The Circus Master: An Eye For An Eye: Part 4: The Hylexan Invasion


The ship zeroed in on Carlene, The Circus Master and Ashlei who clung to Carlene in fear.

The Hylexans were somewhat perplexed by the three time travellers who were unlike any other life forms in their galaxy. The commander was not sure if they should burn or abduct the strange aliens for study.

Whilst the aliens were debating on what to do, Carlene pulled several magical explosives from her beehive and hurled them at the vessel to no effect.

The ship instantly fired in retaliation, but Carlene and the Circus Master both managed to evade it thanks to their reflexes. (With Carlene carrying Ashlei to safety.)

The Circus Master drew the ships attention away from both Carlene and the fleeing crowd. He jumped to a nearby deserted building and continued to dodge the monsters firey blasts, as well as its tractor beam; whilst Carlen got Ashlei a safe distance away.

“You need to get out of here.” The Vampire said.

“I can’t leave you two against that thing!”

“You need to help the civillians Ashlei.” Carlene didn’t have the time to argue any further. The Circus Master could barely avoid the Hylexan’s rays any longer. Carlene hurled more weapons from her beehive at the Hylexan craft, but again they made no effect on the craft. The Hylexans didn’t even notice.

Ashlei meanwhile ran towards the area the monsters had fired at. It was littered with the remains of burned Quilax corpses.

“Monsters” Ashlei thought to herself as she looked at the charred remains of helpless men, women and even children around her. Suddenly in the distance, through the smoke, Ashlei could see something move. It was a small child Quilax. He was burned quite severely and crying.

“Its okay I’m here to help you.” Ashlei said to the boy as she lifted him off his feet.

“My, my parents, I was separated from them.”

“Don’t worry we’ll find them come on.” Ashlei

The Hylexans meanwhile grew frustrated with the Circus Master. They had never met a target that could move so fast.

“That freak.” The commander shouted in anger. “How can he evade our ray? No ship can move that fast let alone a creature.”

“Whatever he is sir, he and the other strange aliens appear to have magic.”

“We’ll figure out what those freaks are later. They clearly can’t hurt us or else he would be attacking us now. Focus the fire back on the civillians.” The commander ordered.

The Hylexan vessel opened fire on the massive sea of Quilax running through the streets of the glowing city ahead. With one blast it burned hundreds of fleeing men, women and children to cinders. As the crowd, which included Ashlei carrying the boy retreated; the monsters fired at several buildings nearby causing them to topple over and a wave of dust to sweep the streets, choking the civilians.

Ashlei managed to take cover between two buildings. The young boy tried to run out into the wave of smoke.

“My parents they might be out there.” He cried.

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing we ca do right now.” Ashlei said as she held the hysterical child back.

The soldiers bravely kept firing at the flaming craft but again they didn’t even slow it down. Carlene jumped in front of the smoking crowd, right in front of the Hylexan craft and started to hurl more weapons at them.

“Pathetic.” The Commander sneered. “Their magics even after all this time are nothing but simple tricks.”

The Hylexan’s fired at more buildings, blocking off all routes of escape for the fleeing crowd of civilians. The Hylexan craft then started to burn each Quilax one at a time in front of each other. Carlene screamed at them to stop, but it did no good. The monsters relished every second of the Quilaxs suffering.

Carlene hurled more and more weapons at the Hylexans, until she eventually saw a small parting appear in the flaming craft. The combination of the various different magics Carlene had thrown at the craft had begun to affect the forcefield, albeit only slightly. The craft was not actually made of fire. Underneath was a metal ship, with the fire merely being a forcefield. Carlene quickly grabbed a rifle off of one of the soldiers and fired at the parting. It still did not do much damage but it alerted the Hylexans who soon turned their attention towards Carlene instead.

The ship fired its ray at Carlene who managed to dodge its attacks whilst the other soldiers continued to follow Carlene’s lead and fire at the parting. Their concentrated fire at the ships one weak point caused a small explosion which sent the ship whirling through the air. The Hylexans opened fired blindly as their vessel lost control, hitting several buildings. Carlene quickly reached into her beehive and hurled the most dangerous magical chemical she could find at the parting creating an even bigger explosion in the ship which vaporized the entire flaming forcefield and blasted the ship to the other end of the city; straight into several large buildings.

Carlene and the Circus Master both instantly ran through the crowd to where the ship had crashed. Ashlei meanwhile headed into the crowd to try and find the boys parents. The smoke had begun to clear and Ashlei and the boy searched through the mass of people for a few minutes before the boy screamed out for his mother.

Ashlei turned around to see a young Quilax covered in burns run towards her. The boy leaped out of Ashlei’s arms and ran towards his mother.

“Hisia, I can’t believe it, its a miracle.” She said as she tearfully embraced the boy.

“What about father?” The boy asked.

Hisia’s mother couldn’t bring herself to tell her son, but he knew already.

“No, no please.” The boy said as he broke down in his mothers arms.

“I’m sorry son. I would have done anything to save him.” The woman turned to face Ashlei.

“I don’t know who or what you are, or why you came here, but thank you.” She said to Ashlei.

“You’re welcome. I know what its like to lose someone before their time. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through that.”

“Oh my god” Carlene said as she saw the devastation the crashing ship had caused the Quilax city. “I didn’t mean to.”

“You had no choice Carlene. If you hadn’t they would have killed all of the aliens we’re here to protect.” The Circus Master responded.

Three buildings had been collapsed by the Hylexan craft. There weren’t that many civilian’s nearby, but there were a few soldiers who had been caught under pieces of rubble.

Carlene focused all of her efforts on helping them. Using her Vampire strength she was able to remove the large boulders off of the soldiers. Sadly not all of the soldiers had survived. Carlene wanted to break down and cry with guilt at having caused their deaths, but she knew she had to keep her head to save the soldiers that she could now.

The Circus Master meanwhile inspected the crashed ship. It was shaped like a spear head and completely grey and smooth. There were no markings or design’s on the craft whatsoever. It appeared that it was nothing more than a hollowed out lump of metal. It was protected, powered and piloted entirely by magic.

Suddenly a hatch on the upper section of the ship began to open. The black Hylexan commander started to crawl out. It was bleeding from several parts of its amorphous body, whilst several of its tentacles were ripped or burned. The monster crawled pitifully from the hatch and dropped to the ground below. The Circus Master approached the dying Hylexan carefully. He slowly unsheathed his claws. The Vandal couldn’t tell whether the alien was alive or dead. It was nothing but a mass of black flesh and tentacles with green slime dripping out of various parts.

Suddenly one of the monsters tentacles rose up and in a lightening flash impaled Carlene through the stomach. It didn’t hurt her however due to Carlene’s Vampire constitution and the monster in response thrust another tentacle through the Vampires heart. The Circus Master jumped onto the monster and started to slash it with his claws. The Hylexan commander however quickly wrapped its tentacles around the Circus Master and hoisted him into the air. The Hylexan wanted to focus all of its remaining strength against Carlene. Carlene grabbed hold of the Hylexan’s tentacles and pulled the octopoid towards her. Though the Hylexan was weak after the crash, it was still able to overpower Carlene by stabbing more of its tentacles into her stomach and chest. Carlene struggled to fight back, but the pain became to much and she collapsed. The monster then lifted Carlene’s unconscious body into the air and prepared to rip her to pieces while the Circus Master watched on completely helpless.

Suddenly however the monster dropped both the Vampire and the Vandal. The Circus Master looked up and saw Ashlei in the distance holding one of the Quilax’s rifles. After making sure the boy reunited with his mother; Ashlei had followed Carlene and the Circus Master.

The Hylexan attempted to impale Ashlei with one of its tentacles, but the Circus Master quickly jumped at the tentacle and sliced it in half with his claws.

The monster then retaliated by impaling the Circus Master with one of its tentacles. The Circus Master knowing he wouldn’t be fast enough to get by the monsters tentacles, pretended to die from the Hylexan’s attack and dropped to the floor. The Hylexan lifted his “corpse” into the air and impaled the Circus Master a few more times to be sure before tossing the Vandal aside. It then turned its attention towards Ashlei who fired more shots at the Hylexan commander. The tentacled beast quick batted the gun from her hands and wrapped its limbs around her body. It slowly began to crush Ashlei, but fortunately while the Hylexan was distracted, the Circus Master jumped the monster from behind and stabbed his claws into its back. He tore several chunks out of the monster before one of its flailing tentacles batted him away.

The Circus Master had dealt the Hylexan a mortal wound however and within a few seconds the beasts tentacles dropped to the ground and it gave one final groan of pain before its lifeless carcass slumped to the floor.

Behind the Circus Master could see a few more blue Hylexans attempting to crawl out of the vessel. Unlike their commander however they were clearly too weak to even defend themselves.

Several Quilax civillians and soldiers soon arrived in the area. They all descended on the few surviving, wounded Hylexans who they tore to pieces with their bare hands.The Circus Master watched the bloody display from the side, whilst Ashlei tried to rouse Carlene.

“What the hell is that thing?” The lead Quilax engineer said as Denika flew into the room accompanied by several soldiers.

“That thing is going to do your job for you and get this city in the air.” Denika snapped back as she landed in front of a large red/blue sphere at the centre of the room, in reality the core of the magical city that the engineers worked to maintain every day.

The engineers were all shocked at the sight of this strange alien, but the soldiers who accompanied Denika quickly explained the situation to them.

“Its no surprise this thing couldn’t get off the ground.”Denika said as inspected the core. “Don’t get me wrong for a species that only just learned magic its not bad, but there really isn’t enough magic left on the planet to power it. Until now.” She said as hovered back into the air. Denika then started to fly around in circles creating green waves behind her.

“What are you doing?” One of the engineers asked.

“Even I don’t have enough magic to power something this big” Denika said. “So I’m drawing power from my time ship. In there I’ve stashed a massive supply of magic, gathered from all over the universe. I use it to create new weapons and spells. I’m using up most of my supply for this I hope you know. After we’re done here I’ll have to start building my magic collection again.” Denika said as she flew faster and faster.

A few minutes later, the sphere started to glow green instead and the whole city began to shake.

“It worked” She said. “Though hold on, its not going to be smooth flying.”

The city began to tremble so hard that the engineers were thrown off their feet. Above buildings began to shake and in some cases even crumble. The introduction of Denika’s foreign magic began to upset the entire structure of the city, with several of the buildings beginning to constantly change shape in a matter of seconds and in some instances vanish completely. Carlene, Ashlei and The Circus Master tried to get the civillians and the wounded soldiers to safety, but they were barely able to keep on their feet the ground shook so badly. Still Carlene was able to push a small family away from a large piece of rubble that fell from a nearby building, though in doing so she was buried under it. The Circus Master rushed to try and help her, but the magical rubble soon vanished in a puff of green smoke.

The civilians and the soldiers from the outer parts of the city began to rush to the centre as the outer sections of the city began to break off. Not all of them made it, but when they fell they were caught in the forcefield which held surrounded the city.

Within a matter of minutes the City was able to break its way from under the ground and fly several hundred feet in the air. Carlene, the Circus Master, Ashlei and several soldiers ran to the outer edges of the city to see if they could help any of the civillians who had been caught in the rubble.

Below they could see the barren, dead surface of the Quilax’s once prosperous home planet. “I can’t believe it.” Said the female civilian who had agreed to let Denika see the engine of the city in the first place.

“It doesn’t even resemble the world I grew up in. Even in our darkest days we never reduced a planet to that hell hole below.”

“Magic is the strongest force in the universe.” The Circus Master replied. “Sadly like all resources it can be used for great things or abused.”

Suddenly they were alerted by the sounds of several screams below. Through the bits of floating rubble the Circus Master and Carlene could see several Quilax floating around in the force field around the city, completely helpless. Carlene and the Circus Master both jumped down onto a piece of floating rubble and reached out to pull the civillians closer to them. Carlene managed to grab a young woman and her daughter, whilst the Circus Master managed to rescue a young couple. The Vampire and the Vandal both jumped back up to the edge of the city with the civilians in tow.

As they prepared to jump back down and rescue more civilians Denika suddenly flew overhead and levitated the few remaining civilians below to safety.

“Its my mess I should clear it up after all.” Denika said.

“You did it Denika. You got this city in the air.” Carlene said.

“I’m afraid its not as simple as that. I had to draw energy from our ship. We’re being drawn towards it.”

“Well what’s the problem?” Ashlei asked?

“If our time vessel has fallen into the hands of our enemies. Then we’ll be dragged to them.”

“Look” one of the civilians shouted. In the distance there was a Hylexan craft being attacked by several Lystergias.  Behind however there was what looked like an entire fleet of Hylexan war ships.

“We have to get out of here” The Circus Master said.

“I’m afraid we can’t. One of those ships clearly has our ship. We’re heading their way.” Denika said.

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: An Eye For An Eye: Part 3: The Flying City


(I didn’t think I’d get this finished over my holiday. Doctor Who and Professor Fang will still be delayed, but for now enjoy the next part of The Circus Master.)

Ashlei, Denika, Carlene and the Circus Master were led through the city. None of the other golden aliens took note of the strange travellers. They were too busy working. The city looked every bit as beautiful as it did in the vision.

The buildings were large and appeared to glow blue. They were clearly built from magic as their design appeared to change every few minutes. Everyone it seemed was working to constantly maintain the city in some way, even just through chants.

“Fascinating” The Circus Master said aloud. “An entire city made of magic, though from the way you’re all scrambling about you don’t seem to be experts? Maybe we can help you. My friend here is quite the.”

One of the aliens hit the Vandal over the head knocking him down. Carlene went to help the Circus Master up, but whilst she was reaching down he quickly reached into her hair and pulled out a gas bomb which he threw at the aliens.

Whilst they were distracted, Carlene grabbed Ashlei whilst the Circus Master grabbed the weakened Denika who he tried to rouse.

“Come on Denika we need you.” The Circus Master said frantically as the smoke began to clear.

One of the aliens fired at Denika, but the Circus Master quickly spun her round and took the blast in his back instead.

“We have to go now.” Carlene shouted as she jumped over 30 feet in the air to the top of a nearby building with Ashlei in tow. The Circus Master soon followed, but when they reached the top of the building its roof began to envelope the time travellers and pull them inside.

The Circus Master tried to claw at it, but each cut he made quickly healed over. “I guess they’re less primitive than I thought. I’d admire them if they weren’t about to kill me” The Circus Master said as he struggled against the living building! Using all of her strength Carlene pulled one arm free and reached for a weapon in her beehive. A flaming knife! She slashed at the substance that had trapped her, causing it to retreat and quickly freed the Circus Master and the others. They tried to flee in the opposite direction, but three large yellow crafts arrived that way; forcing the Vampire and the Vandal to jump ahead over the soldiers and into a busy area of the city.

None of the workers looked up. They still carried on with their business as if nothing had happened. Whatever it was they workers where doing it was far more important to them than their lives!

More and more soldiers came pouring in from all parts of the city firing energy beams at the strange time travellers. Carlene used her flaming knife to bat away the floor of the city as it continued to attempt to engulf the time travellers, whilst the Circus Master attacked the aliens. The Circus Master was able to dodge their rays thanks to his Vandal reflexes. Not that he needed to. The aliens rays were not capable of killing the Vandal. They were only capable of causing minor wounds that quickly healed over.

The Circus Master effortlessly overpowered the hordes of attacking aliens. He tossed them through the air, clawed their weapons in half, and knocked several of the golden aliens out with quick strikes to the face.

However the more and more aliens piled on the Circus Master the harder he found it to fight them off. One of the aliens managed to get a lucky blast in at the Circus Masters knee cap, temporarily shattering it. The wound quickly healed over, but for a few seconds the Circus Master was crippled and another of the aliens struck the Vandal from behind with the butt of his gun. Whilst the Circus Master was on the floor the aliens started to shoot at him. The overwhelming force from so many lasers began to severly weaken the Circus Master to the point where he couldn’t get up.

Carlene quickly ran to help the Circus Master, but the floor itself grabbed her foot. As she reached down with her knife to cut it, the floor grabbed both of her arms causing Carlene to drop the knife. Ashlei however quickly grabbed the knife and used it to cut the floor holding Carlene down as well as the floor around her foot.

Denika started to stand up, though she still stumbled slightly. Carlene ran to help her, but the floor between Denika and Carlene and Ashlei rose up into a mass over 20 feet high. Carlene and Ashlei stood their ground, with Ashlei holding her knife up.

Suddenly the mass sideswerved Carlene and Ashlei and grabbed the Aliens attacking the Circus Master, enveloping them up to their heads. Denika having regained her strength had managed to quickly take control of the city’s defence system.

“Come on lets go out of here” Denika said as she flew into the sky, with a forcefield protecting her from the aliens rays. The Circus Master and Carlene, carrying Ashlei followed the Witch. Denika used the floor to trap more soldiers before they could pursue the time travellers.

“How can those beasts harm our vessels.” The Hylexan commander said or rather thought in anger as they lost contact with another vessel.

“They were created from our magics sir. The Quilax are appropriating our power because they have none of their own, but we shall destroy them.” The red Hylexan second in command said as it prepared to fire the weapons. Suddenly however another two beasts emerged from either side of the Hylexan craft.

This ship belonged to a small platoon of Hylexans who were exploring the underground for any survivors. All 4 vessels however had been attacked by the Quilax’s pet monsters. Giant snake like creatures called the Lystergias. The Lystergias had originally been just simple underground beasts, but the Hylexans magical blasts on the planet had mutated them into growing larger and more powerful. Whilst the dark magics had destroyed most life on the planet, the Lystergias were able to survive because they were deep underground. The magics still affected the Lystergias however. It not only made them larger, but more violent as well.

The Quilax had been able to tame the Lystergia’s with their magics. Powerful though they were, they were just simple beasts and so their minds were easy to control.

The Hylexan crafts had still disposed of most of the monsters, but there had been so many Lystergia’s that the giants had been able to overwhelm and destroy all but one of the invaders crafts. The final three Lystergia’s cornered the last of the Hylexans craft from all sides.

“We are completely surrounded commander.”

The leader of the vessel in desperation ordered that the ships reserve of dark magics be emptied. The dark magics were stationed right at the centre of each Hylexan vessel. They were used to create torture bubbles. Anyone who was placed in the bubble would be forced to live out their worst fears and regrets over and over.

“Sir emptying the dark magics is dangerous. They could flood this entire area and we’d all be trapped.”

“I’m aware of the risk but I’d rather our own magics destroyed us than we end up as the victims of the Quilax’s pet.”

The others agreed. As terrified as they were of the dark magics, defeat at the hands of any Quilax was considered the most undignified death for the Hylexans.

The second in command released the dark magics which caused the ship to spiral out of control and be thrust straight into one of the Lystergians. The beast quickly sunk its magical teeth through the firey hull of the vessel. The dark magic however started to affect the three monsters. They all began to scream and hiss and even cower from the sight of the ship, which took on the form of whatever they had feared most in life.

The Hylexans flew passed the three tormented giants and once they were a safe distance they fired on them one at a time. None of the monsters retaliated when the other was destroyed, as the pain from the dark magics crippled them.

“That seems to be the last of them. To think after all their weapons and inventions, the Quilax main line of defence for their last city was nothing more than a few simple beasts.” The red Hylexan said.

“Their last city is just a few miles below. The Quilax scum thought they would be safe in this pit? Desperation can often breed stupidity.” The leader of the craft sneered as he prepared to lead his men to exterminate the last of their most hated enemies.

The 4 time travellers continued to fight their way through the strange golden aliens. They all made sure that their blows were not lethal, as ironcially they were here to help them. If only they could convince the aliens that they weren’t their enemies.

As more and more aliens started to emerge the Circus folk were again forced to retreat. Denika flew, whilst Carlene and the Circus Master jumpedover 80 feet through the air (with Carlene carrying Ashlei.) Above dozens of soldiers. When Carlene and the Circus Master landed however, the ground instantly opened, creating a massive pit that all 3 fell into. Before the Vampire and the Vandal could even try and leap out. The ground then sealed itself over again.

Denika flew towards the floor to try and open it with her magics, but whilst she was busy the aliens shot her. It was only the stun stting as they wanted to question her along with the others.

Carlene, Ashlei and The Circus Master were brought up to face the soldiers, all encased up to their heads in the floor.

“Good now maybe we can talk properly.” The Circus Master said sarcastically. The aliens raised their guns in response, but within a few seconds an alarm started to ring throughout the city. All of the aliens who had remained completely calm throughout the Circus Masters fight started to run and panic. Most of the soldiers started to scatter too.

“Please” The Circus Master said to the general.

“We are here to help you. In fact we might be your last hope.” The general didn’t listen however and in his anger set his weapon to kill.

“You did this”. He said. “I don’t know how, but you led those disgusting things to us. I’ll kill you all.” Suddenly however the general was hoisted over 40 feet through the air, whilst the floor englufing Carlene, Ashlei and the Circus Master vanished. The stun gun had only worked on Denika for a few seconds due to her magical constitution.

The few remaining soldiers gathered round the time travellers, aiming their guns.

“Look we really don’t have time for this. I swear we are here to help you.” The Circus Master said firmly. As a show of good faith Denika lowered the general back to the ground.

“Why should we trust you?” The general said.

“You don’t, but the way I see it you’re dead if we don’t help you and if we are working for those things then you’re still all dead. So what do you have to lose?” Carlene said.

“I suppose.” the general reluctantly agreed as did his men who began to lower their weapons. “I swear though if we die I’ll make you sure you do too.”

“Fair enough” the Circus Master said.

“What do you mean fair enough? That’s not fair? I don’t agree with that.” Ashlei said.

“You’re wasting time.” The general replied.

“Well I’m afraid that if we are going to help you we need to know what’s going on exactly.” The Circus Master said.

“You really don’t know?”

“No like I said earlier we’re just travellers. We know that there are hideous octopus monsters that want to kill you, but other than that?”

“Our people have been involved in a war for decades with an enemy more evil than you can imagine. We were more advanced than those savages. They were nothing but simple beasts until we found them and elevated their pitiful existence.”

“Why do they want to destroy you then?” The Circus Master replied.

“They want to wipe us our because just a few decades ago we were the monsters.” A young female alien civilian from the behind the time travellers said. “We once conquered this entire galaxy, including the planet of our enemies, The Hylexans. We exploited them. We butchered them.”

The General interupted. “We brought order to this galaxy! We elevated their cultures more in 10 years than they would have in 100.” He shouted.

“Is that why they were all too happy to sit back and let the Hylexans slaughter us.”

“They were just scared. Scared to stand against those monsters and their unnatural powers.”

“I’m not interested in your politics. Please tell me about these Hylexans.” The Circus Master interrupted.

“The Hylexans were able to overcome our armies because they learned magic. Something we had always dismissed as a superstition. They’ve slaughtered all of our colonies and bombarded our planet with dark magics. The last of us fled underground. Just before the surface of our planet was destroyed we had only learned how to master the most basic magics that we used to build this city.” The female alien said.

“I wouldn’t call building a city basic.” Ashlei replied.

“This city is extremely unstable. We have to constantly maintain it with enchantments or it will fade away within an hour. Our plan was to use the city to fly to another world. Our planet is dead and we knew it wouldn’t be long before the Hylexans found us. We wanted to leave this entire galaxy.” The female alien said.

“It doesn’t matter now.” The General interrupted. “They’ve found us. Our race is doomed.”

“Not necessarily” Denika said.

“You might be amateurs but not to toot my horn, I know a fair bit about magic. If you’ll just let me look at core of this city. I assume there is a core to draw all of the magics from your planet into the city?”

“Yes”. The female alien replied. “Sadly there aren’t enough magics left in this world to make it fly. The Hylexans blitzed the surface of our world, turning most of the magics of the planet into dark magic. The little that was left was used to create the city. We’ve tried to find a way to harness it to make the city fly, but well each time it just causes a part of the city to vanish.”

“I can’t promise anything but if I inject my magics into the core it just might be enough to get it to fly.”

“What about the Hylexans? They’ve breached our defences. Even if it does take off now they’ll slaughter us all before we reach the sky.” The General responded.

“Don’t worry we’ll deal with them, you just help Denika get this city off the ground.” The Circus Master said.

“We will? How?” Ashlei asked.

“I don’t know yet, but either we try and maybe win, or we just stand here and get fried.”

“Well when you put it like that.”

The Hylexan craft flew over the city whose buildings all changed in response to gigantic war fortresses with massive ray guns mounted on the roof tops.

All of the soldiers gathered in front of the fleeing civilians firing at the flaming ship. Neither the fortress’ nor the soldiers weapons were able to even dent the Hylexan’s ship. The Hylexans wanted to savour this moment. It wasn’t even just because of their hatred for the Quilax. All the Hylexans had known for the past several decades was hunting the Quilax. Now that they were almost at the end of their war, they wanted to make their final victory last as long as possible.

The Hylexans fired their magical blasts at the civilians first. They wanted to save the soldiers for last so they would see the full extent of their failures to save the people they had pledged to protect.

In the middle of the fleeing crowd, Carlene, The Circus Master and Ashlei stood almost completely helpless to stop the chaos ahead. Carlene reached through her beehive for a weapon, but the vehicle soon spotted the time travellers and began to focus its efforts on them.

To Be Continued



The Circus Master: An Eye For An Eye: Part 2: The Hylexans


(All three series will be taking a break next week as I will be off on holiday. There will be a few more articles that I managed to get finished posted in the meantime.)

Florence, Keptis and The Strange Boy had been walking for hours through the hot, dark wasteland and had found nothing but charred corpses.

“I need to rest” Keptis said. “My feet are burning.” Florence stopped to give the Martian a minute whilst the Strange Boy just hopped on both feet up ahead over a nearby hill.

“That blasted boy.” Florence said. “He never does what you want him too.”

“Well fr be it for me to stick up for a Vampire, but children were the same back on Mars.” Keptis said. “It seems to be a universal trait for kids to be unruly.”

“Not where I came from.” Florence protested. “Children were always taught to have proper manners.”

“Yes but you also sent them off to work in dangerous factories at the age of 6.” Keptis replied.

“Well at least we had a good work ethic. Besides I never had to work.”

“I’m not too surprised to hear that.” The Martian teased

“Well whatever the reason I suppose we better check on him. Not for his sake. He’s stronger than us and we better not lose him.” Florence replied.

Florence and Keptis headed over the hill ahead only to be greeted by the sight of the ruins of a gigantic city.

In the distance the Strange Boy was hopping towards the ruins and the Martian and the Siren were quick to follow, but deep in the rubble the Strange Boy appeared to be following the scent of something.

Around the corner of the a nearby building lay a wounded octopus like creature. Similar to the monsters they had seen in the vision.

The creature was bleeding a thick blue blood from one side of its body, whilst its tentacles were limp and twitching.

The Strange Boy stood simply staring at the creature whilst Florence tried to establish some kind of communication with the strange alien. Keptis meanwhile fired up his flaming chainsaw just in case.

Florence knew the creature was an invader, but in its weakened state it clearly wasn’t a threat to anyone.

“Please let us help you.” Florence said gently to the alien.

“Help it?” Keptis said in shock.

“We have to find out what they are here for. Florence whispered back.”

The alien however didn’t appear to believe Florence. It didn’t respond to her and simply tried in vain to lift one of its tentacles.

Just then the Special Boy darted around the corner.

“What now” Keptis moaned.

As Florence and Keptis prepared to follow the Strange Boy, they suddenly heard a strange voice in their heads. It was the alien. It was communicating through telepathy. Its voice was a strange, high pitched, hissing voice.

“The monster that attacked me is nearby. You will share my fate.”

The two time travellers quickly ran after the Strange Boy only to see a gigantic creature standing over the small Vampire, who still showed no emotion whatsoever.

The monster had four legs, but an upright upper torso. Its four legs were sprawled like a Lizards, whilst each of its feet ended in three clawed toes like a bird. The creatures lower body was long and thin and covered in long sharp spikes. Its upper body meanwhile was in the shape of a man, though its skin looked slimy and rotting. Each of its hands had three short, squat fingers, whilst it had a scaly mane around its head that had a truly hideous face with massive fangs protuding from its mouth.

The monster’s body had been twisted by all of the magics the aliens had bombarded the planet with. It was in the most unimaginable pain for every second of its wretched existence.

The Strange Boy quickly dodged the monsters attempt to step on him and jumped towards one of its back legs, pulling the monster off its feet. He then jumped on top of its head and pushed it’s face into the burning hot earth. The monster screamed and tried to pull itself up but the boy managed to hold its face down for a few seconds before it sent the boy flying through the air. Keptis used his flaming saw to try and ward the beast back, whilst Florence went to try and check on the Boy.

The monster however was faster than it looked and managed to grab Keptis in its short, clawed hands. Florence in response jumped at the monsters throat and bit into it. The beast managed to shake both of them off and stamped on Florence, trampling her into the hot earth. The Strange Boy in response quickly jumped on the monsters back. Completely undeterred by the spikes, the Strange tore one spike off and then stabbed it into the monsters throat. With its last ounce of strength the monster threw the small Vampire away before stumbling into the ruins of small nearby building.

Florence ran towards the creature whilst Keptis checked on the small boy. As dangerous as it looked, Florence pitied the creature. It wasn’t violent naturally. In fact it was actually a gentle herbivore, but the magics and the pain had made it insane and violent.

After the creature’s life ebbed away Florence, Keptis and the Strange Boy returned to the wounded alien, but it was gone!

“It can’t have gone far” Florence said as she tried to pick up its scent. Suddenly the Strange Boy pointed to something in the sky. Florence and Keptis looked up to see a massive flaming vessel heading towards them in the distance. It hadn’t made a single sound as it tore through the sky.

The three time travellers all ran as fast as they could with Florence grabbing Keptis (as she could run a lot fast than he.)

A green light quickly engulfed all three of them and in a flash they all suddenly found themselves pulled into a white room. Unlike Denika they didn’t have the magics

“What happened? Where are we?” Keptis said as he raised his burning saw defiantly.

A large red octopoid creature descended from above. Its body was much larger than the wounded alien. The Strange Boy tried to attack the creature, but one of the many tentacles that writhed around its amorphous form instantly batted the small Vampire across the room.

“You are not of their race.” The red creature said, or rathet thought as it communicated through telepathy like its minions. Evidently the Octopoids could only send their thoughts into others heads rather than read them.

“We’re just travellers you know passing through.” Florence said nervously.

“No travellers would come here. To the world of the most hated race in the cosmos. You were created by them? Weren’t you? The Quilax? They created you from their crude magics.”

The octopoid struck its tentacle through Florence’s chest. The pain brought the Siren to her knees but she did not die from her wound.

“Just as I thought. You’re not real.”

The monster attempted to do the same to Keptis but as soon as the tentacle pierced his skin the Martian fell to the floor in agony and the Octopoid could sense he was real.

“Interesting.” It said. “You are real, but you are not of this galaxy?” The monster started to dig its tentacle deeper into the Martian’s chest. “You are not like anything I have ever seen before. I wonder what how your organs are arranged.”

Florence quickly pulled on the tentacle in her chest and dragged the Ocotopoid towards her. She tried to strike it with her other arm, but the monster wrapped its tentacle around her arm and squeezed, almost breaking it.

The Strange Boy however jumped the Octopoid whilst it was distracted with the Martian and the Siren. He sunk his fangs and claws into the monsters flesh, causing its tentacles to flail around. Several of them wrapped around the Strange Boy and tried to pull him off, but the Vampire bit and gripped hard. Keptis quickly swung his saw at the tentacled beast and managed to saw several of its tentacles off, whilst Florence was able to jump the creature. The two Vampires held the red beast down and Keptis raised his flaming saw. Several more tentacles from above however descended and wrapped themselves around the three time travellers. There were several more blue Octopoid creatures from above, though it took two of them to pry the Strange Boy off of their red commander.

A black Octopoid emerged in the centre of the creatures.

“Interesting. These creatures are quite unlike anything in this solar system. To think you said you could handle them.” The black creature said to his wounded red commander. In the distance, Florence could see the wounded alien that had drawn them into the city in the first place. It was being healed by a flash of blue light by one of the others.

“Tell us how and why did you come here.” The leader barked at the three captives only to be met with silence.

The tentacles wrapped more tightly around the time travellers.

“Look below” the black Octopoid said.

Beneath them Florence, Keptis and the Strange Boy saw a hole emerging in the endless white. It led to a massive pit filled with golden skinned humanoids, similar to those they had seen in their vision; screaming and suffering.

“This vessel is constructed by magic which means that it can change its inside to my will. If I choose the pit of torment will consume you. Tell me what I want to know however?” I will grant you a quick death.”

“You wouldn’t believe us.”  Florence said.

“You’d better hope we do.” The alien responded.

“Okay” Florence said. “We’re time travellers. We were sent here to this world to ensure an important event happens.

There was a silence for 30 seconds.

“I told you you wouldn’t.” She said in response.

One of the aliens dropped Keptis who went hurling towards the pit of never ending torment.

“Please I swear I’m telling the truth. Search the area over mountain and past the valley you’ll find a strange multi coloured craft. I swear!”

The black Ocotopoid ordered one of his men to scan the area. A strange control panel suddenly appeared out of nothin in front of one of the blue creautres who searched it for a while. Keptis meanwhile fell to the bottom of the pit where the creatures started to swarm him before it sealed up.

“Please let him go.” Florence begged.

“Only once we have retrieved your craft. If it exists.” The black Octopoid snapped back.

Commander, we have detected the presence of advanced magics. They appeare to be concentrated into the one area.”

An image of the Circus popped up in the white room just above the black Octopoid.

“What is this.” It asked Florence. “It looks like it would blow away in the wind.”

“It can go anywhere in time and space. If you’ll only let me show you.” Florence said whilst the Strange Boy simply stood there as always with a completely blank expression.

The aliens pulled the Circus on board with a tractor beam and it appeared right in front of Florence and the others. The control panel quickly vanished. The magic allowed the aliens to keep as many supplies as they wanted in one craft at a time, as when they were not needed. They would simply vanish.

“It still looks like it can barely stand without toppling over.” The black Octopoid sneered.

“Well lets take a look inside shall we.” Florence said as she pulled the curtain back.

The black Octopoid alongside two of its minions went inside the vessel, taking the Strange Boy and Florence with them.

The aliens were not particularly impressed with anything they saw until the black Octopoid stared into the fountain. There it saw the same image that the Circus Folk had seen before of the golden humanoids being exterminated.

“Excellent” the black Octopoid thought. “I believe the strange blue humanoid now. This is an image of the future. We will be victorious! Not that there was any doubt of course.”

“You’re monsters.” Florence spat with disgust at the Octopoids.

“What do you know of us? The Hylexans? To the rest of the galaxy we are heroes. We destroyed the evil empire of the Quilax.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You really aren’t from these parts are you? For centuries we were the victims. Along with almost every other civilisation in this galaxy. We were all conquered by those golden fools you seem to pity. They were the most technologically advanced race in this galaxy and they used it for evil. Of all the races they conquered however, their greatest cruelty was reserved for us.”


“We were more different to them than the others. We were the only non humanoid life forms they came across. It took them hundreds of years to even acknowledge that us, slimy, repulsive squid were sentient. They slaughtered millions of us, wiped out whole communities, used us as test subjects, as slave labour. Our planet was turned into an irradiated wasteland as it became a dumping ground for all of the toxic chemicals left over from their weapons. Our people would have eventually died out had we not been able to conquer an area the so called masters of the galaxy had dismissed as a silly superstition. Magic!”

The leader continued. “We had learned magics many thousands of years before thry came to our world, but we eventually abandoned them out of fear. A chance encounter caused one of our people to stumble on the old caves where the spells were. We used them to turn on and destroy our invaders. Even I can’t imagine the glory of being able to tear down machines that had persecuted us for so long with just a single enchantment. The Quilax had never believed in magic. They foolishly thought everything in this universe had a rational and logical explanation. It was to be their downfall.

We not only pushed them back from our world, but we destroyed their forces everywhere. Planets cheered as we pushed the hated invaders back further to their world which we blitzed using the darkest magics. Tomorrow the planet will finally be destroyed by our magics.

“Why are you even here then?” Florence asked.

“Lately the Quilax have begun to develop some magics. Its not anywhere near enough to threaten us, but we have to make sure that none of them are able to escape the planet in time. Also the Emperor wants to make an event of the destruction of the last of our hated enemies. One that the entire galaxy will never forget. We hope to catch at least a few survivors to broadcast their executions to the rest of the galaxy.”

Florence winced in disgust. “I’m sorry for what your people went through. I am, but you’ve now become the very thing you once fought against. What you’re doing here. This is just as evil.” Florence responded. “That’s why we have been sent here. To stop you.”

“How are you possibly going to stop us?” The black Hylexan responded as it reached its tentacles out to grab Florence who stood her ground.

“You will help us. You will show us how this craft of yours works our else your friend will suffer in the pit!”

Florence still didn’t even twitch and the Hylexan found that it couldn’t move its tentacles. The Circus’ magical security system had managed to paralyse the tentacled monsters in their tracks, preventing them from even moving a muscle if Florence didn’t want them to.

“Well look at that. It seems your magic isn’t as powerful as you think. Then again this security system is made from magics from all across time and space. Don’t feel too bad.” Florence laughed.

“You would dare.”

“Quite so. Now you have two choices. Either you release Keptis and let this ship go or my little friend here will slice you all down the middle.”

The Strange Boy jumped into view hold a giant flaming axe which he looked all too eager to use.

“I will not give into a humanoid.”

“A humanoid? Not just a Que, whatever you call it? Interesting.” Florence said.

Suddenly there was a massive crash.

“Captain, Captain” one of the underlings contacted the commander.

“We are under attack. It is one of the giant serpant beasts the Quilax have controlled with their primitive magics. It’s fused with magic, it can hurt us. We need your help.”

“You have to release me blue thing.” The black Hylexan said. “It is my will that controls the ship. Only I can summon up the weapons we need.”

“You’re lying.”

“Fine stay here and wait for that monster to eat us.”

The Hylexan’s taunt was followed by another crashing sound and then a roar.

Florence had to do something, but she didn’t know what. She could still hold the two underlings as hostages, but she wasn’t sure if the Hylexans would care.

There was seemingly no way out.

To Be Continued





Professor Fang: The Demon Within: Part 3: The Flying Mountain


Lindsey and the strange aliens quickly ran from the pit. They didn’t even know where they were going, but at the very least they all agreed it would be better to go out fighting above than to die in that wretched hole.

Several Asikori Demons soon emerged from behind several rocks above, hissing and screeching at aliens.

“DON’T LET THE SPECIAL MEAT ESCAPE!” One of the Demons shouted whilst pointing at Lindsey. The aliens were not able to stand against the Asikori in one on one fights. The winged beasts were simply so fast that they were never on the ground long enough for the aliens to fight them properly.

The Demons would swoop down in a flash and lift the aliens into the sky, where they’d either tear their throats out or throw them back into the pit.

Lindsey was at the front of the fleeing mob of prisoners. As she was a lot smaller than the aliens, she could run a lot faster. All of the aliens at the back were picked off first. Within a few minutes only Lindsey and 6 others remained. The alien straight behind Lindsey was grabbed by an Asikori, but this time Lindsey came to its aid. There was nothing she could have done for the others, but this alien was right behind her and she couldn’t leave it to the mercy of those horrors.

Lindsey grabbed the alien by its feet as it was pulled into the sky. She only held it down for a few seconds before the Demon started to pull her off the ground too. Still it was a long enough delay for two more aliens to join in and together with Lindsey’s help they pulled the Demon to the ground. The three aliens then dogpiled on the Demon and tore it apart. Two of the aliens ripped its wings off which they then used as weapons to bat other Asikori away. Nevertheless two more aliens were still carried away back to the pit.

The alien that Lindsey had saved was shocked at her actions. “We’re all in this together.” She said to the alien before they were forced to flee from more Asikori’s. Lindsey and the few surviving aliens managed to make their way to the edge of a cliff that led to a valley below filled with thousands of Asikori!

They couldn’t go back the way as not only were there hundreds of Asikori, but it simply led back to the pit and a dead end beyond that.

“Out of the frying pan” Lindsey said to herself as she struggled to think of a way out. She wouldn’t have time to recant the ritual now. Two of the aliens just simply ran into the valley. One of the aliens was grabbed and tossed into the air, whilst another was jumped by three of the Demons who quickly tore him to pieces.

Lindsey and two more aliens (who were all that was left of the refugees from the pit.) Huddled together in fear, lashing out at any Demon that came close. They knew they couldn’t hold on for long and so Lindsey decided to act.

“Follow my lead. When one of them grabs me. You jump on him. We can maybe use one of those freaks to fly over this valley.”

Lindsey didn’t give the aliens time to disagree and she quickly ran down the valley. Sure enough one of the Demons flew down and grabbed her. The two aliens quickly jumped on top of the Asikori that tried to fly back to the pit, but the aliens punched and kicked the Demon causing it to fly off course over the valley. In the ensuing struggle, the Demon let go of Lindsey. She still tried to hold on, but the monster kicked her off. Lindsey fell from over 80 feet in the air, but a tree broke her fall. One of the aliens quickly jumped after Lindsey, whilst the other alien still tried to fight the Demon. The two spun through the air for a few minutes, until the Asikori flew into a flock of Asikori who ripped the alien apart.

Lindsey and the sole surviving alien quickly jumped down from the tree. They had landed near the middle of the valley in a small forest area. The cover of the trees made it somewhat easier to hide from the Demons. On the ground the alien was more of a match for the Demons, though they were greatly outnumbered.

The alien used its strength to rip a giant piece of wood from a nearby tree to use as a weapon against the Demons. He managed to impale one of the monsters in the chest when it swooped down on him, and quickly broke the arm of another when it tried to grab him from behind.

Whilst the alien fought with the Demons Lindsey went behind a tree to try and chant the ritual. One of the Demons however quickly spotted her and and flew towards the time time traveler. The alien threw the piece of wood through the Demons chest before it reached Lindsey, killing it stone dead.

Lindsey was able to finish the ritual knocking 50 or so Demons in the nearby area out. The alien and Lindsey then ran through the forest searching for anywhere they could hide. Several more Demons started to circle the area, though they kept their distance for a short while as thy were not sure how Lindsey had been able to knock the other Demons out.

The alien spotted a small cave at the edge of the forest, but as he and Lindsey ran there a particularly bold Demon swooped down through the trees and grabbed onto the alien. Lindsey however reached into the earth and threw dirt into the monsters eyes, temporarily blinding it, whilst Lindsey and the alien made their way into the cave.

Though more Demons had spotted the two fleeing prisoners, they didn’t pursue them.

“Fools” said one of the Demons. “When they see what’s in that cave. They’ll have wished they died in the pit.”

“What? You can’t be serious? They’ve surrendered? The Maliaks do not surrender.” The leader of the Asikori said.

“It’s true my lord. The last platoon in this area are at the bottom of the mountain waiting for us. They claimed to have captured two strange aliens that they want to hand over as a show of good faith. They also claim to be willing to hand over their supposed leader.”

“Well” the Demon smiled. “Its seems they’ve finally realized what a liar and fool that so called God of theirs is.” “Still” he continued. “I better check this out for myself. Maliaks are such slimy, treacherous devils.”

The Maliak troop along with the Professor and Kirsteen had been brought to the foot of the mountain after seemingly surrendering. A large green magical ray pulled them right to the top of the mountain right before the Asikori leader and 20 other elite Demons.

“Well I never thought I’d see the day.” The leader of the Demons taunted the Maliak’s.

“Our father is no better than you.” The leader of the Maliak’s said back. “I refuse to die for him. We will hand over his location as well as these freaks.” He said whilst pointing at the Professor and Kirsteen. “As long as you let the last of us live and rebuild.”

“I can’t promise that.” The leader of the Demons laughed. “You at least will be killed quickly though. Well quicker than your team mates here.”

The Maliak leader smirked. “And here I was feeling bad that we’d tricked you. NOW” He shouted as the Professor finished the same chant as Lindsey that similarly knocked out all of the Demons, except for the leader. Being stronger than the rest he was thrown back, and greatly weakened by the spell but it didn’t knock him out.

“Clever. You must be from our world to know those magics? Are you a Demon of some kind? Why side with these monsters! They’ll kill us all.”The Asikori leader shouted. Three Maliak soldiers however jumped the Demon and started to beat it. The Demon with its last ounce of strength to thrust its hand through the chest of one of the Maliak soldiers.  The leader of the Maliak’s however grabbed the Demon from behind and prepared to snap its neck.

“NO” The Professor shouted. “We need him alive as leverage.”

“Well it seems my spell still works.” The Professor said smugly. The Professor roused one of the fallen lackeys.

“Tell them I have your leader. I know what you Asikori’s are like. You may be Demons but you have an undying loyalty to your King or Queen. If you don’t release all of your prisoners then I’ll tear his head off.”

The lackey however simply laughed. “Did you really think it would be that easy?” Suddenly an alarm system went off and the ground began to shake.

“What the hell is going on?” Kirsteen said as she was thrown off her feet.

“Your little magic tricks won’t work on him.” The beast taunted before flying towards the leader who he carried away. Some of the aliens tried to stop him, but the ground was shaking so hard that they could barely stand.

Suddenly the ground began to disappear and one by one the aliens fell into a black abyss. Grabbing Kirsteen the Professor jumped over twenty feet to the edge of the cliff , but it too began to crumble.

“Please” Kirsteen begged as the Professor held her over abyss. “I don’t want to die.”

“I’m sorry Kirsteen I” before the Professor could finish the entire structure crumbled and they both went tumbling into the seemingly endless darkness below.

“I don’t like this.” Lindsey said as she and the Maliak wandered through the dark tunnels.

“Why aren’t they chasing us? Those things really wanted to eat me.”

“Clearly there’s something down here that they think will do the job.” The alien said with regret. “We have to keep moving forward though. I’d rather deal with one monster than 1000.” He continued.

As Lindsey and the Maliak made their way deeper into the cave suddenly it began to shake again.

“What’s going on?” Lindsey asked.

“The mountain. Its flying!” The Maliak said.


“These mountains are ships constructed through magic. The Demons use them to travel through space. I’m sorry Lindsey but there’s no hope for us now. We can’t escape now. They’ll take us back to their HQ or let god knows whatever’s down here deal with us.”

“Don’t give up. My friends will find us. I’m sure of it. They have a ship that can get us all out of here. I just hope they get to us first.”

“I’m sorry my liege.Our armies have been beaten back.”

“That is not possible. I chose the Maliaks because I saw a strength in you, of all my creations to cleanse the universe of my mistakes and you have let me down.”

The cloaked figure stood out of its chair and began to conjure up a fire ball in its hand.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t destroy you and your miserable race.”

“We have a report of several strange aliens on the surface of the planet, who have reportedly aided some of our soldiers.”

“That’s not possible. Those Demons have this entire solar system cornered off. Also why would any intelligent life form want to help us?”

“I have no idea, but they found a way through the Demon blockade. Sadly according to our latest communication they are the prisoners of the Asikor in a mountain that was last seen fleeing the planet.”

“Find them now. I want to know who these aliens are. That mountain must not be allowed to leave this planet!”

As Lindsey and the Maliak made their way through the tunnels, they could see a light shinning ahead.

The light lead a to a large, empty room where the bodies of several Maliak were scattered. Right at the far edge of the room Lindsey could see the bodies of Professor Fang and Kirsteen.

She ran towards them in panic. “Kirsteen!” “Professor!”

Both began to stir.

“Oh thank god.”

“It was a close thing” The Professor said as he dusted himself down.

“The ground gave way and we fell over 200 feet. I was able to break Kirsteen’s fall.”

“Thank you Professor” Kirsteen said as she hauled herself up.

“Don’t mention it. I did get you into this to be fair.” The Professor said as he looked around.

“We better help the men.”

Suddenly however a gigantic roar bellowed from above. The three time travelers looked above to see a gigantic monster crawling down the wall.

The beast was over 30 feet long. It had a squat face with 4 black eyes like a spider, two massive poison tipped fangs, a large serpentine tongue, 4 pincer like limbs, a long body with massive spikes that ran down the centre, and three tails, all of which ended in similar hideous squat heads.

Quick as a flash the monster jumped in between Lindsey, the Professor, Kirsteen and the soldiers, with its heads at both ends being ready to strike.

To Be Continued







Doctor Who: The Fire of the Daleks: Part 2

Image result for Dylan MoranImage result for remembrance of the daleks

“You mean to say that none of them survived? It can’t be”

“I’m afraid so Asica my liege. The entire world of Meliscor is completely gone. We are the only survivors of the galaxy now.”

The king felt like giving up. All of the sacrifices and atrocities that had been carried out in his name, all those years of suffering had seemingly been for nothing.

“We can’t possibly hope to fight the Daleks off on our own.” The King said.

“No sir we can’t. This means we shall have to resort to the final option.”

“I prayed it wouldn’t come to this, but our race must survive and surrender isn’t an option.” The King said with regret.

Asica had been ruling their world throughout most of the war. His father Leri, though an effective and just ruler had struggled during the early years of the war with the Daleks. Leri chose Asica out of all his children replace him during the warbecause he believed Asica was the most heartless, and therefore the best to deal with the horrors ahead.

Its true that Asica was always the hardest out of all of his siblings, but even he had not been prepared for the Daleks. Asica had been forced to send billions of young men and women away to their deaths, ravage his planets resources, starve his people and force them work themselves to death. As a result the king was the most hated man on the entire planet, but there was really nothing anyone could have done differently. It had only been through Asica’s ruthless actions that his world had held out for so long, but now it appeared that it was all for nothing. Or maybe not.

The only hope for the Heglozians was to try and get a select group of their people away from the galaxy in a spaceship that had been constructed over the course of the last few years. This plan, called the final option had been prepared for the last few years when most of the planets fell to the Daleks.

In spite of the devastating losses, the King still hoped he’d never have to implement the plan. Not only did he not want to abandon his people, the plan also had a very slim chance at succeeding anyway. Asica would have to essentially use most of his soldiers to distract the monsters, whilst he and the select few fled. The Daleks would most likely pick up a ship fleeing the solar system anyway, but if there were enough vessels distracting the Dalek war fleet. It might just slip by. There is no way that all of the men would abandon their post around the planet however. Furthermore if the public found out about the ship, they would do all they could to stop it from leaving.

There were regular attacks on Asica’s central command from various different groups of rebels, all with their own reasons for hating Asica.

Those in the poorer areas who were forced to work night and day, whose husbands, wives, daughters and children were dragged away to fight viewed Asica as a glory hound who cared about defeating the Daleks rather than his own people. They wished he would surrender to end the conflict. (Having no idea that surrender was not an option.) Others meanwhile viewed Asica as an incompetent leader who wasn’t doing enough to stop the Daleks. Others believed that he needed to be stopped due to the damage he had inflicted on the environment, which they believed was worse than anything the Daleks could ever do.

Whatever the case most people on the planet wanted him dead. It was hard for Asica to even get loyal body guards. The only way he could ensure their loyalty was to promise them that their families would not be called on to fight the Daleks, and that they would be given a place on the escape ship. This meant that many of the elite who had been originally chosen however would have to be replaced and executed to prevent knowledge of the plan from being leaked.

Whilst the people were divided into different groups, desperate to try and take control from Asica. The knowledge of the ship would most likely unite them all against him.

Even if the ship did manage to escape its own people and the Daleks, all of the planets in the entire galaxy next door were seemingly inhospitable. There is no way they would have enough supplies for most of the crew to survive the journey, let alone trying to terrorform a planet.

Finally the vessel which would have to travel faster and further than any of their other ships had not even been tested yet. There was no way to test it. For all Asica knew, the ship would explode as soon as they tried to take off.

Asica contemplated simply ending his own life now. Better that he thought than to order millions of young men and women to sacrifice themselves to the Daleks whilst he and the elite fled like cowards.

“No” the king thought to himself. “I have a duty to our people. Some of us must survive. We can’t let hundreds of thousands of years of history and struggles end like this.”

Just as Asica was about give the order to implement the final plan however, another guard came bursting into the room with a look of horror on his face.

“My liege, we’ve just had report that one of our vessels escaped the massacre of Meliscor. It crashed right in the centre of the badlands.”.

“Where there any survivors.”

“We don’t know yet.”

“Well I’m afraid we have more important matters to discuss if you’ll.”

“I’m afraid sir there was…. There was a Dalek on board.”

Asica’s blood ran cold.

“How, how could it get by.”

“We don’t know yet, but there is a possibility that it may have survived and be loose on the planet right now..”

“Send a team to the badlands to be sure. The possibility of a Dalek on this world and the fact that we are the last survivors means the final option must be implemented.”

“Doctor, Doctor wake up”. Dana roused the Doctor after the debris had fallen on him when the ship was struck by the missiles. Together they then shifted the boulder off of Zoella.

“Quick we have to get to the safe room.” Zoella shouted. The Doctor could not disable the trap the Dalek had placed on lock of the TARDIS in time and more rubble had fallen in front of the TARDIS anyway.

Their chances of survival in the safe room were still very slim, but it was their only chance. The corpses of Zoella’s team still littered the room. Dana could barely look at them, but Zoella showed no emotion. Zoella had seen entire worlds burn by this point. The Doctor similarly had seen so many people, even entire races fall victim to the Daleks that he was sadly used to it by now.

It soon became apparent to the Dalek that the ship could not be redirected, and so the monster quickly followed the trio to the safe room

“YOU ARE TRAPPED” the Dalek shouted as it fired at the three cornered humanoids. The downward trajectory of the ship however quickly sent the Dalek flying back to the other end of the room

The safe room survived the crash, but it was blown to the other side of the wreckage. The Doctor, Dana and Zoella had managed to hold on, but when it finally hit the ground all 3 were knocked out cold.

Zoella’s right arm was broken in the impact, whilst the Doctor suffered two broken ribs.

Dana was the luckiest in the crash as she only had a few broken fingers. The Dalek had been thrown out of the room into the rest of the ship meanwhile.

The Doctor was the first to wake up.

“Dana.” the Doctor said as he roused her and clutched his ribs. “I take it we’ve landed. Not my smoothest landing, but now my worst either.”

Zoella started to wake up. Unlike the Doctor she didn’t even take notice of the pain.

“Where is the Dalek.” She shouted

“First let me see if you’re all right.” Dana asked as she tended to Zoella.

“We need to find it. We can’t let it loose.”

Suddenly the room began to shake again.

“Its the military. They’re destroying what’s left of the ship. We have to get out of here!” Zoella said.

The Doctor climbed out first. The entire room had been knocked on its head with the door facing up the way. In the sky above the Doctor could see the Dalek flying through the air and fighting with several smaller fighter ships. None of them were able to land a hit on the Dalek however it was so fast. The Dalek meanwhile was able to bring down each ship with just one blast each.

“It won’t take it long to finish them.” The Doctor said. Dana followed him, but Zoella couldn’t because of her arm. She tried to fight through the pain, but it was too much even for her. The Doctor reached down and with Dana’s help pulled Zoella up.

The Doctor, Zoella and Dana jumped off of the wreckage while the Dalek was distracted with the last of the fighter jets. Below however the trio were confronted by several soldiers pointing guns at them. There must have been over 50 there in total.

The soldiers attention was quickly diverted to the Dalek as it flew overhead. The soldiers much like Zoella’s crew where frozen with terror when they first saw the monster. They had heard so much about the Daleks, but up until now had been lucky enough not to meet one.

“EXTERMINATE” The Dalek screamed as it fired on several of the soldiers. The rest of the soldiers started to scatter whilst firing back at the Dalek. The Dalek didn’t even bother to dodge their attacks, as the rays simply bounced off of its casing.

“AIM FOR THE EYEPIECE” The Doctor shouted in desperation. None of the soldiers even acknowledged him however. They had never felt so helpless and just fired blindly in fear and desperation.

As the Doctor continued to try and warn them, one of the soldiers hit the the Doctor over the head with the butt of his gun. The Doctor was knocked out cold and the soldier responsible quickly pointed his gun at Dana and Zoella before they could come to the Time Lord’s aid.

“Come with me now. The King will want to speak with you himself. NOW!” He said as he hoisted the Doctor over his shoulder. The soldier took Dana and Zoella away on a small vessel whilst the rest of his platoon desperately tried in vain to bring down the Dalek.

The Dalek seemed to take its time in killing the soldiers. It could have wiped them all out in under a minute, but it prolonged their deaths for as long as it could. It let the final soldiers ammo run out on the Daleks casing, before cornering him against a rock. The Dalek simply stared the petrified soldier down for a few minutes, bringing him to the very limit of his terror before gunning him down in cold blood.

All a Dalek existed for was to destroy all apparent “lesser life forms.” Whenever they could they would savor a kill.

The Doctor awoke in the King’s room. Asica had asked they be brought to him as he always liked to shame traitors himself. In his own mind it was his way of getting back at his own people who had decried him as a monster for so long.  The Doctor awoke to both Zoella and Asica screaming at each other.

“You should have stopped him. You’ve doomed our entire planet.” Asica screamed at Zoella.

“Well dooming our planet is nothing you haven’t done.” Zoella said back “You’re a weak man. You always were. A semi competent leader could have helped to save at least one of the planets in this galaxy.”

The Doctor interrupted. “Excuse me, hate to be a bother but could you direct me to a large blue box?”

“Doctor.” Dana said. “The Dalek it, it killed all of the soldiers. Its loose.”

“Yes thanks to you three.” Asica snapped.

“Excuse me, we just arrived in this galaxy. We didn’t know anything about your war until 30 minutes ago! Now please can you tell me did your men find a blue box from the rubble”. The Doctor said flippantly.

“Those men rescued you from the monster you brought here, and all you care about is some trinket” Asica shouted.

“You’re the leader here am I right? In that case those men died in your name, not mine. Also that ‘trinket’ is actually a complex, space and time machine that can get you and the rest of your people out of here. Its called the TARDIS and from the looks of things its your people’s last hope.” The Doctor said boastfully.

Asica was silent for a few minutes.” I know you are not one of us.” He said. When the Doctor and Dana were brought in, their bodies were scanned which instantly revealed that they were not only not of this world, but of this galaxy. “Did the Daleks create you?”

“Oh not this again look I already went through this with her. I’m a time traveller.” The Doctor said

“Did you cross entire galaxies just to taunt a dying race.”

“I crossed billions of galaxies to get here, but I am not lying when I say I can help you. Please we need to stop that Dalek first, and then get your people out of here while the forcefield still holds.

Asica wasn’t sure what to think. As far as he knew time travel was an impossibility, yet if the alien was telling the truth then he couldn’t ignore a chance to help his people.”

“What do we have to lose” The king said in a somewhat pessimistic tone. “Your ship can it take off right away?”

“Yes. It can go anywhere, to another world, another time. We can make as many stops as we need.

” You will accompany a team to the wreckage to fetch this blue box if what you say is true. We will deal with the Dalek itself.” The King said.

“Well that’s the thing I have some experience in dealing with these monsters if you’ll only listen to me.” The Doctor said.

“We’ll see if you’re telling the truth about this vessel first. The Daleks are our priority. We’ve been fighting them for longer. I’m not going to listen to a total stranger about the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced.”

“You two” he said to two soldiers. “Take him back to the wreckage. Zoella and the other alien will stay here.”

“No” the Doctor said. “They both come with me.”

“You’re wasting time” Asica said. “I won’t hurt them I promise, but you wouldn’t expect me to give up my only leverage?”

“Just go” Dana said. “He’s right all the time we spend here arguing, the more the Dalek gets a lead on us.”

“If only that fool would listen. With his resources I might be able to whip up a weapon against that monster.” The Doctor thought to himself.

Suddenly a massive explosion shook the building.

“The Dalek. It followed us” Dana said.

“No” Asika replied as he checked the screen. “Its the Hiaskas. A rebel group. They’ve broken down our defenses. They’re here!”

To Be Continued



The Circus Master: An Eye For An Eye: Part 1: The Lost City


Sorry for the delay. It’s been a busy week thanks to starting a new job. (Which is going really well.) Doctor Who will be back tomorrow, whilst Professor Fang will be up on either Sunday or Monday.

It had only been a few days from the Circus Folk’s perspective since they had left Victorian London. Carlene had done all she could to try and get to know her new team mates in the meantime. Carlene found Florence to be the easiest to get along with. She and Carlene naturally had a lot in common, having both been turned into Vampires at such a young age, though Florence found Carlene’s somewhat coarse language and behavior quite off putting. She hated Carlene’s smoking habit in particular. Keptis generally tended to ignore Carlene’s attempts to get to know him and keep to himself. She didn’t expect much more to be fair, given his hatred of Vampires.

Denika meanwhile was absorbed in her work throughout most of the journey. Unlike Keptis she wasn’t rude or short with Carlene when she tried to make conversation, but she generally tended to tell the Vampire she was too busy. It wasn’t personal. Denika was always tinkering away with her magics and trying to create new weapons and gadgets.

The Circus Master had been the most eager to talk to Carlene, but ironically she found his perpetual optimism somewhat annoying, though she wasn’t sure if it was just because he was a Vandal and her natural prejudices were kicking in. She tried not to let it bother her.

There was no point in trying to get to know the Strange Boy meanwhile. He hadn’t moved an inch the entire journey. Much like the rest of the crew, Carlene found him quite unsettling to say the least.

Unlike Carlene Ashlei had been mostly quite. Truth be told she was starting to have second thoughts.

Carlene had helped Ashlei cope with the death of brothers. The strange eccentric Vampire had been the only person who had taken Ashlei’s mind off of her troubles for even a second, but it was more than that. Carlene was the closest thing the young orphan had ever had to a mother. Ashlei was determined not to loose her. Now however the reality of what she was in for was starting to sink in for Ashlei. She had no idea where she was going next, and she really didn’t know much about any of these strange people she was with. Also what would they face next? Monsters like the ones that had killed her brothers? Or something worse. The more she thought about it, the more she thought she had been too rash in leaving what would have been a comfortable life in the mansion with Daniel behind.

Carlene did her best to try and ease the culture shock for the young girl. She even showed Ashlei how to work the computer game system on the Tent. Ashlei at first thought it was magic, and she was even frightened of some of the strange creatures she saw on the screen. Still Carlene assured her that it was quite safe, and it soon became practically all Ashlei did on the long journey. Carlene would also try to teach Ashlei how to fight as well. Ashlei seemed to do quite well with weapons, though she struggled more with hand to hand combat.

“Ah good. We’ve landed. It seemed to take longer this time than usual.” The Circus Master said as he jumped out of his chair excitedly. “We must have landed on the furthest edges of our galaxy. Oh don’t worry about the atmosphere. This tent’s magics alters your body to be able to survive in any atmosphere on any planet. You won’t choke or get crushed or anything like that” he said to Carlene and Ashlei. “However” the Circus Master continued as he reached into a box at the end of the room which contained purple pills.

“You’ll need to take these if you want to have any chance of understanding people. Even on the same planet there are often dozens and dozens of languages. Imagine how many there must across the entire universe. No one, not even an immortal like me would have the time for that. This handy little invention from I believe the planet thracos in the 18th century will translate whatever you say, and whatever anyone says to you for a 48 hour period.”

The Circus Master and the others stared into the fountain. They saw what looked like an absolutely beautiful city from a society clearly well in advance of the planet they had just left.

Its inhabitants were humanoid, though they all had golden skin with flame red hair. The golden humanoids looked scared, frantic and desperate. The Circus Folk soon saw why. Several hundred strange tentacled aliens started to descend on the city from the pitch black sky. The creatures were amorphous in shape and glowed bright blue. Tentacles appeared to be able to emerge from any part of the monsters bodies, and retract back into them just as quickly. Each tentacle was capable of stretching out over 80 feet.

The tentacled beasts took very few prisoners. Most of the humanoids they caught. Man, woman, or child, they butchered. They appeared to electrocute their victims with their tentacles, though they also tore several of the humanoids apart, smashed others off of buildings and impaled others through the chest.

All of the team, except for the Circus Master team looked away in disgust. By the time the strange octopoid alien creatures had finished there was nothing left of the city and only a few of the humanoids left. The next vision showed the few survivors trapped in a magical bubble of some kind, screaming in agony.

“Horrifying. To see an entire people be wiped out like that. Even just in a vision” Florence said.

“Well that’s what we’re hear to stop.” The Circus Master said confidently as he prepared to open the doors, though not without some bravado first much to the annoyance of Keptis. The Circus Master always loved to make it a big grand moment the first time the team set foot on a new world, or time. It was even more special now with the teams two new recruits.

Once he opened the doors however the sight that greeted the time travelers was a desolate wasteland, filled with corpses of strange animals and people. The life forms had clearly been killed by a fire storm of some kind. Their bodies were all burnt to a crisp. The sky was pitch black, though it didn’t look as though it was actually night time.

Instead a black smog smothered the sky and filled the air, giving it a foul stench, and despairing look.

“I was hoping it might be a better place for your first visit. Maybe London in the swinging 60s, or Venus, god I love Venus.” the Circus Master said shaking his head.

The earth of the planet felt burning hot. Ashlei was the most affected as she wasn’t used to these types of conditions. At one point Carlene even offered to carry her as they trekked through the dark forboding desert, but Ashlei refused. If she was going to be part of the team, then she felt she couldn’t afford to be the weak link.

Ashlei looked back at the Circus which even in this miserable, pitch black terrain still stood out as colourful. Like a tiny little gem in a sea of coal.

Carlene meanwhile was too busy looking at the strange corpses around them. “I’ve never seen Demons like these before.” She said.

“That’s because they are not Demons.” Said the Circus Master. “They are aliens. Trust me I can sense a Demon. I basically am one remember. This is not your world Carlene. I don’t know what world it is. I didn’t recognise either species in the vision. I can’t imagine there are any survivors? Yet the vision showed us a city we’re supposed to save?”

The Circus Master looked down at one particular corpse. It had a humanoid shape, though its body was too burned for him to get any idea what the creature looked like.

“Poor soul” The Circus Master said with regret “Though I don’t know maybe he was a monster. Still” he said as he looked up at the smog covered sky. “It seems they were the victims of a greater monster.”

The Circus Master turned to face his team. “Whatever the case I think we can all agree that we want to get off this planet as soon as possible. We’ll find what we were looking for a lot faster if we split up into two groups. Denika, Ashlei and Carlene you come with me. Florence and Keptis. You take the Strange Boy.”

Keptis rolled his eyes “Why do you never take the Strange Boy?” “Well you know how it is between Vampires and Vandals. We generally don’t get on” replied the Circus Master.

“Carlene’s a Vampire?” Keptis responded.

“Well they’re our two new recruits so I want to see how they get on” The Circus Master said as he hurriedly pushed Carlene and Ashlei ahead of him.

Even after the Circus Master was gone Keptis still moaned about having to look after the Strange Boy again.

“I don’t exactly get along with Vampires either” he said frowning.

“Well maybe this experience will help you get over some of your prejudices” Florence said back.

The two groups spent roughly half an hour searching through the wilderness of this strange seemingly dead world. All they found were more bodies though there were also what looked like the remains of strange vehicles too. The Circus Master tried to examine one of them, but it was too badly damaged for him to figure out how it functioned.

Ashlei was tired and her feet were burning and so she sat down on a nearby rock. It was scorching to touch, and she jumped up when she first sat on it, but it was still better than being on her feet.

Carlene and Ashlei were jealous of Denika who was circling above them and not having to walk on the scorched earth.

The Circus Master meanwhile was distracted by what was the only living creature they had seen on the planet. It was a small furry creature, no larger than a wolf with pincer like forearms, six pincer like legs, and a long, spikey tail. It a small face with 8 black eyes and 4 sets of teeth.

It was clearly on the level of an animal and nothing more than a scavenger, feasting on the endless corpses. It looked weak and sickly however, but it was not alone. A further six similar creatures began to hover around the carcass, before a larger one, roughly the size of a bear emerged from just over the hill. It was clearly the mother of the pack. The Circus Master made sure not to make any noise. Though they appeared to be scavengers he didn’t want to risk it in case they wanted live meat.

Whilst they were alone Carlene felt she had to try and talk to Ashlei about her brothers. Ashlei practically hadn’t said a word about either of them since it happened.

“Its not what you expected is it Ashlei”? Carlene said in a dry tone.

“Well you know it is only our first journey. I did hope there wouldn’t be quite so many dead bodies mind you”. Ashlei said with regret.

“Well like you said its our first journey” Carlene replied. A few more moments of awkward silence passed before Ashlei finally talked about what it was that was really bothering Ashlei.

“I know you’re thinking about your brothers Ashlei. You’ve said you don’t want to talk about it, and I understand. You’re not ready to accept that the person you love is gone yet. But you’re here among friends.”

Ashlei spoke, struggling to hold back the tears. “All this time the horror of what happened to them both has distracted me from the fact that I’m never going to see them again. I miss them Carlene. Every day when I wake up I. ” She couldn’t go on any longer.

“I know Ashlei. You’ll never stop missing them. Still the memory of either won’t always be unhappy. In years to come you’ll be able to put it in perspective. The loss will always hurt, but you’ll be able to think back on the happy times you had and feel lucky that you had those people in your life.”

Ashlei felt somewhat comforted by Carlene’s words. “Thank you Carlene. I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you.” Ashlei said with a slight smile.

“You’d cope. You’re stronger than you think Ashlei. I know you don’t think that about yourself, but here you are. You’re doing what no one else from your time has ever done. You’re on the frontier of discovery. Another world, with its own people. Again its just a shame that it had to be this planet.”

Denika meanwhile had been flying across the nearby area searching for signs of life and just her own amusement. She loved to use her magics as often as possible. In the distance however Denika noticed something. It was a tiny orange light that pierced the darkness. It looked like a flare at first, but as it drew closer, Denika could see that it was much larger. It was in fact some kind of strange magical craft made of fire!

Denika shouted to the others to warn them, but most as soon as she did the craft fired a large bolt of fire at Ashlei and Carlene. Fortunately Carlene’s Vampiric reflexes allowed her to push Ashlei out of the way in time. The ship would fire several more bolts of fire at Carlene and Ashlei, but the Vampire managed to dodge them each time.

Denika fired an energy beam at the ship which caused the flame to turn blue for a few seconds, but otherwise didn’t appear to affect it.

“I’ll draw it away” Denika shouted as she flew towards the ship and fired more blasts at it. The ship however simply absorbed them before firing a massive energy beam that enveloped Denika.

Denika tried to break free, but the forcefield was strong. As she was pulled closer Denika could see a small hatch start to appear in the flaming vehicle. A bright light shone from the hatch that made it almost impossible to see what was inside. However several red tentacles soon began to spread out from the light and poked their way through the forcefield. One of them wrapped itself around Denika’s arm. The pain shot through her entire body. Had it not been for her magical constitution the pain would have most likely killed her!

The pain however pushed Denika to summon up a magical blast strong enough to shatter the forcefield and sever all of the red tentacles grabbing or reaching out for her.

The blast had completely drained Denika’s power for a few moments however to the point where she wasn’t able to even fly. She fell over 80 feet from the ship, with no magic to protect her, towards several jagged rocks!

Fortunately Carlene, jumping through the air was able to catch Denika several feet before she fell on the rocks.

“Thanks” Denika said as her power quickly returned. “I need to draw it away from here” she continued before flying through the air and blasting the ship and drawing it away.

Unfortunately however the flaming ship’s attacks had alerted the scavengers. They all turned around and instantly spotted the Circus Master. The children hissed excitedly whilst the mother suddenly spread two gigantic, reptillian looking wings out of her back.

She flew into the air at a lightening speed. Despite her hulking frame the monster was very quick. The children it seemed had not grown their wings yet, but they were still able to scurry quite quickly towards the Circus Master, Carlene and Ashlei and surround them whilst the mother circled above.

The monsters were salivating with hunger. Carlene pulled an electric sword from her beehive. Carlene had found the weapon on the Circus Tent which had been fashioned in the 22nd century. The Circus Master meanwhile unsheathed his claws. He was confident that he wouldn’t need a weapon.

The monsters were all hesitant to strike at the 3 time travelers. The scavengers had never seen anything like them before, but the lure of fresh meat was just too strong for the beasts.

Ashlei was the first to strike at one of them who got too close. She prodded it with her sword which sent the beast scurrying back. Two more monsters got angry and started to attack. The Circus Master, standing in front of his two colleagues unsheathed his claws and scratched at the aliens coming near him.

Unfortunately however whilst they were too busy focusing on the children, the mother swooped down and was able to snatch Carlene.

Whilst the Circus Master was distracted one of the children was able to jump him. Ashlei started swinging her sword around blindly to ward off the other scavengers, but one of them managed to knock the sword out of her hand with a swing of its tail. Another swing sent Ashlei crashing face first into the hot earth.

The scavenger grabbed Ashlei’s foot and pulled her away from the Circus Master. Ashlei tried to grab onto the ground but it was so hot she let go. However she managed to hold on to a piece of burning hot earth which she threw in the scavengers face causing it to let go of her foot as it staggered back in pain.

Ashlei immediately went back to her sword and started slashing the creatures again warding them off. The Circus Master meanwhile managed to overpower his scavenger and picked it up with both hands, lifting it above his head. The Circus Master threw the beast above Ashlei and into the scavengers behind her, which sent them all tumbling backwards.

The Circus Master then grabbed Ashlei by the hand and sped off in the direction the monster had taken Carlene.

The two soon saw that their fellow time traveler had overpowered the queen of the nest. The Queen was lying on the floor, knocked out cold, whilst Carlene was just dusting the burning ash off of her top.

“What did you do to him? said a puzzled but delighted Ashlei. “I hit her in the face. That normally seems to work.” She joked. “I’m a lot stronger than I look remember.”

Just then however the scavengers began to swarm the time travelers again. As they all prepared to fight the monsters off, the monsters suddenly ran towards their mother and began to tear her flesh off her bones.

She was helpless now, and they could sense it. The Circus Master, Carlene, and Ashlei looked away in disgust. “Well I suppose its all very Darwinian in a way, if a little disgusting” said the Circus Master as he winced.

Denika had continued to evade the flaming ship, dodging its attacks, keeping ahead of the vehicle, but she couldn’t keep it up for much longer.

In the distance Denika saw a gigantic mountain. Maybe if she could phase through it? Denika had only done it once before, and it would take a long of power to not only phase, but to maintain it. Still it seemed like her best bet and she flew through the rock. The flaming vessel stopped in its tracks for a few seconds. Even it had never seen magics like this. Inside the rock Denika struggled to remain transparrant. If she gave up for even a second, she would be incased in solid rock.

The flaming ship started to blow the mountain apart and Denika quickly hid behind a large flaming boulder. The ship searched the rubble for a few minutes before speeding off in the other direction.

The Circus Master, Carlene and Ashlei quickly ran to the rubble of the mountain.

“The ship belonged to the monsters we saw in the vision” Denika said as she flew in front of her fellow time travelers.

” When they almost pulled me in I saw several tentacles try to grab me. Their magics are strong.”

“I thought as much. This planet clearly wasn’t destroyed through natural means. The foul odor of dark magic is still in the air.” The Circus Master said. “Come we need to find any survivors before they do.”

The foursome trekked through the wasteland for another half an hour, finding nothing but more corpses and bits of rubble. Over the next hill however there was nothing. The earth was still as dark and scorched as it was elsewhere however. “Strange” said The Circus Master. “I wonder why there are no bodies here? Either this wasn’t a populated area or”.

“Or what” said a scared Ashlei. “There’s some giant, fat, greedy monster out there that’s eaten everything, dead or alive in this entire area and we’ve just wandered haplessly into its nest?”

The Circus Master rubbed his neck somewhat nervously. “Well that does seem to be the likely option, but its best to keep a low profile no matter what.”

“And how do we do that? We’re in the middle of a desert” said Carlene. Just then the four time travelers suddenly heard a massive shriek.

As they looked up, they could see a gigantic, winger, reptillian beast hovering in the sky, its eyes fixated on the four, strange aliens.

The monster looked somewhat like a Pterodactyl. It was a reddish brown in colour, had a long beak like mouth full of sharp, yet jagged, and in some cases broken teeth. Its massive talons also looked burnt and decaying too. The beast overall was thin, covered in burns and looked weak.

However its massive size still made it a truly intimidating sight. The monsters wingspan was over 80 feet. It dwarfed even the mightiest Pterosaurs on earth, and was bigger than a small plane.

Denika tried to fire a magical energy beam at the monster but it was able to swerve the blast and quickly grabbed the Witch in its talons.

Ashlei however was able to jab the monster with her electric sword. She only got it for a second, but it was on one of its rotten, broken toes. The monster roared in agony, and whilst it was distracted, Denika used her magic to blast it back into the sky.

The monster went tumbling back through the air, but it didn’t take long for the beast to gain its balance in the air again and start circling Ashlei, Carlene and the Circus Master, whilst dodging more blasts from Denika.

The Circus Master shouted at the monster to come to him, assuring Carlene and Ashlei that he knew what he was doing.

The winged beast chased the Circus Master across the black desert and though he was able to keep ahead of the monster for a long time it eventually caught up to him.

It grabbed the Vandal in its talons and started to lift him in the air. However once it had lifted him a good distance above the ground, the Circus Master stabbed his claws into the monsters toe. It released him in pain, but the Circus Master held onto its toe and quickly jumped onto the monsters back, and quickly stabbed his claws into the beasts spine, it managed to flip him off, however the Circus Master managed to dig his claws into its right wing as he fell and it tore a large chunk of flesh off.

The Circus Master went plummeting to the ground, but he survived the fall easily due to his Vandal constitution.

The monster meanwhile unable to keep flying with its torn wing also went crashing to the ground.

“I told you I could deal with it. I know we’re the aliens on his planet, but he tried to eat us so I’d say he was fair game.” The Circus Master said to his team mates as they helped him up.

The monster had clearly broken many of its bones in the fall. It struggled to even move, but it was still able to scream.

The Circus Master went over to put the beast out of its misery, but as he got near the monster, the earth started to shake so much so that The Circus Master and the others were thrown off of their feet.

Just then a gigantic snake like monster, so huge it dwarfed the winged beast came bursting out of the ground, behind the crippled winged terror.

The creature was at least over 500 feet long. Its skin was bright purple, with yellow spots, and a massive green sail running down its back. It had a single green eye, with a red pupil. The monsters mouth was locked in the form of a hideous grin,. Its gigantic teeth were almost too big to fit in its mouth.

The monster opened its jaws and with one scoop it swallowed the winged monster in one bite before disappearing beneath the ground again.

The shaking started again however, and this time a smaller snake like creature, though still over 50 feet long emerged from the ground in front of the Circus Master, Ashlei, Carlene and a hovering Denika.

The monster darted at them and would have eaten Ashlei had the Circus Master not been faster and managed to push her out of the way.

Denika used her magics to create a circular barrier around herself and the others. She tried to fly out of reach, but several more monsters came bursting out of the ground and started to hit the forcefield. The field held off the monsters who struck at them several more times. Each time the field was hit, Denika was hurt however. One strike from one of the larger monsters sent the bubble tumbling below the ground into the dark caverns.

It was so dark below, the Denika could barely see ahead. She as forced to pilot her sphere blindly through the pit, trying to avoid any monsters.

Just then one of the monsters, larger than the first, came bursting through the darkness from below and engulfed the three time travelers with one bite.

The sphere passed down the beasts throat and into its stomach. The monsters digestive acids slowly began to eat away at the force field, weakening Denika further.

However having taken so many batterings the force field was now cracking. As they floated through the monsters digestive acids, they bumped into bits of rotting flesh, and even the severed head of another strange creature. The head whose flesh had almost all melted off, had two massive horns on the back of its head, and two more above its eyes. It also had a long horn on the tip of its snout, with several shorter horns running down to the back of its head. It also had three sets of long, curved, razor sharp teeth set deeply into its skull. The overall shape of the beasts head was similar somewhat to that of a large therapod Dinosaur.

Ashlei screamed as the acid began to peer through the sphere in small drips. One drop hit Ashlei and burned her skin causing her to jump into Carlene’s arms.

Even the Circus Master himself began to panic. “It can’t end like this. Surely?” He said to himself quietly. Denika meanwhile who was almost completely exhausted suddenly rose up and performed a magical blast. Doing so whilst still holding the crumbling bubble together.

It was only a small blast with very little power, and did no lasting damage to the monster, but because the blast was in its stomach, it was enough affect the monsters stomach lining which Denika was hoping for. The monster vomited the sphere up (along with countless bones, skulls and fragments of its other unfortunate victims.)

The sphere went plummeting in a sea of green vomit down the abyss, with the time travelers all holding on to each other and screaming. Denika however using her last ounce of strength pushed the sphere out of the vomit, though it still fell to the bottom of the ground where it smashed to pieces instantly, sending, Ashlei, Denika, Carlene and The Circus Master flying in different directions.

Pieces of rubble were still falling everywhere around them, and the Circus Master was barely able to dodge a massive boulder that nearly crushed him!

Carlene meanwhile ran towards Denika who had been knocked completely unconscious by the strain of the magics. She tried to rouse her, but Denika was completely out of it. Carlene hoisted Denika up over her shoulder and ran.

The Circus Master meanwhile, acting quickly was able to stop a small snake monster  (still about 45 feet long) from devouring both Ashlei and Carlene. He only noticed the monster despite its size until it was looming over Ashlei and Carlene due to the darkness of the cave! Wasting no time, the Circus Master grabbed the large boulder that had almost crushed him and hurled at the Snake monster sending it flying back through the air.

The time travelers ran head in blind panic. They could barely even see where they were going it was so dark, and the sound of the monsters screaming was deafening.

They suddenly reached the edge of a cliff, where several hundred feet below they could see a massive city, similar to the one they had seen in their vision.

“How do we get there?” Ashlei asked.

“We jump” the Circus Master said.

Before Ashlei could even ask what he went, the Circus Master grabbed her and jumped over the edge of the cliff alongside Carlene who was carrying Denika.

Once they reached the bottom of the cliff near the city, The Circus Master, Carlene and Ashlei saw to their horror hundreds of giant snake monsters flying through the air. The light from the city allowed them to see above more clearly now. The biggest were over 700 feet long! They were swirling around snapping and biting at each other.

The three ran towards the city, with the snakes not noticing them as they were too busy fighting with each other.

Once they reached the city however, they found that they couldn’t get within 5 feet of. A mysterious barrier was preventing anyone from going any further.

“In a planet this nasty you’d have to have some kind of force field. Question is how do we get through it?” The Circus Master

Ashlei could see several more snakes, hovering in the air above them. “I don’t know but please figure it out quickly!”

Just then a massive green spotlight shone from the tallest tower in the city and landed squarely on Carlene, the Circus Master and Ashlei.

They all paniced as the light had surely brought them to the attention of all of the snakes, and for a moment the monsters, all of them, regardless of size, looked as though they were about to pounce on the foursome.

Instead however a hover craft came flying out of the city. It was yellow in colour, triangular in shape and had a strange blue glow coming beneath it, not unlike the one from the city.

The craft was completely smooth with no designs or markings on it whatsoever. As the ship zeroed in on the the Circus Master and the others the Snakes stopped in their tracks. They didn’t seem scared of the craft. Instead these unspeakable monstrosities seemed suddenly seemed more like a litter of puppies anxiously awaiting their masters commands.

The top half of the craft opened up, revealing three golden humanoids, just like the ones they saw in their vision, There didn’t appear to be anything else in the craft, including even controls of any kind.

The humanoids circled the three time travelers whilst holding their strange looking weapons for a few minutes before the Circus Master spoke.

“You know you’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t ask us questions? said the Circus Master in a dry tone.

The aliens were a little taken aback. The male spoke in a voice that sounded, in contrast to the creatures appearance, thick and rough.

“How can you speak our language?” said the creature. “You don’t resemble any of the life forms we’ve colonised, or even any of the known life forms from the 7 Galaxies? You’re with them aren’t you?” He began to shout. “You’ve come to spy on us! Tell me how did you find us?”

The Circus Master did his best to try and diffuse the situation. “I don’t know what’s going on on this planet. We’re just travelers. We mean you no harm.”

“Right” sneered the alien. “You’re just a simple traveler who managed to stumble into the middle of an intergalactic war, and then survived an encounter with the Lystegrias? We should feed you to them.”

“No” interrupted one of the females “We’ll take them in for questioning. Find out what they’re doing here. They’ll wish our little pets had eaten them.” She said with a sadistic smile.

Whilst the male alien wasn’t looking, the Circus Master was able to kick the gun out of his hand with his Vandal speed. As he reached down to grab it, the other two alien women instantly fired several times on the Circus Master. The laser beams from their guns cut several holes in the Circus Master but did not otherwise deter him and they quickly healed.

“I knew it” said the male. “You have magic. You are with them!” The Circus Master picked up the gun and aimed it at the three aliens. “You can’t kill me, but I can easily kill all three of you. Even without this” he said as he unsheathed the claws on his other hand.

The two females dropped their guns. “What do you want from us?” said the male.

“I want to know the history of this planet. Who are you? What happened here? With monsters like those as your pets, who could possibly terrify you to the point where you’re living underground and ready to shoot anything that moves? We’re hear to help you.”

The aliens seemed a little perplexed by the Circus Masters questions.  They felt sure he was a spy for their enemies.

“You know our history. We were once the greatest civilisation until you freaks tore it apart. Go on kill us. I’d rather die now than see my people burn.”

As the male spat back at the Circus Master, Denika finally began to rouse from his slumber.

Carlene tended to her. “Thank god. I was getting worried there that you were never going to wake up.”

Whilst the Circus Master was arguing with the aliens, trying to convince them that he wasn’t a spy, Ashlei noticed another 6 yellow crafts descending from the city towards them.

She tried to alert the Circus Master, but he cut her off each time as he was too busy arguing. It was only when the male alien started laughing that the Circus Master turned around and saw what was waiting for him.

Whilst the Circus Master was distracted, the male alien rushed him. Carlene meanwhile pushed the drained Denika and Ashlei behind her and started to fight off several of the aliens. The aliens strength was no match for that of a Vandal, and the Circus Master tossed him away effortlessly. However the alien did manage to knock the gun out of The Circus Masters hand, and whilst he was busy fighting the male alien off, who attempted to rush the Vandal again, the two female aliens quickly grabbed their two guns and then grabbed Ashlei and the weakened Denika.

The two female aliens called out to the Circus Master, with their guns aimed firmly at Ashlei and Denika’s heads.

“We know you are laser proof, but are your friends?”

With no choice the Circus Master got on his knees and put his hands behind his head as the 6 other crafts landed around them..

“Well” said the leader of the group. “Rather strange looking aliens. I don’t care what little magic tricks you have. You’re outnumbered. You will tell us what we want or you will suffer. Trust me. We were once the dominant force in this galaxy. We know how to force people to do what we want.

To Be Continued

The Horse Shoe Effect Series

Last year I wrote an article exploring how both the left and the right are really no different in terms of behaviour or even ideology.

The article I feel made some decent points, but was too long and rambling (and coming from me that says a lot!) Ultimately it was trying to cram too much into one page.

So I deleted the article and have decided to revisit the topic of the Horse Shoe effect as a series. Over the next 10 weeks I will be examining how the left and the right really are every bit as bad as each other, and why you should reject both. Some of the material from the original article will be revisited, but there will also be new points raised in this series.

I’m not saying that neither the left or the right are ever make good points or are correct. You should never automatically disagree with either in principle. Don’t however feel you have to side with them. Both have a “either with us or against us” attitude towards just about every subject, both are happy to race bait and stir up bad feelings between men and women for their own profit, both have a sneering, superior attitude to those they regard as the lower classes, and finally both if given the chance will come for your rights and freedom.