The Circus Master: The Book of the Vampires: Part 5: Consider Yourself One Of Us


“I wonder what’s taking them so long” Ashlei complained.

“I’m sure that Vampire lady’s got everything under control.” Daniel said as he looked through Carlene’s book collection. Daniel had actually come from quite an upper class family initially, but his parents lost their wealth when he was just a boy. Still in the brief time he enjoyed a luxurious life, Daniel had learned how to read and had developed a real appreciation for the arts. He had always been somewhat condescending to the other urchins he came across, and here was no different.

“Yes of course she does, that’s what there was an angry mob right on our front door.”

“Well they’re away now aren’t they?” Daniel said as he flicked through more books.

“I suppose. Its just well, if something happens to her, or those other circus, eh folk. Then what chance will we or anyone else in this city have of stopping those things.”

“We can’t think like that. We just have to hope they really know what they are doing as much as they claim. Frankly though its not the monsters that scare me.”

“What do you mean?”

“After this is all over, and the streets are ‘safe’ for us to sleep on again, I can’t see the Vampire lady keeping us around.”

“You don’t think she’ll just dump us back on the streets again?”

“Why not? No one else cares about us. My own parents dumped me when I became a burden. I don’t expect a Vampire that doesn’t even know me to be any better.”

“We got on fine before her, and if need be we can do it again.”

“You don’t understand. I did have a group of friends. A gang if you will. I was their leader. I was supposed to look out for them, but those monsters. They killed them all. I should never have led them. I wasn’t fit for it. Now when I go back I’ll be alone.”

Ashlei held Daniel’s hand.

“No you won’t. Whatever happens you have us now. After what we’ve all been through, we have to stick together.”

“Thank you” Daniel said. “That means a lot to me. I’ve always said that you can cope with anything if you have the right people around you.”

“That sounds quite sappy” Ashlei responded in a light hearted tone. It was probably the first time she’d joked in years.

“You never know” she continued. “The Vampire might surprise us. She already has. I’d have never thought before today that the creepy lady we always swerved to avoid, would end up showing us more concern and kindness than anyone else.”

Just then Tom came stumbling into the room from the kitchen, looking somewhat annoyed.

“Tom what’s wrong love” Ashlei asked.

“Brian. He threw me out of the kitchen. I was just getting something to eat, and he screamed at me to get out. I don’t know what’s with him.”

“You weren’t locked up in that sewer.” Daniel interrupted. “Trust me. Those monsters, what they did to people. It will probably stay with him for the rest of his life.”

“I’ll have a talk with him. All this time I’ve just been so glad she got Brian out, I haven’t thought about what it did to him. He needs me more than ever.” Ashlei said.

“You honestly think we’re going to agree to that? You must be insane as well as sick.” The Circus Master said to the Demon child.

“You have no choice. If you want to see the Siren, you’ll have to face us unarmed in the village of Lourouse. If you can beat us without any tricks or weapons, then we’ll let you go.” The boy repeated whilst barely able to contain his laughter.

“Its a fair fight, no weapons on either side” the Demon said mockingly.

“Yeah real fair, 5 of us against what? Hundreds of you freaks.” Keptis said.

“Well your blue friend tried to kill me and I’m just a poor little orphan boy, that’s not exactly fair. You have 1 hour to agree to our terms. If not we’ll start to send you bits and pieces of the Siren. Oh and ditch that beehive as well.”

The Demon child then quickly jumped through the air and back into the darkness.

“It seems we have no choice.” Keptis said with regret.

“What are you saying” Denika asked.

“If we don’t stop those Vampires then they will spread across all of London. There could be millions of them, new breeds, with unknown weaknesses and strengths. In a couple of decades they could take the world. We have to destroy them now and make sure the book stays buried.”

“If we go into that village all geared up, they’ll kill Florence in a second.” Denika protested.

“So you want us to go in there unarmed? Do you really think those things will keep their word, even if we did somehow managed to overcome them? Florence is dead either way.”

“God I knew you didn’t like her, but I didn’t think you’d be this callous after all we’ve been through!” Denika snapped.

The Martian and the Witch started to argue, whilst Carlene tried to break it up, only for them to both ignore her. The Circus Master meanwhile ignored the petty squabbling as he tried to wrack his brains about what to do.

“I’ve got it.” The Vandal shouted. “Carlene, can I see your beehive please.”

The others looked at him, completely puzzled.

“My beehive?”

“Yes, we both know its not just a wig. Its a weapons chest, bigger on the inside than the outside, I am correct?”

“Well yes, but that little git said we couldn’t bring it. They know what it really is too.”

“Yes but the magics used to create it. We could perhaps duplicate them to create another tiny space to hide dozens of weapons to sneak into the village. Well when I say we, I mean you Denika.”

Carlene lifted her beehive wig off of her head and handed it to Denika. The front of the beehive opened to reveal a massive weapons chest. There must have been well over 100 different knives alone, each designed for a particular breed of Vampire or Demon.

“Amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Denika said.

“Well I didn’t create it. Everyone was wearing a beehive back in the 60s when I died.”

Denika gave her a look.

“Sorry, I’m not sure how it was created. A friend of mine made it for me. A ghost actually. Her father had access to some of the most powerful magics used by the Vandals.”

“Well I can’t promise anything, but I might be able to create some crude replicas.”

“You’ve got 20 minutes” the Circus Master said to Denika before he went back into the “Tent” to deal with Richards.

“We just have one loose end to tie up first” The Circus Master said as he pulled a silver knife out of his coat.

“You won’t win you freaks. You have no idea what’s waiting for you in that village. We are the future!”

“Trust me I’ve seen the future and your kind are just a horrible annoyance as always. Its horrible enough in the next few decades without having to deal with millions more of your lot running around.” The Circus Master said as he stabbed the silver knife through the Demons heart.

When Ashlei entered the kitchen, she could see that Brian had made a terrible mess of the place. He had smashed the table in half, broken the chairs, and thrown knives, glasses and plates all over the place and smashed them.

Brian was sitting in a corner, holding a knife and crying. Ashlei ran to him.

“Please, please Brian just put the knife down.”

“Ashlei, I have to do it. Its inside me, its wanting to get out.” Brian tried to thrust the knife into his chest, but Ashlei grabbed his arm. She had to use both of her arms to stop him. Brian’s strength had seemingly increased dramatically.

Brian however was able, with just a shove, to send Ashlei flying to the other end of the room.

Daniel came bursting in, having been alerted by the sound and he helped Ashlei up. Unfortunately however Brian had managed to thrust the knife into his chest. Ashlei screamed out in anguish and looked away in horror, but little did she know the worst was to come.

The knife didn’t kill Brian. Instead he started to spray a yellow, thick slime from his mouth as his body shook violently before starting to swell. His skin started to turn grey, whilst his hair fell out in large clumps.

The Vampires that had captured Brian in the sewer had infected him. Daniel had suspected it for a while, given how strange Brian had been acting, but he didn’t want to believe it.

“We need to go now. That’s not your brother any more. He’s one of them.”

“No, no, we can help him, we just have to wait for Carlene to come back.”

“There’s nothing she can do. We have to lock him in here.”

Brian pulled the knife out of his chest. It was dripping in yellow slime. By this stage he had morphed completely into one of the Vampires Carlene had faced in the sewers.

“Lets play a game of tag. If I catch you, I flay you!” Brian said, as the yellow slime sprayed from his mouth, before he burst into a fit of heinous cackling.

Daniel pulled Ashlei, who cried and begged Brian to fight the Demon’s influence out of the room, and slammed the doors shut.

“What’s wrong” Tom shouted as he jumped up.

Daniel paused for a minute, whilst Ashlei sobbed.

“I’m so sorry Tom, your brother.” Before he could finish, the doors to the kitchen suddenly came crashing down. Brian emerged, still holding the knife and roaring.

“This is all your fault. Both of you, always treating me as a burden, another mouth to feed. You both left me to get eaten by those things, and you were angry when that freak saved me.”

“Brian please, you know that’s not true. We love you” Ashlei said through sobs as she clutched onto Daniel.

“I love you too Ashlei. That’s why I’ll kill you after Tom and this little twerp.”

Brian ran at Tom. Daniel tried to stop him, but Brian stabbed his knife right through Daniel’s arm, causing him to faint from the pain.

Ashlei was forced to leave Daniel as she went to help Tom, but her Vampiric brother got to him first.

Brian easily overpowered his brother and held the knife at his throat.

“Please Brian, don’t do this. Just put the knife down. I promise we’ll do everything we can to help you, just please, put the knife down.” Ashlei pleaded.

“Okay fine” Brian said as he dropped his knife.

Both Ashlei and Tom paused for a minute as Brian simply stood beside his brother, grinning, and revealing his new, hideous, fangs. As Tom reached out for Ashlei, Brian suddenly rammed his hand through Tom’s back, pushing it out through his chest. The Vampire held Tom’s heart in its hand that stuck out through the other end.

“I said I wouldn’t stab him, I didn’t say I wouldn’t rip his heart out.”

Ashlei collapsed into a heap on the floor, hoping any minute she’d wake up from this nightmare.

Brian started to lick his brothers heart, as Tom’s lifeless body collapsed in front of him. Ashlei looked up to see the twisted Demonic caricature of her little brother gnawing on Tom’s heart. She knew both her brothers were gone now, and she wanted to make the Demon that had taken them both pay.

“Where are my manners sis.” Brian said as he threw his brothers heart in Ashlei’s face. “We’re always supposed to share aren’t we?”

Brian went for Ashlei next who stumbled back onto the dining table. She picked up a plate and smashed it over the Vampires head to no effect. Brian then pinned Ashlei to the table and grabbed her by the hair.

“Blood is thicker than water, and tastier” the monster slabbered as it prepared to sink its fangs into its sisters neck.

In desperation Ashlei grabbed a fork from the table and stabbed it into her brothers eye as he went for her neck. Brian doubled back in pain and whilst he was distracted, Ashlei picked up a chair and smashed it over his head knocking him to the floor.

Ashlei ran to Daniel to try and wake him up, but Brian grabbed her by the hair. He pulled hard, but Ashlei managed to tear herself out of the Demon’s grasp, losing a lot of her hair in the process.

Ashlei was forced to leave Daniel as the Vampire got between her and her unconscious new friends body. Fortunately for Daniel the blood sucker seemed to be more focused on her now.

Ashlei headed up the main staircase with her brother in hot pursuit. At the top he managed to corner Ashlei against a wall, but thinking fast she grabbed a vase from a nearby table and smashed it over her Demon brothers head, which deterred him for only a few seconds that she used to escape.

“Come I just want to see what your insides taste like!” Brian said with a perverse glee.

Ashlei ran to the nearest door and slammed it shut behind her, but Brian effortlessly started to smashed his arm through the door. In desperation Ashlei pulled a nearby cupboard in front of the door, but the Vampire started to smash down the cupboard too. Ashlei searched the room for anything she could find. There had to be something in Carlene’s house to fight off this monster.

She quickly spotted a chest by Carlene’s bed. It was a weapons cabinet. Only problem was Ashlei didn’t know how to use any of the weapons, or even if any of them were effective. She picked up a bottle of holy water and started to splash it on Brian just as he was about to enter the room.

Brian instantly retreated as parts of his body caught fire. Ashlei would wait for a few seconds before she made it to the door out of fear. She looked around only to see no sign of the Vampire, except for a few yellow bits of slime.

“Did he melt” Ashlei thought to herself.  As she looked down the other end of the hall however, she could see the slime led to a smashed window on the other side.

“He can’t get out into the streets. I have to stop him.” Ashlei thought. Even though he was a monster, she still felt he was her responsibility.

Ashlei got another bottle of holy water as well as a cross from the chest and went towards the window. It led to a balcony outside. Hopefully Brian was still there and she could finish him. When Ashlei crawled through the broken window and onto the balcony, she found her brother curled up in the corner his skin steaming and covered in burns, whimpering in pain.

Ashlei slowly unscrewed the bottle of holy water, but Brian quickly noticed her.

“You bitch, I swear I’m going to hurt you so much for this.”

Ashlei tried to throw the holy water on her twisted brother, but he fired a blotch of yellow slime at the bottle knocking it out of her hand. Ashlei wielded her cross at the Vampire, and though it appeared to have an effect on the monster, it wasn’t enough to deter him.

Ashlei kept her cool as her monstrous brother slowly advanced towards her, its face filled with rage and bloodlust. Just then however Ashlei heard Carlene’s voice below.

“Ashlei, Brian please answer me.”

Ashlei screamed for help, and Brian knowing that he wouldn’t stand a chance against the more experienced Vampire killer jumped off the edge of the balcony.

Carlene had arrived at the mansion with Denika.  Denika was busy trying to help Daniel, whilst Carlene searched the mansion. Ashlei came running down the steps and collapsed into Carlene’s arms. She was crying so hard she could barely tell Carlene what happened.

Daniel suddenly awoke screaming in pain. Denika pulled the knife out of his arm and prepared to heal his wound, but she couldn’t.

“My magic’s not working. He’s been infected.” Denika said. “The monsters blood was on the blade he was stabbed with. Mixing blood must be how they reproduce.”

“Oh god please no” Daniel whimpered. “Kill me now, I don’t want to end up like Brian.”

Carlene quickly headed upstairs to her weapons chest. She pulled out a machete and a make shift flaming torch she had made from a piece of wood and her lighter. Carlene sliced off Daniel’s arm and used the torch to cauterize the wound. Daniel screamed and passed out from the pain, but Carlene didn’t waver. She burnt the wound until the flesh was completely black and crispy.

“I might have got it in time. In 12 hours if you can’t heal him then.” Carlene said unable to finish.

Carlene went back to comfort Ashlei, who was now a completely broken woman.

“I’m so sorry Ashlei, I.” There was nothing Carlene could say. She felt completely responsible for what happened. She had left them without even realising that Brian had been infected by the monsters.

Ashlei couldn’t bring herself to feel any kind of anger to Carlene or anyone else however. All she could feel was just despair.

“Brian, he, he killed Tom. He’s a monster” Ashlei said through tears. “Now he’s out there, as one of those things. I tried to stop him, I tried to free him, but I.”

“I promise you Ashlei, I may have let you down, but I’ll make sure your brother isn’t left in that state. I promise.” Carlene said as she comforted the poor girl.

To Be Continued



My First Experience With Vampires

(This is an old story I wrote back in 2016. I’ve decided to share it here, to make up for the lack of any new material last week. This is a one off story, unlike the others. It’d be pretty stupid of me to start another series now! This is set in the same canon as Professor Fang and The Circus Master however (both of which will be back this week as per usual.) Enjoy!)

Its difficult to fully describe your reaction, the first time you meet a Vampire. So many things go through your mind at once. On the one hand you try and rationalise it any way you can. You can’t believe that such a thing actually exists. On the other however there is a twisted fascination because it challenges everything you thought you knew.

If Vampires are real, what else is real? The existence of this one creature means the world is no longer how you may have thought. You now know that life after death is possible, that creatures who defy the natural order exist, and that mankind does not rule the world in the way we would like to believe. We are ultimately the prey of a much more vicious, savage beast.

Above all else however is the terror of not just facing such an unforgiving, repulsive, relentless monster, but of knowing that thousands of other beasts like it are out there. Hiding in the dark, anyone you know could secretly be one of them, and one day they may become so strong, they will be able to shatter our entire civilisation and claim this world as their own.

My name is Ferne Shelley and this is how I came to learn the truth about Vampires.

My first encounter with the undead occurred in the quaint little town of Lista. I had just finished my Psychology degree at The University of Essex. I must confess that I had largely become a student in the first place simply because I wanted to put off going to work for a couple of years. In many ways this trip was supposed to be just another way of postponing my inevitable move from being a carefree, happy go lucky student, to the trenches of a 9-5 desk job.

I sometimes miss having ignorance of the supernatural. Once you know they’re out there you are never the same. You can’t be.

Still ultimately I am glad that I did gain this knowledge, as it has helped to save my and many other people’s lives over the years. I only wish I had gained it earlier as my friends might still be alive.

I had 3 real friends throughout my time at University, Marie, Claire, and Diana. They were really the first friends I ever had. I was always something of a loner as a child. I wasn’t very popular at school, and I was picked on a lot throughout my entire childhood and my teenage years. I remember being so happy in my last year at school because everyone just forgot who I was. Being ignored was preferable to how I was treated before.

My relationship with my parents had also been somewhat cold too. They were never cruel, but at the same time they never really paid that much attention to me either. I remember wanting to confide in them about what was happening at school, but I knew I never could as they just weren’t that interested in my life.

I don’t think they ever wanted a child. They struck me as being the type of people who didn’t really want to give up the rich social life they had before I was born. Even when I was a young girl, I can remember them leaving me with babysitters and relatives to go on holidays and even just nights out.

When I went to Uni it was like being transported to an entirely different universe (well at least that’s what it felt like at the time. When I did visit another universe years later it was a somewhat different experience)

I’d been mistreated for so long that someone being polite was an alien experience to me. All I really wanted was to matter to someone.

I finally did find someone who loved me for who I was not long into my first year at Uni, Claire Jane. She was a lot more confident than me, but in some ways I sensed that she was somewhat lonely too. She did have a boyfriend named Michael who had been her high school sweetheart, but still I got the impression that she was desperate to meet new people as well.

It was easier for her than me, as she was such a friendly, nice, chatty person. It was through her that I would meet Marie and Diana. All 4 of us were in the same class, and having already loosely known Claire, she asked me along with Marie and Diana to go for a drink to celebrate. The 4 of us ended up becoming fast friends and my time with them for the next 3 years would go on to be the happiest in my entire life.

No one made me feel as sure and confident of myself as Claire did. We were like sisters. She was like the cool, older sister (even though she was a two years younger than me, she just always seemed so much more mature). I thought we would always be friends, with the both of us going down to the pub as old ladies. I sometimes still like to imagine what would have happened if Claire had lived, and the family she and Michael would have had.

Our trip through Europe started badly, though it would obviously get a lot worse. We had hoped to travel through the German countryside, visiting small towns along the way,  but we really just weren’t that well prepared and very soon we got lost.

Those long, dreary trek’s through the dark, across never ending German roads wasn’t exactly what I or any of the other girls had in mind when we envisioned this trip. I thought it would all be having fun at German festivals, getting drunk, maybe meeting some cute German guys. And here I was wandering in the freezing wind and rain down the road with no idea where I was going.

When we finally reached the town of Lista it was such a relief to have found some kind of civilisation, though if I had known what was about to happen to the town, I would have turned and run as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

Lista was a beautiful place. It had a real innocence about it which may have been why the Vampires had enjoyed targeting it for so long. The pack of Vampires that had terrorised the town were led by a particularly vicious member of their kind named Dierck, who had been turned sometime in the 15th century.

He was a survivor, having lived through the rule of the Vandals (Demonic rivals of Vampires who ruled Europe for many centuries) and during the second world war. Unlike most other members of his kind he did not join the side of the Nazi’s during the conflict. He generally tended to attack small rural areas, as they would obviously be not only be more vulnerable, but wouldn’t draw attention to him either.

Lista had been his latest target. For months his Vampires had been visiting the town every night, dragging people away, men women, children even infants. Their victims remains would usually be found strung up in trees near the town for their families to find the next day.

The people at first were too scared to do anything against the monsters. They thought they could hide from them, even appease them, but when it became obvious that nothing could hold back these Demons cruelty. The people finally fought back.

They managed to catch the Vampire gang off guard. The Vampires were not expecting the humans to turn on them. They believed that they had been terrorised to the point where they were completely docile, which would prove to be a fatal mistake for some of the blood suckers.

The townsfolk pelted the beasts with bottles of holy water until they drove them over a massive pit they had dug, filled with stakes. The Vampires that fell into it were either impaled or burned to death, by being doused with holy water. Dierck was wise enough to flee, as all of his men who survived ran away (Vampires are notorious cowards) and there was no way he could face the entire town by himself. Dierck was eager to get the villagers back for this humiliation.

The villagers foolishly believed that they had seen the last of the Vampires, and celebrated for several nights afterwards.

When we arrived it had been two weeks since the Vampires had been “defeated” and the town was still celebrating. As we entered the town we saw was a mass of people gathered round an effigy of Dracula that was being burned. There was also a festival in the streets with people wearing Dracula masks and holding up crude drawings of Vampires with stakes through their hearts!

I remember thinking it was odd, but I assumed it was just an obscure, European festival like Day of the Dead. It seemed quite charming in a way. The 4 of us stayed in a small hotel just at the edge of the town. It seemed like such a relief, a warm cosy bed, a nice little town, with a festival. I thought this holiday was finally beginning to pick up.

I don’t think I have ever been more wrong about anything before in my entire life.

The Vampires had been slowly building up their forces in the fortnight since their humiliating defeat. Snatching hitchhikers, stopping cars going down the road and pulling their unfortunate occupants out and turning them into Vampires.

However what really gave Dierck the edge was the fact that he was able to take control of the towns only priest, a man named George. Dierck’s breed of Vampire who were known as Noseferatu, had the power to take control of any human being that they bit.

Even the strongest wills couldn’t resist the power of a Nosferatu. One of Dierck’s minions had bitten the priest during the attack. The poor souls that the Noseferatu’s take control over are still awake, they are just unable to go against the Vampires commands.

The priest wanted to warn the town that the Vampires were planning an another attack with all his heart and soul, but he just couldn’t. Under the Vampires command he would replace all of the holy water with regular water, depriving the towns people of their most vital weapon. He also obviously would not bless any more water either.

Dierck and his now larger group of Vampires decided to strike whilst the people of Lista during the celebrations.

It was a slaughter. The Vampires tore people to bits in the streets, they burned down houses in order to drive people back into the streets (as the Vampires could not enter a house without an invitation). The humans only weapon, the holy water was also gone and thus with no way to fight back against the Vampires inhuman strength they had no chance.

I remember waking up to the sound of screaming in the streets. At first I assumed it was just people getting a little bit too rowdy during the festival, but then all of a sudden, something came crashing through the window.

Panicked, I instantly rose from my bed, still somewhat dazed and half asleep. I could see through the smoke which suddenly filled the air, a fire at the end of the room. I realised what had happened. Someone from the streets had thrown a petrol bomb in through our window.

I turned to wake Claire who was lying next to me. We had been lucky enough to get two rooms, one for me and Claire and another for Marie and Diana. Clare began screaming at the sight of the fire, but thankfully she didn’t let her fear overwhelm her and quickly jumped out of bed whilst making sure that I was right behind her.

We both headed for the door which the fire hadn’t reached yet. Out in the hall everyone had fled their rooms, including Marie and Diana as they had all been petrol bombed. All of the guests and staff quickly hurried down the steps in a stampede through the hall, down the steps and out into the streets.

Outside looked like a war zone. Buildings on fire, people running through the streets in sheer panic. Straight across on the other end of the road, I could see a figure standing over a woman seemingly biting her neck!

The woman was clearly dead. Her throat had been torn clean out,  blood was dripping down the pavement and down the street. The figure standing over her then looked up at us, all huddled together, all utterly petrified. It was the most hideous creature I had ever seen in my life.

Its skin was completely snow white, its eyes meanwhile were just as red as the blood dripping from its mouth. It had no hair and every tooth in its head was razor sharp, though its upper canines were far longer than the rest of its teeth. The monsters clothes were ratty, and torn and slime dripped from its fingers. I could hear a squelching sound as it walked slowly towards us, and it left a slime trail behind it just like a slug.

The smell that came from the creature was overwhelming. It practically choked me. I wanted to be sick just looking at it.

We all began to back away slowly from the monster, when all of a sudden one of the women at the back suddenly screamed. I turned and to my horror saw four similar creatures crawling down the flaming hotel like spiders. All of them leaving a thick slime trail behind them down the building walls.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but before I could take it in, the monsters suddenly jumped through the air and landed on several people in the crowd, including the woman who had screamed. The beasts ripped their throats out in seconds with their bare teeth! We all ran. Marie, Diana and Clare all kept close to me. As we ran through the town we saw people being cornered,  beaten, torn apart by ravenous monsters, but there was nothing any of us could do to help them.

We could hear the monsters roaring and hissing behind us, but none of us looked back. I was just so terrified I had no thought other than to get the hell out of this place!

That began to look like an impossibility however. At the end of the road we could see five of the creatures completely covered in blood and entrails blocking the way. We all stopped and froze. There was seemingly no way of escape. As I turned round I could see more of those hideous things coming up the other way. I still couldn’t believe the situation I was in. Here I was waiting to be torn apart by fucking monsters!

I almost felt like laughing at the absurdity of it all, when suddenly the monsters began to wince and cower. I turned around to see a young man standing in the road wielding a cross. He had come out of one of the houses. He was reasonably young, probably close to my age, had thick black hair, and was quite tall and athletic looking. He told us to follow him and we all instantly agreed. The fact that he didn’t have fangs, red eyes or stunk definitely worked in his favour!

He ran through the house he had come through on the left end side of the street. Though it was burning he still went through it as the flames hadn’t consumed the whole house.

Marie was a little hesitant to follow however which would prove to be a fatal mistake. She was scared of the flames, but as Clare reached out to try and help her, one of the brutes grabbed her and pulled her backwards. Another two then jumped her and they began tearing her apart. The man who helped us said that there was nothing we could do for her and sadly he was right. I’ll never forget the agonised, helpless look on my friends face as the Vampires pinned her to the ground and sunk their fangs into her flesh.

After we made our way through the house we reached the garden. On just the outside of the garden there were the remains of a family. Clearly the occupants of the house who had tried to escape the fire and been pounced by Vampires waiting outside.

We continued to run down the street passing more burning houses, with the man who had saved us waving his cross in the direction of any Vampire that came near.

Eventually we reached our destination, another burning house. Fortunately we didn’t need to enter it as we simply entered the bomb shelter in the garden.

There was a second man in the shelter. He was much smaller, somewhat out of shape with grey hair and clearly a lot older.

He didn’t look pleased to see us at all. In fact he started to scream at the younger man.

Brian what on earth are you playing at? Rushing out there, when the town is being torn apart by those monsters! Always desperate to play the hero aren’t you? For all you know these three women have been bitten and under their control.

Brian tried to assure the older man who was called Alan, and was Brian’s father that he was sure we weren’t Vampire stooges. Of course I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but fortunately Clare who could speak German was translating for me and Diana.

In the middle of their argument, Claire suddenly interrupted them and asked “Excuse me, what do you mean under their control?

Brian spoke softly to Claire and said “Those monsters, Vampires, have the power to put anyone they bite under their control.” He began to tear up and couldn’t look at Clare anymore. “One of them bit my, my mother. They snatched her just outside our garden.  Dad tried to help her but he had been cornered by the flames. They’d already petrol bombed our house. I was lucky to get out of my room alive. I could see what they did to my mother from my bedroom window however.   They forced her to, to murder my sister“.

Claire was in shock. I could see Alan at the other end of the room weeping uncontrollably, his head in his hands.

Brian continued “When they bit her they threw her and Sarah together. Mum and Sarah they hugged for a while. She even told Sarah that it would all be okay and then suddenly she threw Sarah to the floor. The Vampires then handed mum a hammer and she, she

He didn’t finish but he didn’t have to. Once he had regained his composure he explained that this bomb shelter was built during the second world war and that even the Vampires couldn’t get through it. Brian said that it was best to wait here until some help arrived.

Of course that could be months if it ever did arrive. Sadly this was our only option however. The streets of Lista were a literal war zone. None of us dared to brave them again.

The night was long and difficult. All 5 of us hardly spoke a word, though all of us took it in turns to cry. We had all lost so much that night.

I tried to remain calm and brave, but at times it hit me that I would never see Marie ever again. Then it would hit me that it was because of Vampires! What was I going to tell her parents? It would get too much for me, and I’d break down.

I must have only slept a few hours that night. When dawn broke, Alan and Brian were the first up and told us that we needed to go now.

The Vampires could not go out during the day time and so if they were ever to escape now was the time. Brian, ever desperate to play the hero went out first just to see that there were no Vampires.

Brian and Alan’s house had been burned down. The streets were littered with bodies and pieces of bodies, blood literally caked the pavements, most of the houses were in ruins. The stench of death was everywhere.

As we walked nervously down the street Claire suddenly tackled me to the floor. As I looked up I saw a car driving at an incredible speed down the road, before it smashed into a house on the other end.

Claire saved my life, whilst Alan, Diana and Brian had managed to jump to the other side. The car had come so quickly from around the corner that I didn’t even notice it. As I looked around I suddenly noticed a large group of people at either end of the street. The people were covered in cuts and bruises. Clearly the Vampires had been torturing them all night, but they hadn’t killed them as they wanted these people to be their eyes and ears during the day time.

We all quickly headed back to the Shelter instantly with the Vampire’s human servants in hot pursuit.

Fortunately we all made it in time, but not only was it apparent that there was now seemingly no way of escape, but now the Vampires knew where we were hiding!

As we cowered together in the shelter one of the Vampires servants spoke.

You can’t stay in there forever. This place belongs to our Master now. When he rises tonight he will find you and you will die like the rest of this miserable town, alone, scared and in agony.”

A part of me felt like opening the door and just getting it over with, rather than just slowly rotting away in here.

Brian however was sure that someone would find us and said we just needed to wait it out. There was about 2 weeks worth supply of food for 5 people in the shelter.

As we sat in the shelter, terrified that the Vampires servants could break down the door at any minute, Claire broke the silence and asked, somewhat nervously who the Vampires Master was?

Alan spoke, his voice quivering “You don’t want to know. And I hope for your sake you don’t have to

Alan revealed that there was a pistol in the shelter. It had been placed here by his father who had built the shelter, in case they were buried alive when hiding in the shelter, they could shoot themselves rather than endure a slow death.

Sadly the gun would be of no use against any of their tormentors. Guns couldn’t kill Vampires, and there were only 6 bullets in the gun, but close to 50 humans under the Vampires control.

Alan told us that he had contemplated using it on himself last night. “After what those monsters did to my family I thought it would be easy just to end my pain. One quick shot to the head, then its over, the monsters couldn’t hurt me any more. But I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving my son alone to face this horror.” And with that he put the gun down and embraced his son telling him that he was all he had left. Alan was still angry that his son had been so reckless, running out in the middle of the Vampires attack to try and help anyone he could find get into the shelter.

Still he also knew that had it not been for his son’s bravery then we would all be dead now. He was proud of Brian, but at the same time, begged him not to ever do anything so reckless again. Of course given the type of person Brian was, he also knew that his warning would not be heeded.

The day was long and hard. There were so many times when I felt like opening the door and just running through them, but every time Brian and Claire would calm me down.

Claire as always was my rock. She had saved my life, but even more incredible was the fact that she was somehow managing to keep calm throughout most of this nightmare. She’d try and steer the conversation back to normality, talking about the things she was going to do when this nightmare was over like marry Michael, and try and find a job teaching.

That had been her ambition as she had always loved children, though to be honest I think she just liked the idea of having all those holidays off. Diana had ambitions of wanting to be a writer meanwhile, whilst I sadly didn’t really know what I was going to do with my life, though again I didn’t really think my future was guaranteed at that point anyway.

There were moments when even Claire couldn’t keep her cool however. She cried about Marie several times. Whenever she started crying, me and Diana couldn’t control ourselves either. As horrible as this day was, in some odd way I still treasure it, as it would be the last one I would spend with Diana and the person who meant more to me than any other, Claire.

When night finally fell we sat there waiting for the Vampires Master to show up. Alan assured us that even he couldn’t get in here by force, but he still was terrified of what hideous trick the Demon would try and pull on us.

Sure enough the Vampires Master Dierck (whose name I did not know at this point) soon arrived by the door with a group of his most vicious Vampires.

They had been able to enter the garden as it had been completely destroyed and therefore no longer counted as a private residence. We could tell the Vampires had arrived by the stench that arrived with them, which unlike the Vampires themselves was strong enough to penetrate the shelter. Dierck spoke in a loud and booming voice.

Poor, pitiful creatures, clinging to life, when you know its pointless. Come out now and I’ll make sure that its quick

Just then I could hear the rest of the Vampires burst out into fits of hysterical laughter, followed by a massive slam on the door which startled us all.

Dierck spoke again “Very well then, how about I make you a trade? One of you come out here and I don’t tear this young woman and her child to pieces.”

We could hear a child and a woman screaming outside. Brian went to open the small window on the door to see outside. Alan had warned him against it, telling him that it was a trick,  but again Brian didn’t listen to his father. Brian saw a young woman, bloodied, her left eye black and swollen, hugging her screaming child who must have been no older than 3.

Dierck spoke again “We’ll kill both of them unless you come out NOW. We’ll make them suffer. You’ll hear the sound of them screaming for mercy. I’ll force the mother to watch as her child dies!”

Brian headed for the door. Alan instantly jumped in front of him and pushed him back.

I cannot believe that you would be stupid enough to fall for that trick. If you open that door you will kill us all.

Brian however could not leave a young woman and her child at the mercy of the Vampires. I wish I had known Brian much better. He was one of the most genuinely brave and altruistic men I have ever met.

Brian assured his father that he wasn’t simply going to walk out there and expect the Vampires to keep their word. He still had the cross he had used to fight off the Vampires that had cornered us earlier, and hoped to use it maybe scatter the Vampires around the mother and her child.

Alan was still against it. Claire offered to go instead, which Alan was still against. Obviously he cared more for his son’s well being than any of us, but he thought it was an insane idea for anyone to go out there.

Diana and I contributed nothing to the conversation of course as we couldn’t speak German. I probably wouldn’t have been brave enough to go out there at that point, in fact I know I wouldn’t.

Brian couldn’t be bothered to argue with his father anymore and after picking up his cross he headed out the door as his father shouted at him.

Outside the Vampires instantly swarmed Brian, but as soon as he lifted the cross they began to cower. He quickly reached for the woman and the child. However as he headed to the door Dierck grabbed him. The girl and the woman ran towards the shelter, leaving Brian behind. Claire and Alan ran to the door, but there was nothing they could do. Alan did empty two shots into Dierck but he didn’t even acknowledge them.

As Dierck held Brian, Brian thrust his cross in the Vampires face, but Dierck laughed. He grabbed the cross and broke it. His flesh still sizzled as he touched the cross,  but he did not even flinch. He then tossed Brian into the rest of the Vampires who swarmed him and tore him to bits. Alan screamed in anguish as he kept firing at the Vampires, and it was only Claire who quickly shut the door who prevented him from running out into them.

We could hear Brian’s agonised screams from inside, but fortunately they didn’t last for long. Brian was luckier than some of their other victims, in that the monsters didn’t savour this meal.

Alan sank to his knees. He didn’t even cry, he just looked completely broken.

I tried to comfort Alan, whilst Diana and Claire meanwhile went over to see the woman and her child, but the child quickly ran away from them and cowered in the a corner. Diana tried approaching him again, but this time when the child turned round, Diana saw the awful truth. The child was a Vampire! It had buried its head in its mother’s breast before, and had been dressed in gloves and a hat to conceal its true nature.

Now Diana could see its hideous white face, massive fangs and bright red eyes and she backed away slowly, but the monster lept at her and sunk its fangs into her throat. Within seconds it ripped her entire throat clean out. Claire and I quickly ran over towards Diana, but it was too late. She bled out in a matter of seconds and was dead before we could even begin to help her. Brian’s heroic sacrifice had not only been for nothing, but it had cost Diana her life.

The Vampire child attacked Claire. Despite being just a child, it still had a much greater strength than either of us.

Before I could even try and help Claire, the child’s “mother” punched me in the face. She was human, but clearly under the control of the Vampires. I’d never been in a fight before and I was instantly sent crashing to the ground, my nose bloodied.

As I lay there on the ground, she grabbed me by the throat and began to choke the life out of me. I suddenly heard a bang, and her blood splattered on my face as she fell to the floor.

Alan was standing behind her with the gun still smoking. The Vampire child quickly turned around after the shot and ran towards Alan. Alan however managed to knock the beast towards the floor by hitting it with his gun. He then impaled her right through the chest with a makeshift stake he had created from a chair leg.

Upon being staked the Vampire crumbled into nothing but a tiny little pile of ash on the floor.

Alan then put the gun to his head and blew his brains out.

There was nothing anyone could have said to talk him out of it. The Vampires had destroyed his entire life. I wish he hadn’t given the animals the satisfaction, but ultimately what can you say to a man who has just watched his son get ripped to pieces, and seen his wife murder their daughter with a hammer!

I felt like passing out from the shock of everything that had happened, and the pain in my nose was overwhelming. A combination of the pain, as well as the sight of Brian’s brains splattered on the wall, and Diana’s blood dripping from her throat made me sick.

Claire helped me to sit down and checked my nose to see if it was broken. She lightly pinched my nose and when that hurt like hell she concluded that it was broken. She clearly wasn’t a medical student!

There were bandages in the shelter but as she plastered up my nose I could see a bite mark on her arm. The Vampire child had managed to get in a lucky bite during the struggle.

It was the final straw. I instantly started crying. Clare realised what I was upset about and put her arms around my shoulders.

The Vampire who bit me is dead. I am no longer under its control. We don’t know if the bite is fatal or not. Just because its that way in the movies doesn’t mean

I interrupted her. Barely able to speak through the tears I told her that I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Claire then told me firmly that if need be, I would have to kill her.

At that point I wished that Alan hadn’t used the last bullet on himself. I hugged Claire as hard as I could. I swore to her that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, but it was all pointless.

Over the next few hours Claire began to weaken, her skin turned white, her eyes began to go red and her teeth began to enlarge.

I held her in my arms. My best friend, the person I cared for more than anything else in the world, as her life and everything she was, was drained away by a Demonic force.

She was brave at first, but as her condition worsened she began to cry. She screamed that she didn’t want to die, she was only 22, that she wanted to marry Michael, have kids, that she didn’t want her parents to go through losing their only child. Her final words to me just before she was completely consumed were,

I can feel it, its all going away. Everything I am, I feel like I am already dead. Oh god this is what they feel like all the time? They can’t feel anything other than wanting to hurt people. Please don’t let me live like this Ferne. Please kill me!” 

Within seconds she was gone. I hadn’t even had the time to grieve for Diana before Claire was taken from me too.

I quickly walked away from her corpse and headed for the stake Alan had made. As I turned around however I saw that Claire had already risen.

The sight of my friend as one of those things is the most horrifying sight I will ever see in my life.

I foolishly hoped that I might be able to get through to Claire. If I had known then what I do now I wouldn’t have hesitated to stake her, but I just didn’t want to admit that Claire was gone.

Claire began to speak however before I had a chance to say anything. “Don’t worry old friend I will make this quick. I won’t change you. I couldn’t spend eternity with you, constantly prattling on about your sad little issues and insecurities. It would just be too be cruel to make anyone live a life as utterly pathetic as yours forever. Its not like the Vampires would accept you anyway. No one has. Not your parents, not even me, Diana, and Marie. We were never your friends, we just felt sorry for you,.

I cried, as Claire laughed and continued to mock me. “There you are crying again like a little girl. That’s your solution to all your problems, just to cry and whimper and whine to whoever is unfortunate enough to be near you. Pathetic

I wasn’t crying for the reasons that she thought however. I cried because I realised that Claire was truly gone. She would never say such a thing, even on her worst day. She loved me like a sister. If there was one thing I was sure of it was that.

I ran to the door. Whilst I knew this monster wasn’t Claire, I still didn’t want to be killed by a monster that bore the face of my friend. I knew that I could never outfight any Vampire, even with a stake, and much like Alan I really had no compunction to go on living anymore.

I managed to make it out of the shelter and to my surprise all of the Vampires were gone. I didn’t stop to think why however as Claire was coming after me.

As I ran out into the streets I still saw no Vampires? What had happened, had they got bored of torturing me and ran away? Just then as Claire came charging at me an arrow suddenly shot straight into her back. She was dust before she hit the pavement. It was a relief to see the monster that stole her face die. The real Claire died in the shelter.

Two men armed with crossbows suddenly came running out of the ruins of one of the houses and they cornered me.

These men were from Rentros an organisation designed to track down supernatural creatures. They had managed to slay most of the Vampires, as most of them were young and inexperienced.

Though sadly Dierck had escaped (and taken down 6 Rentros men before hand). The Rentros men would take me and the few survivors in. Among those who survived the slaughter included both the priest, George who had been forced to dispose of the holy water (the Vampires had kept him alive to show him all of the torment that he had inflicted on the town) and Brian’s mother, Carla, who the Vampires had also kept alive to further torture. They wanted her to live for a few days knowing what she had done to her daughter.

The Vampires had wanted to exterminate every single person in the town, which was why they had been so determined to destroy us. They wanted to make this town an example to any others who would dare to defy them

Most of the survivors were broken. The Vampires had forced them to murder both their loved ones and other innocent people, whilst they had them under their control. According to one of the Rentros men, it was a favourite activity of Vampires to make people murder their loved ones. He felt that Vampires enjoyed dragging decent people down to their level.

The Rentros men provided an official cover for the story and sent us all home. My life would be a black pit of despair for the next few years. Without Claire, Diana and Marie the loneliness was unbearable. Even to this day I have never made friends quite so close. Eventually I overcame my depression and would later join Rentros.

I wanted to make the Vampires pay. It felt like that was all I had left. In a way the Vampires had dragged me down to their level after all. I’d spend years training with Rentros, honing my skills and body and learning everything I could about the monsters until I was able to kill them.

However as the years passed I came to view them with pity. I saw that actually they were pathetic creatures, unable to feel anything but hatred. Slaying a Vampire came to be an act of mercy for me.

Many years later me, George and Carla (who had both joined Rentros as well) would track down Dierck in Germany, though that’s a story for another day.

I tell this story to let you all know how important it is to have knowledge on what is really out there. If the me of today were trapped in Lista, my friends would still be alive. The greatest trick the devil played was in convincing you he didn’t exist and it important that you do not fall for it like I did.

By Ferne Shelley

Professor Fang: The Living Spaceship: Part 5: Old Friends and Enemies

(Sorry about the delays. Once again my computer was acting up. I was getting a new internet provider, and there were some problems that left me without the internet for a few days. Sadly I wasn’t able to get Doctor Who done in time. Fortunately the connection is now completely fixed, and Doctor Who, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will be back at all their usual times this week.)

The Demon slowly emerged from the hall, allowing the prisoners to get a good look at the monster.

It was gigantic. It stood about 9 foot tall, had thick black plated skin, pointed ears like a bat, long pointed teeth, claws and spikes from its head all down its back made of fire, and a long, spikey tail. that ended in a purple spike made of bright, purple energy. Jenna gripped Kirsteen hard. Kirsteen was just as helpless as she was, but Jenna instinctively clung to the woman she had looked up to for her whole life.

The Demon stared the petrified crowd down for a few minutes before its tail reached out at a lightening speed and grabbed the little urchin.

The boy screamed as the monster shone its purple flame into his face. The old man instantly ran at the Demon, but it managed to slash him with its flaming claws. Flames started to appear in the old man’s chest. The old man knew he was done for, as his body began to twist and change into something else.

“Run all of you” he screamed in pain as he rugby tackled the Demon to the ground. The Demon quickly overpowered the old man and started slashing and biting him. The 4 others (including Kirsteen) realising there was nothing they could do quickly ran past the Demon, but Jenna, who trailed along at the back, was impaled by the beasts tale.

Kirsteen turned around to see the monster impaling Jenna, before it ran its tail right up through her, slicing her in half up the middle. Kirsteen would never forget the final look on Jenna’s face for the rest of her life before it tore her in half. For just a short while on this horrible night, Jenna had taken Kirsteen’s mind off of her troubles, not just here, but in general. She had made Kirsteen feel more accepted than ever before and now her life had been cut short in the most cruel way. Kirsteen wanted to tear the Demon’s head off, and she almost went to attack it, but the soldier pulled her back before the Demon could claim her too.

The old man writhed in agony on the floor as the flames consumed him, whilst the boy meanwhile’s face hadn’t been burned by the purple flames, but instead had been twisted into a hideous Demonic form.

The old man soon rose up, his body now completely made of fire. All humanity had literally been burned out of him and he was now a Demon.

The child and the old man bowed to their new master Slekovora, who said calmly “this ship is dead. We need to take the one its docked too. Gyster. I shall infect him and he will be my new servant. There is nothing I can’t accomplish with the living ship at my disposal.”

The 3 survivors included Kirsteen, the confederate soldier, whose real name was Luke, and a woman from the far future named Alice. Alice had been born on a space station known as Eden. Eden was created entirely through magic. It was an experiment to see if humanity, could create a hospitable environment entirely through magic.

The experiment was a success at first. Two entire generations were born on the magical station of Eden, but sadly during the time of the third, mankind became involved in a war with a hostile race of Demons from another world. The Demons were able to find a way to twist the magic of Eden into black magic, corrupting the people on board into monsters.

Gyster abducted Alice from just a few months before the station was corrupted. Luke meanwhile was chosen simply because of his status as a soldier. Gyster would often pluck people from random wars, often not caring what side they were on (apart from a few circumstances) to use as foot soldiers.

“If only I had a gun” Luke said in frustration as they ran down the dark corridors.

“I don’t think that would make a difference with that thing” Kirsteen said as she ran behind them. They could see the old man, now a hideous fire Demon at the other end of the corridor chasing them. He lit up the entire corridor!

The fire Demon shot a ball of flame at the three time travellers, who barely managed to duck in time. Alice was the first to get up and she quickly ran down the other end, whilst Luke tried to help Kirsteen up. Alice had lived a relatively sheltered life in a beautiful magical kingdom, so she wasn’t exactly used to facing creatures like Slekovora, though neither were Kirsteen or even Luke either.

When Alice saw that her two companions weren’t behind her, she did run back for them, though it was more out of fear of being alone on this ship than anything else.

The fire Demon proved to be too fast and quickly advanced on the three petrified travellers. As it raised its hand to hurl another fire ball in their direction, suddenly the monster became distracted by a groaning sound at the other end of the corridor.

It was a Zombie. The monsters had managed to make their way to the dock of Gyster, and without any magic protecting the Professor’s vessel, they easily tore it down and were now swarming the Professor’s ship.

“How tiny you seem to me now” the Demon said as it laughed at the puny, shuffling Zombie. Thinking quickly, Luke grabbed the Zombie as it stumbled near and pushed him into the fire Demon. The fire Demon quickly overpowered and destroyed the Zombie, but Luke’s actions gave the 3 time travellers enough time to flee down the corridor.

Slekovora meanwhile had made his way to the bottom floor of the ship where Professor Fang kept his collection of art, literature, and films, gathered from planets all over the multiverse. Photograph’s Lindsey had taken of all the planets they had visited all over the universe were also stored here.

The Demon started to burn them all. It was a petty, childish act. It knew how much the Vampire and Lindsey adored their collection. The Demon didn’t want to destroy the Professor’s vessel for now. It may need it, if Gyster’s will and magic proved to be too strong. Still for the time being it was taking a great pleasure in destroying the the collection, the Professor and Lindsey had spent years gathering together. Many of the works of art and literature they had collected, represented the last known copies in the entire universe that would sadly now be lost forever.

Kirsteen, Alice and Luke had managed to evade the fire Demon. It had become distracted by two more Zombies who had jumped it in one of the corridors, thinking it was one of the humans in the dark.

The fire Demon effortlessly tore the two undead creatures to bits and burned the remains, but the Zombies had unintentionally given Kirsteen, Luke and Alice a good head start on the Demon and they were able to slip down a nearby corridor.

The three quickly made their way to the main room the Professor and Lindsey had brought them too in the first place. Unfortunately it was now filled with Zombies.

The three kept hidden just outside the room, watching the monsters shuffle and groan. There was no way they could make their way through the Zombies, but they couldn’t go back either. They could hear the flame Demon coming up the other way. There was no other way out.

“I’m sorry ladies, I don’t think there is any way out of this. I could always distract some of those freaks, but there’s so many, they’d spot both you when you tried to run past.”

Alice broke down into tears. Kirsteen was terrified too, but she still couldn’t believe the situation she was in. She almost felt like laughing. “I always thought I’d OD or be in a clumsy accident. I didn’t think I’d be eaten by space Zombies!” She thought to herself as she constantly looked behind for the Demon.

Suddenly however the three prisoners heard a voice echoing in their heads. It was Gysters.

“I am sorry. I dragged you into this. All of you would have died anyway had I not abducted you. Please believe me I was only trying to help.”

“Did you hear that?” Kirsteen said, wondering if she was going mad.

“It is I Gyster. The ship who abducted you. I only ever wanted you to be my new crew.”

“I’m sorry did you say you were a ship?” Kirsteen said.

“Yes, a living vessel, made from magic. I can help you escape from here, but only if you follow my instructions.”

“Its a trick” Luke protested. “Its that Demon”

“Trust me, if I was that Demon I wouldn’t waste time with tricks. You can get out of this, but you have to do exactly as I say.”

“Alright fine” Kirsteen said much to Luke and Alice’s surprise.

“Well like you said, we’re all dead anyway. Either eaten alive or burned to death. What difference does it make?” Kirsteen responded.

“Okay now what I want you to do is imagine you are somewhere safe.” Gyster said.

“What do you mean?” Luke responded.

“I’m still weak after the operation, but I might still have enough power to send you all weapons. They will help you deal with the Zombies, but if you see the Demons run. If you imagine you are out of this nightmare, then my limited magic will do it all it can to help you, by sending you a weapon.”

“That’s ridiculous” Luke shouted.

“No trust me I’ve lived my entire life with magic. He’s telling us the truth” Alice said.

Before Luke could protest, he was suddenly distracted by the sound the fire Demon roaring from down the corridor.

The three instantly started to think of their homes. Luke thought about his wife and child that he had left behind during the war, Lucy and Jonathan. Jonathan was just 3 when Luke had been drafted. He wanted nothing more than to see his little boy again, but he had prepared himself over the last few years for the possibility that would never happen. Still he thought hard about his family, and how he was determined that he would see them again in spite of the monsters.

Alice meanwhile thought about her mother, Noella. Noella had raised Alice by herself, as her father had been killed in a tragic accident when she was young. Noella had been there when she saw Alice be abducted by Gyster. Eden had detected the presence of Gyster arriving, but they thought their defences could take care of it. Sadly for Alice they were mistaken. Alice was determined to see Noella again, not just for her sake, but because she couldn’t bare the thought of her mother losing her only daughter as well as her husband.

Kirsteen meanwhile didn’t have anyone to think of back home. All she had was her dingy little home, and her old life of feeling rejected by her friends and the public. She tried to think of the fact that her music would be remembered, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

Two weapons appeared in Alice and Luke’s hands. Luke quickly pulled the door open, alerting all of the Zombies. They stared at Luke for a few seconds before all lurching towards him. Fortunately Luke and Alice were able to mow them all down with their new death rays.

“What kind of an evil could turn men into these things” Luke said bitterly as he looked down at the burnt remains of the Zombies.

“The kind of evil that just saved your life”,  Gyster said in a somewhat angry tone.

“Listen to my instructions and you can make your way back to me.”

“Aren’t there hundreds of Zombies on your ship.”

“Yes but there I and two other people can help you now move, that Demon’s on your tail.”

Back in Gyster, Lindsey and the Professor were still trapped behind a blue wall of energy that blocked off the corridor. Not all of Gysters wounds had healed yet.

“You can’t wait for that wound to heal.” Gyster said.

“Besides he’s waiting for you on the other side.”

“Jiazan” Lindsey said?

“Yes, he’s been waiting for the last few minutes. You won’t escape from him in here. He’s even stronger than you Professor, and your little stick won’t slow him down this time.”

“Well I suggest you teleport us away like before.” The Professor said indignantly.

“I can’t, as you said I’m still weak. You’ll have to climb to the top of this room. There’s a vent up there, but”. He paused

“But what.”

“It only leads to my zoo.”


“Yes where I collect animals from all over the entire universe. When you crashed into me, the power to the cages went down. Fortunately I was able to lock the door to stop those things from getting out, but.”

“So it seems to escape from one monster, you want us to run through a room with hundreds?” Lindsey replied.

“Trust me you’ll have a better chance up there. Most of my creatures will have probably killed each other by now, and there is more space to run. Hurry you don’t have much time.”

The Professor quickly ran up the wall. He may have looked like a frail old man, but his Vampiric powers meant he could move really fast. Lindsey meanwhile struggled behind him as the wall of blue light began to fade. The Vampire quickly jumped back down and pulled Lindsey to safety, just before the blue light vanished and the furious Zombie below emerged, screaming impotently for revenge.

The Professor and Lindsey crawled through the vents into a large room that stunk even worse than the Zombies.

In the pitch black they could see several empty cages as well as in the distance, what appeared to the remains of a gigantic four legged, blue creature! Its guts had been torn out and its head had been ripped clean off.

The two time travellers slowly crept through the room, careful not to draw attention to themselves. They could hear screams and moans of other animals in the distance.

“Just keep walking ahead, you’re near the door, I’ll open it” Gyster said.

Suddenly however Lindsey and the Professor heard a thumping sound coming behind them. They slowly turned round to see what looked like a large, predatory Dinosaur in the distance.

It was an Allosaurus. Lindsey recognised it right away even in the dark. Lindsey had seen many Dinosaurs out in the wild on her journey’s, but even before she had become a time traveller, Lindsey had been a huge Dinosaur fanatic.

The Allosaurus stood about 15 feet tall and was close to 40 feet long. It’s body was positioned in a horizontal frame, whilst it stood on two kangeroo like legs, counterbalanced with a long stiff tail behind. Its forearms were long and thin, and each ended in three sharp claws. Its neck was long and ended in a long crocodile like head, with two large, red crests above its eyes. The monsters face was still smeared in the blood of its previous victims.

The Allosaurus had been the apex predator of its home era, the Jurassic, over 150 million years ago. Ironically this species had always been a big favourite of Lindsey growing up, but now it seemed to be focusing on Lindsey more than the Professor.

The Professor was a Vampire and therefore dead to the Allosaur. Even though the Dinosaur could see him moving, he still smelled cold to it. Lindsey was alive and warm and so the monster viewed her as prey. The creature let out a roar and chased Lindsey, though the Professor ran too at first, it soon became apparent that it was after Lindsey more.

The Professor jumped out of the Allosaurus’ way, and after it ran past him, he grabbed it by the tail.

He briefly held the Allosaurus in place for a few seconds with his Vampiric strength, allowing Lindsey to get a good distance from it. The Allosaurus however flipped the Professor over twenty feet in the air with its tail before charging at him.

Lindsey paniced for a minute. She didn’t know how to help the Professor, but she still grabbed the Professor’s magic staff that he had dropped when dodging the Allosaur. If she could revive one of the larger fallen beasts, maybe it could distract the Allosaur long enough for the Professor to get away.

Lindsey looked ran back to the corpse of the giant four legged creature and fired the staff at the creature. It briefly revived the beast which started to crash into some of the cages.

The Allosaurus had cornered the Professor, but it hadn’t attacked him yet. It was more curious about this strange smelling, small, yet strong creature. Still the giant headless behemoth managed to distract the Allosaurus, who again stared at the beast more out of curiosity than anything else. The Allosaurus had actually killed the giant just a few hours earlier!

Whilst the Allosaurus was distracted, Lindsey would revive another one of the creatures using the staff. Behind one of the cages, she saw several Raptors, feasting on the corpse of a gigantic, green bipedal, Wolf like creature.

As soon as Lindsey revived the monster, it scattered the Raptors, managing to grab one in its jaws and crush it.

The Wolf then instinctively went for the other giant predator in the room, the Allosaur. It was about as large as the Dinosaur. Once again however the Allosaur was more confused by the sight of the larger Wolf than anything else. The Wolf however struck the Allosaur, and it hit it so hard that its own, rotting, putrid arm came off!

The Allosaur in response rammed the Wolf, shoving it back into one of the cages, whilst Lindsey and the Professor ran ahead to the door Gyster had already opened for them.

Once they made their way out. Gyster closed the door before the Allosaurus, or anything else could follow them. (With both the Wolf and the giant having died again.)

Unfortunately however before Lindsey could get her breath back, the two time travellers suddenly heard a growling sound and looked up to see a Sabre Tooth Cat at the other end of the corridor. It had managed to sneak its way out when the door was open.

The prehistoric monster went for Lindsey again, much like the Allosaur, but the Professor managed to tackle the Cat to the ground just as it pounced on her, and with one strike to its face, knocked it out cold.

“I hope more didn’t get out. The Zombies were enough” the Professor said as he adjusted his suit.

Back on the Professor’s ship, Luke, Kirsteen and Alice had managed to make their way through more Zombies, following Gysters directions to the dock of the ship.

Luke handed his gun to Kirsteen, telling her to fire at any Zombie or Demon she sees, whilst he and Alice try to pull the door open.

Kirsteen didn’t know how to use a gun, but she hoped she wouldn’t have to.

Luke and Alice pulled and pulled at the massive door until it started to open a little bit.

Just then however a noxious substance from above splashed into Luke’s face causing him to collapse in agony.

It was the young urchin child who had been turned into a Demon. He had managed to make his way to the end of the ship first and had been waiting for the right moment to strike.

The boy, who was now completely unrecognizable. He had morphed into a hideous, horned, goblin like creature, jumped on top of Luke and started to bite and claw at him.

Knowing he was done for Alice pulled at the door which came open a lot more easily now. As soon as she opened it however, several Zombies came pouring out!

To Be Continued.


Professor Fang: The Living Spaceship: Part 4: Old Demons


(Sorry this was delayed by a few days. My internet connection has been non existent for the better part of the past 4 days meaning I couldn’t get any work done on it. Apologies for the delay and enjoy! PS Doctor Who part 5 will be back this Saturday at the usual time after all, as will the 5th part of Professor Fang,  but sadly due to delay’s and other real life issues, part 5 of The Circus Master will be delayed for a whole week.) 

As Jiazan raised the Professor over Gysters heart, Lindsey quickly grabbed the Professors staff and fired it at the undead monster. The staff, just as before had a brief effect on the Zombie causing some of its wounds to heal.

Disoriented by the magic, Jiazan dropped the Professor and turned his attention to Lindsey. Lindsey kept firing the magic at the Zombie however and whilst it didn’t revive Jiazan it appeared to have a much greater mental effect on him than even the Professor could have imagined. Memories of the man Jiazan used to be started to creep back into his rotting skull.

He had once been a kind, brave man, a hero even. After he had been revived however all that was left was the bitterness, and jealousy he had occasionally felt in life.

Zombies were never fully the people they had once been in life. Raising the dead exactly as they were was a rarity in the universe, even with the strongest magics. Often physically the body would be a rotting husk, but even if the body was repaired, then mentally there would still be something missing.

Indeed most Zombies were the work of crude magics and therefore both mentally and physically they were nothing more than shambolic, repulsive husks, barely on the level on animals, living for nothing but to feed on the living, or obey their masters orders.

Even those who were almost completely perfect physically however would still often be lacking mentally in something vital they once possessed in life.

Now however for a few moments, Lindsey gave everything back to Jiazan and it was enough to almost kill him. He ran screaming from the room and down the corridor, consumed with guilt over the people he had killed. After just a few moments however Jiazan could suddenly feel his old self slipping away again, as the effects of the staff wore off. “No, no, I must remember who I am, I am a good man, I am a good man!” He kept saying to himself as the homicidal rage and jealousy slowly crept its way back into his very soul.

Lindsey helped the Professor up to his feet and handed him back his staff. “Thank you Lindsey in another minute I’d” he was interrupted as suddenly the whole ship began to break and more beams of blue light began to burst from parts of Gyster.

Gyster let out an ear piercing scream. “Please I can’t hold on much longer.”

The Professor started to work on the ships heart. He used his staff to heal some of its injuries and then began a healing ritual to fully repair the heart, though even as he was performing it, the heart still fluctuated, causing massive flashes of blue light to appear all over the ship.

One flash of light very nearly vaporised Lindsey, who barely managed to get out of the way in time. The Professor meanwhile took no notice of the magical blasts and continued to chant the ritual.

Fortunately one of the blue flashes of light appeared in the corridor just in front of Jiazan, (who had now fully regressed back to being a monster) which prevented him from interrupting the ritual again.

As more and more holes began to appear in the ship, all seemed lost until suddenly the shaking stopped.

Gyster let out another groan. “I can feel the pain going away.”

“You have nothing to worry about now” The Professor said smugly. “An old healing ritual from the planet Skrelian. Its like a magical bandage over your wounds, or think of it as like magical stitches. You’ll never be as strong as you once were though. Don’t over exert yourself or they might pop.”

“Thank you Vampire” Gyster said. “I’m afraid however my lack of strength is going to be a problem for you too.”

“What do you mean?”

“In those last few minutes, when it looked like your ritual wasn’t going to work I drained the energy from your ship. Forgive me. I had no choice, and if I hadn’t I probably would have exploded before your spell could have worked. You’d all be dead now.”

A look of horror came over The Professors face. “Please tell me you left the emergency banks alone.”

“I am afraid.”

“You fool, do you realise what you’ve done.”

“I am sorry Vampire. I know how much you cared for that vessel, but it is not more important than my, or your, or Lindsey’s or any of the people I chose to be my new crew’s lives. All of you can stay here and be my new crew.”

“Believe me, as horrifying as the idea of us being part of your new crew is” The Professor snapped. “You don’t understand. There was a creature locked away deep inside my ship. A monster that makes all of your Zombies look like the pathetic runts they truly are.”

Jiazan waited patiently for the blue light to disappear. He wanted to make Lindsey pay for making him feel guilt. He started to thump the walls in frustration until he heard the faint sound of music in the distance. It was coming from the old disco.

Surely no one could be in there now of all times, dancing to music? It must be an old jukebox, he thought. Still the monster didn’t want to take the tiny chance there was someone in there that he’d let go and so he decided to investigate.

Sure enough when he peered through the doors he saw the two Zombies dancing to romantic music. It almost seemed like a comical sight in the middle of everything that was going on.

Jiazan kicked the two doors down in rage. How dare they think they can just dance and have a nice time whilst I’m on a rampage, Jiazan thought.

The male Zombie pushed the female behind him and spoke, somewhat nervously to Jiazan.

“Please I know you. We travelled together for many years, decades even. We fought side by side, we slew monsters, saved worlds. Please, me and wife we just want to spend our last few minutes together. Let us have that. Remember the man you used to be. Jiazan.”

Jiazan responded by punching a hole through the lesser Zombies chest before throwing him 10 feet across the room.

The female Zombie let out a scream before picking up a chair and smashing it over Jiazan’s head. It didn’t even make him flinch, and the female Zombie in response quickly picked up one of the chairs legs and jabbed it into Jiazan’s eye. It still did nothing. She then ran across the room, with the giant, psychotic Zombie in hot pursuit. She grabbed two bottles from a nearby table as she ran and threw one at Jiazan’s head but the monster still wasn’t hurt and managed to grab her.

In desperation she smashed the other bottle off of a nearby table and tried to jab it into the larger Zombies face, but Jiazan just threw her over another table, before mounting himself on top of her.

The Zombie grabbed her throat with both hands and prepared to tear her head clean off her shoulders.

Before he could however the male Zombie grabbed Jiazan in a bear hug from behind and pulled him backwards.

“You’re nothing but a pitiful monster now. I’ll put you out of your misery.” The male Zombie said as he tried to pull on Jiazan’s neck.

Jiazan however quickly overpowered the lesser Zombie and tore both of his arms off, before lifting him over his head.

“PLEASE, PLEASE FOR PITY’S SAKE, WE’LL DO ANYTHING.” The female Zombie shouted and begged in desperation. Jiazan however didn’t even acknowledge her screams and instead ripped the male Zombie in half.

The female let out a scream and ran at Jiazan, who effortlessly knocked her to the ground with a quick strike. He then picked up the severed arms of her former lover and started to beat her relentlessly with them.

Jiazan’s strikes were so fast and so relentless that the female had no time to defend herself, even if she had wanted to.  Jiazan broke her ribs, her spine, and both of her legs, using her former lovers own severed arms, before smashing her skull in.

With her last actions the female Zombie crawled around the upper half of her lover and wrapped her arm around him.

Like the other undead creatures on the vessel, the two love Zombies were not the people they once were. In life they had been great heroes who would have done all they could to help the still living members of Gysters crew who were in danger, and even Gyster himself.

Now however all they cared about was each other. Even if they had seen a child being torn to pieces by Zombies outside, then they still wouldn’t have bothered to interrupt their dancing to help him.

Still at the very least, unlike Jiazan the two were even as Zombies able to retain the selfless love they had felt for another person in life, and in her final few seconds, the female made sure that she was still by the side of the man she loved no matter what.

Jiazan meanwhile laughed at the female’s final display, muttering “pathetic” under his breath.

Slaughtering the two lesser Zombies had been an amusing distraction for the monster, but his thoughts soon drifted back to the Professor and Lindsey. They had evaded and in his mind humiliated them. “You two got off lightly compared to the Vampire and his little bitch” Jiazan said bitterly as he looked down at the beaten and mangled corpses of his previous two victims.

“Who was this Demon?” Gyster asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“Slekovora, the curser of worlds.” The Professor responded. “He is said to come from the darkest world in all of the hell universes. Each planet he visits he transforms into a copy of his own world, through black magic. According to the legends, unlike most other Demons, he hated the hell he was born into, and despised other races that he felt were born into more privileged worlds. He targeted the most peaceful, and advanced planets in all of creation and would condemn them through the blackest magics.”

“Yes I’ve heard of him.” Gyster responded with regret. “He destroyed my favourite world. The planet Hystari. I saved its people from an invasion of Vampires many millennia ago. They hailed me and my then crew as their greatest heroes. We would visit their world many times after, often helping them against some other threat. Sadly however the last time we visited Hystari it had been twisted into a hellworld.” The ship paused for a moment. “I’ll never forget seeing the people who had once cheered me as I flew by, twisted into monsters, tearing each other apart. I lost 5 of my crew to that world.”

“I’ve visited Hystari.” The Professor replied. “Its’ now known as one of the worst hell planets in its galaxy.  I never knew it was anything other than that. I’m sorry. I can relate however. We encountered Slekovora on one of our favourite planets. Liova. It wasn’t as far gone as Hystari however. Its people for years had been working on a spell to contain Slekovora. Doing so drained their world of all magics and left them a burned out husk, but they were eventually able to trap that monster.

The last few surviving Liovans gave his cage as it were, to us. Since we’re never in one place too long, they figured it would be safer with us, as his minions couldn’t track us across all of time and space. For years Lindsey and I tried to find a way to kill that monster while he was vulnerable, but we couldn’t do it. No magics were powerful enough to actually harm him.”

“And now” Lindsey interrupted. “He’s escaped. We’ve failed. We’ll have the death’s of billions of worlds on our conscious”

“Come on we can’t think that way. We’re all responsible, but if we work together, we can put him back in his cage.” Gyster responded with faux optimism.

“We’re not all responsible. You are, you drained the power from my ship” The Professor snapped.

“You were the one who crashed into me, and wasted too much time dicking about with those Zombies out there.”

“Okay, okay” Lindsey interrupted. “It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, first things first we need to get back to the ship. Those poor people you abducted think they’re safe back there, when in truth we’d have been better bringing us with them”.

Back on the Professor’s ship, Gyster’s would be crew were alarmed at the room suddenly going black. A door also appeared at the far end of the room as the magic was filtered out of the room. None of them were brave enough to be the first to go through it however.

“Is it a power cut? I thought this ship was supposed to be magic or something” Kirsteen grumbled.”

Suddenly the group could hear something shuffling in the corridor.

“Is it one of they Zombie things?” The young urchin said. “I don’t like this, that creepy old man is in league with them I tell ya. He’s left us here to be eaten by em.

“Now, lets not jump to conclusions. I don’t know what he’s up to but.” Kirsteen said as suddenly the door began to open.

The crowd all backed against the wall in terror. They couldn’t make out what was standing in the doorway, but they knew it wasn’t even remotely human. All they could make out were its red eyes, piercing through the darkness.

To Be Continued.



Doctor Who: The New Universe: Part 4

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What do you mean? The Doctor said in shock.

“You heard me” Excelios said impatiently.

“It was the ultimate project the great minds at this facility were working on. The creation of an entire universe in a lab. What they didn’t count on was that one day, the life forms in that universe would find a way to escape.” Excelios said as he continued to work on the controls.

“What are you doing. Perhaps I can help.” The Doctor said.

“I doubt it.”

“Well not to toot my own horn but I am a rather clever.”

Excelios screamed in frustration. “Damn it. There’s nothing I can do. They’re blocking the power. I’m sorry, I truly am.”

“Why?” The Doctor asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“The monsters, they don’t intend to just overrun this world. They’re using all the power they can to teleport armies onto billions of worlds across your universe. They’ve already overrun our reality. Yours will be next.”

Dana, Sleera and Reosa were completely outnumbered by the monsters on the first floor who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. All three tried to fight back, but the monsters were too fast for them. Even if any of the three had managed to land a hit then it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

Dana knowing that they couldn’t outfight the monsters, tried to bargain with them with the only thing she had.

“If you kill us you’ll die too” Dana screamed which caused all of the monsters to suddenly stop. “Yeah that’s right, what you freaks don’t know is that you’ve all been poisoned. Its part of a security system here. In a few hours you’ll die just like the previous wave you sent. Only we know where the cure is.”

The largest of the monsters, clearly their leader walked slowly towards Dana. It struck her right in the face.

“You will tell me where the cure is, or else I will make you. Do you understand? Its not about if you die. Its about how much fun we have with you first!” The monsters believed Dana about the poison. They had no idea as to why their predecessors had died, but they hadn’t found anything in the records (the records could only be accessed by the staff or the rescue team who knew the security codes.)

Dana clearly terrified, still stood her ground. “You don’t know how stubborn I am do you? I might die first, your eh boys might get a bit too carried away, or after you’ve torn my legs off, I might lie to get revenge and direct you to some poison instead? You don’t have time to take that chance.”

The leader knew she was right and reluctantly agreed. “Fine. I promise that when we get the cure, I’ll give you a 5 minute head start to get away.”

Dana knew that the monster would most likely go back on its word even for that, but she had bought them all a few more minutes anyway. Or so she thought.

Two of the monsters suddenly dragged Sleera way from Reosa towards the end of the hall.

“What are you doing” Dana asked.

“Well” the leader said with a sadistic glee. “I can’t let it be known that people can just blackmail me and get away with it. I only need two of you. One who knows where the cure is, and another to threaten for a bargaining chip. The other you can watch die now. You need to see who you are dealing with.”

“Please, I know exactly what you are capable of.” Dana said. “All of you freaks, I know there’s no low you won’t stoop too. Please don’t do this.”

“Apparently you still underestimate me, as you still think you can beg me for anything!”

The monsters tore open Sleera’s guts, and pulled out his intestines, whilst two more bit into his throat. Another two broke both of his legs, whilst two more pulled on his arms, and bit off all of his fingers! Both Dana and Reosa tried to stop them, but they were both restrained. More and more monsters piled on top of Sleera until eventually all that was left of the former soldier was a few pieces of mangled flesh and broken bones on the floor.

“Now you know what will happen to either of you if you cross me” the monster said with a perverse pleasure to his two frightened and disgusted prisoners.

The Doctor tried to figure out the controls. It was too much to take in at once, even for someone like him. Excelios meanwhile just simply sobbed in the corner.

“Now come on man. That won’t get us anywhere. Please you have to tell me more about this place, about your people.”

“Why bother. In a few moments trillions more worlds will go through the pain my people did, all because I failed. I was hand picked for this mission, and I failed.”

“Now look, I’ve been in far worse situations than this before now, and I don’t intend to die or even regenerate here. You can either wallow in self pity or help me do something about it. What’s it going to be.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry, it was just the thought of other planets going through what we did.”

“What happened to your world?”

“We were taken advantage of and then abused. The monsters you see now may seem savage, but they were all once the masters of our universe.”

“I didn’t think they were unintelligent. They all showed signs of sentience, but at times they were so brutal that it was hard to believe they were anything but monsters.” The Doctor winced as the images of the monsters past victims went through his mind.

“They were once the creators of our universe’s chosen people.”

“You mean the scientists of this facility?”

“Yes. The people of this strange place, they created our universe as a simple experiment. They replicated the same explosion that created your reality, but on a smaller scale and created a mini universe. It may have seemed small to you on the outside, but from our perspective, it was a full reality filled with planets, stars, and galaxies just like yours.”

“Fascinating” the Doctor replied.

“For years I wasn’t sure what to make of our creators.” Excelios continued. “I hated them for interfering, I hated them for not interfering. I hated them for making us just for an experiment, something to show off in a lab, but looking at what these monsters have done to them now, I can’t help but pity them.”

“Yes well I understand. I’m disappointed in this facility for taking such a huge risk, but well its no use now. Its not like you change the past. You really can’t. I know that better than anyone.” The Doctor said.

“Well whatever the reason, at first when they created our universe the scientists only observed. Time ran differently in our reality. Millions of years in our universe would only be a few months here. According to the legends, they wanted to help, when they saw how much we suffered, but they always felt it would stunt our development if they did. They were worried that they couldn’t handle the truth that we were just an experiment.”

“Eventually however” Excelios continued “several races across our universe reached a technological level where our creators thought that they could handle the truth. For years our creators shared secrets with these chosen races as we came to refer to them. Collectively the chosen people built a massive Federation, and would help to elevate other races across the universe. Our people were among those species. At first the chosen races treated us apparent lesser beings with kindness, but as time went on, well they started to exploit us, under the justification that we were apparently created to serve them.”

“It seemed the so called chosen people still weren’t ready to hear the truth” the Doctor said with regret.

“Quite so. Eventually wars broke out between their Federation as the races tried to settle who was the one chosen race. Our creators tried to tell them not to fight, but it didn’t matter. Whole planets, solar systems were destroyed by the wars, the Federation fell, and the chosen races degenerated into savages, monsters.

The creators were ashamed of what they had done. They abandoned us once again. Eventually when they saw how degenerate their chosen people became, they stopped monitoring us altogether and wrote the experiment off as a failure. They didn’t pull the plug on it thankfully, but they didn’t bother with us again, which turned out to be a mistake.

The chosen races remained savage, degenerate, monsters, but unfortunately the technology from their ancestors, and the secrets about how the universe worked, the creators had given them still persisted. Eventually one of the chosen races was able to conquer the others. The Liexsha.

“Which monsters are they?”

“The giants. They were able to conquer the other races and unite them into an empire that spread out across our universe and conquered it. Once they were done with us, they sought to conquer the creators themselves. The first wave they sent here were killed by that plague. I was part of that wave. I tried to help the scientists, but the monsters found out I was a double agent along with some others. They killed most of the other members of my team. A few others escaped. I don’t know if they are still out there or.”

“I saw one of them in the cave” The Doctor said. “Sadly he was dying. I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t think any would survive. My people are an expendable workforce. There are so few of us left. The giants eat those of us that aren’t deemed of any use.”

He paused for a minute before continuing. “I was able to hide information about the cure from the first wave. Unfortunately however I evidently wasn’t able to stop a second group from arriving. I spent days in here trying to place a force field around the universe, but I couldn’t manage it. The second wave eventually came here and they decimated the rescue team.”

The Doctor looked at the monitors which covered various rooms in the facility, though not as many as the safe room. “You saw the team had arrived. Why didn’t you warn them.”

“There were bodies of creatures like me up there. I didn’t think they would trust me. The last scientist I found only barely trusted me enough to help erase all records of the cure from their files, all except one, that was to be for any rescue team who might not have the cure themselves. Sadly I couldn’t save him either.”

“I understand” the Doctor said. “But we can’t let billions more of those creatures infest this universe.”

The Doctor looked closely at one monitor of a lower level where the giant was throwing a tantrum at having failed to kill the Doctor. He noticed a large power generator next to it.

A plan began to form in the Time Lord’s mind.

“Tell me why can’t you create the force field around the other universe above?”

“It can’t sciphon off enough power from the core around it. This facility is powered by a compacted star at the bottom of the mountain.”

“So that’s what that blue light was?” the Doctor said.

“Yes, I hoped I could take part of it to use for the force field, but leave enough for our universe to be powered. Unfortunately however a few of their party managed to make it down to the caves, where the generator is and they managed to block my attempts. I suspect it won’t be long before they trace me here. The chosen races will use all of the power of the compacted star to send all of the other members of their kind into your universe, to strategic planets, centres of empire, isolated worlds they can build power bases on in safety. They need a combination of all the energy in their reality, and some from yours to send all of their armies through.”

“I suspect that once they are in my universe, they won’t care about the one they leave behind?”

“Correct. All the energy from the star will be used up, and my universe will fizzle and burn into nothing. All of my people and the other races who have suffered under their rule for thousands of years will vanish, except for a few they’ll use as foot soldiers to help conquer other worlds.

“Well like I said I think our friend can help us out here. If what you said is true, then the giant is the leader of their little group which means we can use him as a bargaining chip.”


“Let me show you.”

Dana and Reosa were taken to the 3rd floor where the cure was by the monsters who climbed down the elevator shaft now that the lift was gone. Two of the monsters carried Dana and Reosa on their backs like small children. On the third floor the giant monster and its children were warded off by the blue creatures as Dana and Reosa led their captors to the room with the cure.

“Well here it is. I take it that 5 minute head start is off the table?” Dana asked already knowing the answer.

“Oh of course not” the leader grinned. “I’m afraid though that my friend out there won’t want to do the same. She seems to want a piece of you.”

Dana looked at Reosa to signal her, though for what Reosa wasn’t exactly sure, but she knew Dana was planning something.

“There is a thing you should know about the cure though.” Dana said?


Dana suddenly jumped towards the cupboard that contained the cure. Though the leader attempted to stop her, Reosa quickly grabbed the leader from behind. He managed to shake her off quickly, but it was enough to distract the leader long enough for Dana to knock all of the samples of the cure off of the shelf to the floor where they smashed except for one, which she grabbed.”

“Just one sample left in the entire facility. If you freaks want it you’re going to let us out of here now.”

To Be Continued



Slight Delays

Just a quick update. Next week I am going to be quite busy. Its nothing serious, I just have a lot on my plate and sadly, The Circus Master, Doctor Who and Professor Fang will all be taking a short break for that week.

They will all be back the week after at the same time.

The Circus Master: The Book of the Vampires: Part 4: London’s Bleeding


Richard’s was restrained with magical chains right by the fountain of the Circus. Despite the Vampires greater immunity to magic, these chains were forged by the the most powerful magics at the very edge of the universe itself. There was no way the Vampire could break free.

The Circus Master was preparing a truth spell that would force Richards to talk, but it would take a few minutes. The others sat impatiently by Richards who had already awoken from Denika’s spell.

“What are you going to do to me you freaks.”

“Kill you eventually” Carlene said bluntly.

“But right now the boss is just whipping something up to make you talk.”

“It doesn’t matter if you kill me, there are more like me waiting in the wings.”

“Yeah we know darling, that’s why we want you to talk so we can kill them too” Carlene replied.

Denika meanwhile looked somewhat worried.

“We should have heard back from Florence by now. I wouldn’t have thought it would have taken that long to take down a child Vampire.”

“You didn’t see what the little bugger was capable of” Carlene replied. “I have a new digestive system because of him.”

“Well” The Circus Master interrupted. “In a few minutes we’ll know just how many of those things are loose in London as well as how we can kill them thanks to our friend here.”

Richards tried to struggle to break free again, but it was no use. He then started laughing.

“What’s so funny you freak” Keptis responded.

“Just that you lot combined had trouble bringing me in. I shudder to think how you’ll cope with the others. If you’d wanted to know where they were, you should have just asked. I’d love to have seen them rip you to pieces”

Florence had been able to track the Demon child all the way across London. Florence much like Carlene had an advanced sense of smell, which allowed her to pick up the Demon child’s scent. She carried with her a large bag containing various Vampire repellents.

The trail ended at a nearby hospital. Florence had been there as a little girl. She had most unpleasant memories of a particular Doctor named Malstrom. Malstrom was a famous quack who had a pathological hatred of woman. According to some rumours he had murdered his mother and father both of whom he allegedly poisoned. His first wife also died under mysterious circumstances too.

Malstrom would later be arrested for the apparent murder of a patient, a young friend of Florence named Sally, for which he was later hanged. Florence at just 9 years old had even given a testimony against Malstrom’s character in court, vouching for his hatred of women and his violent tendencies, which she had seen him act out on other patients. At one point he even threatened Florence herself, but she was fortunate enough to have never been the recipient of his violence.

Florence broke down the two rotten front doors of the hospital. Oh how she wished she had just let Carlene follow the boy now. This would be a very unpleasant trip down memory lane.

The hospital had been abandoned after the scandal about Malstrom. Very few people ever went there again, and eventually it shut down. It hadn’t been demolished, but rather was simply left to rot right in the heart of the city.

The whole place stunk of urine and vomit that had been allowed to congeal over the years, as well as rats that ran everywhere along the mouldy floors.

Even with the repulsive odours, Florence could still pick up the Vampires scent. He was clearly trying to conceal himself in amongst these horrible smells she thought. As she made her way to the upper levels however, Florence was suddenly able to make out more strange, distinct smells, the scene of more Vampires. There were clearly dozens more in the hospital, maybe even another Alpha. The little boy had actually led her into a trap. Florence slowly backed away back towards the stair case she had just come up, hopeful that the Vampires weren’t aware she was there yet.

Unfortunately however a  figure suddenly came emerging from the door closest to the stairs. As it wandered out of the darkness it revealed a hideous, bright green, slimy face. The monster had no hair, whilst its skin looked rotting and pungent. Its nails were long, almost as long as the Circus Masters, whilst its eyes were completely round and red with a black iris. The monster also had a forked tongue that slithered out of its mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

The monster attacked Florence, but before she could fight back the young urchin Vampire that she had chased in the first place managed to sneak up on the Siren while she was distracted and grabbed her by the back leg. When she turned around to try and push it off, the slimy, Vampire grabbed Florence in a bear hug from behind. The monster’s slimy skin was burning to the touch, and ate through her clothes and flesh! It managed to pull Florence backwards into a room filled with corpses of the monsters previous victims before throwing her to the floor.

Florence landed right in front of the body of an old man, most of whose skin had been ripped off along with both of his arms. His guts had also been torn out and were smeared all over the nearby wall. Rats had already begun to feast on his mangled innards.

The green Vampire, roaring and hissing grabbed Florence by the legs and pulled her back towards it. Florence however managed to pry herself out of the beasts grasp, flip onto her back and kick the monster several times in the chest and face, sending it backwards.

As she got up to stand her ground, she could suddenly hear more roars and hisses from Vampires coming down the halls. There seemed to be dozens of them from the sounds of things. It seemed every room in this hallway was filled with at least one Vampire. “I shouldn’t have gone on ahead alone” Florence said to herself, as she desperately tried to think of a way out.

When the Vampires came in, they started firing globs of slime from their hands at her, which ate through the walls and floor of the hospital. Florence managed to dodge the monsters attacks, though one bit of acid managed to splash on her arm. It was only a tiny bit, but it still melted right through to her bone before it quickly healed.

Florence was able to trick the Vampires into using their acid to burn a hole in the floor which she quickly escaped through.

Below Florence fell onto the corpse of a young woman lying an old bed. The woman was not one of the Vampires victims. She appeared to have been dead for a few years, and had died quite peacefully in her sleep. Sadly however it seems she had just been forgotten about when the hospital shut down. One of the Vampires soon fired more acid at Florence from above, though once again she was able to dodge it, with the acid eating through the dead woman’s face and the bed.

Florence quickly opened her bag and threw a bottle of holy water at the Vampire. It did nothing. Next she lifted out a stake and managed to ram it through the first Vampire that descended from the ceilings heart. It killed the beast instantly. Unfortunately however the stake melted inside the Vampire quickly. Florence only had another two stakes in her bag.

“Oh dear this isn’t going well is it?” She said to herself in panic. Another one of the Vampires jumped down and blocked the door to the hall in front of her. Dodging its acid attacks, Florence pulled out a cross which caused the Vampire to back down a little at first, but the monster was quickly able to fire a blotch of acid at her cross, which melted it and burned her hand.

In desperation, Florence next lifted out a bottle of condensed magical flames. These weapons were created by Denika. Whenever one was opened, the flame would escape and burn whoever its owner wished it too. The weapons were somewhat unpredictable however, and at close quarters the flames could sometimes consume everything in the nearby area. Denika had meant to try and find a way to perfect it, but she had never got around to it. Florence fled to the other end of the room and before the Vampire could follow her, she emptied the bottle of fire onto the beast causing it to go up instantly. The other Vampires above backed off a little bit, allowing Florence to flee the room, running past the burning Vampire as the flames consumed him completely.

In the filth ridden hall, Florence saw a window at the other end of the room which led outside. Florence would have to jump about 4 stories out of the window to reach the ground, but that would be no problem for her Vampiric constitution. Florence intended to escape through the window and then use her 5 remaining flame bottles to burn the hospital to the ground from outside. Florence could tell that there were no remaining humans in the area. Even with the pungent odours of sick, rats, blood and the Vampires themselves, she would still be able to pick up their scent if there were any people.

Suddenly however as Florence prepared to leave, she felt the roof and the walls around her shaking. There was something on the floor above, something a lot larger and more powerful than the Vampires chasing her. It was the Alpha, unquestionably. Florence quickly headed to the window, throwing one of her bottles at the door behind her as she ran, which held the Vampires back.

After jumping to the ground below. Florence threw 3 remaining bottles at the hospital. She threw two at the upper levels the Vampires had been chasing her on, and another at the door below.

The building went up very quickly. Some of the Vampires were able to make their way to the windows, but Florence held her cross to the monsters, causing them to double back into the flames. Some of the Vampires tried to fire acid at her from above, but Florence managed to dodge their attacks even more easily this time, whilst still holding the cross up.

Suddenly just as the Vampires seemed beaten a gigantic figure came crashing through the walls of the building, covered in flames.

The monster must have been about 7 feet tall. Its skin was green and slimy just like the other Vampires, except it had long slimy tentacles coming from its hands. Its eyes were also black like a shark.

This was clearly the Alpha, and Florence was now going to have to face it alone!

The monster reached its tentacle out and grabbed hold of Florence’s left leg as she tried to run away. It pulled her back and started swinging her around before throwing her back into the inferno she had created.

Florence managed to jump out of the flames however just in time and tore a large flaming 2 by 4 out of the rubble as she fled.

Florence used it to hit the Alpha several times in the face, but the monster quickly batted it away. As Florence managed to dodge the monsters strikes, she noticed a sense of familiarity in its face.

She didn’t have time to figure it out now however. Florence quickly made a dive for her bag of weapons, but as she tried to grab it, one of the Vampires that had managed to escape the hospital grabbed her from behind. It held her in place for its “father”, but Florence was able to flip it round, causing the Alpha to hit the Vampire with its tentacle instead. Florence then rammed the lesser Vampire into the Alpha, knocking them both back before she dived for the weapons bag.

Florence threw the bottle at the Alpha who not knowing what it was, managed to knock it out of reach, but it still broke when it hit the ground, which unleashed the flames on the Alpha anyway.

As the Alpha struggled in the flames, another lesser Vampire managed to escape the inferno and started to attack Florence. This creature managed to strike Florence’s weapons bag with an acid attack, but Florence managed to pull a stake and a silver blade out of her bag before it all melted. Florence would then throw the stake straight into one of the lesser Vampires hearts.

Dodging the other monsters acid attacks, she then sliced its arm off with her blade. Sadly however the blade melted from the monsters acidic slime, but Florence then quickly grabbed the flaming 2 by 4 and drove it through the Vampires heart when it tried to attack her.

The Alpha meanwhile, unable to put the flames out (the magic ensured that they could not be extinguished until their target was dead) collapsed onto the floor in pain.

It still wasn’t completely dead however, but Florence, using what was left of the 2 by 4 prepared to stake the Vampire through the heart.

However just as Florence was about to strike the killing blow, she was struck from behind by one of the Vampires. It was ironically the urchin Vampire that Florence had chased to the hospital in the first place. The Vampire hit Florence with a led pipe, hard enough to knock her to the floor, and when she tried to get up, the Alpha seizing its chance, jumped up and struck her in the face, knocking Florence out cold.

As soon as Florence was knocked out, the flames disappeared from the Alpha, as they were dependent on the users will.

“You’re going to pay for this bitch” the Alpha said as its charred flesh started to repair itself.

Meanwhile back at the Circus, the magic had begun to affect Richards. Despite his best attempts to fight them, they were simply too strong.

“Curse you Circus Freaks. I swear, I will make you all pay for this.”

” I thought you were confident your master could tear us apart? Hmm seems you’re actually bit scared. Anyway can please tell us who created you and where are they?” The Circus Master said.

“. I just hate being used” Richards spat back. “I was made by Marcozia Agner in the small seaside town of Lourouse. That’s where he is creating all of us. The town was abandoned 100 years ago. Apparently it was because it was cursed. We have children all over this country. You can’t stop us now.”

“Marcozia Agner?” Carlene replied in shock. “I know who that is. He must be lying.”

“I assure you he is not.” The Circus Master said.

“Marcozia is a Vampire hunter. He is one of the greatest I’ve ever met. He’s a total prick mind you. Tried to stake me several times. Still I find it hard to believe that he would ever allow himself to be turned. He hated Vampires even more than this bloke here” She said whilst looking at Keptis. “Even if he became one, he’d definitely stake himself.”

Richards smiled “You have no idea. He is our leader, our commander. He will lead us to victory. He will tear you all to pieces.”

Carlene still couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“This is not good. A Vampire hunter that has turned over to their side. He knows all of their weaknesses and how to overcome them.” Denika said.

“Well I know Marcozia” Carlene replied “and if there’s one thing” suddenly a noise from outside interrupted Carlene.

It was a young boys voice shouting on the Circus Master to come out. Carlene recognised it as the young urchin Vampire.

“That little prick. I thought Florence would have got him by now”.

“She hasn’t and that’s very worrying” the Circus Master said. “Stay in here. This could be a trap, and no use in all of us walking into it.” Before the others could protest The Circus Master had already gone on ahead.

“What do you want Demon child” the Circus Master said with disdain.

“Its simple. We have your little Siren friend. If you want to see her ever again in one piece, you’ll surrender to us right away.”

To Be Continued