroy it.”

“Is that the best you can do?” Mascia said in disgust.

“He’s tricked you once Kile, don’t be a fool a second time.”

“We’ve already made our way through your guards without breaking a sweat, do you really think you could stop us? I’m trying to appeal to you for the last time. We can get you out of here. It won’t be easy, and not all of you will make it. Still its your only chance.”

“I’ve worked on this machine for my entire life. I’ve seen so many of my people die, or worse be turned into those monsters. I swore that in my lifetime we would escape this hell. You’ll have to kill me to get anywhere near that.”

Denika quickly knocked Masica out with a harmless spell before he could even finish.

Kile raised her weapon, but the Circus Master tried one last time to reason with her.

“Kile please you know I could have let you just die, but I saved you. I want to save as many of you as I can, but if you open that portal you’ll all die with the rest of us.”

“If what you say is true, some of us can stay and try and hold those monsters off whilst others escape through the portal.”

“Its not that simple. They have eyes and ears all over the place. They’ve been influencing that maching since the beginning. Those Demons outside. They’ll have some control over it in some way to keep it open for the Kardons. We have to shut it down now.”

“Please, I don’t know what yourgame is but we can’t come this close. We can’t”

Whilst the Circus Master and the others were distracted, Ashlei who couldn’t bare it any longer grabbed one of the fallen Rystiean soldiers guns and hit Keptis over the back of the head with it, knocking him out.

“STOP” Ashlei shouted to the others.

“I don’t want to have to do this either, but I can’t let you condemn these people.”

“Don’t be stupid Ashlei.” The Circus Master said.

“I mean it, I’ll kill him unless you back down.”

To Be Continued




Doctor Who Vs Scratchman Part 7


                           Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter

The TARDIS console started to catch fire. In his struggle with the Goblins, the Doctor managed to hurl one over his shoulder with a judo flip, sending it head first into the flaming console.

The Doctor quickly managed to clobber another of the creatures over the head with a piece of furniture that he had tried to block the door with, knocking it off its feet.

The Doctor and the rest of the Goblins were soon thrown off of their feet as the Dragon again started to panic. The monster was being pulled from one dimension to the other. The Doctor in the confusion quickly ran around the console to see if there was any part of it that was still operable, but the whole thing was a mass of fire.

The Tardis was struggling with the Dragon, and the Goblins attack had only weakened her strength. Still she struggled on however, and the struggle between the TARDIS and the Dragon threatened to rip a hole in the time vortex itself.

The Doctor quickly went to one of the roundrels and ripped it off. The Time Lord then tried to redeposit the power from various rooms across the lower deck of the TARDIS, (which caused them to vanish) and into the console.

After a few seconds the fire vanished completely from the console and the TARDIS was in complete control again.

The Doctor then fired a small sample of excess energy left over from the lower decks at the Goblins. It didn’t kill them, but succeeded in knocking the monsters out cold.

In the Inquisitore’s torture chamber meanwhile Elena, Yarox, the villagers and the Goblins were now more focused on trying to escape than fighting each other. The Dragon’s thrashing threw them wildly around the room. One of the villagers was even killed, when he hit his head against the steel walls!

Worse still the portal to the Inquisitore’s hell began to fluctuate and it grow bigger. All of those at the back were quickly swallowed by the portal, whilst those at the front struggled to crawl towards the door, but just as they reached it however the door slammed shut. From the main control room the leader of the Goblins, in a final spiteful act used the last of the power in the Dragon to seal the room shut. He was desperate that the humans would not just be killed in the crash, but have to endure the hell he had come from.

Elena pounded on the door as hard as she could, but it was made of reinforced steel. The portal drew closer and closer, consuming more and more Goblins and villagers. Stanley, Yarox, Sophie and Jonathan all huddled around Elena and tried to help her push on the door, but it was no use.

Stanley in a final act of self sacrifice pushed the others in front of him as the portal drew closer and he was pulled into it. Two of the villagers and Elena tried to pull him back, and with all of their strength. They almost succeeded, but just when they were on the cusp of pulling him free, the portal would grow and engulf Stanley again. On the other side of the portal Stanley and the others could hear the screams of the damned souls of Scratchman’s domain, whilst the heat from the portal was unbearable. As the portal grew larger and larger, Elena realised that unless they let go, they too would be consumed alongside Stanley and with regret she not only let him go, but pulled the other two villagers back before the portal swallowed all 4 of them. The last image Elena saw of Stanley was of him screaming at her for help. His screams from the other side lingered on for a few seconds afterwards, which felt like an eternity for Elena and the rest of the villagers.

Just as all seemed lost the TARDIS suddenly materialised around the frightened villagers. The Doctor couldn’t move the TARDIS until the last second, and had been forced to watch with horror at the sight of the villagers he couldn’t save being pulled into hell. Even when the TARDIS landed around them, not all of the villagers were caught in its dematerialisation field, and a further five were pulled into hell.

Only twenty of the villagers in total were rescued by the Doctors TARDIS, but the leader of the Goblins still screamed in frustration and anger at the sight of any of them escaping.

“Foolish Time Lord” The monster said to itself. “You think you have escaped, but you will still deliver him to this reality.”

The Dragon let out one last agonizing scream before its body vanished in a blaze of fire that spread out over the entire sky of the small island below. The TARDIS only barely managed to escape from being pulled into Scratchman’s hell with the Dragon, but it was far from a smooth landing. The TARDIS simply plummeted to earth from the flames, rather than materliasing. The strain on the old girl had been incredible. Almost all of her power appeared to be drained, though fortunately the reserve banks were still fine. It was the first time the Doctor had been forced to use them however in over 2 thousand years.

“I’m sorry old girl, I really am, but it looks like we did it.” The Doctor said as he gently tapped the battered console.

“We’re fine thanks.” Mrs Tulloch, one of the few lucky survivors alongside her daughter Sophie, said from the back.

Some of the villagers had been knocked out in the crash, but most were thankfully unhurt.

The Doctor quickly left the TARDIS to see if there were any traces of “Scratchman’s” influence, whilst Elena and Yarox tended to the surviving villagers. Many of the villagers however didn’t want to even look at Elena after what happened with Stanley.

“You coward. Stanley was willing to give his life for us and you, you left him.”

“I’m sorry, there was nothing we could do, and if I hadn’t pulled you free, you’d have joined him.” Elena tried to say before more of the villagers cut her off.

Yarox soon came to her defence.

“Don’t you dare call her a coward. I owe my life to her many times over. I can assure you she would have done anything she could do to save your friend.” Yarox protested.

The other villagers weren’t listening, except for Mrs Tulloch.

“All I know is that if it weren’t for this woman, or either of her strange friends my little girl wouldn’t be alive now. We should be thanking them.”

Most of the rest of the villagers weren’t convinced, and even Elena herself wasn’t convinced. She knew that it hadn’t been because she was scared. She had made peace with her own death many years ago. She had to, or else she would never have been able to travel with the Doctor, but she wondered if she had been too rash ironically in trying to protect the other villagers. In truth there wasn’t anything else she could have done for Stanley, but that tiny bit of doubt would sadly stay with Elena for the rest of her life.

Outside the Doctor saw that much of the forest the TARDIS had crashed into had been burned to the ground by the dragon in its death throes. Even though there might still be danger, the Doctor would much rather be out here than deal with the villagers. Though they were his favourite species, the Doctor could sometimes get more than a little frustrated at human beings tendency to lash out when they were scared, and was in no mood to deal with it.

In the distance the Doctor could see a few Scarecrow’s shuffling awkwardly in his direction. They all looked extremely weak however and some of them were even collapsing.

“Please.” One of the Demons whimpered as it crawled along the floor to the Doctor.

“We’re being pulled back into his domain. We can’t go back, we can’t. He promised us peace if we delivered you to him. Please for our sakes Time Lord.”

The Doctor kept his distance from the Scarecrow’s. He knew they wouldn’t last much longer in this reality, but still he wasn’t taking any chances.

“I’m sorry” the Doctor said. “I wish there was something I could do for you, but I had to protect this world.”

“Please, please don’t let us.” The Scarecrow said before it and all of the others around it crumbled into nothing but dust. Their minds or souls had been pulled back into the hell from which they came. It was over. All of Scratchman’s influence had been seemingly purged from this universe and the monster was sealed back in its pit. The cost however had been huge. Another entire universe would still have to suffer under that creature, whatever it was and there was seemingly nothing the Doctor could do to help them.

The Doctor, Elena and Yarox would be forced to spend the next day on the island. The TARDIS was not only in no position to travel, but they needed to make sure there were no more portals left over from Scratchman’s dimension. The villagers didn’t speak much with the three time travellers during their stay. Not only was there still resentment towards Elena, but the villagers didn’t trust or like the Doctor much either. Many feared that he was in league with the Demons, or that he was a Warlock of some kind. The Doctor and Elena and Yarox would help the villagers search the island for other survivors (of which there were sadly none), but other than that they kept their distance.

By the time a team arrived to rescue the villagers, the TARDIS was ready to leave and the Doctor, Yarox and Elena slipped away without even saying goodbye. The story of what happened on the island would briefly become a sensation, though the government would be quick to supply a cover up story. The island would remain abandoned however, with no one daring to ever go near it again.

As the TARDIS hurled its way through the vortex, there was an awkward silence among the three time travellers. Though Scratchman was defeated, the cost had been too high. What troubled the Doctor the most however was the fact that he still had no idea what Scratchman really was. The Doctor could never stand not knowing the truth about somewhere he had visited or a new life form he had discovered, but when it was something that terrified him he couldn’t bare it.

“Well lets hope the old girl will take us somewhere a bit more relaxing next eh” The Doctor said. “I think after that ordeal she’ll probably want a rest for a bit. I’m heading down to the library.” The Doctor said.

In truth the Doctor was wanting to look through his books to see if he could find anything about Scratchman. It would be hard to seperate the myths from the fact, but surely there must be something, he thought to himself. The Doctor was too consumed in his latest obsession to notice the pain his companions were in. He didn’t mean to insensitive, but when the Doctors desire for new knowledge ironically often caused him to overlook what was right in front of him.

Elena meanwhile just wanted to retreat to her quarters below.

“You know it really wasn’t your fault Elena.” Yarox said to her as she left the console room.

“I know you mean well Yarox, but please I just, I just need to be alone.” She replied somewhat coldly to Yarox.

Yarox decided to head back down to the TARDIS’ garden. This tiny, artificial construct was the only place in the history of the universe Yarox had ever felt safe.

The experience had arguably shaken Yarox more than the Doctor and Elena. Yarox had long heard stories about the golden age of humanity from his own time, whilst the Doctor had promised him a chance to see the universe when it was young and healthy.

Now that he had actually visited the past however, he saw that it was full of just as much struggle, desperation and death as his time. It may have looked more peaceful on the surface, but underneath all of the different life forms were still fighting with each other just to survive.

Was there ever a period of peace in the galaxies history? Still as Yarox looked up at an illusion of the Illexian galaxy, he couldn’t help but be captivated at its beauty. Was all of the pain and misery he had witnessed throughout all of time worth it for this?

Suddenly however the illusion began to fade and the roof above quickly turned to fire. As Yarox looked around he saw the trees in the TARDIS garden began to wither and turn black.

As Yarox backed away slowly he heard an all to familiar sound, that he had never hoped to hear again in his life.


Yarox turned around to see two Daleks, the monsters that still terrified him far more than even Scratchman or any of his Demonic minions gliding in his direction, their guns raised and ready to fire.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Hopping Dead: Part 6: The Old Magics

Sorry this is later than I promised. My depression came back worse than ever last Saturday, just as I thought I was making an improvement. I have had to double my medication as well as go on extra meds, Diazepam to manage my extreme anxiety. I’m now on 5 pills per day. I am not sure how long it will be before I am completely back to normal, but this last week has been absolute hell. Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to get better. This last month has been among the worst of my life and has badly affected all of my plans for this blog, but hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon.

Lindsey stood her ground against the 5 Vampires who surrounded her. She had a few bags of sticky rice, but she didn’t want to waste them all on herself. Still without any other options, Lindsey held one of the bags up to the Vampires who recoiled purely on instinct. When she tried to push past the Jiang Shi however, the bloodsuckers didn’t back down. The Vampires could sense Lindsey’s fear at the same time.

Lee and the Professor quickly intervened, jumping from out of the window Lee had inadvertantly thrown the Vampire and Lindsey through. The Wizard blasted the Vampire that emerged behind Lindsey at full force, sending it flying. Unfortunately however this just roused the other 4 Vampires circling her, who tried to grab the time traveller. With no other choice Lindsey threw her bag of rice into one of the Vampires faces. The beast was flung several feet through the air, with its face catching fire in the process. The rest of the Vampires quickly scattered and Lindsey and Lee used the opportunity to flee into the streets.

The Professor meanwhile jumped back up through the window he had come down from.

“Lindsey and Lee can take care of themselves, come on we need to get back to the ship.” The Professor said to Kirsteen and the Empress and her child. The Empress had intended to stay and help Lee, but now she had no choice, as more and more Jiang Shi began to circle the house.

Lindsey and Lee meanwhile quickly ran down the streets, with Lee blasting any Jiang Shi that came near them. The streets were littered with corpses, and many of the buildings now lay in ruins. It must have been ten minutes or so before Lindsey and Lee came across anyone living, a small boy and his mother, who were cowering in a nearby alley.

“Don’t worry” Lindsey said gently to the scared villagers. “We’re here to help.”

“You can’t help. No one can.” The mother said hysterically as she clutched her boy.

Hordes of Jiang Shi began to circle Lindsey and Lee from both sides. The Wizard tried to knock the Vampires back with his magic, but there were too many of them, and those he did knock down just quickly jumped back up. Worse still the Wizard’s magics had attracted dozens more Jiang Shi from across the village.

With no other choice, Lee and Lindsey headed down the alley the mother and child were hiding in. Lindsey made sure they followed, though she didn’t have too. As soon as the Vampires headed in their direction, the mother and son were off.

At the other end of the alley however were several more Vampires, completely cutting them off at both sides.

With no choice Lindsey used more of her sticky rice to create two lines around herself and the others, blocking the Vampires off either end. The Vampires started to hop back a bit, though not to the end of the alley.

Lindsey turned to Lee. “You need to get us out of here.”

“There’s too many of them for me to blast.”

“You need to try and levitate us out of here.” Lindsey said.

“I can’t lift 3 people at once. I’m not even sure if I can lift one that high, the strain would be so great.”

“You have to try. Lift the mother and her son out first.”

“I can’t leave you.”

“I’ll be safe as long as you hurry. They can’t cross the rice remember. Please just go.”

With no time to waste, Lee tried to lift the mother and her boy with his magics. It took him a few minutes of struggling before they were able to slowly hover up to the top of a small house.

The Vampires meanwhile were getting more frantic. Hissing, snarling and clawing impotently at the air. A few more minutes passed before one of the Vampires tore pieces of the earth up in front of it and threw it over the rice. The Vampire on the other end soon followed suit.

“Damn. I forgot how crafty you little bloodrats can be.” Lindsey said. Like many species of animals, the Jiang Shi whilst driven by their instincts could still master some tools and even tricks if need be.

Lindsey held up her last bag of sticky rice to the Vampires. She really didn’t want to have to waste it, but it soon became apparent that the monsters were not backing down as they hopped slowly towards her, hissing.

Suddenly as the monsters almost closed in on her, Lindsey felt herself being carried up carefully and slowly.

“Not to sound ungrateful Lee, but can you hurry up.” Lindsey said whilst joking to try and hide her fear.

One of the Vampires quickly jumped out and grabbed Lindsey by the foot, forcing her to use some of her sticky rice on the beast. The fire from the Vampires face burned Lindsey quite badly, but she was used to dealing with extreme pain.

Lee managed to place Lindsey safely on the roof alongside the mother and son. He was clearly exhausted, but he had managed it.

“Thank you Lee..”

“Don’t mention it, but just don’t ask me to do it again.”

“We only have one half bag of rice left I’m afraid. We’ll need to rely on your magics to do a lot of the heavy lifting.”

Lindsey looked out over the massive village. So many of the houses had been torn into and there were bodies, and pieces of bodies all over the streets. At the centre of the village was a large burning building, but outside it were several fleeing villagers old and young. They were seemingly the only people left in the village. The villagers were being pursued by several Jiang Shi’s all of whom were ablaze, but didn’t appear

“We have to get there now.” Lindsey said.

“I need a few more minutes.” Lee said exhausted.

“They don’t have another few minutes. We need to go there now.” Lindsey said in desperation.

The Professor, The Empress and her son, and Kirsteen had managed to make their way across the village thanks to the Professors Vampire constitution. The Professor had managed to jump his way across each building using his Vampire strength, whilst carrying Kirsteen, and the Empress in one hand each.

When he finally reached the square however the Professor could see it was filled with Jiang Shi, who surrounded a pile of bodies just as before. There was no way he could make it past them, even through jumping without being seen.

The Professor rattled his brains for a few moments before it hit him. The Jiang Shi were completely immune to fire, even magical flames, but the corpses they were guarding not. The Professor ripped off a small piece of wood from the ruins of a nearby house and asked Kirsteen for her lighter. (Kirsteen was a 6 a day smoker It was the one unhealthy habit she hadn’t been able to kick.)

Using all of his strength the Professor threw the flaming torch at the pile of corpses. It landed right at the top of the pile and caused its clothes to ignite which soon spread, drawing the attention of the Jiang Shi. As the Vampires desperately tried to put the flames out, the Professor and his friends quickly made their escape to the front gates.

In the woods outside the Professor could see several more Jiang Shi emerging from between the trees.

“They’re waiting for us.” The Professor said.

“They can probably sense the magic for the teleporter.”

The Professor however soon saw that the Vampires were distracted by something else. A young woman running through the woods.

“We have to help her.” The Professor said.

“Who?” Kirsteen asked?

“The young woman being chased by those monsters.”

“There’s no one there, we need to move before the Vampires.” Kirsteen said.

The Professor didn’t listen however and jumped after the young woman.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help. I have a vessel where you’ll be safe.” The Professor said.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. Those things they’ve, they’ve turned me into.”

As the Professor reached out to grab her, his hand suddenly went straight through the young woman’s arm.

“Of course you’re a ghost.” The Professor said.

“A what?”

“You’re a.” The Professor stopped as he saw the Jiang Shi get closer.

“I’m afraid I don’t have the time to explain it to you. You deserve to be told properly. Those things, they can still hurt you, even in your current form. Worse, apart from me, they’re the only ones who can see you.”

“I don’t understand, please help me.”

The Professor however simply performed a quick spell that would temporarily make the ghost invisible. Ghosts could normally only be seen through the use of magic, (though Vampires and Demons could see them without magic.) The Professor’s spell however could reverse the effect for a short while.

“I can’t see you right now, but neither can they. I’ll come back for you I promise, but you have to run.” The Professor said before running back to Kirsteen and the Empress.

“Who were you talking too?” Kirsteen asked, worried that the Professor had started to lose his mind.

“It was a ghost of a young woman the Jiang Shi had killed. Poor girl. She has no idea what’s happened to her. This is what happens when you just cower in the dark and pretend the monsters aren’t there.” The Professor said to the Empress as they all ran to the teleporter. (With the Empress and even Kirsteen following the Professor’s lead.)

“These magics your ancestors thought would protect your kingdom have done the reverse. Its left them vulnerable to these creatures and even to themselves. That poor girl will no doubt think she’s a monster when I tell her what she actually is.”

“We had peace for hundreds of years here until those cowardly Hissian’s destroyed our defences.” The Empress said back proudly.

“Those magics made you weak. I know that might sound hypocritical coming from me, but you should never use magic to seal yourself in a bubble to the point where you can’t survive without it.”

They reached the teleportation area, with the Vampires emerging from the trees all around them. As the Professor prepared to teleport them to safety however, the hand of one of the Vampires jumped through the air and landed on top of the Professor.

Pinning him to the ground the Empress was the first to try and pull the Vampire off, handing her son to Kirsteen in the process. The Vampire however quickly turned to the Empress when she got too close and grabbed her in its talons. The Professor instantly seized his chance and tripped the monster up. He then grabbed it by the arm, and before the beast could even react he hurled it over his shoulder into three more Jiang Shi who hopped towards them. The Professor then quickly teleported himself and all 3 of his companions back to the safety of his time vessel.

“Those bloodsuckers will be waiting for us down there, but don’t worry, we’ll be ready for them.” The Professor said confidently as he headed down a nearby corridor.

“There’s dozens, maybe hundreds of those things in the village.” Kirsteen asked as she trailed behind the Vampire as he entered what looked like a laboratory, filled with odd bits and pieces.

“Yes but fortunately the magics I’ve had centuries to amass all of the most effective magics against the Jiang Shi. I’ve been fighting them since before I was a time traveller, since before I was a Vampire. I remember I even used to keep one as a pet for a while, that was a mistake.”

“A pet? You’re not serious.”

“Yes I am. This little beauty here.” The Professor said as he held up a small sheet of yellow paper with some writing on it.

“Will stop a Jiang Shi in its tracks if you put it on its forehead. It won’t kill it, just stop it, after which with some magics you can bend it to your will. The only problem with our Jiang Shi was after a few years under the spell it became, domesticated shall we say. When I tried to put him up against a wild Jiang Shi, well she ripped him to bits. Its funny how so many of us mourned him after. In hindsight we should have just put him to rest right away.”

The Empress had almost drifted off during the Professor’s trip down memory lane, whilst Kirsteen quickly interrupted him.

“So you’re saying we can take over some of the Jiang Shi and force them to fight one another?” Kirsteen asked.

“Well yes, but not just any Jiang Shi. The alpha of the pack. He’s the strongest.”

“You mean my husband” The Empress said.

“Yes I’m sorry but.”

“Don’t be. Like you said Professor. These things need to be put to rest.”

“Well lets get things ready shall we. The magics in this ship were affected a while back, but we should have enough to make a couple more of these. Kirsteen I’m going to need your help.”

“What do I know about magics?”

“You can still help me, I’ll guide you through it. If you want to be part of the team.”

“I don’t but lets just get on with it.”

The Empress meanwhile was busy hugging her son, but not merely to comfort him. When the Empress tried to pull the Vampire off of the Professor it had managed to bite her. It was only a graze, but for all she knew that was enough. She was terrified to tell the Professor in case he would dispose of her, but she didn’t want to make the same mistakes as before.

“No” she thought to herself. “As long as I am myself I have to do all I can to help my people. To help my boy.”

To Be Continued



Just a quick update for regular readers. I’m feeling better now. My medication has begun to kick in and I’m ready to start work on this blog again. Professor Fang will return at the end of this week followed by Doctor Who and The Circus Master, as well as my series analysing Batman.

Thank you to those who have sent messages of support, and who have been patient while I recover from what was a very difficult time.