Doctor Who: The Path Not Taken: Part 2

“Get in the blue box now.” The Doctor screamed as he tried to push the young couple behind him.

Unfortunately Sally, not surprisingly didn’t trust this strange man who had suddenly materialised in the middle of her room and punched him in the stomach when he tried to grab her arm. Brian then pushed into the Doctor away whilst he was in pain, and knocked him over a nearby chair. Farah jumped to the Doctors aid and tried to pull Brian off him, but whilst they were distracted the figure grabbed hold of Sally.

The Doctor pushed Brian off and ran to help Sally, but within a few seconds a blue light enveloped them both. After it cleared nothing remained.

Brian unable to take in everything that happened grabbed the Doctor by the neck and shoved him into the wall.

“What did you do, what are you.”

Farrah grabbed Brian from behind and pinned him in an arm lock to the ground as the Doctor adjusted his coat.

“Thank you Farrah. Believe me I am here to help you, as odd as that may seem. As for what I am, well I am a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, and this is my human companion. We travel through time and space together.”

“You’re insane, both of you.” Brian said as he tried to struggle free.

“Really, you’ve just seen what I assume is your wife vanish into a puff of blue smoke and you can’t believe that? No offence Farrah, but humans can be so close minded. I’m amazed you ever got to the stars.”

The Doctor opened both doors to the TARDIS and then with Farrah’s help picked Brian up, he then pushed Brian into the TARDIS.

“What, it’s, it’s bigger.”

“On the inside yes, hopefully this will convince you that I’m not human at least.” The Doctor said as he released Brian and headed for the console.

“What do you want from me, is this an invasion, do you want to conquer the earth.

The Doctor laughed.

“Honestly what is it with you humans. Why always assume the worst of visitors to your planet. You should be excited at the idea of first contact, and flattered that so many other species find your planet charming.”

“To be fair Doctor most of the aliens I’ve seen haven’t exactly been friendly.” Farrah interrupted.

“Yes well point taken, but the earth is a bit unlucky in that it’s situated in an area where there isn’t much life, so it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb for any potential invader. If only there were more advanced civilisations nearby you could have all bandied together for protection.”

“Yes well that’s all very good Doctor, but can you maybe tell us both just what is going on here?”

“Unfortunately my worst suspicions have been conformed. I’m afraid eh, what’s your name?”

“Brian”, he said after a few seconds hesitation.

“I’m afraid your wife is in a very bad place now. We’ll do our best but I’m afraid”

“What do you mean our best?”

“Well it’s just that this is new territory, even for me.”

“What is going on!” Farrah said in frustration.

“An almost universe. At least that’s what the Time Lords call it. You see for every action we take, no matter how small, there are billions of different outcomes. Ultimately the arrow of time only settles on one outcome, at least from our perspective, the one we experience. However the alternate outcomes sometimes can still exist for a while after in their own little bubbles outside our reality. Usually they fade away into nothing, but at other times they can split off and form an entirely new universe with a similar but different history. Sometimes however they don’t have the strength to split off into another universe and they exist as a kind of etheral universe. Normally this almost universe will fade away too, but sometimes there can be a mistake. Think of it as like a glitch in a computer, or rather a fault in a machine. That’s what the universe is in a way, a big machine, and sometimes parts of it break down and when that happens an etheral universe that hasn’t quite broken away can overlap with ours. People from the almost universe may even spill into ours. When they do the results can be catastrophic. If the person from the almost universe is able to touch the person or object that is drawing it into this one, then both will be sent to the almost universe. That’s not the worst of it however.”

He continued as he adjusted the controls of the TARDIS. “If someone from this reality is still in an almost universe when it crumbles, then they’ll be lost in a kind of nothingness that exists outside of creation itself that the Time Lords call oblivion. They won’t die, they won’t age. The laws of entropy will no longer affect them. They’ll just remain, trapped in the nothingness.”

“There must be some way you can get them out? The TARDIS can travel across universes, I’ve been to one of them.” Farrah said.

“Yes but the nothingness is outside of all universes. It’s so massive trying to find one person in it would be like trying to find a needle in a multiverse. Some people have been rescued from it, at least according to the legends, but well if we don’t act fast I’m afraid the odds won’t be in our favour.”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t waste time talking about it here then.” Brian interrupted.

“First of all you both asked, second I’m not wasting time. I’m trying to adjust the TARDIS for what will probably be one of the most difficult journey’s of her very long life. She’s no spring chicken you know. I’ve had her for thousands of years and she’s had previous owners before me, though none for as long.” He said proudly.

“What, what’s going on” Sally said as she awoke in a strange grey room that looked similar to her old apartment

In the corner she could see the figure that had been pursuing her for weeks. As he pulled himself up, Sally could see that he did resemble her old friend Eric. He could have been his twin, except now his skin, clothes and even his hair were as grey as the rest of the room.

“Sally, sally, oh thank god for a minute there I thought.” He suddenly stopped.

“What’s what’s going on.”

“You ask me that?. What the hell are you. What is this place, am I in hell?”

“That sounded like daddy.” Two small children came running in.

“Daddy, daddy, you’re back.” The two children, a little boy and a girl, neither been older than 5 or 6 and both’s skin and hair was as grey as everything else ran to embrace their father.

“Tom, Jill, I never thought I was going to see you again.” Eric said.

“Oh my god” another voice from down the hall said.

Sally felt sure it sounded like her own, and within few seconds what looked like an exact double of Sally emerged from the room, except that her skin and hair were grey too.

Eric was shocked

“It can’t be, what is going. There’s two of you.”

“What do you mean?” The grey Sally asked?

“Where have you been. We’ve been going out of our mind with worry.”

“There’s another you, standing right next to me.”

“There’s no one there.”

The real Sally was too scared to even begin to try and understand what was going on and in desperation and fear she ran out of the front door.

Eric followed her, not even sure why, but he one thing he did know was that this double, whoever she was, was still Sally and he couldn’t leave her alone in this state.

Outside Sally saw that the world was completely grey. The sky, the buildings, the grass, the people. As she ran through the crowd she soon noticed that no one was able to see here at all. That is except for Eric.

“Sally, Sally please I don’t know what’s going on anymore than you do, but.”

“Keep away from, you’re monsters, all of you.”

Suddenly Sally was distracted by the sound of someone screaming.

“Why can’t you hear me, any of you, he’s going to kill me. Please!”

It was Sarah, who stood out to Sally simply because she wasn’t grey either. Sarah in turn soon noticed Sally and ran towards her.

“Please you have to help me, he’s after me, he’s been after me for months I don’t know what he’s done but.”

“What the, that’ woman’s grey just like you.” Eric said, much to Sally’s shock.

“You mean you can see me” Sarah said in surprise.

“Of course I can.”

“No one else here can. I tried screaming at them, even pushing them to get their attention, but whenever I put my hand on them for longer than a few seconds, I’d get a shock, whilst they’d be unaffected.”

“I wish I could tell you what was going on. Both of you.” Eric said. “I was just walking home from work when suddenly I got caught in this large blue light. It was agony. I’d never felt anything like it. It seemed to go on for hours and hours until I found myself in Central Park. Everything was grey After that I’d keep phasing in and out every couple of hours until I’d wind up back in Central Park. I thought I’d died and gone to hell. Everything was grey, no one could hear me, except for you, but you didn’t know who I was.” Eric said.

“It has to be something to do with that blue box.” Sally said.

“A what?” Sarah asked.

“Just before we ended up here a blue appeared in my living room and this strange man came out of it. He wanted me to go with him, I tried to fight him off but well obviously it didn’t work. I know it sounds insane, but compared to what’s happening to us now. He’s behind it. Whoever, whatever that man was. He’s not human. How could he be.

“I just want my life back.” Sarah said whilst crying.

“I’m sorry I wish I could help.”

“Sarah, Sarah” a voice from the back of the crowd shouted so loudly it made everyone in the street turn their heads.

“Oh god it’s him. Please you have to help me.” Sarah said.

Eric went up to confront the figure, though Sarah shouted at him to stop. He didn’t listen however and the figure instantly blasted him away with an electrical bolt from his hands, sending Eric flying across the street before he could even get near.

“I could take you down as easily, but it would be too quick.” The figure smiled, whilst the crowd around him dispersed.

The ladies fled whilst the figure fired more electrical blasts at random to scare them.

Meanwhile the grey Sally arrived in the middle of the chaos, having followed her husband here. As she helped him off the pavement she suddenly noticed two strange grey women in the very distance running.

“What the hell is going on here.”

“Honestly Doctor, by the time you’ve finished our universe will be over.” Farrah said impatiently.

“I don’t think its sunk in how grave this situation is.” The Doctor said angrily.

“One mistake in her directional unit and we could slid off of this almost universe and into oblivion. After that it could take forever to get back into our universe. It’s going to take incredible skill just to land in a universe that practically doesn’t exist!”

“Sorry Farrah it’s just that well the ‘are we there yet’ is bad enough when you’re driving abroad for your holidays, when it’s to another plane of existence to save the universe. It’s even more taxing.”

The Doctor adjusted the controls one final time and prepared to take off. For just a few seconds he hesitated. Normally the Time Lord would be excited at the prospect of venturing into new undiscovered territory. (That was after all the reason he had left Gallifrey in the first place.) This time however he was actually scared at what he might find. Still as always he overcame his fear and piloted the TARDIS.

The journey went smoothly at first, but then a few minutes in everything went black. The Doctor almost felt as though he was drowning for a few moments, before everything came back and he could hear the familiar sound of the TARDIS landing.

The Doctor could see Farrah and Brian had both been affected in a similar way.

“What was that” Brian asked.

“Oblivion. The TARDIS side swerved into it for just a nanosecond, but fortunately the old girl was able to get a good grip on the almost universe and well it appears here we are.” The Doctor said as he adjusted the scanner, showing a completely grey New York outside. They had landed in a little alley.

“Why is everything grey.” Brian asked.

“It isn’t. It’s just our perception of it. To them, that is the few that can see us, the few that have a link to our reality, we’ll appear grey to them. Neither of these universes should overlap after all.

As the Doctor stepped outside he saw that the Tardis still remained blue. It stood out as a tiny little gem in the dull sea around them.

“Don’t worry most of them won’t be able to see us either.” The Doctor said to his two companions.

Up above the Doctor could see that there was no sun. “It’s just as I thought. This isn’t a full universe. From what I’ve told they rarely are. That’s why these almost universes aren’t able to properly form. From the looks of things it might just be a copy of New York. None of the people here will be aware of it however. They’ve all probably only been alive for a few weeks, but they’ll be blissfully unaware.” The Doctor said.

“There must be something we can do to help them.” Farrah said.

“I’m afraid not. I wish there was. It’s why I wasn’t exactly eager to prove this old legend true. Still lets focus on the people we can save.

As they left the alley however, all of the people in the street suddenly turned their attention to the Doctor and his two companions.

“I thought you said they couldn’t notice us.”

“By god those people are grey.” A young woman said.

“This isn’t good, this universe is becoming more unstable. Our very presence now could rip things apart.”

As soon as the Doctor had finished there was a rumble of thunder followed by several powerful lightening bolts, striking several buildings. The people started to panic.

“It’s begun we don’t have much time.” The Doctor said with dread.

To Be Continued.

What Ruined Doctor Who: Part 4: Stagnation

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You would have thought that the older Tom Baker would have remembered this, unless Gallifrey is going to come back again! I wouldn’t put it past the Fitzroy Clique to reuse that story arc.¬†

In the previous articles we’ve looked at how the mantras of “all change is good” ,”William Hartnell morphed into Patrick Troughton and that was a change, so this is the same,” “Doctor Who is all about change” destroyed the core identity of Doctor Who as it meant that the Doctor could be anyone, and anything (a recent retcon of the series by Russell T Davies revealed that the Doctor can even regenerate into animals.)

In this article we will be exploring, somewhat paradoxically how the revival has also suffered from becoming too repetitive and how this is linked to its lack of respect for the shows past.

Ironically for a show that tries to justify its ever increasingly disastrous creative decisions with “it’s all about change”, the 21st century version of Doctor Who has become one of the most formulaic and predictable genre series in almost every respect.

It’s companions, story arcs, villains, even its Doctors to some extent are all just slight variants and rehashes of the same characters, themes and stories again and again.

The reason for this is because the writers ironically don’t practice what they preach and are scared to break out of what they think is a winning formula. (It was back in the 00s, but we are now almost 20 years on. That would be like if 80s Who was still being filmed in black and white.)

Added to that their obsession with rewriting Doctor Who’s past with things like the Hybrid Prophecy, the Timeless Children, gender bending regeneration and the Master being in love with the Doctor etc, has become their only way of keeping the show “fresh” and original. Ultimately however the majority of the shows stories are still just the same old drek we’ve seen dozens of times before, except now the Doctor is a girl, or the Master is a girl so that means it must be really fresh and exciting right?

Ultimately the way you keep a show fresh and exciting is by having the character go on new adventures, new types of stories and have them encounter new types of characters and villains.

That was how Classic Who reinvented itself. It changed the types of stories the Doctor went on, from historicals to base under siege, to spy and espionage thrillers, to gothic horror, yet underneath it all, it always kept the Doctor the same character fundamentally.

The same is true for any long running series. Look at Angel, the spin off from Buffy (which I just recently finished rewatching.) It went from a supernatural crime noir series, to a Prisoner style series about Wolfram and Hart trying to break Angel, to a supernatural soap opera, to a series about its lead running an evil law firm.

Throughout it however the character of Angel, though going through natural developments, still always remained Angel, a heroic Vampire with a soul.

The makers of New Who however it seems have it the wrong way round. They think that the core character, who serves as something for the long time viewers to latch onto, should be changed to the point where they are completely unrecognizable, whilst the stories can just keep being the same, boring old ideas from 2007 without any kind of variation.  (That would be like in Angel had remained a crime noir series for 5 seasons, but the character of Angel had one season been retconned into being a Werewolf, the next an actual Angel, the next a God, etc.)

Added to that if you keep obsessing about rewriting the characters past, then it means that you will end up constantly keep retelling the same stories. For instance season 9 and 12 of the revival both give us different accounts of the Doctors origins. The classic era meanwhile, most of the time would fill a gap in, like why the Doctor ran away in The War Games, and then leave it at that. The writers would decide to go on and tell new stories, or fill in other gaps about the Doctors life and as a result didn’t spend two whole years on the same question. Fair enough Genesis presents us with a different account of the Daleks origins, but as we have been over, the first Dalek story didn’t really show us the Daleks origins, just gave us a vague second hand account. Furthermore after Genesis no one bothered to explore the Daleks origins again, because what would be the point? We had seen that story now, move on to something else.

Sadly however the Fitzroy Clique have become too focused on the wrong thing, and as a result New Who even without the politics, the fan rage against the destruction of the Doctors character, is just simply a tired and boring show for most viewers in the following ways.

1/ Enemies

Doctor Who' Brit Binge: 10 Greatest Dalek Episodes | Anglophenia ...

“Remember a time when the return of the Daleks was a big deal as they hadn’t been around for a few years?”

The overwhelming majority of New Who seasons have featured either the Daleks, the Cybermen or the Master, or some combination of them as the main villains.

Season 1: The Daleks

Season 2: The Daleks and the Cybermen.

Season 3: The Master

Season 4: The Daleks and Davros

Specials: The Master and Rassilon

Series 5: The Alliance, the two main members of which are the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Series 6: Finally a new villain.

Series 7: The Great Intelligence

Series 8: The Master and the Cybermen

Series 9: There is no main villain per se, but the story arc still revolves around the Daleks and the Master and the Time Lords.

Series 10: The Master and the Cybermen

Series 11: Tzim Sha

Series 12: The Master and the Cybermen.

Out of 12 series, just two feature a new villain, whilst only three don’t feature the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master or some combination of those three villains. In fact out of the last 5 season finales, only two haven’t featured the Master and the Cybermen teaming up.

Furthermore the monsters themselves I find have often become somewhat formulaic in terms of their role in the series. Before the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master all represented very different threats to the Doctor.

The Daleks were an evil he could never stamp out. They were an empire who covered the galaxy. Even if the Doctor saved one planet from them, a hundred more would still be under their control at any given time. “We have been delayed not defeated, the Daleks are never defeated.”

The Cybermen were in contrast a desperate, dying race, struggling to survive. They had reached the point of extinction as an organic race, and had prolonged their lives as machine creatures. Now however they were reaching extinction again and seemingly couldn’t prolong their lives any longer. In a way they were more sympathetic as they just wanted to survive. Also in contrast to the Daleks, they didn’t view those they conquered as being inferior creatures. On the contrary they converted them in the hopes of learning from other life forms.

The Day of the Daleks

CONTROLLER: If only you would let me recruit more human security guards, I
DALEK: Humans are treacherous and unreliable!
CONTROLLER: Not all humans. I have served you faithfully.
DALEK: Do not dispute with the Daleks! Obey without question! 
CONTROLLER: Very well.

The Tomb of the Cybermen 

CONTROLLER: We have decided how you will be used.
CONTROLLER: You are a logician. Our race is also logical. You will be the leader of the new race.
KLIEG: You will listen to my proposals then?
CONTROLLER: Yes, we will listen, but first you will be altered.

See the difference between them?

Both monsters were also used differently in terms of how they were scary. The Daleks lacked a physical presence as they were small, pepper pot shaped, vulnerable, and therefore they would always be scary in large numbers. They would also often be put in a powerful position, or given lackeys who obeyed them like the Ogrons, or if they were few in number, we’d get a chance to see how they manipulate people around them.

The Cybermen meanwhile up close had a tremendous physical presence. If one of the monsters cornered you it was terrifying, as there was no way you could even defend yourself against it. As a result the Cybermen were often used in tight, claustrophobic settings in Classic Who such as in the sewers in The Invasion and the icey tombs of Telos where they could be lurking around any corner and there was no escape.

The Master meanwhile was a different type of enemy in that he had a more personal grudge against the Doctor, was more manipulative and sought to bring about his own universal order.

Now in all fairness to Russell T Davies I think he did do a lot new and interesting things with the Daleks. Even Steven Moffat I feel was able to find a new take on the monsters in some of his stories too. (Ironically I think a lot of the new series writers did a better job with the Daleks and some other villains than the Doctor himself.)

Still the villains overuse and the fact that they constantly have to keep being used in the big, grand finales have gradually caused them all to slowly become the same bland, generic supervillains to the point where by the end of the Chibnall era, there’s hardly any difference between the three of them.

All three have at various points in the revival been turned into villains who are the last of their kind, and are desperately trying to rebuild their fallen empire. (The Daleks in Parting of the Ways, the Master in Last of The Time Lords, The Cybermen in Nightmare in Silver.)

All three have been responsible for the destruction of Gallifrey and the Time Lords at different points. (The Daleks in the 9th Doctors era, the Cybermen and the Master in Chibnalls era.)

The Cybermen’s desire to turn people into members of their own kind was eschewed completely in their latest appearance, where the monsters simply wanted to destroy all life in the universe, much like the Daleks. The Master meanwhile similarly wanted to destroy all life in the universe too. (Which is extremely out of character as the villain is normally a total coward who would never risk his own life.)

At the same time the Daleks have also become too earth centric like the Cybermen too. In the classic era, the Cybermen were interested in the earth more because it was their twin planet. The Daleks meanwhile though invading earth in two stories (The Dalek Invasion of Earth and Day of the Daleks) were often shown to be warring with other species throughout Classic Who.

Their first story sees the monsters battling with the Thals, The Chase features their conflict with the Mechanoids, Daleks Master Plan features their dodgy alliance with other alien races to conquer the Galaxy, Planet of and Death to feature the Daleks fighting with and enslaving other alien races (the Spirodons and the Exxilons) whilst Destiny revolves around their war with The Movellans.

All of this helped the Daleks to feel like a wider threat than the Cybermen, as humanity were just one of many races they had enslaved and warred with. In the revival however, other than the Time War, that is only fleetingly glimpsed, (and a tiny blink and you’ll miss it cameo of the Movellans.) We haven’t seen any other alien species the Daleks have either enslaved, are allied with or are at war with like the Ogrons, the Thals, the Draconians, The Exxilons, the Movellans, the Varga’s, the Aridians, the Delegates of the other galaxies, the Spirodons etc.

Furthermore the revival also doesn’t play to each monsters unique strengths either. Both the Daleks and the Cybermen are usually just depicted in the exact same way, as a massive army sweeping across the land. There’s no attempt to try and play to the Cybermen’s strengths by having them attack the heroes in tight claustrophobic settings, or show a planet under the Daleks rule. The Daleks and the Cybermen will both often just fly through the air, zapping everything in sight and then all get blown up, or swept away at once.

Even the Master gets this treatment too somewhat. His manipulative nature, though played up in The Sound of Drums to some extent, is eventually abandoned so that he too eventually just unleashes a massive army of monsters. Similarly The End of Time and Death in Heaven also both simply see the Master unleash an army like the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Then there is the fact that many of all 3 villains stories take place on modern earth, specifically modern day London too.

In the classic era a grand total of just two Dalek stories took place on modern earth in 26 years. Resurrection and Day (and even then that was only partly in both stories, Evil also takes place albeit very briefly in its first episode.)

In the revival however 6 Dalek episodes have taken place entirely in modern day earth (whilst 4 more, The Parting of The Ways, The Magicians Apprentice, The Day and Time of the Doctor have taken place partly on modern day earth.)

All but four meanwhile (Asylum of the Daleks, Into the Dalek, Bad Wolf and The Witch’s Familiar) have taken place on earth in general. In the classic era, only 5 Dalek stories in total took place largely or entirely on earth (Two 60s era Dalek stories Invasion and Evil, one 70s era Dalek story, Day and two 80s stories took place on earth. Even then Evil of the Daleks only takes place partly on earth. Parts of The Daleks Masterplan and The Chase take place on earth, but as a whole both stories take place largely on alien planets.)

With the Cybermen meanwhile ironically only three stories in 26 years took place on modern earth (and even then Attack only partially takes place on earth,) and only one took place in London.¬† With New Who meanwhile only Nightmare in Silver and their recent season 10 and 12 appearances don’t take place on earth.

All 3 villains have more or less merged together as bland, generic doomsday villains who now have largely the same motivations, the same method of attacking, scaring the viewer (arriving in huge armies), their stories have largely the same locations, they are also often thrown together too. (Every Cyberman story since 2014 has featured the Master, and prior to that 4 Cybermen episodes feature Daleks.)







See what I mean?

This wouldn’t even be as bad if these three villains not only didn’t keep showing up every single year, but they kept being the main villains of every single season too. Do you know that the Classic series once went 5 years without using the Daleks from Troughton to Pertwee? (It also had two more gaps of 4 years each without the pepper pots.) The Cybermen meanwhile were absent for 5 years in Pertwee’s time and later 7 years from Tom Baker to Peter Davison? In fact including these gaps and the 3 years they missed with Hartnell, there are twice as many seasons without Cybermen than with them in the Classic era (can you say the same thing about the revival?)

The Classic era also didn’t feature the Master for the first 7 years either, yet New Who it seems is completely dependent on these classic villains?

Obviously I am not saying don’t use the classic villains at all. The Daleks, Cybermen and the Master when used properly are fantastic villains, but it can’t come across as anything but lazy when all 3 are trotted out almost every single year as the main antagonists.

Rather than focusing on changing the Doctors sex or species, a better way to bring about change to Doctor Who would be in creating new and iconic villains. Other than the Weeping Angels, so far no new series villain has become as iconic as any of the classic series major villains. (The Silence could have, but their arc more or less petered out.)

None have even had the strength to carry a series. It’s not because the new series villains are poor. On the contrary I think a lot of New series villains like say The Beast could easily carry a full series and become just as iconic as classic era villains like say the Sontarans. Ultimately however I think that the writers of the new series either don’t care enough to develop their new antagonists, or are perhaps too scared to try something new ironically when they should in this instance.


Now for the record I have enjoyed many of the companions in the revival. The likes of Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Karen Gillan and John Barrowman were all excellent in their roles, and have all gone on to have fantastic careers on both sides of the Atlantic.

That said however when you look at the companions story arcs, their backgrounds and even just their relationship with the Doctor, you can see that the revival once again falls into a formula.

All of the companions barring a very few, Jack, River and Nardole are from 21st century earth.

The majority of them are attracted to or in love with the Doctor. (Rose, Martha, River, Jack, Amy, Clara.)

Several of the female companions have a wimpy, boyfriend, who becomes the secondary companion of the Doctor, and is jealous of the Doctor, but who eventually proves himself a hero in the end. (Rory, Mickey and Danny.)

Several of the female companions have a more sympathetic father figure and a more aggressive mother figure who hates the Doctor as she sees him as a bad influence. Nevertheless at the end of the series, the Doctor and the mother will reach an understanding. (Rose, Martha, Donna.)

The companions story arc will usually be the following. The Doctor notices there is something odd about her. (The words Bad Wolf keep appearing, he keeps meeting her, there is something on her back, there are cracks in her bedroom, there are multiple versions of her etc.)

In all instances this will be because in the finale the companion will get super powers, be revealed to be the most important person in all of creation and save the entire universe from one of the Doctors archenemies.

Finally the companion will often have to be ripped from the Doctor too. She can’t just leave on her own accord (apart from Martha.) There will have to be some over the top, sci fi explanation for why she can never see him again. (Different universe, can’t travel backwards in time, can’t see her again without her burning up etc.)

However in all cases the writer doesn’t have the guts to actually kill the companion, so she still has to live a happy, wonderful life, it’s just that the Doctor can’t see her anymore. Rose still lives in a mansion with her David Tennant clone, Amy and Rory live a wonderful life together in New York, Donna gets happily married and gets a winning lotto ticket, Clara gains super powers and her own TARDIS.

Not all of the companions follow every single aspect of this template, (though some do like Clara.) All of them however will follow at least a few of these tropes to the point where the companion is now more of a stock character than ever before.

It is true that a few companions in the classic era were dull, uninspired characters who weren’t really developed well such as Dodo.

Still at the very least the classic era for the most part always tried to make the companions backgrounds and relationship with the Doctor different. Take a look at the 4th Doctors era alone.

You have Sarah Jane a journalist from modern day earth who has a strong friendship with the hero, Leela, a savage warrior woman from another world who tends to clash with the Doctor, Romana a Time Lady who is an equal to the Doctor in intelligence and Adric a young boy from another universe who the Doctor develops a strict mentor/student relationship with, Teegan who is a reluctant companion, and finally Nyssa who looks up to the Doctor, but has a much warmer relationship with him than Adric.

Even the 2nd Doctors era gives us a wide variety of companions in terms of backgrounds and relationships with the Doctor. We have Ben and Polly who are merely friends with the Doctor, and who come from modern day England. Then we have Jamie who is from the past, and who becomes more of a willing accomplice to the Doctor, as he has a similar desire for adventure and recklessness. Victoria meanwhile is more vulnerable and younger and has more of a father/daughter relationship with the Doctor, whilst Zoe on the other hand is from the future and talks to the Doctor as an equal due to her scientific background.

The original series ironically despite what the media tells us, often made more of an effort to at least make its companions different, where as the revival is still essentially just reusing the Rose Tyler template after 15 years.

Story arcs

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Aside from the companions story arcs more or less being exactly the same, the shows other major story arcs are all very similar and repetitive too.

Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 all feature a monster or villain from the Time War whose main aim is to take over the earth and rebuild his fallen race and empire there. The Dalek Emperor, the Cult of Skaro, The Saxon Master, Davros and the Daleks. The Specials even reuse this idea with Rassilon and the Time Lords.

Also all season finales of the Davies era, apart from Journey’s End feature the villain trying to turn humans into monsters (the Emperors Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master race, whilst the shock twist in Last of the Time Lords is that the Toclafane are humans, much like how the shock twist in The Parting of The Ways is that the Daleks were humans too.)

The Matt Smith era meanwhile relies heavily on the Doctor learning he is about to die. The specials see the Doctor learn about a prophecy that he will die “Your song is ending.” In season 5 the Doctor discovers that his TARDIS will blow up at a specific date in the future. In season 6 sees the Doctor learn that an astronaut is going to shoot him at some a specific date in the future at lake Silencio. Finally season 7 sees the Doctor learn that he will die in a future battle on Trenzalore.

Season 9 and seasons 12 both tease us that the Doctors origins are not what we thought, and reveal the identity of something that is only referred to by a mysterious title. “The Hybrid,” “The Timeless Children.” Both finales then feature the Doctor back on Gallifrey, where the Time Lords are portrayed as monstrous and we discover this mysterious something is the Doctor, and our perception of him has been changed forever.

The Master and the Cybermen have also been featured as the villains, working together in 3 out of the last 5 finales, whilst 5 finales in total feature aliens invading the earth. The Stolen Earth and the season 11 finale meanwhile both feature aliens stealing planets.

Finally in what is perhaps the laziest bit of writing in the entire franchise, series 12 saw the Doctor reduced to the last of his kind again. The first 7 years of the revival saw the Doctor cope with the Time Lords having been wiped out, whilst the 50th saw all of the Doctors team up to save the planet. Killing the Time Lords off again 7 years later not only almost seems comical after everything the Doctor went through to save them, but also smacks of “we honestly don’t know where to take this character, so lets revisit the same story arc from 2005 because it worked back then.”

On top of this the revival also tends to reuse certain episode types as well. To date there have been 9 episodes of the revival set in Victorian London. On top of that there have also been a number of episodes that see the Doctor meet a historical figure who helps the Time Lord battle an alien threat, only for the Doctor to then show them that they will be remembered, or at least lecture the audience about it.

The Unquiet Dead, The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Vincent and the Doctor, Rosa and even the recent Tesla episode all follow the same basic plot. This isn’t always a bad thing mind you as Vincent and the Doctor I feel is one of the strongest episodes of either series, but still when you have so many other aspects of the revival that are similar it does start to look as though the Fitzroy crowd aren’t really trying to think up new stories and ideas.


It’s not always a bad thing if a writer reuses certain ideas. Both Terry Nation and Robert Holmes reused certain themes and concepts. Also it’s not as though Doctor Who hasn’t become formulaic for certain periods in the past, such as the Troughton era that relied too heavily on base under siege stories, or the Pertwee era that became too caught up in invasion earth, spy and espionage stories.

The difference is however that these periods never lasted as long, because new blood would always come in and shake things up. New Who meanwhile has featured the same basic ideas, from last of the time lords, to Daleks, Cybermen, The Master always being the main villains, to companions being the chosen one, from modern day earth, fancying the Doctor for close to 15 years now.

The reason for that is because they are all following the same cult like mantra of “Doctor Who is all about change” but are all focusing on changing the wrong things. They are focusing on changing time honored traditions and pieces of Doctor Who lore to keep it fresh, whilst peddling out the same tired ideas that they still think are current and trendy.

The result is a show that is making no one happy.¬† Fans are furious that the lore is being disrespected with The Timeless Children, whilst casual viewers have not surprisingly adopted an attitude of “seen one Doctor Who, seen them all.” Which for a show about a man who can travel literally anywhere is quite sad.

In the next edition of this series we will be looking at the negative effect the shows toxic fandom have had on the series.

Doctor Who: The Path Not Taken: Part 1

10 Great TARDIS Moments from 'Doctor Who' | Anglophenia | BBC America

Robert Carlyle (Actor) - On This Day

“Little Sarah. Frightened of the dark. I’ll find you wherever you are” The voice taunted Sarah who had locked herself in the bathroom.

Sarah almost felt like opening the door and letting him in. The last few months had been the hardest of her life.

She had gone completely insane, or at least that’s what everyone kept telling her. She’d had a psychotic break brought on by stress. The only problem was that prior to this awful mess her life had actually been going brilliantly. A promotion at a job she loved, a promising new relationship, and a wonderful new apartment with a stunning view of the big apple. Sarah had never been happier.

Furthermore despite the hours of therapy and medication she still kept seeing the hideous figure that was ruining her life appear. In fact if anything it was getting worse as now it could harm her.

Originally just a few months ago the figure was nothing more than a face that would appear at random and for short intervals. Sometimes it would be on a reflective surface, other times it would just be floating in the air. The face at first would be angry and scream at Sarah. It demanded to know how she had survived, and promised to really cut her up this time.

No one else could see this face, and Sarah (along with everyone who knew her) felt sure she was going mad. However despite all of the treatment she got, the face not only continued to appear, but soon turned into an actual figure. The figure couldn’t harm her at first, but one day through something at her. Once it found out that it could hurt her, its temprement turned from constant anger to sadistic glee, yet still no one but Sarah could see it.

The figure would normally only appear for a few minutes at a time, though it would always try to harm or at least frighten Sarah. She could be alone in her home and it would appear and try and stab her with one of her own butcher knives, she could appear on the train and it appear and taunt her from the distance, telling her that all of these people couldn’t protect her, just like they couldn’t before.

Sarah tried everything to get rid of it. She tried to fight it once, but as soon as she hit the creature she experienced a horrific sensation. For just a few seconds she felt disconnected from almost everything around her. She felt like she was a ghost, trapped in a sea of people who couldn’t see or hear her, except for the figure that had been tormenting her. She also saw visions of the monster hacking her to pieces before she pulled away.

She later bought a gun, but her bullets had no effect on the creature. She even tried to get a priest in to exorcise the Demon that was stalking her. (She was sure the place she saw when she touched the monster was hell.)

The monsters latest attack in Sarah’s house was different. This time its body was sizzling with blue electricity and it appeared to be in tremendous pain. It was still able to corner Sarah in her bathroom however.

Sarah had always felt that she had seen the figure before. There was something eerily familiar about it, but whatever it was she knew it was real in spite of what everyone was telling her.

The creature started to hack away at the door with one of Sarah’s own knives. It wouldn’t be long before it broke through.

There was no way out. Maybe it was for the best she thought. She couldn’t live like this much longer. As the monster hacked its way through however the reality of the situation kicked in. Whatever this thing was it was going to make Sarah suffer. It would be better to go down fighting than become its victim which it had wanted from the start.

Sarah pulled the shower curtain down and when the monster came bursting in she wrapped it around him, allowing her to wrestle the creature to the ground. (Despite everything else the monster was not strong in the slightest.)

She then picked up its butcher knife and stabbed the monster over and over again. She must have stabbed it up to 40 times, but the creature just laughed. There wasn’t even any blood on the knife. Sarah knew that it wouldn’t do any good after her gun didn’t work. She was more just letting her frustration out against the creature.

It was a foolish mistake however as when she tried to pull away the monster wrapped itself around her feet. Normally she would have been able to pull free easily from the weak creature, but as soon as it came into contact with her, Sarah started to see the visions of the creature hacking her to pieces, of her own grave, before she ended up in what looked like New York, except that the sky was grey, and everyone looked grey and see through.

She tried to grab a civilian by the arm to ask for help, but her hand went straight through him.

“What have you done to me you witch.” The figure still clutching her butcher knife said.

“You will die.”

“Farah, Farah please say something.” The Doctor said as tried to wake his companion.

The Doctor as always had suffered a small detour trying to steer the Tardis. He had intended to take Farah to see the planet of the Kazzeligs, reptile men. (The Kazzeligs unlike other reptillian species loved mammals however and often treated their human guests well. The Doctor in particular was well regarded among their people.)

This wasn’t just the usual TARDIS taking the Doctor to Skaro rather than swinging 60s London however. Something had actually managed to knock the TARDIS off course, almost destroy it.

Both the Doctor and Farah had been knocked out in the crash, but fortunately the Time Lord soon saw that neither had been seriously hurt as Farah started to open her eyes.

“Oh what’s going on I thought these Lizard guys were supposed to be friendly” She said as the Doctor helped her up.

“Or did the TARDIS just not work again? Honestly I don’t know why you don’t get a new one. I’m sure the Time Lords wouldn’t mind. They might be stuffy, but you have saved the universe a few times. They kind of owe you.”

The Doctor looked hurt.

“How could you say such a thing.”

“Sorry I’m sure you’ve save the universe more than a few times.”

“Not that. I mean I have, but I was talking about the TARDIS. She may be a machine, but she has feelings you know.”

Farah laughed before she saw the Doctor wasn’t joking.

“Really? You’re serious. Well ehm sorry, I didn’t mean any offence.” Farah said to the TARDIS console. “You, you look really pretty, on the inside. The outside looks not bad too. I like the colour blue, I suppose doesn’t matter though since it can change, or is supposed to, not that that’s a slight against you.”

“Okay, okay Farah, relax the old girl doesn’t hold grudges. You’re not wrong that she’s not the most reliable eh machine in the galaxy. That’s part of her charm, but this was something different. Something threw us out of the vortex, which is extremely worrying as very few species in the galaxy can even time travel let alone have the power to do that.”

“So where have we landed? If it’s somewhere with those awful Dalek things.”

“No according to the scanner, it’s earth in the early 21st century. A somewhat turbulent time, but nothing major. There certainly shouldn’t be anything here that would have the power to do that” the Doctor said as he analysed the data on the scanner.

Farah got a good look at the scanner and saw that they had landed in New York specifically in Central Park.

“New York, looks quite nice, I’m hoping we can get a good look at after you figure out whatever’s going on here.”

“Yes, yes quite.” The Doctor said, not really paying attention.

“Honestly” Farah thought to herself. “Why does he always have to take everything so seriously.”

“Sorry Farah it’s just, from the looks of things we weren’t just pulled out of the vortex. This wasn’t a smooth time corridor that can scoop up another vessel for instance. This was more like a bump in the vortex, in the universe itself. I can’t imagine any species wanting to create something like that. Not even the Daleks.” The Doctor said as he opened the two doors and stepped outside to investigate. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong on the surface. In fact it seemed rather quiet and peaceful.

“Well maybe it was just something wrong with the TARDIS? No offence. I don’t think she can hear me from over her.” Farah said.

“It’s not the TARDIS, and she absolutely can hear you. No there is something else here. I don’t know for sure but I have a theory. I”

The Doctor noticed Farah wasn’t listening. Her attention had been caught by a strange man standing in just ten or so feet ahead, sobbing.

“Excuse me sir can we help you.” Farah asked gently.

“I wouldn’t go near him Farah.” The Doctor said pulling her back ever so slightly.

“There’s something about him that feels. Wrong.”

“Please.” The man said. “You have to help me. My kids, my wife they’ve just vanished. One minute we were eating in a resturant and the next. Oh god the pain I can’t take it.” He said as he clutched his sides and fell to the floor.

Before he could finish the man vanished into a blue mass of electricity.

He then reappeared however just a few seconds later, and a few feet away screaming in pain.

“What is happening to me.”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure the Doctor and I we can help.”

The man however ran away through Central Park screaming and clutching both sides of his head.

The Doctor and Farah followed him for 5 or so minutes shouting at him to stop, but the man appeared to be in such tremendous pain he couldn’t even hear them or didn’t care.

Eventually however he vanished again in another wave of electricity.

The Doctor and Farah waited another few moments for him to show up again.

“Come on we need to get back to the TARDIS. We might be able to find out where he’s going to land next. If I’m right it could be worse than I thought.” The Doctor said with regret.

The Doctor and Farah quickly returned to the TARDIS where the Doctor started to tinker with the TARDIS console.

“You still haven’t explained what’s going on Doctor? It’s not like you to get scared. It’s not like you to show any kind of emotion.” She joked before the Doctor gave her a scowl. “Please just tell me what’s happening.”

“I’m not entirely sure yet. Like I said I have a theory, but it’s, well if it’s what I think it is then it’s something that even I, who haven’t exactly live the most sheltered life hoped I’d never stumble on.”

After the Doctor was done tinkering he saw a light flash on the console.

“That’s where he’s gone, or rather where he’ll show up next. This isn’t going to be easy Farah. I’m sorry.” The Doctor said as he activated the TARDIS controls.

“Sally, sally are you there. Please let me in. My key isn’t working.”

“He’s back.” Sally said in terror.

“This phantom version of your old friend again?” Brian her husband said in frustration.

“Look we’ve been over this, you’re just stressed. He doesn’t exist, I can tell you right now there is no one there. We can’t go through this again. Look at what you put Eric through.”

“I know, I know I’m sorry for that believe me. but I swear there is something out there wearing his face.”

“There is nothing out there it’s.”

Before Brian could even finish a blue light glowed outside followed by the sound of an explosion.

As he nervously made his way to the door suddenly a large blue box appeared in the centre of the room.

Out stepped a man with long hair, a green, extremely battered frock coat and a young black woman no older than her early 20s.

“Okay now I’m starting to think there is something weird going on.” Brian said in a scared tone.

The Doctor spoke. “I’m sure this must be frightening for you both, but believe me we are here to help and.”

Suddenly the figure the Doctor and Farah had seen in the park appeared again in a mass of blue light, only this time lightening bolts fire from his body. destroying large sections of the house.


To Be Continued.

Recap on this blog

Just a quick update on what’s going on here.

This year has seen me expand out onto other sites and expand on the original fiction I have been producing too. However a drawback is that I have been spending less time on this blog and as a result some of my current series are all over the place.

I am creating a shared universe or rather multiverse which I will call the Burunverse for clarity. To date there are 7 series in the Burunverse. I realise that is a lot to take on at once, but I am determined to devote as much time as I can to this project.

At the same time however I don’t want to see this blog go by the wayside, so I will try and make sure I have enough time for this blog.

For the forseeable there will only be a certain amount of series on this blog however. I felt it was best to let regular readers know here as this blog has become somewhat scattershot recently.

Non fiction series on this blog

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All series will be released sporadically due the massive workload, but there will be at least two episodes of each every month.

If you are interested in my fiction you can also find other series on my Webnovel page such as

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Professor Fang: The Dark Side of The Moon: Part 8: The King of The Valley


The Professor fled as fast as he could, whilst carrying Kirsteen (much to her chagrin) with the blue magical energy smashing everything in its path after them.

The two time travelers however soon came to a dead end. The Professor jumped ten or so feet above Kirsteen’s head to the roof of the cave they were in. Using his Vampiric strength he tried to rip a hole in the roof, though he didn’t tell Kirsteen to get out of the way, and a rock nearly fell on her head.

“You could have told me to get out of the way. How embarassing you go to all that effort to try and save me from the magic, only to kill me through your incompetence.”

“Who says I’m trying to save you?” The Professor joked as he desperately clawed his way through the rock.

The magic was getting nearer and nearer. Kirsteen had never felt so helpless and as the blue wave of magic was almost upon her she closed her eyes in terror. Fortunately the Professor had just managed to break his way through and jumped back down, pulling Kirsteen up in the nick of time, though as she was pulled up, she could feel the heat from the magic burn her feet badly.

Up above The Professor crawled out of the small hole he had created, though both he and Kirsteen were barely able to make it through, one after another. The magic below had seemingly reached its zenith for now at least.

In the cave above the Professor and Kirsteen could see an exit. It led to what looked like a very small valley on the inside of the mountain.

There was a small lake and several trees surrounding it near the cave as well as what looked like a small Ceratopsian Dinosaur standing over the lake, drinking.

There was no way back except down and so the Professor and Kirsteen were forced to walk through the valley.

Up above they could see several Pterosaurs, all of which had been mutated by the magic. The two time travellers wisely kept their distance and hid under some near trees.

Unfortunately however they were too consumed with the Pterosaurs to notice another, much larger creature heading towards them. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. a female this time (which Lindsey would have recognized as a female due to it’s different colouration to the one that attacked them on the ground.)

Luckily for the time travellers, the Tyrannosaurus was instead focused on the small Ceratopsian. The Tyrant Lizard King was able to sneak up on its unsuspecting prey and with one devastating bite, brought it to the ground.

The Professor and Kirsteen were alerted to its presence by the Ceratopsian’s screams. Unfortunately so were the Pterosaurs who started to attack the Tyrannosaur as naturally they viewed it as more of a threat than the Ceratopsian.

The Pterosaurs were no match for the Tyrannosaur who tore two of the winged terrors that were foolish enough to get near out of the sky and crushed them in its mighty jaws.

Unfortunately however as the Professor and Kirsteen tried to run away one of the Pterosaurs noticed them and was able to pounce on the Professor and drag him into the sky.

The Tyrannosaurus meanwhile having either killed or driven off the remaining Pterosaurs turned its attention to the mutant carrying the Professor. It was too high for the Dinosaur to reach with its head, so the monster swung its tail towards it.

The Professor however noticed the Tyrannosaur and sunk his fangs into the Pterosaurs foot, causing it to drop him, just as the Tyrannosaurs tail struck the Pterosaur and smashed its body to pieces.

The Tyrannosaur then turned to face the Professor. Roaring and snapping in an attempt to scare him, not that it needed to. It’s size and teeth were enough!

The Professor ran but the Dinosaur chased after him. Kirsteen tried to run after the Dinosaur, but the Professor shouted at her to flee and find Lindsey and the others.

She didn’t need much encouragment not to try and fight a Tyrannosaurus. As Kirsteen ran out into the open however a few of the surviving Pterosaurs noticed her and swooped down. She barely managed to dodge them, before being forced down a nearby cave.

As she ran deeper and deeper into the cave she felt she could hear a voice. The voice however more felt like it was in her head and it actually caused her quite a lot of pain.

“You have to hurry we don’t have much time. Please just listen to my.” The voice which rang in both Kirsteen and the Professors ears soon cut off.

The Professor meanwhile continued to run deep into the valley with the Tyrannosaurus not giving up.

“Honestly I don’t know why Lindsey likes you lot so much. Yeah there are some good films about you, but you’re more trouble than you’re worth.” The Professor said back to the relentless Tyrannosaur.

The Professor soon came to a dead end. There was a cliff which stretched to the tallest part of the mountain. Even the Professor couldn’t make a jump that big and the cliff edge was completely smooth.

The Tyrannosaurus charged head first at the Vampire who managed using all of his strength to jump over the beast as it rammed head first into the edge of the cliff, causing it to shake and massive boulders and pieces of rubble to fall.

The Professor thinking fast used his Vampire strength to dig a hole in the ground, and then from below pulled a massive stone over the hole. The Tyrannosaur could flip the stone away easily, but hopefully it wouldn’t think to look for him under there.

The Tyrannosaurs were incredibly intelligent, at least by Dinosaur standards, but  they had also become used to similar behaviour from their prey, even humans.

The Tyrannosaurus wouldn’t have been used to dealing with a human sized creature with enough strength to lift a boulder, or being capable of burrowing underground.

The Tyrannosaurus could still smell the Professor and searched around for a few minutes before letting out a roar in frustration and returning to its Ceratopsian meal.

After a few more minutes to be sure, the Professor pushed the boulder away with his strength and crawled out of his makeshift grave. It wasn’t the first time he had been forced to claw his way out of a coffin.

The Professor slowly crept through the valley to the cave he had seen Kirsteen flee too, careful not to make any more noise and alert the Tyrannosaurus.

“Professor, Professor, thank god.” Lindsey said as she spotted her Vampire companion from the trees.

“Lindsey keep down, there’s a Tyrannosaurus over there.”

Lindsey hadn’t noticed the beast yet.

“Up here? I thought all the Dinosaurs in this mountain had been turned into those mutants.” Lindsey said in surprise

“I’m guessing the top of the mountain is the only part that wave hasn’t struck yet. Eye of the storm and everything. Give it time however.”

“That’s something we don’t have” Mascorak said as he and Tisean came into view.

“As we made our way here, we saw explosions happening all over the valley. It could break apart any minute.”

” Yes well not that we’re any closer to finding the core, but earlier I think I heard a voice in my head. Kirsteen heard it too. It was faint, but it could be the Dragon responsible for creating this valley. That was imprisoned with it. The Gods often imprisoned the Dragons they didn’t want to kill within the valleys they had created. It’s possible that he’s reaching out to me, maybe to even help me fix whatever’s wrong here. He did build it afterall. The problem is.”

Suddenly the ground started to shake. The Professor, Lindsey, Tisean and Mascorak believed it to be the valley breaking apart at first, but they were soon proven wrong when a gigantic clawed hand came bursting through the ground in front of them, followed by a hideous, grinning, horned head.

It was the mutant Theropod that Lindsey and the others had seen attacking the Ceratopsians.

It instantly drew the Tyrannosaurs attention and within a few minutes the two monsters were battling one another.

The mutant gained the upper hand almost instantly. The Tyrannosaurus managed one swing with its tail, which the mutant caught, before it then went on to slash the Tyrannosaurus several times across the face. The monster also disoriented the Tyrannosaurus with its constant screaming which almost sounded like giggling to the Professor, Lindsey and the cave dwellers.

After taking dozens and dozens of blows, the Tyrannosaur fell to the ground. The mutant started to drag the Tyrannosaur away, by the tail, thinking its rival had died. (To be fair those wounds would be enough to kill most Dinosaurs.)

The Tyrannosaurus wasn’t completely beat yet however and it pulled its tail free from the monsters grasp and swung back at the mutants feet, knocking it off guard. The Tyrannosaurus hoisted itself up with its strong back legs and clamped its jaws around the mutants arm. With one bite it crushed the mutants arm, though the creature instantly fought back and slashed and slashed at the Tyrannosaurus’ face until it was forced to let go and staggered back.

The mutant then charged at the Tyrannosaurus with its horn and slashed it across the side, but the Tyrannosaurus in response clamped its teeth around the mutants tail and this time it bit so hard it tore it off.

The mutant in response dug its claws straight into the Tyrannosaurus eye and tore it out. The Tyrannosaur however rammed into the mutant, and with its much greater body weight pushing the monster back into the nearest wall. The mutant started to slash and slash at the Tyrannosaurs backk with its remaining clawed arm until the beast again was forced to give in. The mutant then attempted to charged the Tyrannosaur again with its horn, but this time the Tyrant Lizard King was too fast and it managed to grab the monsters horn in its mouth. The Tyrannosaur pulled the mutant to the ground and delivered a series of bites to its back,, ripping off masses of flesh, before breaking its other arm. Finally the Tyrannosaurus closed its jaws around the monsters head, crushing it to a pulp.

The Tyrannosaurus roared in triumph over its rival, with tis roars echoing through the valley and mountain, scaring anything that heard it away.

During the battle the Professor, Lindsey, Mascorak and Tisean had wisely fled down the same cave Kirsteen had escaped through. Lindsey had wanted to stay and see who won the fight, but the Professor pulled her away, though just before he did, she managed to snap a picture of it. Catching the Tyrannosaurus as it had its jaws locked around the mutant Dinosaurs arm.

After a few minutes they had caught up to Kirsteen who they found lying unconscious on the cave floor.

“Kirsteen, Kirsteen.” The Professor said as he tried to wake her.

Suddenly the Professor, Lindsey, Mascorak and Tisean were all similarly brought to the ground by an overwhelming sensation of pain. The Professor lasted the longest naturally, but in less than a minute he too was knocked out.

When the time travellers and their companions awoke they found themselves sealed in a strange, purple, magical bubble.

“What’s going on?”

“Finally. You humans are so weak I’m amazed you ever usurped our kind as the masters of the planet”. A deep voice from seemingly nowhere said.

“I’m not human” The Professor replied.

“I know exactly what you are child of Khastran, not that any of that matters now” the voice said as an apparition of a large, golden, Dragon like creature appeared in front of them.

“I am the creator of this valley. Sealed deep within the mountain by the gods. I have been waiting for one of you to reach me.”

“My god. An actual Dragon.” Kirsteen said only for the apparition to sigh.

“I’m a Wyvern actually. A Pterosaur fused with magic, not a Dinosaur.”

“It can’t be. We’ve heard stories of the god of the valley, said to be sealed in the highest mountain.” Mascorak said.

“I am not a god.” The Wyvern interrupted. “They are the cause of all this. The prison that binds me here prevented me from contacting you for centuries. If I could I would have told you that the magics you were using weren’t helping. It’s only been recently that I was able to finally to contact some of you, but even then my reach is limited to this mountain.”

“Where are you imprisoned?” The Professor asked.

“Beneath the mountain. I am using up a lot of the valley’s magic even just to send this message to you. We have even less time now.”

“There’s no need for that.” The Professor said smugly much to Lindsey and Kirsteens annoyance.

“I have a spell that will fix the shall we say shoddy Dragon, or rather Wyvern craftmanship of this valley.”

“Foolish Vampire, your little tricks will accomplish nothing. The magic used to build this valley are far superior to those on earth. You will need a spell that only I know. Let me show you.”

Suddenly Kirsteen started screaming as a blue electricity flowed through her body, which started to float up through the air.

“Please stop” Kirsteen shouted. The others attempted to intervene, but the Wyvern pinned them all to the edge of the forcefield.

“I am doing what I must to save this valley.” The reptile said.

To Be Continued


Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 17

Tim Curry Clue 'Communism was just a red herring' - YouTube15 Groovy Facts About Bruce Campbell | Mental Floss


                                  Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter


The Black Knight charged at Garmr, swinging its sword. Despite its fantastic size, the mighty Wolf backed away somewhat from the knight whilst the Frost Giants were also stopped in their tracks.

“I can assure you I’ve never met this gentleman before, but I do appreciate his help.” The Doctor said to his companions.

The Black Knight enjoyed scaring the monsters just a little too much and he almost let his guard down when the Garmr jumped him. It was only thanks to Elena’s warning that he evaded the monster in time.

The Black knight swung his sword at Garmr who instantly retreated. Again however as the Black Knight followed its prey one of the Frost Giants tried to intervene. It was not so lucky however as the the Black Knight managed to land his sword straight onto the beasts hand.

The slash wound turned bright red and then caught fire, with the flames spreading their way across the beasts entire body.

The rest of the giants and Garmr started to flee in response.

“They’ll be back.” The Black Knight said.

“We have to hurry.”

“We?” The Doctor said. “I appreciate you helping us there old boy, but I’m afraid I’ll need to know a bit more about.”

“We don’t have time. I am on your side Time Lord. That monster is using your vessel to try and rip its way into your reality. If we don’t act fast another universe will fall to Scratchman.”

“Well when we you put it like that.” The Doctor said. “I don’t suppose you could maybe bring the portal down the mountain. It’s just a rather steep climb for a man of my years.

“Of course, I’ll just make my own.” The Black Knight said as he created a gigantic portal to Scratchman’s domain.

“I will have to accompany you through the portal. It will kill anything that Scratchman doesn’t want getting through it, but fortunately I have a way of bypassing that.”

The Doctor looked somewhat embarassed.

“Well just as well we didn’t make it up there then eh?” The Time Lord said sheepishly. “Sorry about almost getting you all killed.”

“You’ve never apologised for that before?” Elena joked.

“Yes well at least it would have been over.” One of the Elves said grimly.

“We need to move now” The Black Knight interrupted as it rushed them all through the portal.

The inside of the portal was like a black abyss at first, but all of its occupants were soon assualted by nightmarish Skeleton creatures.

“The souls of the people who tried to cross the breach on the mountain before. If all else fails, Scratchman uses them as back up. Don’t worry though they shouldn’t be a problem.” The Knight said as he slashed at the creatures, shattering them into nothing but dust.

After a few more seconds the group suddenly found themselves in a small dungeon, filled with horrible bug like creatures crawling around their feet. In the distance the Doctor could see a figure chained to the wall, though it was dark and he could barely make out who it was.

Whilst the others got their breath back, the Doctor (who was less affected being a Time Lord) approached the figure who greatly resembled Scratchman himself, only with a full head of hair and a beard.

It was the hero whose face Scratchman had taken. This was where the monster kept him locked up, forced to watch as his image became one that was despised by the rest of his universe.

“I don’t care what you do to me anymore.” The figure said pitifully. “You can’t do anything else to me.”

“I’m the Doctor. I’m here to help you.”

“You can’t help me”

“Well nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say.” The Doctor replied as he lifted out his sonic screwdriver to try and loosen the chains.

“He’s right you can’t help him.” The Black Knight interrupted.

“Not only is that trinket incapable of harming anything devised by Scratchman, but even if it could, those chains are the only thing holding him together. He’s lived so far beyond his natural life span, that the second you release him from those chains he will crumble to dust.”

“Maybe we should still release him” Elena said with regret.

“We won’t need to. When this world collapses he will be free.” The Black Knight said as he left the dungeon, not even bothering to ask the others to follow.

Outside was a massive hall, filled with hordes of Scratchman’s enemies and former servants working together against the Frost Giants and the Griffins..

Elena recognised the leader of the Harpies among them. She was clawing a Frost Giant in the face, and managed to tear the monsters eyes out, causing it to fall on three Griffins below.

Elena tried to call out to the Harpy for help, but not only could the Harpy not hear her amidst the chaos, but the Black Knight quickly silenced her.

“We can sneak past them. I know a secret passage come on.” The Black Knight said.

As they crept past the two mighty armies, down a small passage, the Doctor asked the Black Knight what his story was. He couldn’t bare the thought of not knowing at least something about this world before it vanished forever, though Elena and Yarox found it more than a little inappropriate that that was what the Doctor seemingly cared about more than anything else.

“I come from your universe Doctor. I was once a mighty warrior, some called me a hero, some called me a villain. I was one of the many fools who came to earth thinking he could slay the legendary monster Scratchman, but he not only defeated me, and dragged me to his domain, he made me his servant.”

“Hopefully you’re not still his servant? If you are I may need to consider another regeneration. That’s three times in the same day I’ve walked into an inescapable situation.”

“I was never really his servant. He tortured me like he did all of the other monsters that obey him. Some refused to ever obey him, and were sent into the lake. Others were broken and became his lapdogs. I was more practical shall we say.”

“What do you mean?”

“He never broke me. I have been working against him from within all this time, but in order to be accepted by him I had to do things. I had to bring people from the earth to here. I was one of Scratchman’s few servants who could cross dimensions for him, which is why I was able to by pass that little defence of his. I’ve condemned thousands of people to this pit Doctor. Soon we will see if it will have been worth it.”

Unfortunately as they reached the end of the passage which led to a staircase to Scratchman’s lair, the hideous beast Garmr came smashing through the wall nearest the staircase and it wasn’t alone.

Ammit having escaped its cave being flooded had managed smash its way through the castle, devouring any creature unfortunate to cross its path. (Or rather fortunate given the circumstances.)

The two giants approached the time travellers and their companions cautiously, with both being terrified of the Black Knights sword.

“Now, now doggie, you know what happened the last time.” The Black Knight said as he nudged his sword forward, causing both monsters to back away slightly.

After a few more minutes however, neither beast backed down and so the Black Knight was forced to attack both. Waving his sword at them he sent both beasts running, but Ammit managed to get a lucky hit in with its paw and send him flying through the air.

The Black Knight hoisted himself up almost instantly, but unfortunately Ammit managed to grab 3 of the Elves and devour them.

The Black Knight jumped onto the back of Ammit, holding his sword up high, though he didn’t strike it down.

Garmr meanwhile attacked Ammit in an effort ot get at its enemy and though it was able to knock the Knight off of the creatures back, Ammit in retatliation struck Garmr.

“Go all of you, I’ll hold it off.”

“That thing will devour you.” The leader of the Elves said.

“Please compared to some of the other sacrifices I’ve made, that’s nothing.” The Black Knight said as he hurried them up the stair case.

The two gigantic beasts clashed, with both ripping massive chunks out of the others flesh, only for their wounds to instantly heal. The Black Knight kept his distance, waiting for the right moment to strike.

After a few more moments, Garmr was able to pin down Ammit and started to throttle his enemy. Seizing his chance The Black Knight struck Garmr from behind causing the giant Wolf to be engulfed in flames.

Before Ammit could pull himself back up, the Black Knight jumped onto the monsters back and held his sword to its throat.

“I know you are intelligent. That’s why I spared you instead of that animal.” He said.

“Do as I say or you’ll end up like him understand. Take me to Scratchman.”

The Doctor and the others meanwhile hurried up the staircase which led to a tiny cliff where Scratchman and the TARDIS were perched.

Below the Doctor could see what was left of the castle crumbling into the black abyss. All of the monsters were struggling just to hold on now, though the Harpy Queen had managed to fly to where Scratchman was, Scratchman held her back with his psychic powers.

“His power is fading. Otherwise he’d just vaporise her” The Doctor said.

“Now’s our chance.”

Before the others could disagree, the Doctor ran to confront Scratchman.

“That’s not possible? How did you escape my hell!” Scratchman said in both shock and anger.

“Let’s just say your losing your grip in more ways than one.”

The Doctor looked up at the endless black above (with the Castle’s roof having faded away into nothing.)

“Not long now Harry, why not just admit defeat. You had a good run, a couple of hundred trillion years or so. That’s more than most universes last.”

Scratchman just laughed.

“You’re honestly offering me the chance to bow out gracefully?”

“You’re weak Harry. You can barely hold onto the TARDIS. Even you underestimated how little time this universe has left. Your spare hell dimensions have run out trying to keep it afloat.”

“Your machine can’t hold out for much longer, I am the master of this domain, I”

Whilst Scratchman was talking the Doctor simply ran towards the TARDIS. Scratchman tried to stop him, but the Elves, Elena and Yarox all swarmed the monster, who was now too weak to fight back. They all jumped him and for a few minutes were actually able to hold the Demon down. The Elves kicked and pounded furiously. They had waited for this moment for so long.

However sadly Scratchman soon threw them all off (and sent another two Elves tumbling ove the edge and into the mass of monsters below.)

Old Harry resumed his true form, a 50 foot tall winged Demon made of fire (though in actual fact Scratchman wasn’t even sure if this was his true form. He had certainly used it the longest, but for all he knew he took it from one of the many universes he conquered. They tended to get mixed up in his old age.)

Scratchman didn’t like to use his Demon body as in that form he absorbed more power and therefore would use up his few supplies. He had no choice however, as most of his pets, the Frost Giants and the Griffins weren’t even fighting for him now. They too were simply scrambling to try and find a place to escape from the abyss.

Scratchman prepared to bring down a ball of fire on all of the Doctors companions, but he was jumped from behind by Ammit who leaped dozens of feet through the air (with the Black Knight riding on the monsters back.)

Though they weren’t able to harm Scratchman they nevertheless brought him crashing back down to the floor below the cliff.

Scratchman was shocked at first to see both the Black Knight and Ammit, what he believed were two of his most loyal servants attacking him, but within a few seconds he blasted them both over the edge of the ruins of the castle, though Ammit managed to hold on with his claws, with the Black Knight in turn holding onto Ammit.

The Doctor was horrified to see the state his TARDIS had been reduced to by this monster, but he kept a level head as he started to tamper with the console.

The Doctor tried to reset the system, but Scratchman’s hold, though weakening by the minute was still too strong.

In desperation the Doctor tried to schiphon off all of the TARDIS energy into the fast return swich, which would take the Doctor to the last place he visited (Earth, though only in a few minutes when Scratchman’s power was too weak. At the very least however being forced to hold the TARDIS when all of its energy was positioned her would drain Scratchman quicker and prevent him from being able to use it to escape.)

Scratchman started to rip the cliff apart in rage, except for a tiny patch around the TARDIS which Scratchman placed a barrier around. Two more Elves went tumbling into the mass of monsters below as did Elena, but fortunately the leader of the Harpies managed to catch all three and flew back towards the TARDIS.

The Doctor, despite Scratchman’s best efforts was able to open the two doors by sending a huge power surge to them, smashing Scratchman’s weak forcefield. The 6 remaining Elves, the Harpy and Elena and Yarox fled into the machine just as the last piece of the cliff vanished. (Neither the Harpy nor the Elves even noticed that it was bigger on the inside at first they were so desperate.)

Scratchman started to strike the TARDIS from the outside but it was no use.

“You miserable wretched.” Scratchman shouted as the TARDIS started to take off. Though it wasn’t able to leave Scratchman’s domain, the inside of the TARDIS started to return to normal. The hideous green swamp on the floors vanished, the walls returned to their pristine, white look with gold roundrels. Elena and Yarox couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief, though neither were foolish enough to believe they were out of the woods yet.

“The fast return switch.” the Doctor said smugly.

“Scratchman’s power is so weak he can barely hold the TARDIS in place. That’s only because I sciphoned off all of the energy into the fast return system. The power’s too much for him in his weakened state.”

“What’s the catch? There’s always one” Elena asked with dread.

“It means we can wait him out. We have a few minutes at the most before this reality crumbles, but in doing so, the TARDIS might burn itself up. Depending on whether or not it’s forced to use all of its energy powering the fast return switch. Even if we make it out, the TARDIS lifespan will be shortened by my calculations, at least about half and it will lose a number of features, it’s size will also be reduced to less than half too.”

“What features will it lose?”

“I’m not sure, it’s a risk that we’ll have to take, but that’s not even the main issue. All of those people out there. Fighting for survival, there’s a chance I might be able to help them, but I.”

“Leave them alien.” The Harpy Queen said much to his surprise.

“None of us expected to make it out of this. I don’t intend to go on living after this war either. As long as we helped to bring down that monster, that’s enough.”

“I’m sorry I understand you’ve lost hope against that thing old girl, but I’m not just going to sit and watch more people die because of that infernal bounder.” The Doctor said proudly as be clutched his lapels.

“We’ll never get all of them in the TARDIS.” Yarox counteracted.

“I never said we would. I’m going to do something incredibly dangerous and unprecedented. I’m going to link all of the creatures out there to the TARDIS’ camoflauge.”

“It’s what” the Harpy asked.

“The outside of the TARDIS is in a different dimension to the inside. It’s how it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. The outside is the way it interacts with the world out there, without that the inside, it would just be a pocket dimension cut off from all realities, at the same time it’s the inside that moves the outside to different places in time and space. Now If I’m able to link those aliens to the outside, then the control panel here will be able to drag them away too. I won’t take them back to earth. I’ve mapped out the co-ordinates for them. It’s a small planet, habitable in a galaxy that is mostly uninhabited. It will be a good place for all those life forms out there to start over.”

“They can’t start over. After what that Demon has put them through. All they know is pain and suffering. You will be bringing monsters into your own universe.” The Harpy said.

“Separated from Scratchman’s influence, they won’t be compelled to violence anymore. Some of them yes were willing participants but.”

“They’ll still have the memories of suffering under his rule” The Harpy Queen interrupted.

The leader of the Elves was quick to agree with the Harpy.

“They aren’t worth saving Time Lord. You’d simply be prolonging their agony.”

“You say that, but if Scratchman were really all he was cracked up to be, then me, Elena and Yarox wouldn’t have gotten this far would we? As it was dozens of his servants or slaves held onto themselves and helped us get to where we are now. Let’s return the favour.”

The others knew the Doctor was right, though the Harpy Queen was the most reluctant. She couldn’t bare the thought of her and the others suffering being for nothing. There was also the fact that none of the rest of her kind had survived the battle. Even if they were to make it out of this, she would still be alone.

The Doctor ripped a massive cable out of the TARDIS floor (which he opened up using his sonic screwdriver.)

“Point this at the rabble below. It will link them all to the TARDIS chamelion circut. I’ll dislodge some of the power towards it. This will mean we will be more vulnerable.” The Doctor said to Elena who took the cable.

“Then you can’t do it” The Harpy shouted.

“We can’t give Scratchman even a fraction of a chance.”

The Doctor however simply ignored the Harpy and opened the doors.

“What can we do?” Yarox asked.

“I’m going to need all of you to help me. Scratchman won’t be able to make the TARDIS create a rip for him, but he will be able to send things in here to attack us. They’ll just be illusions, but we’ll all need to stick together.”

Elena ponted the cable at the rabble below, who were now all crowded in one tiny room that was all that remained, along with a tiny cliff the TARDIS was perched on of their entire universe.

Scratchman hovered above in his giant flaming form with all of the monsters below cowering in fear. Their fear was keeping him going for now, but it wouldn’t be enough to sustain him for long.

As soon as Elena blasted the rabble with energy from the TARDIS Scratchman started to fill the TARDIS full of hallucinations. The floors turned into a green swamp, and several of the Elves and even the Doctor himself began to sink. Several rotting hands also began to emerge from the floor and started to attack everyone.

Several hands surrounded Elena and pulled the cable out of her hands, but Yarox threw himself at the hands, distracting them long enough for Elena to pull free and fire the last of the energy at the aliens below, linking them to the TARDIS.

The Doctor meanwhile grabbed onto the console, but each time he tried to reach for the controls, the hands would try and stop him.

Elena, Yarox and the Elves all tried to help him, but the hands got in their way, whilst several tentacles from the ceiling grabbed the Harpy as she tried to fly towards the Doctor.

The middle of the console turned into fire, with Scratchman’s face appearing on it.

“You honestly thought your cheap tricks could fool me. I have devoured entire universes. You are just a tiny little spec of one insignificant universes, with delusions of grandeur, do you understand.” The Demon said.

“No Harry old boy, you’re the one whose tricks are cheap, hackneyed and old hat. You’ve spent so long in the one universe, you’ve gotten lazy and boring.” The Doctor said as he proudly thrust his hand through the flaming mass at the centre of the console.

The others at first screamed at the Doctor to stop, but they soon saw the Doctors hand was completely unaffected.

“I told you it’s an illusion. He has nowhere near the power left to make these things solid anymore. Maintaining this place, and trying to hold the TARDIS up have taxed him. These illusions only hurt you if you let them now.” The Doctor said as he effortlessly pulled himself free from the zombie arms which faded away.

“Well Harry I can’t say it’s been pleasant. It has been interesting, but I hope you’ll forgive me if we don’t keep in touch. Even if you don’t there’s nothing you can do about it.” The Doctor gloated as a yellow light engulfed the TARDIS and all of the aliens.

The light caused the Doctor and all of the Elves and the aliens and his companions tremendous agony for a few minutes. It got so bad Yarox almost felt like jumping out of the TARDIS, but eventually the TARDIS and all of the creatures vanished, with Scratchman being helpless to do anything.

Scratchman looked down at the last tiny little patch of his castle, all that was left of an entire universe as it faded away into nothing.

The monster screamed in anger through the eternal nothingness he now found himself trapped in. He vowed that he would make the Doctor suffer, that he would keep regressing him back through each of his 10 previous lives only to keep killing him again and again, but it was no use.

For now at least Scratchman, for the first time in his miserable existence felt as helpless as his victims.

“I’m not beat yet.” The Demon kept trying to assure itself. “I have minions on the outside. They will find a way to free me, and when they do, Gallifrey shall be the first world I crush.”

“What, what’s going on.” The Doctor said as Elena nudged him awake.

The Doctor felt his face.

“Ah good no regeneration. I was worried there for a minute there it was so painful. I don’t ever intend to travel like that again.” The Doctor said as he bounced up and checked the TARDIS.

The console was burnt black, but it still seemed operational.

“Everything seems to be fine for now, though I we lost about 3 quarters of space.”

“Please tell me the library isn’t gone.” Elena said.

“No but I’m afraid the garden is. I’m sorry Yarox.”

“That’s okay Doctor. I don’t think I was eager to go back there after what happened with the Daleks. It was beautiful though. Honestly listen to me getting upset over a fake garden. We’ve just seen an entire universe burn away.”

“Speaking of which did it work? Did you send those creatures to another planet.” Elena asked.

“As far as I know yes. I’m not sure if I’ve done the right thing Elena, but after everything they went through I just couldn’t leave them.

“I understand.” Elena said. “I just can’t beliebve we’re back on earth. How did you know Scratchman’s tricks were just illusions? I know Pan’s were, but old Harry as you called him, was a step up from that.”

“I didn’t know for sure. I just wasn’t scared.” The Doctor said.

“Don’t get me wrong I do value my life.” The Doctor said.

“Perhaps a little too much, but when you reach my age you learn that there are some things that you can’t fight like death and you learn to accept them. You never stop being scared to some extent, but you know there is no point in fighting the inevitable. Scratchman despite what he claimed was something that could be fought.” The Doctor continued with a wry smile as he checked the controls.

“Everything seems to be working for now. Where are the Elves and the Harpy.”

“They’ve gone outside. They wanted to see our world in all its glory, or rather my world.”

“Well I consider the earth sort of a second home you know” The Doctor said.

“Still I understand. After living in Scratchman’s home it must be.” The Doctor stopped as he looked down at the console.

“What is it?”

“We’ve landed in the year 1998. Decades after we last landed on this island. I do hope there aren’t any people around or else we might cause a scene.”

Outside the Doctor could see the Harpy sitting atop a massive tree, whilst several of the Elves were marvelling at the simple sight of the birds around them. The TARDIS had taken them to the exact same spot they had first landed on the island

The Harpy was crying.

“It is beautiful. It is just like the legends of our world. I never thought I’d. It’s not fair. Those who were younger than me, fought harder, were braver can not be here to.”

The leader of the Elves was similarly mournful of his fallen comrades.

“Doctor” he asked. “When you sent those other creatures to the far away planet, were you able to help the Elves that still remained in.”

“I’m afraid not. Scratchman’s spare hell dimensions were gone by the time I was able to do anything. All that remained was the castle. If I could I would have helped. You know that.”

“I do know, and I am grateful for everything you have done for us Doctor, I just can’t help but feel that it isn’t over. Any second Scratchman will emerge from the TARDIS and.”

“It is over. That monster will never die, but he’ll never escape the prison they sealed him in.”

“I almost don’t want it to be over, as that way I won’t have let them down.”

“You didn’t. You helped us defeat Scratchman. That monster can never hurt anyone ever again, and you can now make sure that what your friends went through in that wasteland isn’t forgotten by the rest of your people.”

“What do you mean.”

“I’m going to take you home. The TARDIS is just working out what time period we can send you to so it won’t be a problem. As for the Queen, well I suppose I could take her to the planet I sent the rest of Scratchman’s minions too.”

“She was the last of her kind Doctor. There is no one for her there.”

“Well we’ll see if we can find somewhere for her. If not I always have a spare room on the TARDIS, though I’ll have to check actually to see if I still do.”

Elena and Yarox both emerged from the woods, having gone off to explore with a look of disguston their faces.

“What’s wrong?”

“The villagers. They were just left.” Elena said.

“We saw the body of one of the Scarecrow’s victims. It had rotted away into a skeleton.” Elena said with a tear starting to form in her single eye.

“I’m sorry Elena, but no one could ever know what happened here. The world wasn’t ready for it. To be honest I’m not even sure any world is ready to know the truth about that monster.” The Doctor said. What happened here always had to be kept a secret.”

“After all those people went through, the suffering they endured here and in the pit, and they’re just left to rot.”

“An entire universe and billions more before that suffered the same fate earthling.” The Harpy said as she descended from the tree top.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.”

“No it’s quite alright. We all only care about the people closest to us. Right now I’d wager in this universe there are billions of life forms slaughtering one another, but does anyone care?” She said grimly.

“If that’s the attitude you’re going to have you might as well have let Scratchman won. I’m not going to deny that the universe can be a horrible place, but compassion will always emerge even in the darkest places of the universe. Even in Scratchman’s realm he couldn’t eliminate it completely. Which is why we are standing here and he’s floating about in an eternal nothingness. I can’t even begint to imagine how hard it must be to lose your world, and I hope I never have to, but it can live on through you. It’s history, it’s ideals, it’s culture. It all depends on what you choose to do with this second chance.” The Doctor said as he headed back to the TARDIS.

The others were quick to follow, though the Harpy whilst angry at what she felt was the Doctors condescension, nevertheless took on board what he said to some extent. She wondered how she could possibly begin making sure her people’s culture could continue to exist in this reality.

“The TARDIS has found a time to take you to in your worlds history. It’s several thousand years in the future from this point. Your planet will have changed in the meantime to put it mildly.” The Doctor said.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I’m not familiar with the history of your planet I’m afraid. It could be a good future it could be a.”

“We’ll cope” the leader of the Elves said.

“If we can survive Scratchman’s realm, we can survive anything.”

“Well then lets not waste anymore time.” The Doctor said as he took the TARDIS to its next destination.


                                                        The End

Doctor Who An Alternate Sequel series will be taking a short break for the next few weeks. When we return it will be with the 11th Doctor in a story called “Path Not Taken.” This adventure will not be anywhere near as long. Scratchman if you will can be seen as the feature length film version of the series. It also took longer due to my mental breakdown last year. I will not spend so long on one story in the future. In the meantime I will return to some opinion pieces. They were what made this blog popular in the first place, so I don’t want to abandon them.

What Ruined Doctor Who: Part 3: Disregarding the Doctors character

Happy Birthday Maxil DqiEY10X0AEYvDJDoctor Who: William Hartnell 'didn't want to play Doctor Who' says ...

Who would have thought that one day, William Hartnell would be inspiring lesbian drawings. (Note: I’m not having a go at the person who did the drawing which is fine. Just the Fitzroy Crowd who created the absurd situation where Bill Hartnell can be a lesbian icon.)

In the previous two entries of this series we debunked the “Doctor Who is all about change, all change is good” arguments and established that there is an identity to the Doctor, and that continuity mattered in Classic Who to some extent (as continuity isn’t just a nerd obsession, but a facet of story telling.)

In this article we will be taking a look at how the 21st century series disregarded as many of the time honoured and defining traits of the Doctor from the start, until they have ultimately completely destroyed the Doctor as a character.

His motivation

In the Classic era the Doctor it was established from the beginning was a rebel among his people. He had stolen a time machine and wanted to live life by his own rules.

When you think about it, the Doctor has the best life imaginable. Far from being a tortured, angsty character like Angel, the Doctor is the ultimate escapist character.

He lives in a magic box that has all the food, comforts and entertainment he could ever possibly need. He doesn’t need to worry about paying the bills, running out of food. It’s all provided for him by his marvellous TARDIS that will never run down.

On top of that he can visit any period of time he wants. He can hang around with all the cool people from history, stir up trouble wherever he likes and never have to answer to anyone.

On top of all of that when he gets too old, he can just renew himself and become younger and stronger again. (Well he can at least 12 times.)

In stark contrast to characters like Buffy and Spider-Man, the Doctor is a character devoid of all everyday worries. We’d all live his life if we could.

The Doctor also is a scientist who wants to explore the universe and discover it’s secrets. He want’s to be the first to set foot on new planets, to discover new species, new cultures.

Even before we knew about the Time Lord’s this was still the character’s main motivation for travelling. In the first Dalek story, the Doctor memorably risks all of his friends lives just to explore a city he knows nothing about.

Later stories similarly show the Doctor risking his, his friends and even in Susan’s case his family’s lives simply to satisfy his curiosity.

DOCTOR: What is it, Chesterton? We really must get back to
(From the edge of the petrified jungle they can see across a plain to a city)
DOCTOR: Most fascinating.
BARBARA: A city, a huge city.
(The Doctor puts on a pair of binocular glasses)
IAN: Well, Doctor? Can you see anything? Any sign of life?
DOCTOR: No, no, no sign of life. No, just buildings. Magnificent buildings, I
SUSAN: Oh, let me have a look. It’s fabulous. Here, you have a look.
(Barbara takes her turn)
IAN: What do you think, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I don’t know, I don’t know. Whatever it was destroyed the vegetation here certainly hasn’t damaged the city. But there’s no sign of life. No movement, no light, no. No, I shall know more about it when I’ve been down there.
BARBARA: Down there? Oh, no. We’re going back to the ship.
DOCTOR: Now, don’t be ridiculous. That city down there is a magnificent subject for study, and I don’t intend to leave here until I’ve thoroughly investigated it.
IAN: Well it’s too late to talk about it now. It’s getting dark. We’ll discuss it when we get back to the ship.
SUSAN: Yes. Whatever you decide, it’s too late to get down there now.
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes, all right then. But I assure you I’m determined to study that place.
IAN: You can do what you like, as long as you don’t endanger the rest of us.
DOCTOR: Very well then. I shall look at it myself, alone.
IAN: You’re the only one who can operate the ship. I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Doctor. Your glasses.
(Walking back through the jungle)


DOCTOR: Yes, yes, that explains a lot of things, doesn’t it. A jungle turned to stone, the barren soil and the fact that we’re not feeling well.
IAN: Radiation sickness?
DOCTOR: Yes, I’m afraid so. The atmosphere here is polluted with a very high level of fallout, and we’ve been walking around in it completely unprotected.
IAN: What? But how do you explain the buildings? They’re intact.
DOCTOR: A neutron bomb. Yes. It destroys all human tissue, but leaves the buildings and machinery intact. Yes.
IAN: What? But how much radiation, and how badly?
DOCTOR: We need, we need drugs to be treated.
IAN: But where are we going to find them?
SUSAN: The Tardis will have to take us to another time and place where we can be cured.
IAN: But don’t you remember? We can’t move the ship until we find the mercury for the fluid link!
DOCTOR: For the fluid link, yes. Yes, I’m afraid I cheated a little on that. I was determined to see the city, but everybody wanted to go on and, well, to avoid arguments, in short, there’s nothing wrong with the fluid link.
SUSAN: What? Grandfather, do you mean to say that you risked leaving the ship just to see this place?
IAN: You fool. You old fool!

BARBARA: Oh, I ache all over. I have difficulty in keeping my eyes open.
IAN: Yes, I’m about the same. All his fault! Had to have his own way, see the city.
BARBARA: Oh, Ian, that doesn’t help.

In Tomb of the Cybermen the Doctor similarly walks into both the Cybermen and Kleegs trap because he was curious.

JAMIE: You know, Doctor, I have a feeling that man’s planned it all. He knew that that control wouldn’t open the hatch.
DOCTOR: So did I, Jamie.
JAMIE: You knew, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I wanted to know what he was up to.
KLIEG: And now you know, Doctor.

In The Caves of Androzani meanwhile, the Doctor get’s himself and Peri into trouble simply because he’s curious. It always makes me laugh when New Who fans cite Caves as an example of how selfless the Doctor is, when in actual fact it’s a prime example of his selfishness. The Doctor does go through hell to save Peri, it’s true, but that’s only to make up for dragging her here in the first place.

PERI: So you got a merit badge in tracking when you were a boy scout. I’m suitably impressed. Can we go now?
DOCTOR: Er, one moment. Looks as if the tracks lead to those caves over there.
PERI: Is this wise, I ask myself? Oh well.
(They follow the tracks some way.)
DOCTOR: Ah, blow holes.
PERI: What?
DOCTOR: Now we’re near you can see they’re not caves, they’re blow holes.
PERI: Well, same difference.
DOCTOR: Not to a speleologist. And not if you’re stuck in one of those things at high tide.
PERI: High tide? I thought you said that
DOCTOR: It’s a figure of speech. You see, the core of this planet is superheated primeval mud. When its orbit takes it close to Androzani Major, the gravitational pull
PERI: Oh, I get the picture. Mud baths for everyone. Well, it’s a change from lava.
DOCTOR: Hmm. Presumably why the planet was never colonised. Androzani Major was becoming quite developed the last time I passed this way.
PERI: When was that?
DOCTOR: I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the future.
PERI: You’re a very confusing person to be with, Doctor, you know that?

The Doctor’s desire to simply play by his own rules somewhat paradoxically made him a straight forward character, yet also quite a complex one too.

On the one hand he isn’t a tormented, conflicted character. He enjoys his life, he knows what he wants out of it, he isn’t on a mission to rid the universe of evil etc. He never sets out to be a hero, but because he is deep down a good person, whenever he sees something unjust or wrong, he will feel compelled to stop it.

On the other hand however the very thing that motivates the Doctor to travel in the first place, can also make him somewhat selfish and unlikable too. His willingness to explore means that he is often willing to risk both himself and his friends lives. On the one hand he can be seen as a rebel, who want’s to live life by his own means, on the other he can also be seen as a lazy hedonist, who shirks all responsibility.

His selfishness can even get in the way of wanting to help people. In many stories the Doctor has to be forced into helping people. (Which is quite unusual for a hero in a mainstream series.)

A lot of the time the Doctor just wants to relax and have a nice time, but some higher power like the Time Lords, the White Guardian etc, will have to take control of his TARDIS, or threaten him with torture and even death to force him to do the right thing.

The 1st Doctor

BARBARA: Ian, wait a minute. The Doctor’s miles behind. I don’t know about you, but I felt terrible leaving that old man. We seem to be his last hope.
IAN: Yes, I wish there had been something we could have done for him.
SUSAN: Oh, come on, Grandfather.
DOCTOR: I’m coming, child. Don’t rush, I’m coming. Well, don’t just stand there, come along, come along. Keeping me waiting.
(He tries to put the key in the Tardis lock, but something is forming a barrier a couple of inches away from it)
BARBARA: What is it?
IAN: Well, it’s some sort of invisible barrier. What do you make of it, Doctor?
DOCTOR: I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s no substance here. Have a look round the side, child. Go along.
BARBARA: It’s like an invisible wall.
DOCTOR: Is it a circular barrier?
SUSAN: Goes all the way round. Can’t see a cause to it.
DOCTOR: No, of course, there wouldn’t be. The molecules would be at their weakest. Ha! It’s fascinating, Chesterton. Yes, I’ve got it, I’ve got it. You know, I think a force barrier has been put up around the ship.
ARBITAN [OC]: I am sorry you forced me to keep you from your ship, but your refusal to help me left me no alternative.
IAN: Arbitan, where are you?
ARBITAN [OC]: That is not important. If you help me find the keys of Marinus, I will let you have access to your machine when you have delivered all the keys to me. If not, you will stay on the island without food or water. The choice is yours.
IAN: Choice? What choice?

The 4th Doctor

DOCTOR: Messing about with my Tardis. Dragging us a thousand parsecs off course.
SARAH: Oi, have you gone potty? Who are you shouting at?
DOCTOR: The Time Lords, who else? Now, you see? You see? They haven’t even got the common decency to come out and show their ears.
SARAH: They’re probably afraid of getting them boxed, the way you’re carrying on.
DOCTOR: It’s intolerable. I won’t stand for any more of it.
SARAH: Oh look, why can’t it have just gone wrong again?
SARAH: The Tardis.
DOCTOR: What? Do you think I don’t know the difference between an internal fault and an external influence? Oh, no, no, no. There’s something going on here, some dirty work they won’t touch with their lily white hands. Well, I won’t do it, do you hear!

GUARDIAN: There are times, Doctor, when the forces within the universe upset the balance to such an extent that it becomes necessary to stop everything.
DOCTOR: Stop everything?
GUARDIAN: For a brief moment only.
GUARDIAN: Until the balance is restored. Such a moment is rapidly approaching. These segments must be traced and returned to me before it is too late, before the Universe is plunged into eternal chaos.
DOCTOR: Eternal chaos?
GUARDIAN: Eternal as you understand the term.
DOCTOR: Look, I’m sure there must be plenty of other Time Lords who’d be delighted to
GUARDIAN: I have chosen you.
DOCTOR: Yes, I was afraid you’d say something like that. Ah! You want me to volunteer, isn’t that it?
GUARDIAN: Precisely.
DOCTOR: And if I don’t?
GUARDIAN: Nothing.
DOCTOR: Nothing? You mean nothing will happen to me?
GUARDIAN: Nothing at all. Ever.

The Doctor only ever does things on his own terms, from travelling to saving the universe! Ask him to do anything and it becomes a chore. He will happily stop the Daleks if he feels it’s an old problem he needs to take care of like in Remembrance. He will happily save the world if he lands somewhere on his own violation. Send him on a mission however and he will refuse to do it.

This is what ultimately made the character unique. (How many heroes do you think would not want to help if they were told the whole universe was in danger?) The Doctor more stumbles his way into being a hero, unlike say Buffy who is the chosen one, or Xena and Batman who are on a mission to help the helpless.

The Doctor’s anti establishment nature can make him both an admirable figure, who on the one hand never bows to authority, yet on the other it can make him a childish, selfish git.

Sadly however in New Who they completely changed his motivation.

In the Davies era it is established that the Doctor’s people, the Time Lord’s were killed off in a war with the Daleks.

Right away this removed the Doctor’s status as a rebel among his people. Now he was travelling simply because his people were gone, rather than because he wanted too.

The Deadly Assassin (Classic Who story)

(Engin and the Doctor walk past a long case clock and on to the Tardis.)
ENGIN: You know, Doctor, if you wanted to stay (on Gallifrey), I’m sure any past difficulties could be overlooked.
DOCTOR: But I like it out there, thank you very much.

The End of The World (New Who)

DOCTOR: You think it’ll last forever, people and cars and concrete, but it won’t. One day it’s all gone. Even the sky. My planet’s gone. It’s dead. It burned like the Earth. It’s just rocks and dust before its time.
ROSE: What happened?
DOCTOR: There was a war and we lost.
ROSE: A war with who? What about your people?
DOCTOR: I’m a Time Lord. I’m the last of the Time Lords. They’re all gone. I’m the only survivor. I’m left travelling on my own ‘cos there’s no one else.


See what I mean? Right away a big part of what made the Doctor unique is flushed down the toilet.

As a result of being the last of his kind, in the revival the Doctor actually hates his life. He travels simply because there is nowhere for him to go. In contrast to the classic era, he would love to have somewhere to settle down and have children, but sadly there is no one he can do that with now.

See here.

DOCTOR: How did all this get started?
STUART: Outside the Beatbox Club, two in the morning.
SARAH: Street corner. I’d lost my purse, didn’t have money for a taxi.
STUART: I took her home.
DOCTOR: Then what? Asked her for a date?
SARAH: Wrote his number on the back of my hand.
STUART: Never got rid of her since. My dad said.
SARAH: I don’t know what this is all about, and I know we’re not important.
DOCTOR: Who said you’re not important? I’ve travelled to all sorts of places, done things you couldn’t even imagine, but you two. Street corner, two in the morning, getting a taxi home. I’ve never had a life like that. Yes. I’ll try and save you.

DOCTOR: Rose Tyler, Defender of the Earth. You’re dead, officially, back home. So many people died that day and you’ve gone missing. You’re on a list of the dead. Here you are, living a life day after day. The one adventure I can never have.

Now let’s compare that to the Doctor from the Classic era.

My truth is in the stars and yours is here

Steven Moffat would mess around with the Doctor’s motivation to an even greater extent in series 9 of New Who when it was revealed that the Doctor ran away from Gallifrey, because of a prophecy that scared him about a hybrid.

This makes no sense in relation to the rest of Doctor Who. Why did he never do anything about the Hybrid or the prophecy for years? Also why if he was so scared of dying, did he constantly throw himself into the most dangerous situations around the universe?

The worst retcon of the revival to the Doctor’s origins however came in the Chibnall era. Here it was revealed that the Doctor wasn’t actually a Time Lord. The Doctor was an alien from another universe, called the Timeless Child who had the power to constantly regenerate. The Timeless Child was found by a native Gallifreyan called Tecteun after entering our universe. Teceteun then took the Timeless Child back to Gallifrey, where after performing experiments on her (yes her) she was able to splice the power of regeneration onto everyone on Gallifrey, creating the Time Lords.

The Timeless Child would then be brainwashed into being part of a special agency for the Time Lords to fight evil across the universe. Every time the Child would reach it’s 13th life, it’s memories would be wiped and it would be regressed to being a child. Each time however it’s personality would be programmed to become a renegade. The cycle of 12 regenerations from Hartnell to Capaldi, was merely the latest in a line of several billion Doctors. (Rassilon states that Time Lord society is several Billion years old, and so therefore there have been Billions of Doctors.)

This completely robs the Doctor of any agency he had as a character. Ironically where as before he was an individualist character (in both a good and a bad way.) Now he is merely a brainwashed tool of the very establishment he rallied against. At the same time it also makes the Doctor too special in the wrong way.

Before the Doctor was always on the surface, just another Time Lord. He was a bumbling oaf in some ways who made mistakes, stumbled his way into problems, never knew when to quit. Ultimately however what made him special was the fact that he was more adventurous than other Time Lords, had a greater desire for discovery, and over the course of his travels had accumulated knowledge they lacked, and by necessity developed greater improvisational skills.

In short it was because of who he was, not WHAT he was. The same is true of every worthwhile hero. Batman is a hero because of how he chooses to react to his parents murder. Even characters like Buffy, Spider-Man and Superman who are heroes because of their powers, it’s still how they choose to use them. (Compare Buffy for instance to the two other Slayers around her, Kendra and Faith, both of whom are nowhere near as effective despite being as strong because of their personalities.)

Thanks to Chibnall’s ridiculous retcon however, the Doctor is now only special because of what he is, IE a mysterious alien from another universe with unlimited powers, whilst everything about his personality has been created by the Time Lords.

Everything that made the Doctor unique (the fact that he was quite a selfish hedonist, with a heart, or hearts of gold, the fact that he was a reluctant hero, the fact that he was an underdog who managed to be important simply because of his own curiosity etc.) Has been thrown in the bin, simply in order to make the Doctor a more conventional hero (the last of his kind, the chosen one etc.) Whilst ironically all of his agency and development has also been tossed out of the window, as now he was always brainwashed into being a hero by the Time Lords.

His Maturity

The Doctor was one of the few leading characters to be portrayed as an older man. Most action heroes naturally are younger, but even most cerebral heroes like Sherlock Holmes are still reasonably young.

It’s a cliche, but it’s still true that not many people want to see stories about older characters. In this respect Hartnell’s Doctor was quite a stand out, even by today’s standards.

Whilst the Doctor would later be made physically younger, (though not always. Pertwee was actually older in his last season than Hartnell when he started.) The character was still always written as an old man in a young man’s body.

As the Doctors were all meant to be the same person as one another, then naturally Troughton would still have Hartnell’s expeirences and outlook on life even if he was physically made younger. Even Peter Davison who was in his 20s still played the role as an old man in a young mans body.

It’s true that the Doctor could be immature, with both Pertwee and Tom Bakers Doctors stating that they like being childish. Still even then the Doctors immaturity in some cases could also be linked with his great age too.

When we first meet the Doctor in Hartnell’s time, whilst he’s still young for a Time Lord, by our standard he has lived a full life. He has been married, had a family, raised children, seen them go off have lives of their own, even have children on their own. He’s also been through the worst loss a person can live through.

It’s never outright stated, but it is strongly implied throughout the Classic era that the Doctors family died at some point before he left Gallifrey.

It’s the only explanation that makes sense based on the few scant details we know about the Time Lords life.

To start with his granddaughter Susan is in his care. Remember that Susan is just 15 years old in her first story, and is meant to have been travelling with the Doctor for many, many years. With this in mind it doesn’t seem likely that the Doctor would steal a small child away from his own son or daughter, and then never tell them what happened to her.

Furthermore whenever the Doctor goes back to Gallifrey his family are never mentioned. Fair enough he may be on bad terms with them, but still you’d think they would be interested when he is put on trial for, breaking the laws of Gallifrey, killing the President, carrying out a genocide etc. (Even more so if Susan’s parents don’t know what happened to her.) You’d think they’d be called forward as character witnesses at least, but they are never even given so much as a mention.

Finally the only time the Doctor mentions his family directly is in The Tomb of the Cybermen, where the Doctor talks about them in the past sense and relates to Victoria losing her father, which more or less confirms they are dead.

With this in mind it seems obvious that the Doctor always wanted to explore the universe, but like a lot of people, put his crazy dream aside when he fell in love with whoever his wife was, and raised a family.

He had a normal life for years back on Gallifrey that he loved, but sadly in some accident, natural disaster, revolution, or perhaps an alien invasion of Gallifrey, his wife and children were killed, and Susan fell into his care.

Afterwards the Doctor then decided to finally live out his crazy dream, as no one could replace his wife and children and his work in exploring the universe keeps him going. (Added to that many of his companions can also fill the whole left in his life from his children, and later Susan.)

It also explains ironically why he can be so childish, as ultimately the Doctor feels he has already lived a normal life, raised a family, and therefore should be allowed to just do what he wants now.

As a result of this the Doctor was a very mature character when it came to coping with loss, and life’s hardships.

Throughout the entirety of Classic Who, we never see the Doctor let his emotions cloud his better judgement (unless it’s his curiosity) or completely lose his cool.

He isn’t emotionless like Mr Spock. We do see him get angry, shout, get visibly upset, but he never completely loses his cool, and say risks everybody’s lives because of his seething hatred of the Daleks. Whenever he loses someone close to him, he never completely breaks down into floods of tears and loses the will to go on.

Examples of this include his reaction to Katarina, Sara Kingdom and Adric’s deaths as well as Jo Grant and Peri’s apparent deaths. In all instances the Doctor is devastated but keeps a level head. Peter Davison rejects his companions ideas of going back and saving Adric because it will change history, the Third Doctor turns Jo Grants final message that she left him into a weapon against the Dalek, and whilst in Katarina’s case the Doctor remains focused against the Daleks.

Much like his rebellious nature, the Doctors maturity and great age could be both a negative and positive trait.

At certain points it could make the Doctor feel like a safe, comforting presence such as in Tomb of the Cybermen. He was a character who knew all of life’s problems and hardships, and could help his younger companions and even to some extent the younger audience through coping with loss.

On the other hand however, the Doctors level headed, practical nature at times could come off as very cold and distant.

On the flipside of his touching moment with Victoria about her fathers death, is his callous reaction to Lawrence Scarman’s death at his brothers hands in Pyramids of Mars which both shocks and horrifies Sarah Jane.

Sadly once again this defining aspect of the Doctors character was all but jettisoned from the 21st century series.

The New Series Doctor is generally portrayed as an emotionally fragile, and very immature character. In stark contrast to his Classic series predecessor, he almost never keeps his cool, allows his emotions to constantly cloud his judgement and can never cope with loss of any kind.

Examples include, in Dalek when the Doctor goes so insane he plans to gun down a helpless Dalek mutant, and has to be pulled back by Rose. In The Runaway Bride, after losing Rose, the Doctor goes so insane that he carries out a genocide and had it not been for Donna, would have killed himself. (Bare in mind that unlike Adric, or Sara, Rose isn’t even dead. Yes it’s very sad for the Doctor that he can’t see her again, but at least Rose is living a fabulous life in a big mansion somewhere, unlike poor old Adric who was blown to a million pieces. Evidently however the 5th Doctor despite being younger is able to cope a lot better.)

The 11th Doctor is no better as after losing Amy and Rory he has a complete mental breakdown and quits being the Doctor for a long while, whilst the 12th Doctor after losing Clara, willingly undergoes 4 and a half billion years worth of torture and risks destroying the entire universe and shoots an unarmed man, simply because he can’t cope with her death.

In fact the new series makes a point of having the Doctor not being able to cope with death, from River’s “he doesn’t like endings” to 10’s trying to save Astrid when she is clearly beyond saving “I CAN DO ANYTHING” to 12 being lectured by Ashildr on how to accept loss.

This scene is literally the polar opposite to the Doctor comforting Victoria. Why is it that 12, who is thousands of years older than 2 is so much worse at accepting loss?

Overall it seemed to me like Russell T Davies was desperate to rewrite the Doctor into being a younger Peter Parker, Buffy style hero that young boys watching the show could relate to.

Hence the Tenth Doctor engaging in a romance with a young character like Rose, his telling Wilfred Mott that he would be proud if he was his dad etc.

A youtuber by the moniker of Channel Pup recently said that he feels a female Doctor would work as in his mind the character of Buffy was already a female counterpart to the Doctor.

Now Channel Pup is primarily a New Who fan. I’ve enjoyed some of his videos and I have nothing against him personally. (In fact I even invited him to write for my alternate sequel series, but sadly nothing came of it.)

I didn’t like Channel Pup’s attack on Bowlestrek. I feel it was nasty and hypocritical. (Channel Pup complained that the Doctor Who fandom, collectively wasn’t showing enough kindness whilst telling Bowlestrek he looked like a cinema masterbator!)

Still generally speaking I don’t mind Channel Pup, but the fact that he thinks Buffy is in anyway a female counterpart to the Doctor, to me shows how much New Who changed the character.

Buffy is the polar opposite to the Doctor in almost every way. (Not that that makes Buffy a bad character. Buffy is a classic character, and it’s good to have a wide variety of different types of heroes, but she definitely isn’t the same type of character as the Doctor.)

Buffy is young, at the very beginning of her life, deals with everyday problems, like working a terrible 9-5 job, fitting in at school, her mother dying of natural causes etc.

How is that comparable to an ancient alien, who has lived a full life, lives outside of the normal world in a magic box where everything is provided for him, has no real life worries at all?

These two quotes from both characters I think demonstrate the differences between them perfectly. Both involve the characters facing their own mortality (in Buffy’s case she has been told of a Prophecy stating the Master will kill her, whilst the Doctor is walking straight into a death trap.)

Giles: Buffy, if the Master rises…

Buffy: (yanks the cross from her neck) I don’t care! (calms down) I don’t care. Giles, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die.


TEGAN: Do you feel weird, Doctor?
DOCTOR 1: Full of strange fears and mysterious forebodings?
TEGAN: That’s it.
DOCTOR 1: No, as a matter of fact, I don’t. It’s all illusion, child. We’re close to the domain of Rassilon, whose mind is reaching out to attack us. Just ignore it, as I do.
DOCTOR 1: Fear itself is largely an illusion. And at my age, there’s little left to fear. Hmm. No, there’s nothing here to harm us.


Now again that’s not to say that Buffy is a poorer hero than the Doctor. As I said before it’s good to have a wide variety of heroes in fiction, but you see my point that as characters the Doctor and Buffy are polar opposites, yet someone raised on primarily the new series can actually think that Buffy represents the female counterpart to the Doctor? I think that shows exactly what I was saying is true that Davies turned the Doctor into a younger, more immature character all around.

As for Channel Pup’s other point that we have already seen a female counterpart to the Doctor, so a female Doctor could work, that is also bogus. No one ever said that there couldn’t be a female character like the Doctor, (I presonally resent the idea that I need lectured on female heroes by someone who only saw Buffy of all shows for the first time last year. I was watching Buffy before he even knew what Doctor Who was!) The point was always would a female Doctor follow on specifically from her male predecessors, which I’ll examine later in this series.

His Moral Code

Going Through Doctor Who: The Seeds Of Doom (1976) Review

Throughout the Classic era, the Doctor always had the same moral code. Whilst some Doctors might be more up front about it, and others more haunted by their actions, at the end of the day the Doctor would always react in basically the same way.

The Doctor prefers non violent solutions to problems. If there was a peaceful alternative he would take it. He will also never kill out of anger, or revenge or when an enemy is unarmed.

That said if he has no other choice, then yes. The Doctor absolutely will kill to protect himself, his friends and the universe at large, and he won’t think two seconds about it. Furthermore the Doctor will kill using any means necessary. Guns, knifes, blunt instruments, explosions, bio weapons, poison, fire, wild animals, the Doctor has used all of these methods to kill his enemies and never shown any reluctance or regret afterwards.

The Doctor is also not discriminate when it comes to the type of creatures he is willing to kill. He has murdered several human villains over the course of the series, such as Professor Solon, members of his own race such as the Master and Morbius (both of whom he was happy to kill) and of course monsters like the Daleks.

The only time the Doctors moral code is ever called into question is if he is dealing with an enemy that is so dangerous, their very existence is a threat to the universe at large. In these special circumstances then he may kill even when his enemy is unarmed, but he will always be shown to wrestle with it.

Examples include the 4th Doctor contemplating, but ultimately being unable to blow the Daleks up in Genesis of the Daleks at their point of birth when they are unarmed and helpess, the 5th Doctor contemplating gunning down Davros when he is helpless and unarmed, and the 7th Doctor blowing Davros up. (With the 7th Doctor being determined not to repeat his previous mistakes, but still being shown to struggle with the decision in the famous cafe scene.)

Once again this helped the Doctor stand out somewhat among other heroes. Most family friendly heroes will never kill their enemies, such as Superman, Spider-Man or even Batman (in most versions.)

Anti heroes meanwhile such as Avon from Blake’s 7, James Bond and Wolverine will often kill as a first resort.

The Doctor however fell somewhere in the middle in that he didn’t like violence, but was practical enough to know that sometimes there was no other way. His violent reactions were never out of anger, or malice. They were measured and because he had no other choice.

Sadly however New Who once again threw this element of the Doctors character away. In the revival, the Doctor has a totally unreasonable hatred of guns, specifically in his 10th and 13th incarnations.

The 10th Doctor refuses to let his companions use guns, even when aliens wielding guns are invading, when a horde of flesh eating cannibals are about to descend on them, or best of all in The Stolen Earth when Davros is about to detonate a bomb that will destroy every universe. The Tenth Doctor actually screams at his clone not to use a gun against Davros, seconds away from the reality bomb destroying everything. He’d rather everyone died than a gun not be fired?

The Tenth Doctors hatred of guns is not only hysterical, and as far away from the level headed, practical Doctor as you can get. It is extremely hypocritical too. He regularly uses weapons that are just as, if not more lethal. (I’m sure the alien you blew to pieces will appreciate the fact that you didn’t just shoot him.)

Ironically there are times when using a gun would be more humane than the method the Doctor uses to kill his enemies. A notorious example of this can be found in the 13th Doctor story Arachnids in the UK, when the Doctor refuses to let a bad Donald Trump parody shoot a giant Spider, (arguing that giant man eating Spiders deserve to be treated with respect.)

Instead the Doctor locks the giant Spiders in a room where they will either starve to death, be forced to eat one another, or be crushed under their own body weight.

What’s worse is that on top of all of this, the New Who Doctor regularly goes too far the other way.

In Human Nature/Family of Blood, the Doctor condemns a race of aliens to an eternity of torture. Now the aliens in question are evil, but still they are nowhere near the most evil creatures the Doctor has ever come into contact with. (Later that very same season, the Doctor goes on to hug a bigger mass murderer the Master, make of that what you will.)

The Doctors treatment of the aliens in Family of Blood is sadistic and totally unnecessary. He could have easily disposed of the aliens, yet he chose to torture them, simply for his own amusement.

All of this not only destroys a vital part of the Doctors character, but also makes the revival era Doctor a difficult character to root for in his, or her own right. Essentially we have a hero who will condemn people for using a gun in self defence, simply because they don’t like guns, yet indulge in a bit of torture when it amuses them.


Throughout the Classic era, the Doctor was almost always depicted as asexual. He never showed any interest in any of his female companions, and all of the actors who played the role, from Jon Pertwee to Sylvester McCoy all said the Doctor was firmly asexual.

It is true however that the series never explicitely stated that the Doctor was asexual, and indeed other members of the Doctors race were shown to sleep with, and even fall in love with humans (The Master, Susan etc.)

Added to that the Doctor did have a grand daughter and his family are mentioned at one point. Nevertheless the character never had any romantic relationships and for good reason.

To start with this helped Doctor Who to always remain focused on the sci fi and adventure aspects of the series. Sadly many other genre series I think end up becoming too obsessed with the lead characters love life, which eventually drags the show down into soap opera territory.

Buffy is a classic example of this during its sixth season, where the horror and fantasy elements were toned down and pushed to the background.

Furthermore as a character the Doctor just isn’t designed for love stories. He is constantly travelling, so there is no way we can have him settle down. He is an alien from the most advanced race in the universe, so advanced that even the most intelligent human would seem like a child to him. On top of that if he were to meet a nice Time Lady that he fell in love with, she would have to be ripped from him if they were really in love. (Either that or she would have to remain with him for the rest of the shows run, which would get stale.)

You could maybe get away with doing that once, but eventually if you keep doing it, then you are going to undermine each love interest as the Doctors one true love.

As to why the Doctor is asexual, I always felt it was more to do with the death of his family. The way I see it, the Doctor doesn’t want that kind of life again. No one can ever replace his wife and children who died, and he now as he said to Victoria, uses his travels to distract himself from their loss.

It’s as simple as that. (Also most of the women the Doctor travels with are not only human, but much younger than he is, and are often more surrogate replacement figures for Susan.)

Again however New Who threw this aspect of the character away. The New Who Doctor is in contrast a very romantic character, and what’s worse is that his love interests are often quite inappropriate for the character.

Rose Tyler is just 3 years older than Susan and younger than Ace, Jo Grant and Vicki, all of whom it would have been incredibly creepy for the Doctor to end up with. Sure David Tennant looks younger than William Hartnell, but remember he is still meant to be William Hartnell underneath his new face.

Added to that the New Who team often attempted to sex the Doctor up, by having him boast about his conquests, slap his companions across the bum, make jokes about “that’s how I pick up girls”, and snog just about every young woman he comes into contact with.

Not surprisingly the romance between the Doctor and his companions often helped to distract from the sci fi and fantasy elements of the new series and meant that they were often not as well developed as in the original series. (Though there other reasons for this, such as the focus on soap opera, shorter length of stories, but still the romance between the Doctor and his companions undoubtedly played a role.)


In the classic era all of the different incarnations of the Doctor were all meant to be the same person fundamentally.

In the classic era regeneration was really nothing more than an advanced form of healing. The Doctors body broke down and then repaired itself, but when it repaired itself, it changed appearance. It basically rebuilt itself from scratch.

The Doctors outer persona was given a shake up as a result, but his consciousness, core personality, memories, morals, motivation all remained the same.

This isn’t just my opinion, all of the most prominent people involved in the original series, Robert Holmes, Terry Nation, John Nathan Turner, Terrance Dicks, all held that opinion as did every actor from Patrick Troughton to Sylvester McCoy.

You only have to look at how the Doctor is written to see it. If all of the Doctors are totally different people, then why would Peter Davison feel guilty for not destroying the Daleks in Genesis of the Daleks and be determined to make amends now?

TEGAN: Where are you going?
DOCTOR: To kill Davros.
TEGAN: Doctor!
DOCTOR: I must. Davros created the Daleks. He must not be allowed to save them.
TEGAN: But murder?
DOCTOR: Once before I held back from destroying the Daleks. It was a mistake I do not intend to repeat. Davros must die.

That wasn’t him? Why feel guilty at something Tom Baker did? Similarly whenever he meets characters that know him through multiple lives, the Brigadier, Davros, the Master etc, he mentions old times with them (for better or for worse.)

Why would Colin Baker say to Davros “last time we met” when it was Peter Davison? Why would Jon Pertwee when he mets the Brig for the first time tell him that it was good to see you again old chap?

The only time the Doctor suffers a huge change in personality is in The Twin Dilemma, but this is meant to be because his regeneration has gone wrong due to the poison. His mind has actually been damaged for once, and the 6th Doctor is genuinely shocked to hear he attacked Peri in a psychotic fit, stating that he would never attack someone unprovoked. How does he know however? If he is a totally different person however, how does he know that’s not just who he is? Clearly he is basing his personality on his 5 predecessors.

With all of this in mind the Doctor was clearly meant to be the same person throughout all of his lives in the original series. None of his development, or relationships with other characters make sense otherwise. Added to that the Doctors being the one character, gives him an identity in popular culture and stops him from just being a title, or a legacy character.

Sadly however in New Who, Russell T Davies did retcon it that the Doctors are all different people after all in The End of Time with the 10th Doctors notorious exit. The 10th Doctor outright states that when he changes he does die and that only the memories go on.

This retcon not only made all of the Doctors development unimportant (who cares what happened to Jon Pertwee, as Tom Baker is a different person) it also undid all of his relationships with other characters too. Now the Brigadiers friendship is with 7 different characters rather than one, as is Davros’ feud with the Doctor.

Also it yet again took away something fairly unique about the Doctor, that he could change, yet still be the same character. Now the Doctor has been reduced to just being like the Slayers in Buffy, or the Trill in Star Trek, or the Van Helsing family, IE a line of heroes, or a title passed down through the ages.

In Conclusion

Clearly the same character.

As you can see the revival really wasn’t interested in carrying on the character of the Doctor from the original series.

Even as far back as Eccelston’s time there were virtually no similarities between the 21st century version of the character and the original.

Everything that made the Doctor unique was jettisoned in the hopes of making him a more conventional hero. Clearly the new series writers either had no interest in, or perhaps disdain for the original core characterisation of the Doctor.

Even the more minor, but still strong characteristics of the Doctor that ran from incarnation to incarnation were abandoned in the revival. For instance physically the Doctor always tended to dress in more Edwardian, Victorian clothes, and his hair tended to be longer and bigger to reflect his bohemian nature. In the revival, Christopher Eccelston’s Doctor had short, almost shaved hair, and wore a modern leather coat. Tennant’s looked was also very contemporary and modern too. Matt Smith meanwhile did reflect the original Doctors appearance more with his tweed jacked, bowtie and long hair. Even then however I feel this was more on the part of Matt than Moffat who originally wanted to dress Matt in more modern clothes.

The Doctor was also depicted as being a highly skilled fighter in Classic Who too. All of the Doctors (save Patrick Troughton) did a fair bit of fighting, but in the revival save for a few times as Capaldi, and one sword fight with Tennant, he almost never does. (In fact ironically Chibnall said a defining feature of the Doctors character was that he never throws punches, completely overlooking the two longests serving incarnations Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee who regularly threw punches!)

Other than the very basic idea of the Doctor being a time traveller, everything about the character from the original was tossed out. (All of this is before we even get to the gender change which will explore in a later section of the series.)

In the next part of this series we will examine how New Who became so obsessed with rewriting its past it became stagnated in the present.



King Kong: Part 7


It had taken the villagers many weeks to rebuild their shattered lives after the Raptor attack.

Kong had mostly stayed away from the village atop a nearby hill. The Great Ape had always felt safest at high places, undoubtedly because of his upbringing.

Gerisian would still visit him every week however, much to her daughters chagrin. Other villagers had tried to approach the great Ape but he would tend to shun them away. Even Gerisian wasn’t always welcome, but some times the Ape would pick her up for just a few minutes. It almost looked confused at why it’s mother who once held her in its arms was now so small, but it would still always hug her all the same (careful not to crush its tiny mother in the process.)

Gerisian was still sick from the Raptor bite. She tried to hide it as best she could, but the infection was slowly eating away at her leg, and she soon found it difficult to walk. Nevertheless she would always do her best to see her former pet.

Unfortunately however not everyone in the village had been so willing to forgive the great Ape.

Ticas, one of the villages strongest warriors father had unfortunately been one of the twelve men and women killed by Kong when the Ape was first cast out of the village.

He had also fought valiantly against the Raptors during their attack and had even saved Gerisians life. Unfortunately no one cared about his great deeds and heroic actions after Kong’s battle with the Raptor pack, (the last few survivors of whom hadn’t dared to give the human tribe anymore trouble.)

Ticas had even interrupted a tribute from the village to Kong, which took the form of a massive pile of Kong’s favourite food which they laid out every week.

It often took the villagers days to gather the food together,  but eventually, unable take the monster being celebrated any further, Ticas burned the pile right in front of the others.

“You celebrate that thing as some kind of hero? It’s pathetic. What does that beast know about bravery?” He shouted.

“I fought against the monsters when I knew they were going to kill me, when there was 6 to every one of us. Those creatures were nothing to that monkey.”

“If we’d relied on you, we’d be dead.” One of the villagers shouted back at Ticas as he was escorted away.

Following this humiliation Ticas hatred only grew and he eventually made plans to kill the last of the Kongs. He couldn’t do it himself of course. Even when the monster slept, he didn’t want to take any chances he could wake the beast. (Also it was very doubtful that any weapons in the village would be strong enough to cut through the Great Apes skin and muscle.)

Finally Tiscas also hoped to kill the beast in a way that wouldn’t draw any suspision. To accomnplish this he needed another giant monster, but fortunately he knew where to get one.

The massive lake that existed near to the village had until recently been the source of the Natives water supply housed one of the few creatures on the island that could harm Kong. The Piranhadon.

The Piranhadon was a gigantic Eel like creature that could grow to over 45 feet long. The creatures tended to live in the waters just outside Skull Island, but now and again stray Piranhadons would venture inland through passage ways beneath the island and become trapped there.

The lake the natives used for their water was connected to the sea via a large passage, but the Piranhadon actually had no reason to leave, as there was enough food in the lake and no competition.

The Piranhadon’s fed primarily on other marine animals, but now and again they would leap out of the water to catch flying Pterosaurs, or any unlucky animal that strayed too close to the pond. Only the largest meat eating Dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus were safe from the monster.

The tribe had simply lost too many men and women trying to defend the area, and as a result had been forced to use the river Gerisian had originally found Kong floating down as their primary water source. Whilst they had used the river now and again in the past whenever there were too many predators gathering near the lake, ultimately the River was not practical as a long term source of water, as it was nearer the home of many larger predators. Using as often as they had done in the last few months had already drawn quite a few Allosaurus’ near to the village with many Natives losing their lives in the process.

Ticas hoped that if he could lure Kong near to the lake, the Piranhadon would attack him. As it was a fully grown Kong could have easily fought off a Piranhadon, but the Ape hadn’t quite reached his full size yet and was still somewhat weak after the Raptor battle.

A little over a month after the Raptor attack, Ticas would put his plan into action. Using a torch (that he also used to make his way through the dark and bat off any creatures that came near him such as small Dinosaurs and some very large insects.

He eventually made his way to the top of the hill Kong rested on every night. It was going to be very hard for Ticas to make his way down the hill ahead of Kong who could leap several feet, but that didn’t deter him.

In many ways it wasn’t just vengeance or even jealousy that made Ticas so desperate to rid the junge of the last of the Kongs. He was also scared of the great Ape. Before Kong had left the village when during a famine, the leader of the tribe had decided to steal the Ape’s own supply of food that it had been gathering which lead to a fight, where Kong killed 12 men and women before fleeing. That was several years ago, now the Ape was twice that size. Added to that it had decimated almost all of the Raptors who the villagers strongest warriors had barely been able to stand against. If there was ever to be another conflict between Kong and the villagers, which was highly likely given the Ape’s volatile and unpredictable nature, then he would completely destroy the village.

At the same time if Kong killed the Piranahdon then the village would still be rid of one pest. Either way he felt, his people would win.

Ticas walked slowly up to Kong, ready to flee at the slightest movement from the Ape. He made his way to within a few feet of the Apes paw and stabbed his torch into it.

Kong instantly woke up and came face to face with Ticas who waved his torch in the Apes face scaring it back a little before running down the hill.

Kong beat his chest in fury and ran after Ticas on all fours. Within a few seconds he managed to catch up to the native who he then picked up and prepared to crush.

Ticas however jabbed the torch straight into Kongs thumb causing him such pain, the Ape was forced to drop him.

It wasn’t a smooth landing for Ticas however as he landed on some rocks, breaking his shoulder in the process. Nevertheless he still hoisted himself up and ran as fast as he could down the hill, with Kong quickly resuming chase.

The Gorilla caught up with Ticas yet again as he reached the bottom of the hill, but this time Ticas was able to ward Kong back before he could grab him, by waving the torch in the beasts face.

Ticas managed to make it to the woods, with the Ape in pursuit, Kong however found it much more difficult to keep track of his tiny enemy in the undergrowth and so he started to smash down all the nearby trees he could to either crush or expose Ticas.

Ticas however was too quick for Kong and made it to the lakeside. He cut his hand over the water, hoping the blood would draw the Piranhadon near. As Kong drew ever closer however drawn by the faint sight of Ticas’ torch, the Native had no choice but to wade through the water as Kong had blocked off his only other escape.

Ticas couldn’t see any sign of the giant, even through the murky depths, but he clutched onto his torch for dear life.

Suddenly out of nowhere the Piranhadon lunged forward at the Native. The monster could move a lot faster than even Ticas had thought in the water. Fortunately however as its jaws almost clamped around Ticas he was able, purely on reflex to jab his torch into the brutes tongue causing it to double back.

Waving his torch in the direction of the beast, Ticas waded his way back to the bank, just as Kong had arrived, having been drawn by both the torch and the commotion.

Kong pounded his fists into the ground at the sight of Ticas, but his attention was soon drawn to the Piranhadon that literally leaped out onto the bank in order to try and snatch Ticas who managed to just jump out of the way.

Kong was startled, but not scared at the sight of the large creature which in turn looked back on the Ape with a strange curiosity. Neither had ever seen a creature like the other before, and Ticas noticing their lack of animosity threw his torch into the woods behind Kong.

The sight of the fire frightened Kong and forced him into the water to escape. The Ape however still couldn’t swim, even after all of these years and so it more waded through the shallow bank. Unfortunately however the Piranhadon, scared of the new creature entering his domain, clamped its jaws around Kong’s arm and tried to pull him down deeper.

A tug of war soon ensued, but Kong despite the monster biting straight through the bone of his arm, not only held on, but actually managed to partially lift the Piranhadon out of the water.

Ticas however grabbed another piece of burning wood and hurled it at the great Ape, distracting him long enough for the Piranhadon to pull Kong into the deeper end. Here the Ape was helpless and the Piranhadon pulled Kong to the very bottom of the lake where it prepared to clamp its jaws around his head.

200 Years Later

Peter didn’t notice the monster until it had crawled over the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately however the creature wasn’t alone. A further five similar giant insects crawled over the cliff edge and soon surrounded Peter.

The monsters resembled gigantic cockroaches, with huge pincer like claws at the front. They stood close to 6 feet off of the ground, and were close to twenty feet long.

One of the monsters grabbed Peter by the legs, whilst another grabbed him by the arms. The two monsters engaged in a brutal tug of war with their prey until eventually Scarlett couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed one of the Natives spears, hurling it at the cockroach grabbing Peter’s arms and killing it instantly.

“They’re not so tough.” She laughed. The Natives were furious however.

“You idiot. There’s hundreds of those monsters down in that pit, our only hope was to slip away and you’ve.” The Native was soon cut off by a buzzing sound of many more of the gigantic insects crawling their way up.

Meanwhile the creatures on the other side of the chasm turned their attention towards the Natives and flew over towards them, with Peter fleeing instantly.

It never even occurred to him to try and return the favour and distract the bugs long enough for the others to escape.

“You should have told me they could do that.” Eva said somewhat awkwardly.

“You stupid bitch you’ve killed us all.” Daniel said in usual hysterical tone before William slapped him.

“Not that he’s not wrong, but I just couldn’t have died without doing that once.” William said as they ran through the narrow caverns ahead to try and escape the bugs. Not all of the Natives and the prisoners were lucky however as the creatures tore two apart and dragged a further three, two prisoners and one Native down into the pit below.

Peter meanwhile was forced to run back the way he came. The rest of the prisoners had all been caught in his trap and for the first time he was starting to regret it. Back the way he came he could see dozens of insects hovering over the pit.

He couldn’t possibly hope to survive out here on his own so for the first time in his miserable, cruel life, Peter decided to help other people.

Picking up a burning torch from the mass of flames he had created up ahead, Peter ran back the way through the bugs. He warded any of the abominations that came near him away with his torch, whilst drawing them away from the Natives on the other side.

With many of the creatures blocked off his way back, Peter ran further down his side of the edge of the chasm until he could find a bridge between the two sides.

The rest of the Natives and the Prisoners meanwhile hadn’t even noticed Peter’s uncharacteristically brave actions and had continued to press on to the village which was not that further ahead.

Finally after 10 or so minutes of running, Peter came across a large log that bridged the gap. The Natives had obviously pushed the tree down from the other side.

As Peter tried to cross it however the Bugs started to circle the pyromaniac from all sides. Though he was still able to drive most of them away with his torch, one of the monsters coming from below was able to nudge the log slightly, causing Peter to fall and drop his torch down the pit. At the very bottom it created a massive fire, which caused hundreds of similar insect creatures to fly above

Peter managed to land on one of the insects as it flew up, and held on long enough until he reached the other side of the chasm, after which he then hid as best he could.

Up above however hundreds and hundreds of bugs flew in one direction. To the Natives village that Peter could see up ahead.

To Be Continued.



Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 16

Clue (1985) starring Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn ...15 Groovy Facts About Bruce Campbell | Mental Floss

                                     Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter

The Doctor, Elena and Yarox had managed to trek their way through the snowstorm of Heleim with the aid of several of the Elves and their technology which did its best to shield the travellers from the lethal cold of Scratchman’s domain.

Even then however they were all finding it difficult to walk. The Doctor had almost collapsed at certain points.

“Remind me to do all of those things I said I’d only do when hell froze over old boy.” The Doctor said to Yarox through chattering teeth. “I’m a man of my word after all.”

Along the way they had been lucky enough not to encounter any of old Harry’s monstrous servants, save for the Corpse Eater. They had briefly seen the monster flying high above a few times, but fortunately it didn’t appear to notice them. The snowstorm was so fierce that they could barely see the giant above, and so not surprisingly it also missed the tiny creatures below too.

At bottom of the other end of the latest hill the Doctor, his companions and the Elves had barely managed to climb, there was the corpse of one of the Frost Giants, sprawled out below. The monster must have been over 200 feet tall. Aside from its great size it looked human for the most part, though its skin was bright blue, and it had razor sharp fangs and claws.

“I hope whatever did that isn’t still around.” The Doctor said as they prepared to slowly walk down the steep hill. Up ahead was the giant mountain the Elves leader said the portal existed on.

As the Time Lord and his companions neared the end of the hill, the Corpse Eater suddenly flew ahead of them and landed on the giant’s corpse.

“Don’t worry” the Elf leader said. “If we keep quiet he should miss us.”

Suddenly however the Frost Giant rose up and reached for the Corpse Eater.

“You really don’t stay dead long in this realm do you?”

Some of the Elves fled in panic, but the Doctor, Elena, Yarox and the Elf leader remained calm, and slowly crept out of the monsters view.

Fortunately it didn’t matter either way as the beasts were so caught up in fighting one another.

The Giant grabbed the bird by its talons and pulled it down to the snow. It then tried to stamp on the Vulture’s body, but the giant Bird wiggled free from the monsters grasp and flew straight into the Frost Giant’s face. The Giant let out a deafening scream as the Bird went sliced through one of its eyes, but the pain only drove the monster on. The giant reached out and tried to grab the Birds wings. In the struggle however the Bird managed to slash its claws across the Giants throat cutting it open.

The Giant then stumbled back a few feet, before the Bird went for its head which it caught between its two talons and started to crush, after which the Giant then collapsed face down in the snow, with the Corpse Eater landing on its back.

“He’ll only have a half hour or so to finish that meal before the Frost Giant pops up again. Should be more than enough mind you.” The Elf Leader said.

The Doctor looked up at the giant mountain ahead of them.

“We’ll never make it up there. Look how long it took just to get up that hill. I’m already struggling to stand.”

“Me too” Elena said weakly.

“We have no choice, it’s the only way up.”

Suddenly the Corpse Eater started to fly into the air screaming.

“He goes to all that effort and then he just leaves his meal?” The Doctor asked. Through the Blizzard the Elf king could see several more Frost Giants running down the hill.

“They all know this reality is crumbling” the Doctor said.

“That’s why they’re not hunting us. Doesn’t mean they won’t kill us if they see us though.”

Scratchman’s castle was now the only scrap left of the universe he had called home for the past several millenia.

In a way he was almost sad to see it go. He had spent so long in this domain, the monster felt he had time to create the perfect Demons, most of whom had fallen into the oblivion around them. Still Harry wouldn’t be losing any sleep over it.

The Demon had managed to connect the TARDIS’s “veins” to the tiny crack still left in the forcefield. The TARDIS had tried to trick the Demon a few more times, but Scratchman was either too wiley for the TARDIS, or if he did suspect trickery he would simply threaten to make the TARDIS flay more prisoners that he still kept protected from the war zone his castle had become.

“In a matter of minutes a new world will fall and tremble before my feet.” Scratchman said with giddy anticipation.

Some of Scratchman’s enemies had managed to make their way into his castle before it collapsed, thanks to the Black Knight, the armies man on the inside. Among those who had escaped the oblivion included the Queen of the Harpies, who was now possibly the last of her kind. She still fought against Scratchman’s Demons even though they had mostly been reduced to fleeing now.

The Harpy Queen picked up one of Scratchman’s most notorious torturers from the rabble of fleeing monstrosities and flew him towards the very edge of the castle that was beginning to crumble away into nothing.

“Do you remember a Harpy named Eiserka? Do you!” She screamed as she dangled him over oblivion.

“Please I can help you, I swear I can. Scratchman’s power is depleting. He is not erasing this universe out of choice, he needs to escape it as much as we do. If we strike together we can take the monster down.”

The Harpy considered this.

“He is trying to use an alien’s vessel to escape.”

“I know all about the Time Lord’s vessel. In fact chances are I knew about it before you did. Still you’ve shown me that his power over his minions is genuinely fading. I thought this reality crumbling was just his usual scorch the earth, or rather universe policy, but you’d never have told me he was weak before. I can tell when you’re lying. Still I don’t believe you were forced into hurting people at his command. I know you. You loved it.” She said as she dropped him into the abyss below.

The Harpy then flew over the crowd of Demons and monsters below.

“This universe is crumbling. Many of us suspected it for a long time, but some of us foolishly held out hope that Scratchman could be appeased, or that if we helped slaughter one another we’d be spared his wrath.

He’s going to flee this reality in a matter of minutes and leave us to go tumbling into oblivion. You can see it around you, whilst he’ll be laughing at us as he tears apart another universe. Now is the time to stop him. He’s weak, weaker than he’s ever been before, which is why he can’t hold this universe together. We can at last make him pay for turning us into his servants. What will you do, remain loyal to a Demon that’s about to condemn you to oblivion, or try and drag him down with us.”

Not all of the Demons responded to her speech, but enough of Scratchman’s minions who had barely managed to claw their way into his castle didn’t need much more encouragment to fight him. A horde of Demons and Centaurs and Satyrs charged their way through Scratchman’s halls.

The Demon had been observing this on his scanner.

“Do they honestly think that I’d get this far and let them stop me?” Scratchman said as he opened up portals to his previous hell dimensions.

A whole host of new monsters soon emerged to tackle the army, they included the gigantic Griffins from the bridge dimensions, Frost Giants and Erlik the king of the tar dimension.

“That should keep them busy. Now where were we” Scratchman said as he returned to the TARDIS.

“We’re done for.” Yarox said. “We’ll never get by that many of the Giants.”

“I doubt they’d see us through this snow storm” Yarox said.

“He’s right, we just have to hope they don’t notice us. What other choice do we have anyway?” The Doctor replied.

The weary travellers crept through the blazing storm to the side of the mountain keeping well clear of the thundering giants. Fortunately the monsters didn’t take any notice of them as they scrambled up the mountan.

“Okay we only have one chance here, we need to run into the portal and once we get there hold on.” The Doctor said.

“To what?”

“Yourself. I’m not naive. I don’t think Scratchman would make it easy for people just to slip through realms like that. If you thought the cold out here was bad. There’s a good chance we won’t survive.”

The travellers waited for a few more minutes until a chance presented itself, with the nearest Frost Giants being a about 30 or so feet away (though it was still hard to make out in the blizzard.)

As they prepared to scramble up the mountain however into the portal the Elves stopped the Doctor, Elena and Yarox in their tracks at the sound of a massive roar they knew only too well.

“Garmr” the leader of the Elves said.

“We need to go now.”

Before they could retreat however, a gigantic Wolf emerged from the portal. Little did the Elves know the Wolf could sense the second anyone got near the portal and could teleport there in an instant. (Virtually no Elves had ever lived long enough to reach the portal.)

There really was no escape from one of Scratchman’s hells if he didn’t want it.

The Wolf was gigantic, it must have measured over 100 feet long and stood over 50 feet tall.

Despite this however in contrast to the Corpse Eater it could see the Doctor and the others very clearly through the blizzard. Worse the Frost Giants behind had been alerted to their presence by Garmr.

As all seemed lost suddenly another figure came charging its way out of the portal and down the mountain. It was the black knight.

“Sorry for taking so long Time Lord.” The Knight said.

“I had some business to attend to upstairs.”

To Be Continued

The Savage Era: Part 1: True Monsters

“You useless little bitch. You had one job, one job. If your father was here he’d fucking kill you.”

Leontine overheard this disgusting tirade from upstairs as she was forced to roast what was left of their beloved family pet, or rather her little sister, Lehia’s pet Donkey Serania over a spit.

It was a hard enough situation she and her sister were in anyway, but their mother Cyreian had pushed them both to almost breaking point.

Cyreian had never been a good mother to her girls. They had always been much closer to their father, but in the last three years as the village of Hesora had become cut off from the city, and food supplies had become scarce (thanks to Demons coming to occupy the wastelands in between the city and the outer villages.) Cyreian began to snap under the pressure. When her husband was killed by a Demon raid on the village however, just 2 years ago, her relationship with her children completely broke down.

Of the two of them she seemed to value Leontine more because she was stronger and could look after herself, but still largely held both girls in contempt.

Lehia came running into the living room, sobbing. She hadn’t wanted see her beloved pet in this state, but now she didn’t care.

Leontine hugged Lehia who was covered in cuts and bruises, promising her little sister that things would be different soon even if she knew they weren’t. She’d always defended Lehia when they were very young children. Both girls were still only teenagers, with Lehia being 17 years old and Leontine being 19. Now however, every day Leontine was letting her sister be bullied by their mother, other than the odd weak sign of protest.

Leontine had faced down many bullies in her time on the rough streets of Hesora. Even before the Demons the village wasn’t exactly a peaceful, serene place. With her mother however it was different. Leontine had always been scared of her, even though it was ridiculous as her mother was small and frail, whilst Leontine stood over 6 foot tall and through the labour she’d been forced to take up after fathers death, incredibly strong. Leontine found she still couldn’t stand up to her mother however, as much as she wanted to.

Cyreian soon came storming into the room after Lehia sporting a black eye.

“You were supposed to help me.” Cyreian said carrying a large stick.

“You should have never taken her there in the first place.” Leontine replied, somewhat sheepishly.

“Well I could hardly leave her here to protect our supplies, could I?”

Cyreian and Lehia had attempted to steal from Kenisal’s farm, which normally supplied food to the entire village. Now however thanks to the Demons it was forced to ration it’s supplies until a new shipment came in from the city every month.

Lehia had lost her nerve during the theft and she had inadvertantly spooked several of the animals, which had alerted the owner of the farm.¬† Cyreian tried to take the food by force, but it didn’t end well for her as her black eye attested.

Worse than that however as they had tried to steal rations, then the three women would be blacklisted for the next 3 months.

As it was they weren’t getting that many food rations anyway. They were deemed low skilled workers by Kenisal, not important enough for the wellbeing of the village.

Even though almost all of their supplies were gone, Lehia still didn’t want to sacrficie Serania, but Cyreian had beaten her bloody after the botched robbery into submission.

Cyreian however was more just taking out her frustration out on her daughter for the foiled robbery. By this stage Lehia was so intimidated by her mother that she could got her to go along with what she wanted, with just a threatening look.

Tonight would be even worse for Leontine and Lehia than normal however as they would be forced to remain indoors at all times as tonight was when the Liroca Demon prowled the streets.

The Liroca was a particular type of Demon known as a Vandal. Hideous, clawed, soul devouring monsters. There were hundreds of different breeds of Vandals, all with their own powers, but they all fed on souls.

The Liroca could not enter a house uninvited and therefore at night the people of the village would make sure they remained indoors. The Demon however would still snack on several of the homeless and the guards who did their best to try and protect the village.

The beast arrived in the village every night of the first week of a new month. Its hunting habits were so rigid, yet in all this time no one had been able to lay a trap for the beast. Its biggest strength was the fact that it could phase through solid objects and avoid any attempt to stab its heart with a silver sharp (its only weakness alongside sunlight.) The enchantments that had been supplied to the city had been able to hold out most of the other Demons that prowled the wasteland, but the Vandal’s teleporting powers were evidently able to overcome any type of magic.

“I hope you didn’t lose the silver knife.” Cyreian said to Leontine.

“It’s in my room. We won’t need it. The Vandal will have plenty of homeless to feast on. As bad as things are for us we can always be thankful we have a roof over our heads.” Leontine said.

“Not when you share it with a worthless idiot like this.” Cyreian spat at Lehia. “Is dying slowly from hunger because of this idiot worse than a quick stab in the stomach by some clawed Demon? Mind you either way I’ll be free of her.”

Ignoring her mothers cruel taunts, Leontine started to cut large chunks off of Serania’s body.

Lehia couldn’t take it anymore. For a moment she almost considered running out into the streets and letting the Vandal eat her, but then she thought about how she couldn’t leave Leontine with their mother and so she simply ran upstairs again.

“She’s not getting off that easy. I’m going to make sure she eats some of that stupid animal she loved so much. For her sake as much you understand. She needs to keep her strength up.”

Leontine slammed down two large chunks of burnt meat on the table.

It wasn’t the most appetizing looking meal. The primitive equipment Leontine had and her lack of cooking skills in general had burnt it to the point where it looked more like charcol.

“Useless fucking animal. Could never carry anything, was babied by that moron up there, ate too much, and now even in death it makes for a disgusting meal.” Cyreian said as she spat out bits of the foul “meal” in front of her.

“To think what we could have been eating tonight instead.”

“What happened?”

“What do you think happened? Your sister. She messed up again like she always does, and as per usual I paid the price for it.” Cyreian said as she gently felt her black eye.

“She spends far too much time up there, time she could be working. Is it any wonder she’s so useless.”

“Can you blame her for wanting to be up there away from you?” Leontine said, still somewhat meekly.

“What was that?

“You heard me?” Leontine said whilst not even looking up at her sorry excuse for a mother.

“I know she doesn’t always pull her weight, but she’s just a child.”

“There’s no such thing in this world as just a child anymore.” Cyreian said firmly. “Look at it out there. Everybody too scared to leave their houses because of one Demon. One. Beyond our village meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands of Demons worse than that creature we’ll all be hoping settles for some bloody tramp tonight All over the world there are more and more of those monsters every year. Either crawling out of the hell they came from, or turning other people into monsters like them. How can you possibly expect someone like Lehian to cope if she’s not going to toughen up a little.”

“You’re not doing it to make her cope. You’re doing it because you can’t cope” Florence said, for once with a bit more confidence.

“What do you mean?”

“You can’t cope. You’ve failed your daughters and you know it.”

Before Leontine could even finish, her mother struck her across the face. It barely hurt Leontine, but she had to control her anger all the same.

Cyreian, foolishly thinking her girl was afraid of her, picked up her stick and slammed it down on the table.

“Another fucking word and I’ll throw you out there to be eaten by that Vandal. Understand.”

Leontine didn’t say anything but she stood up, towering over and glaring at her mother which unnerved Cyreian for a few minutes before Leontine went up to her room. Cyreian then threw the burnt meat her daughter had made out of the window.

“Useless pet for a useless girl” she said before stomping off to bed.

Neither Cyreian or Leontine would get to sleep however. It was always difficult whenever the Vandal stalked the village. Leontine would always looked out the window of her room, clutching the silver knife in case the monster got anywhere near.

There was no sign of the Demon in her neighbourhood. In fact she had only seen it come by this area once. She’ll never forget the sight of the monster murdering an old homeless man. The Vandals fed using their claws. They’d stab their clawed hands into their victims chests or stomachs and absorb their souls into their bodies, destroying them in the process. The Vandal didn’t just kill their victims, they destroyed everything about them, making them among the most feared Demons.

After a few hours Leontine started to drift off, but she was soon roused by the sound of screaming across the hall.

“I knew it. I knew it, you lying, cheating little bitch!” Cyreian screamed before storming out of the room holding a small rabbit. Cyreian spotted Leontine peering out of the door and shouted at her.

“Can you believe this, we’re starving and she is keeping this rodent from us?”

“Please, please it’s the only friend I have.” Lehia sobbed on her knees.

Leontine tried to calm Lehia down, but her little sister couldn’t take it anymore and ran down the stairs after her mother.

In the living room, Cyreian was already wielding a cleaver, preparing to part the animals head from its shoulders. This time Lehia tackled Cyreian, but Cyreian not only pushed her to the ground but actually held her meat cleaver up.

For once however, Lehia stood up to her mother and tackled her mother to the ground. She then opened the door to the house and put her rabbit outside. The Vandal wouldn’t hurt the rabbit. It was only interested in people, but there is no way that Cyreian would risk going outside to get the rabbit back.

“You nasty, spiteful little bitch. You’d let your mother and your sister starve to save that dumb animal.”

Cyreian threw her cleaver at Lehia which narrowly missed her and smashed the window behind. She then picked up her stick and started to batter Lehia viciously.

“I’m fed up with you. ” Cyreian said as she dragged her daughter to the fire place.

“No please, please, Leontine, help me, help” Lehia shouted.

Leontine couldn’t take it anymore. Her mothers pitiful attempts to bully her earlier had alerted Leontine to just how pathetic and frail her mother was. She rushed down the stairs and stopped her mother from sticking Lehia’s face in the fire.

Cyreian then tried to strike Leontine, but she easily pulled the stick from her crazed mother. Overcome with rage Leontine hit her mother over the head with her own stick.

Cyreian was instantly knocked to the floor, weak and bloodied.

For the first time Leontine saw her mother as the weak, cowardly, feeble woman she was. No longer did she seem like the powerful figure who could throw her out onto the streets, take away her food supplies for several days, or lock her in her room.

All of the repressed anger and hatred she had for mother came flooding out and she repeatedly hit Cyreian whilst she was on the floor with her own stick until it broke. She then started to punch her face with all her strength for several minutes until ironically Lehia had to intervene.

“Stop it, stop it. Please, please.”

Leontine pulled back, but it was too late. Her mother was dead.

“What did you, what did you do.” Lehia said.

“I, I don’t know I just. I couldn’t stop.” Leontine said whilst shaking, her fist dripping with her own mothers blood.

“What are we going to do? They’ll kill you.”

“And then what’ll happen to you? There’s no way you can do my job, you’ll lose the house and then sooner or later, be meat for that monster out there.”

A few minutes passed during which Lehia did nothing but sob.

“We have to get out of here now.”

“What the house?? We can’t the Vandal’s outside.”

“I’m not just talking about the house. This entire village. We need to get out now.”

“The only thing out there is a desert filled with Demons.”

“There are other villages we can get too in the desert. Villages that have done better during the crisis, that aren’t dependent on those idiots in the city.”

“We can’t those monsters they’ll kill us.”

“If we stay here, we’re both as good as dead. Isn’t it better to try and make it across those badlands, than just sit back and wait for them to break my legs and throw me out with the Demons, or throw you out onto the streets where if the Vandal dosen’t get you, hunger will?”

To Be Continued