Devil’s World: The Beasts of Albion: The Black Room


Caroline and Simon tried to help the two guards overpower the King, but it was no use. He was in a state of rage and panic the likes of which they had never seen before. He would kick, bite and throw things at them whenever they got near.

Eventually however after a few minutes, one of the guards in desperation smashed a chair over the Kings head as he came charging at him. The guards and obviously Caroline had been holding back when trying to overpower the King, but with the Vampires fast approaching they couldn’t afford to anymore.

“I just hope I haven’t cracked his skull open or else this will all be rather pointless,” the guard said as he hoisted the Kings unconscious body over his shoulders.

Outside in the nearby corridor they could see one of the Vampires feeding on a guard.

The bloodsucker soon noticed the King and the others in its path and started hissing at them, blood dripping from its fangs. The beast moved at an incredible speed, but was blocked from grabbing Caroline by one of the guards who then tried to tackle the Demon.

The guard didn’t last long as the Vampire effortlessly pinned him to the ground and ripped his throat out with its teeth.

The other guard, Caroline, Simon and the King made their way down a nearby stair case. In the hall below they could see Vampires trying to fight their way in through the windows, only for the King’s elite force to try and hopelessly repel the undead Demons.

Regrettably Carlone, Simon and the guard were forced to abandon their comrades as the Vampires overpowered most of them and broke their way into the castle.

Caroline led the way as she at least knew where the King’s collection of dark magical artifacts were kept or rather where the portal to them was located.

She had never felt comfortable about her fathers collection of the black arts. Ironically they were just about the only thing she clashed with him on. Whilst she didn’t mind keeping some, harmless Demons and Goblins as pets (or rather slaves.) She felt the King was taking too many risks with the black arts and always tried to convince him to destroy his collection.

Now however ironically they were seemingly the kingdoms only choice as more and more guards and police fell to the Vampires. It wasn’t even a battle, as the guards despite fighting valiantly weren’t able to slow the Vampires down for a second. By the time Caroline, Simon and the guard had reached the end of the hall, all of the King’s guards had already been slaughtered. They were only able to slip away because the Vampires didn’t notice them in their bloodlust, they had only focused on butchering the elite guards.

Outside of the castle, Agnes and Robin had managed to sneak their way into the courtyard, keeping hidden from the Vampires who again were more focused on making their way into the castle.

Agnes had the same idea as Caroline to try and use the King’s dark magics against the Vampires. The King had only shared the knowledge of this secret collection with his family, but Robin through trickery had been able to find out about it, and the enchantment that created a door to the room. (Though the room, even with the enchantment could only be accessed from the lowest level of the castle.)

Robin wasn’t happy about going to the room again however. Even in this crisis.

“I still think we should just get the hell out of here. The King’s favourite cars are just round the back, we could use them to fly over this city with a little adjusting from my magic like I did with that other car.” Robin said to a frustrated Agnes who really didn’t feel like arguing again.

“We’d never make it. You were lucky you didn’t blow us up the first time. Besides if these Vampires have found a way to make themselves unkillable, they could override all of albion in weeks. Who knows if there’s anywhere we can run to. We have to find some way to destroy those monsters here.”

“Fighting those Vampires is not our responsibility. We’re just a couple of freaks, we’re not warriors. Besides Vampires only feed on humans. Maybe if we surrended they’ll let us go. Hell maybe if we make out we hate the King, they’ll let us join their army and then we can scarper.”

Agnes was overcome with disgust.

“Wow I knew you were a coward, but.”

“I’m just being practical. What do you think we’re going to come charging out of that mini hell dimension and slay an army of hundreds of unkillable Vampires by ourselves? We are at the bottom of the heirarchy of Albion and you know it. I’m a third rate, 10th rate trickster. You’re the only one of your kind along with your brother. The only way we can survive is not by fighting, but siding with whoever is in charge. That’s the only reason we stayed with our kidnapper, the King. What makes kissing up to the Vampires any different.”

“The Vampires are evil!”

“Why because they kill humans? Humans are lesser creatures to them. The king slaughters animals he considers lesser creatures, and he doesn’t even always eat them. He kills them for sport, at festivals togive his daughter a new shiny coat, and he also persecutes intelligent life forms like us for being different. He locks us up and turns us into his playthings. That is until we get too inconvenient for him, then he just leaves us to die.”

“That’s what this is about isn’t it? Esician. I hope that’s what it is.”

“Why don’t you shut up about that. You know that’s low going for that.”

“We’re all going to die soon anyway, what harm can it be voicing my suspicions now? Just a few days after you started boasting to me and the other pets about having a way into the dark room, Esician went insane. You took her in there didn’t you? It was something in there that drove her.”

“I said shut up!” Robin shouted as he hoisted Agnes 10 or so feet into the air.

“You idiot, put me down! The Vampires will see us.”

“See you maybe, and eat you while I can just slip away.”

“You wouldn’t want that. For all your talk, the fact is that you are still guilty about what happened to Esician. Whatever it was you’re so ashamed you’d rather the Vampires kill you than have to face it again. With this in mind I know you wouldn’t want my death on your conscience too. Or the deaths of all the people the Vampires will kill when there was a chance, no matter how ridiculously small we could have stopped them.”

Robin came to his senses before any of the Vampires climbing the tower spotted Agnes and lowered her back to the ground.

“Okay, but I warn you what’s in that room is probably worse than what’s out here. The king really is in an idiot. He has no idea what he has created by gathering all of those magics and creatures together. Remember it’s not just spells, he stuffed any monster he couldn’t just keep as a cuddly, lovable little pet like you and me in there.”

Caroline, Simon, the guard and the King had reached the dining room on the bottom floor. Fortunately most of the Vampires had already made their way to the top, though the bodies of the guards and the servants littered the halls.

Caroline uttered the words that opened the portal to the dark room, but nothing happened.

“You must have said them wrong.” Simon said in panic.

“No he’s changed the password, he must have. He always suspected that Esician found her way in there. Silly Goblin. Father, father please you need to tell me.”

“Maybe I can help” Robin said as he and Agnes crawled in through a nearby window.”

“You little toad.” Caroline spat at the sight of Robin.

“You did this to him I know it.”

“Yes I did. He kidnapped us, what do you expect?”

“He let you live in his castle, share in his wealth”

Yes, yes I know, but here’s the deal, I’ll undo the rather hilarious curse if you promise not to kill me when this is over.” Robin said with a faux confidence.

“You little freak you are in no position to bargain.”

“Well if I’m dead anyway what’s the point. At least I might be able to bargain with the Vamps.”

Agnes rolled our eyes.

“I guess they didn’t kill enough of our friends for you to see what monsters they are.” Agnes said.

As the sound of the ravenous bloodsuckers grew ever closer Caroline agreed to the Goblin’s demands and assured him that no matter what she would not let the King harm him if they managed to make it out of this.

Robin quickly undid the enchantment, after which Caroline explained to the King what had happened.

It was too much for the King to take in, but when Agnes dragged him to the window and showed him the Vampires outside, tearing his kingdom apart he nearly fainted.

“Long story short we need access to the dark room” Agnes said.

“I warn you, if we go in there we may never come out.”

“Well this isn’t exactly a place we’d want to come back to now anymore is it?” Agnes replied

The king chanted the new ritual, and again nothing happened for a few seconds which caused Simon to scream in frustration.

Suddenly however a mass of black magic came firing across the room burning everything in its path. The guard was only just able to push both Caroline and the King away in time.

The portal soon opened up. It was so dark that no one could see anything inside, though they could hear screaming.

“It doesn’t look very inviting, but we have to get in now.” The King said.

Entering through the portal was painful enough. It felt like they were being biten and clawed at by hundreds of tiny, vicious little creatures for a few minutes. Finally the pain stopped and they were surrounded by a seemingly empty dark void, except for they what looked like a gigantic cauldron in front of them.

“We made it.” The King said.”I’d know that anywhere, it’s Bran the Blessed’s cauldron. It can raise the dead. His head is around here somewhere too.”

“Yes well that’s all very horrible, but is there anything we can use against the Vampires.” Agnes said.

“I’m not sure, we’ve never encountered Vampires like them have we. We need to be careful though. Originally before I cut this room off from the rest of the castle using magic, I had guards placed in here. Unfortunately being around the black magic for so long it, changed them.”

“How” Robin asked.

The King didn’t answer as even he couldn’t admit what he done to his loyal men.

“Let’s just hope you don’t have to find out. Some of the more extreme creatures I have captured over the years were locked up in here too.”

“Were locked up” the guard asked.

We have to keep walking through the black. Nothing will become visible until we get near it. Sadly that includes the creatures.”

“You idiot, why didn’t you try and do something about it.” Robin asked.

“I did. Many warriors have been sent in her to try and tame these beasts, but they have all failed. For years all that has protected my kingdom has been the forcefield I created from the magics in here to seal it off.”

Suddenly Agnes noticed two large red eyes in the distance. They were both about 4 feet long and two feet tall.

As the eyes drew closer they were followed by a hideous hissing sound. A gigantic reptillian face soon came into view.

“The Lambton Worm.” The King said in horror.

To Be Continued

Devil’s World: The Beasts of Albion: The Vampire Invasion



The pale figures slowly gathered around the Green child and the Goblin who backed towards the pub.

“I’ve wanted a piece of this city for some time now.” One of the figures, a young woman, who appeared to be the leader said.

“Smug King thinks he can control the black arts. He’s about to get a nasty surprise.” The woman sneered.

Agnes and Robin darted back into the pub, but when they tried to close the door behind them, the pale figures smashed the door down, and sent both Robin and Agnes crashing to the floor.

“Well, well, look at you drinking, having a good time. No idea what’s about to come your way.” One of the pale figures said before hissing and baring their fangs.

All of the patrons backed down. The people of Jisican had fleetingly seen stories of these monstrous creatures called Vampires on the news, but they had always believed that their kingdom in particular was safe. The King of Jisican was apparently a good friend of Vincent Carradini, the Vampire King of Albion. They two had even supplied each other with magical artifacts and spells. This naturally made Jisican one of the few places in Albion safe from Vampires. (Consequently anti Vampire propaganda was also mostly prohibited in Jisican.)

Peter reached under the bar and pulled out his shotgun.

“Keep back bloodsuckers.” Peter said nervously.

“You know nothing old man. Go ahead” The Vampire laughed.

Peter’s gun was actually loaded with silver bullets, a weakness of this particular breed of Vampire. (The most common breed of Vampire in Albion. Even the people of Jisican knew that.) Silver was a common weakness of many Demon species. The King’s fascination with the occult had its benefits. He knew the most common Demon weaknesses and insisted that his people all keep silver weapons, as well as other common Demon repellents of some kind in their homes and places of work.

Peter aimed for the Vampires heart, but it did nothing. He shot again and again only for the Vampire to laugh each time.

The Vampire then walked up to one of the terrified patrons and ripped the crucifex she was brandishing from her hand and crushed it to dust.

The leader of the Vampires then pounced over the bar and and grabbed Peter’s gun which she used to blow his head clean off.

The rest of the Vampires started to attack the patrons. They were like sharks in a feeding frenzy, tearing people’s limbs off, fighting with one another for certain kills.

Agnes and Robin were cornered against a wall by the original Vampire that had come to inspect the pub.

Agnes tried to smash a bottle over its head, but the Vampire didn’t even react.

“That wouldn’t have hurt me even before I was a Vampire. I’ve known fairies who hit harder than that.” The Vampire laughed.

Agnes however in response stabbed the broken upper half of the bottle into the Vampires eye which caused it to double back in pain.

Agnes then smashed a chair over it’s head which knocked the bloodsucker to the ground. When she and Robin tried to flee however 3 more Vampires surrounded them.

Robin tried to conjure up more tricks, but again they had no effect on the bloodsuckers.

The only thing that saved Agnes and Robin was the fact that several of the Vampires began to fight over who got to taste the green child’s blood first.

Whilst the bloodsuckers were squabbling, Agnes picked up a chair and smashed a nearby window. She and Robin then fled into the streets outside without looking back. As much as they hated it, they had no choice but to leave the other patrons as there was nothing they could do against the Vampires.

Outside however was not much better. Vampires were flying through the air, breaking into homes, feeding on people in the streets. Normally a Vampire of this breed could not enter a house unless invited.

“We need to get to the castle.” Agnes said. “He’ll have something for these bloodsuckers.”

Agnes and Robin took refuge behind a nearby car. Up ahead the Vampires had begun to burn down some buildings. Most of the monsters weren’t even feeding, they were just slaughtering the villagers for their own twisted amusement.

The police were just as helpless against the bloodsuckers as Peter had been. None of their Demon repellents were even able to slow the Vampires down. Worse still the Kings other supernatural pets were not faring much better either. Goblins, trolls, some species of Demon, they had all gathered in the city to enjoy themselves whilst the King was incapacitated, but the Vampires were tearing them apart too.

It wasn’t even that the Vampires were stronger than all of the Demons the King had gathered, but they were just so much more vicious and numerous that none of the King’s pets had a chance.

Robin using his magic slowly opened the door to the car he and Agnes were hiding behind and started it up. He was very careful not to make a sound.

“We need to get out of Jisican.” Robin said.

“No my brother is still with the King. If you think I’m leaving him behind, you’re stupider than I thought. Besides like I said the King will have something in the castle. I’m sure of it. He might not be in the best position to take on the Vampires though after you’re stupid little prank.”

“I’m sorry Agnes I.”

“Save it, we have to do all we can to help him now.”

Agnes drove her car through several Vampires up ahead. The Cars like most of the technology in this world, ran on magic. Whilst Vampires had a greater immunity to spells and the black arts than most natural or even paranormal creatures, there was still enough concentrated magic in the vehicle to send the Demons flying through the air.

The car was really nothing more than a hollowed out gigantic piece of metal with holes for windows and a very basic door. The car like all vehicles in Albion was completely propelled by a transparent field of magic around it (that made the husk hover a few feet above the ground.) The magic was only visible under the car where it took on the form of a blue energy field. The inside of the car meanwhile was made entirely of magic too.

The car sped through the streets of the city dodging a few Vampire who attempted to leap onto the vehicle as it sped past. All around, Agnes and Robin could more people fleeing in vehicles, though most had crashed into buildings, whilst others had been swarmed by packs of Vampires, who in some cases had managed to rip through both the magical barriers and the metal to get to the victims inside.

Agnes was suddenly forced to stop the car as up ahead in the main square of the city were dozens of Vampires gathered round in a feeding frenzy, tearing civilians and police officers apart.

She tried to back the vehicle away slowly so as not to draw the attention of the Vampires in the frenzy, but as she did a young woman threw herself at the car, or rather the barrier surrounding the car.

Her neck was bleeding,her clothes were ripped and her face was covered in scratch marks.

“Please, please those things they killed my husband you have to help me.”

“We can’t, she’s been bitten. She’ll turn into one of them.” Robin said coldly.

Agnes knew he was right and continued to back the car away, completely ignoring her pleas, but unfortunately as she backed up the woman became more frantic and she drew the attention of some of the Vampires from the frenzy. Six of the bloodsuckers ran towards the car, and Agnes in response quickly drove backwards, leaving the poor woman behind who was dogpiled on by three of the Vampires.

Unfortunately however as Agnes backed up, she saw that a horde of Vampires were emerging from the other end of the street, as well as breaking out of and crawling down several of the buildings, hissing, baring their fangs and covered in the blood of their victims.

“There has to be something, Robin any magic tricks you know, anything.” Agnes said frantically as the Vampires from all ends closed in. There were far too many of the monsters for Agnes to simply try and ram through them like before.

Robin in desperation tried to force more of his magics into the cars power centre, or rather its engine. The centre however could only hold so much magic at the one time, and the excess amount of magics could either give it a temporary bust before burning itself out, or blow it up.

Robin wasn’t worried about the latter however. It would still be a more pleasant death than whatever the Vampires had in mind for them.

Robin’s magic caused the energy field at the bottom of the car to turn green before shooting off into the sky.

The car smashed its way through several buildings, across the city before plummeting back down to earth.

Just as the car was about 50 or so feet from the city ground, Robin jumped out of the vehicle, pulling Agnes with him. Robin used his magics to slowly lower them to the village floor. It took him a few minutes and left him drained for a short while afterwards. Fortunately the car had landed miles up ahead. Closer to the castle, but still a good distance away.

The Vampires in the immediate area attention was drawn by the car smashing into a nearby buildingso much, that they didn’t even notice Agnes and Robin.

As they lowered themselves to the ground, the Goblin and the Green woman could see several Vampires crawling up the walls of the Kings castle like spiders in the distance. The guards on the armaments were pouring holy water on the Vampires, and shooting at them with silver tipped arrows, but the monsters continued to climb the castle unfazed.

“The king’s just as helpless as everybody else.” Robin said.

“We have to get out of here.”

“No not while Simon is still in the castle. You want to leave? Fine, I won’t stop you, but I’m not going to leave my brother.”

“Okay fine” Robin grumbled. “I probably wouldn’t make it through those bloodsuckers on my own anyway.”

In the castle, the King was still suffering the effects of Robin’s curse. Both Simon and the King’s actual daughter, Caroline had been by his bed the entire time.

A large part of Simon’s devotion to the King were his feelings for Caroline. Agnes and Caroline had never gotten on however. Caroline felt the green woman was arrogant and ungrateful towards her father for letting Agnes live in his castle. Agnes meanwhile regarded Caroline as nothing more than a spoiled brat.

Caroline’s hatred for Robin however was even greater than Simon’s. She knew he was behind this. She didn’t have any proof as the Goblin covered his tracks well, but she instinctively knew and as soon as her father was better she was going to convince him to execute the tiresome Goblin.

Simon kept quiet about Robin’s involvment only for Agnes’ sake.

Robin’s magic had some unintended sied effects on the King. The paranoia the magic created about the Kings clothes had reached such an extent that the King was lying next to his bed, naked, curled up, to afraid to touch anything or look anyone in the eye.

Neither Simon nor Caroline had even come close to bringing him out of this state, and every time they got near him he would attack them.

“Please father, wake up. The Vampires are attacking, we can’t hold them off. Tell me, how do I access the dark magics you keep locked up?”

The King foolishly only trusted himself with his magics.

“Please father I know you can hear me in there, if you don’t help me now, the Vampires will tear this city apart, everything you have ever worked for.”

One of the guards suddenly came barging into the room.

“Princess, we have to get the King to safety now. The Vampires have scaled the tower.  We have no way of fighting them.

To Be Continued

Devil’s World: The Beasts of Albion: The Green Children

Sorry things have been a bit quiet here recently. It’s been a bit hectic dealing with a family member who was seriously ill during the lockdown. Things will be back to normal soon. In the meantime enjoy for the first few parts of a project I’ve been working on in secret for some time. This is the first in a series which is set in an alternate universe where Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and Witches are all common knowledge and mankind uses magic instead of science. Each “series” will take place in a different country and feature creatures and myths from each country. The first series takes place in Britain and will feature a wide range of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh monsters and Demons. Enjoy!

“I’m fed up of your stupid little pranks Robin” Agnes said.

“One of these days he’s going to find out it was you and then we’ll all be for the chop.”

“Oh come on, you know he’d never do that. We’re too valuable for him.” Robin said whilst barely able to contain his laughter at the King’s predicament.

“I wouldn’t bet on it. The woods are filled with freaks and monsters. I’m sure he could find something to replace us, two green children and a smarmy Goblin aren’t that special.”

“Well maybe but as long as you keep your mouth shut he won’t know.”

“You can count on that. I suppose I should thank you. At least we have the day off now.”

Agnes one of the two green children, along with her brother Simon, and Robin Goodfellow had been among the many supernatural creatures captured by the King of Jisican.

The King had a fascination with the occult and would often send his men on wild goose chases to recover some rare artifact or supernatural creature that he would then keep in his castle.

Agnes and Simon were arguably the prize of his collection however, as they were among the rarest creatures in all of Albion. Two Green children who had mysteriously appeared near the village of Woolpit in Sussex. Nobody, including the children themselves who suffered from amnesia knew who they were, or were they had come from.

The children soon became the pride of Woolpit, until the King’s spies were able to capture them in the middle of the night. Neither were particularly bothered as they didn’t really have any ties to Woolpit, having always just been a freakshow attraction there too.

Robin meanwhile was a lone Hobgoblin that had been abducted from the forest, though again he had no ties to his home, that was a dark, wild place filled with Demons and creatures.

Despite this however neither Agnes, Robin or indeed most of the creatures the King had abducted had time for him as he would generally tend to keep them locked away from the rest of the kingdom and force them to entertain him.

He would reward them if they did, and even in some instances let them play outside, but generally speaking The King preferred to keep his supernatural creatures to himself.

As he got older and slower however the King would often fall victim to his Goblin’s pranks. They would often perform various curses on him, from the magics he had accumulated. They were never severe, though they could be quite cruel.

Robin’s latest prank was a mild form of a Dark magic that would normally cause the victim to rip their own skin off. Robin’s spell however simply made the King tear all of his clothes off and then refuse to put them on for a day. Worse this was during a day of a huge celebration in the city.

Agnes felt that Robin had gone too far this time. They’d be lucky if the King didn’t destroy all of his magics and execute all of the creatures he had locked up just to be sure.

Still at least for today the Hobgoblin and the Green lady could enjoy themselves at the tavern. They were always the most popular guests there. Robin loved entertaining the guests with his tricks, whilst Agnes would often make up tall tales about the place she had come from. Even she had difficulty keeping track of all the ridiculous things she had made up about her homeland, from Golden Dinosaurs, to singing apples, to trees made of fire!

Today however she wasn’t really in the mood for such theatrics.

“Give me a scotch on the rocks Peter will you.”

“Is everything all right?” He asked as he knew that was always a sign of trouble for Agnes.

“It’s just Simon. We had a huge fight.”

“Oh dear, I know how bad it can be between siblings. Even if he does come from another dimension.”

“You’d think we’d get along a lot better, what with being the only two green people in possibly this entire universe.”

Sadly Agnes couldn’t really divulge anymore about her fight with Simon. In contrast to Agnes and Robin, Simon had extreme loyalty to the King. Simon was only 8 when the King first abducted the two Green Children, whilst Agnes was 15. They had been in his custody for over 8 years now, and despite his somewhat callous treatment of them, Simon had come to see the King as a father figure. He had been tempted to turn Simon in for humiliating him, but had only relented because of Agnes. Still things had gotten quite ugly between them and Simon had decided to spend the night helping to look after the King and try and break the curse.

“Cheer up love” Peter said. “I’m sure whatever problems you and your little brother have, you’ll resolve them and get back to that land of dancing Octopuses.”

“Oh eh yes, quite.”

At the other end of the bar meanwhile a strange, deathly pale mans attention was suddenly drawn towards Agnes. She didn’t notice him until he had gotten a little to close.

“Excuse me is there something I can do for you.” Agnes said. She was used to dealing with lecherous drunks. Her green skin made her more of a prize to the men of the village.

The figure reached out and grabbed her breast. His hand was so cold to the touch that Agnes fell back off of her chair. Robin quickly helped her up, whilst the pale man giggled.

“I’d hoped you’d have a greater constitution. You’re so, human under that green skin. Still I can have some fun with you anyway.” He said whilst reaching out.

Agnes however punched him in the face and though she sent the creep tumbling backwards, again her hand was burned off of his cold face.

Peter soon grabbed the figure and threw him out.

“Agnes I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.”

“It’s okay.” She said rubbing her hand to try and get some feeling into it.

“I do hope that guy isn’t the kings latest little pet.”

“What do you mean?” Peter asked?

“Did he not seem a bit off. I mean more than just being a creep.”

“We’d be the first to know if there was a new supernatural creature brought in to the castle.” Robin said.

“There’s no way any other creature could get into Jisican.” He continued.

“No I suppose not, there was just something about that man.”

“He was just another creep. We don’t get too many of them in here you know, but you tend to remember them more than your nice customers.” Peter said.

As the night went on, Agnes became a bit more sociable and started to regail several of the patrons with more fabulous tales from her supposed homeland. She’d spend hours thinking them up in the King’s castle for her next trip to the tavern.

It was Robin however who held most of the bars attention with his tricks. Towards the end of the night however, the Goblin was challenged by a patricularly large patron named Brian.

Brian had it in for the Goblin ever since one of the imp’s little spells left him thinking he was the King (which got Brian a year in prison for his troubles.)

Brian had tried to let it go, as he was on probation, but the more the insufferable little braggard kept boasting, the more impossible it became.

“All right you little freak” Brian said as he towered over the tiny little creature, with most of the other patrons backing away. Brian stood almost 7 feet tall, whilst Robin in contrast was barely five foot.

“We know you can do some tricks, but that’s just because you’re a little pipsqueak who’s not good for anything, and personally I think it was you that cursed the King.”

Robin let out a fake laugh.

“Why would I do that? He took me in, I love that man”. The Goblin said unconvincingly.

“You know how it is, all those dark magical artifacts he’s stolen. They’re always backfiring on him.”

“It seems like the type of stupid thing you’d do.” Brian said as he grabbed the Goblin’s throat.

“Now, now no trouble here.” Peter said.

“Funny you let him back in here after what he did to me.”

“That was only because of what you did to Sarah.”

“I know what you did to her. You’re lucky you only got a year. I’d hoped the King would take your head clean off. I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.”

Brian slammed the Goblins head hard onto the bar.

Agnes tried to pull Brian off, but with one hit he sent her flying across the bar.

Two more barflies pulled Brian off of the Goblin, but he soon threw them away. Robin then punched Brian in the stomach, but he barely hurt the hulking brute.

Brian lifted Robin into the air by his lapels and barked at him.

“Not much without your, your” He suddenly started to choke.

No one bothered to help him at first. They all had suspicions over Sarah’s death after all. Eventually Brian coughed up a small red egg.

“Did you have chicken for dinner tonight.” Robin said.

“What did you do to me?”

“Trust me that punch was more than it seemed.” The Goblin laughed as the egg hatched into a black, red eyed, demonic Chicken that grew to be over 5 feet tall.

The Chicken screeched and jumped at Brian who ran out of the door and into the streets with the Chicken in pursuit.

“What did you do?” Agnes asked.

“Relax, I just conjured up an illusion. It was a Demonic image of the last animal he ate. Some people can actually conjure up real Demonic spirits of the last animal someone ate or killed to take revenge on it’s killer. I’m pretty sure my one was just an illusion though. Well we’ll know if Brian’s body is found with peck marks tomorrow.”

“Robin” Peter barked.

“I’m just kidding. He’ll get a little fright that’s all. I did so hope it had been a chicken he’d eaten last.”

“I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it, but I really wish you wouldn’t keep messing around with these magics. One of these days you’re going to.” Agnes stopped.

“Let’s just get home. The King’s probably better now and furious.”

It was pitch black outside, but the beauty of Jisican still shone through the darkness. The King’s supernatural collection had helped him through various magics and trades, build up Jisican into being one of the greatest cities in all of Albion.

Agnes and Robin normally loved taking their time on the walk home as they so rarely got to see the city in all it’s glory, but this time was a little different.

“Honestly Robin what were you thinking? A few hours after you curse the King.”

“All right keep it down.”

“You then do the same thing to Brian in front of a tavern full of people.”

“It was like I said the King has all sorts of crazy magic in that palace of his. This can easily just be seen as an example of that if you keep your mouth shut. Remember when he lost a servant to a hell dimension? Or when he accidentally revived his grandfather as a Zombie? I’m still convinced he keeps him in the attic. The way I see it the King get’s people in trouble all the time by messing about with magics. It’s only fair that it should happen to him.”

“Yes well forgive me for not believing you wanted to avenge the memory of a servant whose name you probably don’t even remember. I think you just like being able to push people around.”

Before Robin could protest, their argument was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a scream in the distance.

“What is that?”

“Probably Brian being menaced by a chicken.” Robin giggled to himself.

The moaning suddenly became a lot louder.

Agnes, ignoring Robin’s idea of just going back to the castle checked out the alley nearest to the tavern and saw much to her horror the letch from the pub, holding a young woman in his arms and biting her neck.

The letch looked up, blood dripping from his mouth, his eyes now burning red. The creep licked his lips and dropped the woman to the floor.

Robin tried to conjur up a magical illusion, but it disipated as soon as it hit the pale man.

“Pathetic. Want to know how many Goblins I’ve killed?” The creep said as he bared his fangs.

As Agnes and Robin prepared to run in the opposite direction they suddenly saw more pale figures emerging from the nearby alleys and even in some cases crawling down the sides of the nearest buildings.

To Be Continued

King Kong: Part 6

The smaller Raptors started to attack Kong first. Though they were naturally weaker, their great speed allowed the Dinosaurs to effortlessly dodge Kong’s strikes. The more the great Ape kept missing however, the angrier and consequently less focused and clumsier his strikes became.

Whilst trying to strike one particularly bold Raptor that had jumped up and managed to slash Kong’s face with the claw on its foot, the giant gorilla stumbled over itself and landed face first on the ground.

It was at this point that the larger Raptors came in. Five of the Dinosaurs jumped onto Kong’s back and started to slash with the claws on their feet and tear massive chunks of flesh from Kong’s back with their strong jaws, with the largest going for his neck in particular.

Kong struggled to try and grab the Raptors, but they were too fast for him. He then tried to drop backwards and crush the Raptors under his back, but again the fleet footed Dinosaurs were able to escape. As soon as he landed on his back however, hordes more Dinosaurs jumped on Kong and started slashing and biting him.

One particularly large Raptor was able to slash at Kongs throat. In desperation Kong rolled himself forward, managing to crush 9 or so Raptors in the process.

As Kong hoisted himself back on his feet, the natives who were watching from their huts could see the great ape was covered in scratch and and bite marks, some of which were clearly very deep.

The Raptors again gathered round Kong, but this time the Ape grabbed a nearby massive tree and pulled it out from the ground. Kong swung the tree at the Raptors and managed to strike at least 20 more of the Dinosaurs. Though they were considerably faster than Kong, the length of the tree allowed him to reach the monsters before they even had a chance.

Only a dozen or so Raptors survived Kong’s attack and fled to the centre village, but rather than simply escape they still stood their ground against Kong.

Several of the Raptors scattered to the side, whilst a few tried to hold Kong’s attention at the front. This was the tactic the monsters had always used to take down slow witted, large and powerful Dinosaurs, but Kong was wise to the Dinosaurs tricks and looked around him before hurling the tree at the Raptors in front. Only two were able to escape it in time.

5 Raptors in total from either side dogpiled on Kong at once. One particularly large Raptor tried to go for Kong’s eyes which caused him to focus most of his attention on it. The rest of Raptors meanwhile dug their claws in incredibly deep.

Eventually the pain became too much for Kong and he stumbled backwards into a nearby house, bringing it down. Fortunately the family had fled into the back garden as soon as the Ape got near their house.

All of the Raptors started to go for Kong’s face now, except for the largest Raptor who again went for Kong’s throat and dug its sickle like claw deep in deep. Kong started to choke on his own blood as the raptor dug its claws in deeper.

Fortunately the father of the family from the house Kong had smashed reached for a large piece of rubble and with his wife’s help he was able to throw it at the Raptor on Kongs throat, catching it off guard and knocking it off, before it could slice open his jugular.

Kong then grabbed the two Raptors over his eyes and crushed them into paste before hoisting himself up. Kong then stomped then Raptor that had been near his throat into the ground.

One of the Raptors then turn its attention to the family, but before it could pounce, Kong grabbed it from behind and bite the creature in half.

The 3 remaining Raptors subsequently fled from the village.

After they were sure the Raptors were gone, the villagers all slowly emerged from their huts around Kong, nervous at first. After just a few seconds however they all started clapping and chanting “Kong” in praise of their saviour.

Kong beat his chest in a sign of triumph. The fight had taken a tremendous amount out of the giant Ape, but fortunately the Raptors wounds weren’t serious.

Gerisian had never been more proud of her pet who was now the hero of her tribe. Unfortunately however there were a few members of the tribe who hadn’t forgotten why he was banished in the first place, and were less than eager to embrace the Ape as their saviour.

200 Years Later

William greeted the Natives warmly.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you old friends.” He said with a smile on his face.

The Skull Islanders however  all pointed their spears at William.

“Don’t any of you recognise me? I’ve not been away that long.”

“Yes we do. It seems you’ve come crawling back.” One of the Natives at the back said.

“We warned you that there was nothing on the outside for you.”

“Well to be fair this island isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a paradise is it? Still you were right. As horrifying as this place can be, this is the only place I have ever felt accepted.”

The Natives lowered their spears whilst Daniel rolled his eyes in frustration.

“You remember the quickest way to the village.” The Native asked.

“Unfortunately I do.”

“Why is that unfortunate?” Eva asked.

“It’s a cliff edge above a large cavern filled with, well Spiders, but much, much, much bigger spiders than you’re used to back home. They live in the darkest pits of the island and usually only feed on vermin, but if you’re unlucky enough to get to close to one of their pits, you’ve had it.” William said.

“The creatures tend to sleep during the day time” The Natives leader added.

“Had you signalled us at night we wouldn’t have come for you.”

“Well thank you anyway.” William said.

“We must hurry, we don’t have much sunlight left.”

Hamish and the others had meanwhile become completely lost in the maze of rocks and caves on the outskirts of Skull Island. Hamish still had a vague idea of where they were going, but he had taken so many detours by now he almost felt like giving up. His team had lost a further three men to the Dimetrodons. Little did they know however they were being pursued by a far more dangerous predator. Their old ship mate, Peter.

Having managed to escape the Bat creatures, Peter had similarly become lost in the maze of the island at first, but he had managed to reach the massive cavern just ahead of the village and got a good feeling on his barings. Ironically it was thanks to the Bat that had dragged him considerably further inland that he had such a good head start on Hamish and the others.

He had spotted Hamish and his men from a distance and immediately made plans against them.

Even though he knew he would be lucky to last a day in this godforsaken place on his own, and he had no idea where William’s group had got too, he didn’t care.

He wanted to make the others pay for their betrayal. Deep down however perhaps Peter simply wanted to experience the rush he got from burning something one last time. He had never been more happy than when creating a fire and the betrayal was the perfect excuse in his twisted mind.

Peter followed his former ship mates for twenty minutes until he saw the right opportunity arise. Along the way he collected logs and bits of the old trees, and sticks, anything that would light.

Peter then ran ahead of his team mates and dropped a large chunk of debris at the very end of a long passage way they were about to walk down (as it was the only way forward.)

Using a box of matches he had kept with him since the break out, Peter set it ablaze. The smell of smoke drew Hamish and the others even closer as they felt it was a sign of the Natives. Unfortunately by the time they reached the end of the passage and saw it was cut off, Peter had already managed to drop another pile of flaming debris at the other end, trapping the crooks.

Peter soon taunted his former ship mates from above as the smoke began to choke them.

“You thought you could just leave me to die. To be eaten by that thing?” He said whilst struggling not to laugh.

The walls on either side of the passage were far too steep for the criminals to climb up. Worse Peter started to throw the few flaming torches he had left down on their heads. He managed to set Hamish’s arm ablaze

“You maniac Peter” Hamish shouted up.”How do you expect to survive on this island without us?”

Peter wasn’t even listening however, he was in hysterics as the criminals tried to push the flaming mass out of the way, only for two of them to catch fire.

Peter’s joy was short lived however as he soon noticed in the distance 4 of the same winged creatures that had abducted him flying towards the passage, drawn by the flames. Peter ran as fast as he could in the other direction whilst the flying monsters made their way into the passage.

The smoke was so overwhelming however that even the monsters could barely stand to be in the passage. Hamish grabbed onto one of the monsters as it tried to fly away.

The monster struggled to shake him but as the smoke began to choke the beast it hurled itself upward with Hamish holding onto one of its legs.

Hamish looked down as the smoke from either side filled the passage way, trapping all of his men in between. Hamish also looked around for Peter. He so hoped one of the winged monsters had caught the little rat, but sadly the lunatic had managed to escape once again.

The bat creature started to kick at Hamish with its other foot, but he held on for dear life. Below he could see several Dimetrodon’s who had been drawn by the flames, though some of the sail backed monsters attention had turned to Hamish. Some where even standing up on their back legs and snapping at Hamish. The bat creature flew around in panic, but it wasn’t until another of the creatures grabbed Hamish that he was forced to let go.

The other bat dug its Talons straight into his flesh to the point where he couldn’t hold on another second.

The second Bat creature then dragged him along the ground until one of the Dimetrodon’s grabbed his arm in its jaws. A tug of war ensured between the Dimetrodon and the giant bat until eventually the Dimetrodon was able to pull both Hamish and the Bat to the ground. Before he could even attempt to flee, Hamish alongside the creature that had pulled him here were set upon by dozens of Dimetrodon’s who ripped them both to pieces.

Peter meanwhile had ran up ahead back to the massive cavern in front of the village. The only reason he hadn’t gone ahead was to make Hamish and the others pay.

As soon as he reached the cavern Peter could see some of the Natives at the other end. He called out to them and they started to answer back.

Sadly he couldn’t hear them, but little did he know they were trying to warn him. Just below Peter’s shouting had alerted one of the creatures from the pit that was crawling up the side of the cavern in front of him.

To Be Continued



Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 15

Clue (1985) starring Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn ...15 Groovy Facts About Bruce Campbell | Mental Floss

                             Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter

The Doctor tried to crawl through the snow towards Elena and Yarox. The Time Lord was so weak and in such tremendous pain from the biting cold, he couldn’t even attempt to stand up. It was taking all his effort just to hobble a few inches closer. Aside from the fearsome weather, the ground was also shaking. In the distance the Doctor could see through the blazing snow what looked like a gigantic blue skinned humanoid stumbling off of its feet. The creature must have been over 70 feet tall and had a gigantic mane of red hair and a long thick beard.

As the Time Lord’s strength quickly depleted, the Doctor could feel the beginning of his next regeneration coming.

“Not now” he thought to himself. The Doctor’s regenerations didn’t have a history of going smoothly at first, and he couldn’t afford to deal with his usual post regenerative sickness in the middle of this crisis. The Doctor had also wanted to get as much out of this body as he could. He felt he had rattled through his regenerations somewhat too quickly.

Still he didn’t have a choice, though the fact that his body had already given in didn’t look hopeful for Yarox and Elena.

“Well here we go again. Hope my next body’s stronger.” The Doctor said as he prepared for the change. A few more minutes passed however and the Doctor didn’t feel any different. In fact he could feel the regenerative powers fading which was not a good sign. The regenerative process was failing, most likely due to the extreme cold which would result in an actual death for the Time Lord.

He had only a few minutes left at the most.

“It can’t end like this.” The Doctor thought to himself. “I have to get somewhere, somewhere” In a few more seconds, the Time Lord’s last ounce of strength depleted. His arms and legs were completely stiff and lifeless from the cold. His breathing was so weak he couldn’t even scream for help. (Not that anyone would have heard in this freezing blizzard.)

Normally the Doctor didn’t fear death. He couldn’t possibly live the type of life he did, if he feared death. He’d had a good innings, (despite having maybe been a bit too reckless with his incarnations) He had lived for over 1500 earth years and over 3500 Gallifreyan years, or round about.

Still the Doctor fought to the very last second, but sadly even the his great strength of will couldn’t save him this time. He hadn’t even managed to make it to the corpses of Elena and Yarox befor collapsing dead, face down in the snow.

“You’re every bit as stubborn as that oaf who stole you. Aren’t you?” Scratchman screamed at the TARDIS.

All around him, the Demon’s entire world was begininning to crumble. The vast armies outside his castle weren’t even fighting one another anymore. They were merely scrambling for safety as more and more of the pitiful remains of this universe crumbled into the dark abyss around.

Much like the creature that had pursued Elena, some of the Demons and their victims were only to happy to fall into the comparitive peacefulness of the abyss, but others including many of Scratchman’s loyal minions desperately tried to cling on.

Scratchman placed a barrier around his castle to protect it. It was just about all he could shelter now.

Only a few hundred of his minions had managed to make it inside, or already were within the castle. Those who were trapped outside pounded furiously on the barrier for help.

“Please, please lord we have served you for centuries, we helped to bring you the Time Lord. Please!”

Scratchman however didn’t even respond. If anything their terror and misery was giving him a small boost.

Scratchman had used every trick he could to hurt the TARDIS, but he had come no closer to breaking it, and time was running out a lot faster than he had initially thought. Suddenly it dawned on him.

“Of course. You and he. You’re two peas in a pod aren’t you? Both fancy yourselves as heroes.”

Scratchman suddenly teleported a group of alien rebels from outside the castle who were fleeing the crumbling planet into the TARDIS.

“You’re too stubborn to break through pain alone. I get and respect that now. However I can break you by bringing you down to my level.” Scratchman said.

“What do you mean” one of the aliens responded.

“I’m not talking to you morons. Listen carefully.” Scratchman said to the TARDIS.

“I’m going to make you take off, but I’m going to tamper with your circuits to some extent. You won’t simply carrry the aliens with you, nor will you merely take off without them. When you dematerialise, you’ll only take the aliens skin with you, or rather you’ll rip their skin off, slowly as I’ll spin out your take off for as long as I can.”

One of the aliens started to beg Scratchman.

“Don’t do that, you know it makes him stronger.” One of the other aliens pleaded.

The TARDIS started to take off against its will, and the aliens fell to the floor in pain. They could feel all of the skin on their body being slowly pulled at by a tremendous force. Cuts, tears and splits started to appear all over their bodies.

As gruesome as it was, the TARDIS couldn’t give in now. These aliens torture would be nothing compared to what Scratchman would do to his own and countless other universes if he were freed.

“How does it feel to know that in a few minutes you’ll be a butcher of innocent people just like me? Oh sure I’m the one who is forcing you to take off, but you are still the one who is ripping their skin off of their bodies slowly. You could stop it at any point. Just drop your shields and give me access to your power centre?”

The aliens started to cough up blood, whilst the largest and strongest who had earlier forbidden his comrade to beg threw himself onto the TARDIS console and started pleading. He didn’t even know who to. It certainly wasn’t Scratchman.

The TARDIS couldn’t take it anymore and let down its shields. Scratchman however still didn’t stop the machine from taking off until the very last second. When the skin on the aliens was stretching to almost breaking point, and some of them began to pass out from the pain.

“Don’t worry.” Scratchman taunted. “I might still need them if you try anymore tricks.

The aliens were suddenly pulled into the green swamp that had replaced the TARDIS floor by several Zombified hands.

“That way I know they’re safe” Scratchman mocked. In truth they were all dead, but the monster had others he could use to force the TARDIS to do its bidding.

“Now then time is of the essence, let’s see how much power you really have. The Time Lords are such an ingenious race. Even their outdated junk is beyond most civilisations. I do so look forward to conquering them.”

“What, what’s going on.” The Doctor said as he was roused from his sleep by a strange, impish creature. It was a Elvian, Elf or Elves for short from the planet Qiras.

They were generally friendly creatures, though some of them were known for having quite a naughty sense of humour.

The Doctor saw that he had been taken to a cave of some sort, with a large fire lit in the middle.

It was still freezing however, but at least the Time Lord had the feeling back in his arms and legs.

“Doctor, Doctor.” Elena said as she came rushing out of a nearby dark cavern, wearing a coat made from some strange kind of animals skin.

“Elena I thought you were dead. In fact I was pretty sure I died out there. Where’s Yarox.”

“I’m fine Doctor.” Yarox said as he came into view from behind.

“You did die out there.” Yarox said. “We all did, but from what I’m told you never stay dead here too long.”

“No matter how you die in this place alien.” The Elf interrupted.

“Frozen out there, stomped by the frost giants, or carried away by that winged horror, or eaten by Scratchman’s guard dog. You’ll be reborn each time to die again and again. I don’t know how many times you died before we managed to drag you in here. When you die out there they all tend to blur into one, but we’ve gathered enough food and torches over the years that you might live a few more years down here without dying.”

“Thank you, but I don’t think that’s possible.” The Doctor said.

Suddenly the ground began to shake violently.

“He’s losing his grip I tell you.” One of the Elves at the back said.

“We can only hope.” Another Elf said.

“The Demon that controls our reality. In the last few years we’ve noticed the ruins of this, once proud world of Heleim crumble. Piece by piece it has begun to fall into the dark. I don’t know what that monster is planning, but now the giants spend much more time fighting among themselves than they do chasing us.” The leader of the Elves said.

“Scratchman isn’t planning anything for you lot.” The Doctor assured.

“He is losing his grip. The remains of the previous universes he’s conquered like this one are all that’s sustaining him, but even that won’t last for much longer. Unless we act fast, he’ll use my vessel to escape into my, or should I say our reality. I know your race. You don’t come from, whatever this reality used to be.”

“No we don’t. May I ask what species are you from.” The Elves leader asked.

“Time Lord.”

“Ah yes I’ve heard of your kind. I always wondered if your people were real or not, but I suppose if the Devil exists.”

“Yes quite” The Doctor said.

“Not to sound rude or anything but it doesn’t really matter how we all ended up in this godforsaken place, all that matters is getting out of it.” The Time Lord continued.

“What makes you think there is a way out.” Elena asked.

“If there is a way in, there’s a way out.”

“There is a gateway” The Elf leader said.

“It’s guarded however by one the Devil’s most ferocious pets. Garmr. It rests atop the largest mountain in the valley, then there are also the Frost Giants and the Corpse Eater.”

“What’s the Corpse Eater” Elena asked.

“A gigantic undead Vulture so large its wings can create snowstorms.” The Doctor replied.

“I remember reading about it in old Norse myths.” The Time Lord continued

“We’ll never get by all those monsters.” Yarox said.

“Well like our friend said if they kill us then we’ll just come back again. Besides you also said those brutes were too busy fighting with themselves. Added to that with Scratchman’s power weakening, I’d say this is our best chance to make it through the gate and stop him.”

“All right.” The Elf leader said.

“Not that I think you have a good chance of stopping Scratchman, but at the very least it will be over. I warn you however at the first sight of Garmr I’m gone. I’ve been killed by him once before. I’d rather die a billion times in that freezing cold out there.”

“Yes well that’s not the most encouraging thing you could have said.” Elena replied.

“Come on Time Lord. You will need the skin of one of the giants for insulation. Even with that you’ll be lucky to last an hour out there in that cold. How do you plan to stop Scratchman once you have reached his palace. I take it your attempts to do so didn’t exactly go well before?”

“His power is depleting. If my ship can just hold out long enough then by the time we get there he’ll be so weak we might just have a chance at overpowering him. If not well then old Harry will have another universe to add to this gruesome collection.

To Be Continued.

The Circus Master: The Curse of the Robots: Part 6:


Denika, Ashlei and Keptis along with several of the slaves ran down a nearby tunnel before the magical energy could engulf them too. The Vampires meanwhile were not so lucky as Denika using what little energy she had after recharging hurled them back as they tried to flee aswell. One of the Vampires was able to dodge her attack, but Keptis kicked it back into the magical blast.

“What the hell was that”. Ashlei asked after they had finally managed to get clear.

“Concentrated magic. I’m guessing for the robots up ahead to power them.”

“From the looks of things” Denika continued. “They tunnelled down to this area first to build their power core, and then mined the rest up above that they didn’t get to before hand for more metal to build their robots.”

“If you’ve destroyed their power core, does that mean you’ve shut them all down? We’ve won then?” Ashlei asked.

“I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as that.” Denika said with regret.

Up above all of the power to the city had been temporarily halted. The robot who had saved Carlene and The Circus Master was still powered as he didn’t draw on the Demons magic, (fearing it would corrupt him.) Instead he was powered by a special battery at his core.

“Incredible. The power source has been shattered.” The Robot said.

“What does that mean?” Carlene asked.

“It means there might be hope for your friends after all Alien. Perhaps one of the slaves made their way down there to the core. I can’t imagine how, but I also can’t imagine that the Demon’s power just short circuted by itself.”

“Well that’s good isn’t it?” Carlene asked.

“No, not only will they repair it in no time, but now without bodies they.”

Before the Robot could even finish, a Demonic spirit rose from a Robot at the end of the corridor.

It was brown in colour, covered in long thin spikes, had three clawed hands, a single yellow, veiny eye, and bat like ears, as well as a large mouth filled with long curved teeth.

The creatures arms stretched out across the corridor and grabbed Carlene. It was spikey to the touch, and burned her arms as it gripped them. The Vampire tried to reach into her beehive for a weapon, but the Demon put it’s arm through her chest and brought Carlene to her knees. The Demon’s strength was nowhere near as great as it had been in it’s robot body, but it still dwarfed Carlene’s.

The alien slave who has escaped with Carlene tried to attack the Demonic spirit, but his arms just phased through it.

Fortunately however the Circus Master was able to hurt the monster with one scratch. His kind, the Vandals fed on souls. Whilst only the souls of natural creatures nourished them, their claws were still more than capable of slicing through and absorbing the souls of any creature.

The Demon fell to the ground from the Circus Masters wound, shocked that anything could actually hurt it in this form. The Circus Master then held his hand out and sucked the Demon’s soul into his body through his claws.

“God that Demon tasted rank”. The Circus Master said.

“How did you do that?” The Robot asked.

“Oh my kind we, eh, we eat souls. If a souls in a body we have to rip into it, but when they’re out and about like that, I can just scoop them up. Don’t worry I don’t eat souls anymore. I get by on a kind of magical energy. It comes from the future in a time where.”

He could see the Robot wasn’t interested.

“Never mind, the point is I can eat souls if I want to. Normally I don’t.”

“This is fantastic.” The Robot said.

“Okay that’s an odd reaction to finding out you’re with a soul eating Demon?”

“Don’t you see” The Robot said. The Circus Master almost felt he could hear a hint of frustration in the robot’s monotone voice.

“Now that the Demons are just spirits, with your power, we can actually fight our way through their base. There was an enchantment that I knew that could harm them in their Demon form, but it would have taken too long to take effect. This way is more efficient.”

“To the control room?” Carlene asked?

“No, even if we got there that machine’s far too complicated to deal with, plus there would still be too many spirits even for your friend here, I’d wager.”

“Correct if I eat too many of those things, they’ll start to affect me.”

“No instead we need to get to one of their spaceships.”

“Spaceship?” The Alien slave who had escaped with Carlene said.

“Yes. The Robots or Demons have been building their own war vessels, or should I say modifying your old ships. Once they’ve built enough war machines they’ll use them to attack and conquer other races. We however can use one of them to escape to another world and bring help.”

“If the power has been shut down, how can we pilot it.”

“I can sacrifice my power into the ships engine. I’ll permanently shut down, but that’s a necessary sacrifice.”

“Isn’t there anything else we can do?” Carlene protested

“I’m afraid not, the sacrifice must be made. You may all have to make similar sacrifices in the war against these creatures.”

Just then they were interrupted by the sounds of more Demons screaming.  A small platoon of three Demons emerged from the nearby wall, but the Circus Master was quickly able to absorb two of the Demons, whilst the third just as it was almost pulled in managed to strike the Vandal with it’s last ounce of strength and knock the Vandal down.

Carlene then attempted to restrain the monster, but it swiftly overpowered her and started to attack the Robot.

“I always thought there was something off about you. What did you do to our power.” The Demon asked the robot.

Fortunately before it could harm the Robot, the Circus Master jumped up and with one swipe of his claws, sliced the Demon’s head clean off. After it’s head fell to the floor, the Demon evaporated into a puff of smoke.

“You see Carlene this is why everybody prefers Vandals to Vampires” The Circus Master said smugly.

“Right, that why there are all those films, tv series and books about Vandals then love? You’ve been terrorizing humanity as long as us, yet no one’s ever thought you guys had any star quality.”

“Okay, okay” The Circus Master said wanting to get off the topic.

“Let’s get to this rocket, I don’t want to have to eat any more Demons than I have to.”

Florence wasn’t sure what had happened. She and the remaining slaves had managed to flee, whilst the Strange Boy, in his fury had torn several more of the Robots apart.

She had been waiting for the right moment to strike. She wasn’t scared for her own safety, but for the slaves who would have no chance without her. She so wanted to jump in and help the Strange Boy as the Robots were beginning to overwhelm him, but she knew there was nothing she could do except to give away the Slaves. The Jiang Shi probably wouldn’t accept her help anyway.

Suddenly however the robots collapsed in a heap above the child Vampire.

Florence waited a few minutes to see if anything would happen, but when the Strange Boy crawled out from under the robots she could see it wasn’t just a trick.

“Come on” she said to the slaves as she crept slowly away from the Strange Boy, not taking any chances with her former travelling companion just yet.

Florence and the slaves made it over a nearby hill where they saw on the other end, another gigantic mine. The bodies of the Robots were scattered all over the edge of the mine, whilst inside most of the slaves were still working. A few had gathered around some of the fallen Robots, but they were too scared to even touch them.

As Florence headed to the mine to convince the slaves to follow her, she was stopped in her tracks by the sight of hundreds of Demonic spirits emerging from the Robot bodies. The Creatures started attacking the slaves who had not continued to work.

Florence instantly ordered the slaves back the way, but as soon as they turned around they were met with a fleet of Demon souls descending on them.

Four Demons were holding The Strange Boy by both his legs and his arms. It looked an almost comical sight as these 4 large Demonic spirits were all carefully carrying this tiny boy, clearly terrified of him.

The rest of the Demons meanwhile started to attack Florence’s slaves. Two were killed, which broke Florence’s spell over the rest of them. She tried to sing again, but a Demon pounced on her and pinned the Siren to the ground.

As the Demon slashed at the helpless Vampire, Florence could see up ahead the Demons were flying the Strange Boy into the mine.

“Why would they do that? Bringing a Vampire into a mine didn’t work out well for them before.” She thought as she tried to fight off the Demon.

Carlene, The Circus Master, the alien and the Robot meanwhile had managed to make their way through the Demons base. The Demons at this stage had not been prepared for an enemy that could actually hurt them like the Circus Master. Most of the Demons as soon as they spotted him ran at the Vandal, and didn’t even try to dodge his attacks, allowing him to slice his way through the monsters easily. Carlene had also found a weapon in her beehive that could hurt the Demons. Anything made of iron or copper could slice through the Demons spirit (these were common weaknesses of many Demonic spirits.)

The spaceships were kept in a gigantic hangar, though there was only ten or so ships, the hangar was only massive because the ships were.

“When I last worked in this area, only one of these things was ready to take off into space. Even then with all the work we’d done on it, it was still unstable. There’s a good chance it might not work.”

“I think any chance up there is better than down here with those things.” The Circus Master said.

The Robot led them to the gigantic blue rocket at the very end of the hangar. By diffusing power from himself into a panel around the ships door, the Robot was able to make the doors open.

Once inside the Robot then continued to deposit the energy from his battery into the ships engine, causing it to start up.

With seemingly his last ounce of strength, the Robot then set the ship on a course for the nearest planet. Just as the ship took off however it suddenly stopped in it’s tracks.

Dozens of the Demons who had witnessed the Circus Master slaughtering their comrades had still followed the strange alien. Now that he was vulnerable in the vessel the beasts seized their chance and not only held it back, but started to tamper with it’s back engine to cause it to explode.

The Robot however poured more of it’s energy into the engine which gave the ship a strong enough boost to break free from the Demon’s grasp and fly across the hangar, smashing through the wall at the other end, and out into the open.

Once outside and in the sky of the planet however, the ship started to hurl out of control.

The Circus Master and Carlene had no idea how to pilot the ship. When the Circus Master tried pressing some of the buttons, he simply knocked himself, Carlene and the alien off their feet.

Carlene tried to rouse the Robot, but it wasn’t responsive.

On the lower levels of the Demon’s base meanwhile, Denika, Keptis, Ashlei and the remaining slaves had reached what looked like a gigantic assembly line of Robots. All along the line were Demons hovering over the robot bodies, growling furiously at them.

Fortunately they didn’t notice the escaped prisoners, who treaded carefully so as not to alert the monsters.

Once they reached the end of the assembly line, Denika, Ashlei and the others could see a gigantic portal which more and more Demons kept emerging from.

“We need to move back slowly” Denika said, but almost as soon as she had finished one of the Demons emerging from firey pit noticed them. Within seconds the time travellers and the former slaves were surrounder by hundreds of fiends from hell.

To Be Continued

Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 6: The Dragon’s Mountain


The Tyrannosaurus Rex lunged forward, with it’s jaws wide open at it’s victims, but Lindsey, thinking quickly grabbed the riders spear and stabbed it into the Tyrant Lizard King’s mouth.

She embedded the blade right into it’s tongue causing the giant to to thrash around in agony. It tried desperately to shake the spear out of it’s mouth, but when it bit down on the weapon, it just cut the spear in half. Lindsey, Kirsteen, Hersa and the rider quickly fled to the nearby cave for safety.

Whilst the Tyrannosaur struggled to get the blade out of it’s tongue, one of the riders, a young woman returned. She tried to impale her spear into the Tyrannosaurs mouth having seen what Lindsey had done, but the creature quickly spat what was left of Lindsey’s spear out, narrowly missing the rider before pursuing her.

Though the Pterosaur tried to fly as high as it could, it’s rider kept forcing it to go lower so as to keep the Tyrannosaurs attention.

“I’m sorry old girl, but we have to get him away from here.” She said.

The rider managed to drag the Tyrannosaur back down the passage way and into the ruins of the village.

By this stage Professor Fang’s bones had mostly healed and he was ready to try and take on the Tyrant Lizard King again, regardless of how futile that may be.

As the monster reached up and nearly grabbed the Pterosaur, the Professor quickly pulled the fabric off of the ruins of a tent and jumped over 20 feet in the air, onto the Tyrannosaurus’ neck. He then wrapped the cloth around the Dinosaurs eyes.

“Stop it, you’ll be killed.” The rider shouted out in desperation at the Professor.

The Tyrannosaur however struggled to throw the Vampire off, with the Professor holding on with all his strength. The Tyrannosaur stomped it’s way blindly through several more ruins, very nearly tripping itself up. As it let out a series of deafening roars in frustration, the rider flew over it’s mouth and hurled her spear straight down it’s throat, cutting it open.

The Tyrannosaur soon collapsed to the floor, choking on both the spear and it’s own blood. In it’s last few moments the Dinosaur managed to gag the spear out of it’s mouth, but it’s inner throat had been cut completely open.

The rider flew back to the top of the mountain to inform the survivors that the crisis was over, whilst the Professor sat beside the Tyrannosaur as it took it’s last breaths. He even rubbed it’s lower jaw to try and comfort the Dinosaur.

“Sadly it was you or us. Nature’s cruel that way.” The Professor said.

Lindsey, and Kirsteen were the first to return to the ruins of the village.

“There are some perks to being a Vampire it seems.” Kirsteen said upon seeing the Professor had mostly healed.

“Yes well it doesn’t feel that way when you’re still awake whilst all your bones are being crushed by a Tyrannosaur, but I get your meaning.” The Professor replied.

Suddenly the remainder of the Pterosaurs and their riders returned to the village.

“You arrived just in time.” Lindsey said sarcastically.

“Who are you?” The leader of the riders, a large burly man snapped?

“Just travellers passing through, I happened to help save your village, or rather what’s left of it. Ask your friend when she get’s back, you know the one of you who stayed behind to fight the monsters.”

“The flyers got too wild being near that thing. We couldn’t control them.”

“Well she managed it?” The Professor said.

“Okay Professor” Lindsey interrupted. “Best not to antagonise the angry people with spears.”

The rider who the Professor had helped slay the Tyrannosaur soon returned.

“It seems we owe you our thanks.” The leader said, somewhat reluctantly to the female rider.

“You DO.” The Professor said.

“I wouldn’t have been able to slay the monster had it not been for this, eh mysterious traveller.” The rider said.

“Yes well you can thank me later, but right now I need your help. The mountain that’s the centre of the valley. I, we, need help getting there.”

The leader laughed.

“You think an old man like you can make your way past those beasts. They have been twisted by the dark magics into being creatures far beyond.”

“Yes I know your friend Hersa told me, by the way how is she.”

“She’s fine. Obviously taking a rest after her ordeal, but she’ll live.” The female rider said.

“Yes well not for long if you don’t help me, us get to the mountain. I might be able to fix the core. I can’t promise anything, but not to sound smug, I have a much, much better grasp of magics than you do.”

“If you’ll just lend us a Pterosaur we’ll be on our way.” The Professor said somewhat jokingly.

“I admire your confidence old man, but our entire valley is at stake.”

“I’m not just an old man” The Professor said as he bared his fangs.

“Vampire!” The leader shrieked as he held his spear in place.

“There are Vampires on the moon as well as Dinosaurs?” Kirsteen said in surprise.

“Well if some of the humans ancestors who were brought here were infected, why not?” The Professor replied.

“Vampires are evil, bloodsucking monsters. I don’t know what cheap trick this is.”

“It’s no trick, I’m one of the few nice Vamps.”

“Or” Lindsey interrupted. “Even if you don’t believe that which I wouldn’t blame you for, he’s in the same position as you. If this valley explodes into space, he’ll die too. In fact, worse as a Vampire, the lack of oxygen won’t kill him, he’ll just float through space forever. You can count on him to want to help save this valley regardless.”

“Well I don’t know I’d imagine he’d be okay with nothing but his own company forever” Kirsteen said.

“But ehm seriously though you can trust us to want to save our own necks.”

“He did help me slay the monster.” The female rider interrupted. “I couldn’t have done it without him. He covered the monsters eyes, allowing me to get close to it’s mouth, Any other Vampire would have fled at the sight of one of those giants, but he didn’t.”

The leader frowned. “Well I suppose we don’t have anything to lose. The mountain could go at any minute. I want you to go with the Vampire, and I shall come too.”

“We’ll need a full army to get to that mountain.”The female rider said.

“Maybe not. That’s the mistake we’ve made every time. We charge in there and the monsters see us coming. Maybe stealth is the only way to get to it.”

“You know he’s probably right.” The Professor said.

“That is if we can still trust you Vampire.”

“Well I’m not the one who ran away from the Tyrannosaur.” The Professor responded.

“Okay, let’s not fight.” The female rider said. “It probably doesn’t matter what we do as the valley’s doomed regardless. I’ll get the flyers ready.”

Hersa meanwhile rested at the very top of the wall that surrounded the village, near where the Pterosaurs were normally kept.

All of the wounded were kept in this area, though Hersa’s screams in her sleep meant that none of them were able to get any rest.

She kept dreaming she was back with Orlagia, fleeing from the Allosaurus and failing to save him again.

As the leader and the female rider prepared Pterosaurs for the three time travellers, Kirsteen went to try and comfort Hersa.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re safe now, the Tyrannosaurus is dead.”  Kirsteen said.

“I left him. I left him. In all the confusion I, I.”

“It’s okay” Kirsteen said, having no idea what she was talking about.

“We’re going to the mountain. The Pterosaurs will take us there.” The Professor told Hersa.

“You have to let me come with you.”

“No you’re still too cut up from the Raptors.” Kirsteen said firmly.

“She’s right, besides we need all the people we can to protect what’s left of the village anyway. If you do feel better, you can help there.” The leader said.

The female rider helped The Professor, Lindsey and Kirsteen get strapped to their Pterosaurs.

“I trust none of you have ever ridden one of our flyers before?” She said.

“Well me and Lindsey have ridden on the backs of Pterosaurs and other flying creatures many times, but Kirsteen here, well.”

“Sorry I was off singing when all my friends were learning how to fly Dinosaurs.”

“Pterosaurs actually” Lindsey had to interject.

“Well don’t worry.” The female rider said.

“We’ve put you with our oldest and most experienced flyers. As long as you don’t startle them they’ll take you there no problem. They’ll follow our lead.”

“Can I ask what your name is?” The Professor said.


“And yours?” He said to the leader.


“Alright I’m Fang, this is Lindsey and eh, I’ve forgotten your name again?” The Professor said jokingly to Kirsteen who didn’t appreciate it. “It’s Kirsteen, Kirsteen.”

The Pterosaurs departed from the cliff top at a lightening speed. Kirsteen could not stop screaming at first. It didn’t help that she already had a fear of heights. Her screaming however caused the Pterosaur to begin to panic and fly off course. Fortunately Tiseia was able to command the beast to follow her, though not before telling Kirsteen to shut up.

The 5 Pterosaurs took the Professor and the others across the valley and to the mountain in just over 20 mins.

Despite how badly it had been ravaged by the magics collapsing, the valley still looked beautiful. There were massive lakes, forests and open fields, filled with wonderful prehistoric creatures below.

Brachiosaurs, Stegosaurs, Triceratops, various species of Hadrosaur all herded together for protection.

There were a few gruesome sights along the way however. They witnessed a Carnotaurus attack and kill a small sauropod, and also by one of the lakes. A gigantic Spinosaurus emerge out of the water like a Crocodile and pull a Hadrosaur down to a watery grave.

“Remind me not to go skinny dipping in this valley.” Kirsteen said at the sight of the Spinosaurus’ lake going red with the Hadrosaurs blood.

“Spinosaurus” Lindsey said. “They were always among my favourites. The biggest meat eaters ever to walk the earth. Don’t worry though they only like small wet areas. We’ll be fine where we’re going.”

“You’ll soon be eating those words.” Miscorak said.

As soon as they came near the mountain the Pterosaurs suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“We’ll need to land and try and get in from the bottom.” Miscorak said.

“If we try and fly to the top, the”

Before he could finish a large shrieking sound suddenly came piercing from the mountain.

“Damn those monsters. It’s like they can sense us.”

Several large, hairy, yellow, Pterosaur like creatures soon came flying from the mountain. The sight of the monsters was enough to make a pack of nearby Allosaurus’ scarper for the nearest wood.

The monsters were incredibly fast, but under Tiseia’s command they were able to keep a good distance ahead of them, except for Kirsteen’s Pterosaur. Her screaming at the monsters caused her Pterosaur to fly slightly off  direction, allowing one of the mutated Pterosaurs to fly ahead and cut her off.

Kirsteen stared into the creatures hideous face. It had three eyes, all of which were bright green, with a red iris. Green slime meanwhile dripped from it’s long, thin jaws.

The monster soon spat it’s slime right into Kirsteen’s Pterosaur’s face causing it to scream. Some of the noxious liquid splashed Kirsteen and burned her skin too. The mutated Pterosaur then rammed into Kirsteen’s Pterosaur and clamped it’s jaws around it’s neck.

Kirsteen tried to fight the mutant off, but several more started to swarm her. Lindsey soon noticed Kirsteen wasn’t with them, but when she tried to direct her Pterosaur back the way, several more of the mutants soon swarmed her too.

To Be Continued.


King Kong Part 5


Gerisian waited for Kong to do something, anything, but the Ape simply stared at the woman who at one point, the great Ape’s entire world had revolved around.

She started to speak.

“Kong, Kong please listen to me. I don’t know how much you can understand, but please just follow me to the village, like you used to when we’d go on those walks. Do you remember?”

The Ape growled again, so much so that Liassa screamed at him to put her down. Again however Gerisian shouted at her daughter to get back.

Kong dropped his foster mother and started to roar, knocking over a few more trees before slamming his fists down in front of Gerisian and Liassa as she ran to help her mother.

The Ape gave one last look at the two women before walking away through the forest. Gerisian didn’t give up however. She ran ahead in front of the great Ape, and stood her ground.

“Please, please Kong. Come with me to the village. They need you.”

Kong roared again, but this time he flipped Gerisian over onto his shoulder and started to run through the woods, trampling them as he went.

“Slow down” Liassa shouted as she ran frantically after the gorilla.

Back at the village, the Raptors had decimated the last of the villages main line of defence.

All that was left were a few civilians who tried to hide in their huts from the ravenous Dinosaurs.

The Raptors had slowly been moving into the humans territory for a few years at first. The break up of the island was constantly pushing the Dinosaurs and other creatures further inland, making it harder and harder every year for the humans to survive.

There had been a few attacks on the village by some larger carnivores such as Allosaurus which had led to severe casualties, but the Raptors were ironically a far bigger danger.

They were far more numerous, and their greater intelligence meant that they were not as easy to lure into traps either.

Worse still whilst the Allosaurus would only occassionally turn to the humans as a source of food, when their normal prey was scarce. The Raptors it seemed were determined to utterly exterminate the humans from the area. The Raptors instinctively saw the humans as their main competition and were determined to hunt them down above all else.

The last of the tribe had virtually no way of defending themselves, as all of their weapons had been used in the last futile defence against the pack. All they could hope for was to remain hidden in their huts. Whilst they were cunning, the Raptors at the end of the day were just animals. The humans only hope would be too outthink them.

The Raptors however had a highly developed sense of smell and were able to trace some of the humans hiding in the huts. Some tried to barricade the door against the Raptors, whilst others hid under their bed, or even under the floorboards if they could as the Dinosaurs tried to break their way into people’s houses.

Some foolishly tried to run away whilst the Raptors were distracted, only to be pounced on by more of the creatures who had been waiting for them in the nearby woods.

Those who watched from the windows of their homes could do nothing. If they made even a sound the Raptors would find them too and rip them apart.

Suddenly several of the Raptors on the outer edges of the village were sent scurrying. As the trees started to collapse, a massive log came hurling into view, managing to crush two of the Raptors before they could flee.

Several of the villagers started to cheer from their homes, whilst others cowered when the creature responsible came charging into the centre of the village. Kong, who was still carrying his “mother” Gerisian on his back.

The great Ape roared as loud as he could to scatter the Dinosaurs, but instead not only did all the Raptors in the village turn their attention towards him, but dozens more emerged from the woods. In total there were over 40 Raptors. This was going to be a harder fight than either Gerisian, or even Kong had hoped.

200 years later

Peter tried to warn the others about the sound he had heard in the cave, but they ignored him. After his earlier behaviour none of them really had much time for him either way.

Unfortunately a hideous, winger creature soon started to hobble it’s way out of the cave. It was a gigantic, batlike animal, with a red furry body, massive fangs (some of which were broken) and completely white, blank eyes.

The creature stood over 7 feet tall and when it opened it’s wings they were over 40 feet wide. The creature gave a puzzled look at Peter who had completely frozen with terror, before spitting at him.

It’s spit was a thick, boiling, stinking green slime that stuck to Peter who instantly called out for help. Again the rest of the criminals didn’t pay him much attention. Those who did quickly hurried up the hill anyway.

Peter walked back slowly, only to trip over a small rock, which startled the bat who let out a shriek, alerting the others above.

Hamish looked down at the monster and for a moment contemplated helping Peter. He picked up a large rock and prepared to drop it on the abomination’s head.

Unfortunately another one of the creatures soon came hobbling it’s way out of the cave too.

Hamish still held the rock up for a bit before deciding to just move on up the hill. He didn’t abandon Peter out of spite, but he felt that if he were to strike one of the monsters, it would draw the attention of the other who would then kill more of his men. He also didn’t know how many more of the bat’s there were. The fact that it was Peter however made it easier for Hamish to abandon him.

Peter screamed out for Hamish to help, and even tried to draw the Bats attention to his fellow convicts, by throwing stones at the hill, but the bats were too focused on Peter.

The first Bat waved it’s massive wings in the air and spat at Peter again, before shooting up into the sky and grabbing the former prisoner by the shoulders before he could run away. The creatures claws cut straight through his skin before lifting him into the air far above the hill the other crooks had now almost climbed.

The bat taking no notice of the others then flew across the landscape to another large mountain, though not as far away as the Wall, where it dropped Peter.

Below the mountain was a pit of the bones of humans, snatched from the nearby village, as well as other animals. The Bats whilst nesting on the ground, would always choose a more secluded area to feed as the corpses of their victims may draw scavengers if they ate them at or near their nest.

The bat hovered over Peter for a few minutes as he got to his feet, before swooping down and clawing him across the chest.

Peter knew he couldn’t fight the monster so he tried to run down he mountain, but the Bat instantly flew after him and dragged him back to the top. The monster was clearly having fun playing with it’s prey, which was a mistake on Skull Island, where the competition for food on the ever dwindling landmass was so fierce. Within a few minutes of the Bat’s torture of Peter, another of it’s kind had spotted the spectacle and attempted to steal Peter away. It jumped the other Bat from behind, knocking it to the ground before trying to grab Peter by the legs.

The first Bat however quickly recovered and flew into the second one, sending them both hurling back through the air. The two beasts then bit and clawed at one another, whilst Peter seized his chanced and ran despite his injuries down the mountain and into the graveyard below.

Peter quickly hid behind what looked like the ruins of an old temple at the very end of the mass of skeletons, some of which stall had bits of mangled, rotting flesh attached.

He waited for a few minutes until he was sure the Bats had gone. As he walked slowly through the graveyard, he could see one of the bats carrying the corpse of the other to the mountain where they had both attempted to devour him. It wouldn’t trouble him anymore.

After he had managed to get clear from the mountain, Peter took refuge in a small cave. It was small enough not to house any of those bat creatures, at least he hoped.

“Those bastards.” He said to himself as he tended to his wounds. None of them were deep or serious, but they were still excrutiating.

“I swear when I find those cowards I’ll kill every single one of them.” Peter didn’t even once consider the irony that they had all only been so willing to leave him because of his earlier actions. All he could think about was in making Hamish and the others pay.

“Ah this is the spot.” William said.

“What are you talking about.” Scarlett asked.

“We are just outside the village, but before we can go in I’ll need to light a signal for them to come and get us.”

“Isn’t that a little dangerous? The predators are all around here.” Daniel said in a worried tone.

“Trust me, in the last bit just before the village, we’d never make it through alive. A lot of the carnivores have gathered around the village. They see it as a great unconquered area, a source of food or I don’t know what, but the largest have set up shop there. Our only hope is to summon some of the natives to escort us through it. Fortunately I know the signal, but you’re right we’ll need to have a place to hide before they get here.”

After lighting a small fire, William and the others took refuge behind or in a small cave (there were over 80 in William’s team in total) and waited patiently for someone to come. There was a fight over who got to be in the cave, with the strongest managing to push the others out who had to hide behind some small bushes. William did make a few allowances, namely for Scarlett and Sarah, but other than that he didn’t care who was in the cave as long as he was. Daniel much to his annoyance was among those who was forced to stand behind a small bush.

Two hours passed, during which a few Dimetrodon’s came near the fire, as did a few large crab like creatures, before quickly leaving.

Finally one of the giant bats came to land near the fire and seemed to wait patiently unlike the others who seemed to be just curious.

The bat it seemed had learned that this was a signal humans used to contact each other, or at the very least was man made and was waiting for any to show up.

Unfortunately for the bat however, another predator was thinking the same thing. A Gorgonopsid, the largest and most powerful meat eater on this part of the island, as well as one of the oldest.

The Gorgonopsid stood about 6 feet tall and was over 20 feet long. It looked like a gigantic reptillian, sabre tooth cat, though it was in fact older than either Mammals or Dinosaurs.

The Gorgonopsid had once been the apex predator of the entire island, but the arrival of giant meat eating Dinosaurs had pushed it to the outskirts of the island.

The creature crept up slowly on it’s unsuspecting prey, but just as it prepared to jump forward, the bat suddenly flew up into the sky and landed on the Gorgonopsid’s back.

The Gorgonopsid tried to shake the bat creature off, but it held on with it’s massive talons and bit hard into the predators back, ripping out massive chunks of flesh.

The Gorgonopsid started to ram itself into a wall to get the creature off, but the bat quickly managed to fly out of reach of the predator and started to circle it.

The Gorgonopsid tried to reach up, but the bat was too high and fast. It would periodically fly back down and deliver a flurry of bites and scratches to the ancient reptile’s back.

The Gorgonpsid pushed itself agains the Bat next time it attacked. It didn’t try to bite it, it simply used it’s gigantic bulk to knock the bat through the air, sending it crashing to the ground.

Before the bat could get up, the Gorgonopsid quickly grabbed the bat by the leg, which it broke in it’s jaws. It then hurled the bat over 20 feet in the air, until it smashed against the top of the cave William and the others were hiding in. The bat’s corpse then rolled from the top of the cave and dropped in front of it.

The Gorgonopsid quickly ran up to the bat’s body and growled at the people in the cave. It was worried they were going to steal it’s kill and went as far as to stick it’s head and upper body into the cave. It pushed the former prisoners back as far as they could go. Daniel couldn’t help but laugh at how they’d become trapped by the creature, but his joy was short lived, as barrage of spears from above soon pelted the Gorgonopside causing it to drop.

As soon as William and the others left the cave, they were greeted by the sight of 7 Skull Islanders, all wielding spears.

To Be Continued



Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 14

Clue (1985) starring Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn ...15 Groovy Facts About Bruce Campbell | Mental Floss

                                 Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter

Elena suddenly felt the ground beneath her feet give way. The small castle that she and that hideous abomination were hiding in began to fade away into nothing but darkness. In a last ditch attempt the mass of tormented souls that had been pursuing Elena tried to reach out and grab her, but she jumped into the black abyss that was appearing ahead of her.

Both she and the monster fell through an endless darkness as the last of the castle faded away into smoke.

For how long they fell, they weren’t sure. Time didn’t seem to exist in the abyss they found themselves in. In the very distance however, Elena could see what looked like a tiny window, in reality, it was the frame of the painting she had been pulled through. She pulled herself towards it as much as she could and though it seemed to get further and further away at first, just as all seemed lost she suddenly found herself right in front of the window frame and crawled through it. As the mutant looked back, she saw the abomination that had chased her falling through the endless darkness, not even attempting to flee. In the darkness it was finally free from Scratchman’s control, and unlike Elena, the monster had no desire to escape back into the hell it came from. In this darkness will was the only thing that mattered. As there was no space or matter, when Elena tried to use force to escape through the portal it didn’t work, but ironically as soon as the portal began to fade her terror made her will strong enough to be brought towards it.

The alien knew this, but didn’t care. An eternity through nothingness was still preferrable to a second under Scratchman’s cruelty.

In this void the pain and memories of what they had lost didn’t seem to bother the creature as it sank peacefully into the darkness.

Once Elena had made her way through the portal and back into Scratchman’s castle she started to think the monster had been right not to bother. All around her were hideous monstrosities who had crawled out of the paintings. Both Scratchman’s victims who had been twisted beyond all recognition, and their tormentors who had followed them, fighting and tearing at each other. The hall itself had also vanished and was now replaced by a massive cavern made from mangled flesh and bone. In the very distance Elena could see what looked like several creatures working together in torturing a Demon. It was in fact the Demon that Scratchman had left in control of the paintings, who had earlier captured Elena.

The creature pitifully begged it’s former victims to show clemency which of course fell on deaf ears. Just as before Elena wisely stayed out of the fighting and tried to make her way through the bloodbath to find the Doctor and Yarox.

The Doctor’s attack on Scratchman had only distracted him for a few minutes, but in that time his will was distracted his entire world, or rather what was left of it had been thrown out of order. Several pocket dimensions he had created, such as the paintings had collapsed, the structure of his castle had been stripped to it’s bare bones. (Literally. The foundation of the castle was made of the corpses of the billions Scratchman had slaughtered.)

Even outside his castle, the entire landscape had been ravaged. The land split open, and the lake of torment began to flood the land. The armies fighting outside Scratchman’s castle were swept away in a tidal wave, with only a few Harpies and some of Scratchman’s Demons managing to fly away.

The waves very nearly toppled the castle itself and burst through it’s foundations, flooding the inside. Elena was barely able to escape by climbing up a nearby wall, which she was able to do easily as many of the bones were sticking out of the walls.

She was one of the few survivors to crawl or fly to safety up the castle’s walls. As Elena looked down she saw all of the Demons and their former victims suffering together in the burning green waters as they were washed away.

Scratchman was able to save the Doctor and Yarox from being swept away by the flood as it broke through the walls into his room, by lifting them through the air with his telekinetic powers.

“I don’t know why you bothered” The Doctor said defiantly.

“I’m still not going to help you.”

“Oh I know Time Lord. I’ll have to find a way to break your machine instead. You are too dangerous to be allowed to live, but well I think a little dip in my lake is too good for you. Look at the trouble you’ve caused. I have even less time to make it out of this world now. No I think I have just the right punishment in mind for you.” Scratchman said as he slowly morphed back into his humanoid form.

Scratchman carried the two time travellers down a long hall that was flooded with the lake of the damned. Along the way several of Scratchman’s most loyal minions called out to him, but he didn’t listen.

When they finally reached the end of the hall it was a gigantic silver room, with a huge hole in the centre and monitor on the wall. The water it seemed was incapable of flowing into this area. It just stopped at the entrance.

Scratchman lowered himself to just beside the hole whilst he held the Doctor and his companion above it.

“You see Time Lord it is not just this universe that sustains me. Some of the previous realities I conquered I keep around as small pockets of existence like this one. I have too. I can never tell how long it will be before I overrun each universe. I’ve been trapped in this godforsaken reality for so long now however I’ve had to eat through most of my reserves. Still these are the last of the realities I claimed as my own. They are kept alive through a special supply of energy, even your little trick couldn’t hurt them. They sustain me.”

“Don’t worry though I wont just throw you in. Where’s the fun in that? Since I might not be getting out of this, I might as well enjoy myself don’t you think?”

Scratchman dropped the Doctor and Yarox into the hole. Below was a long, silver, yet dark corridor.

“This is a little anti climactic Harry?” The Doctor said.

A massive fire ball came hurling itself down one end of the corridor forcing the Doctor and Yarox to flee. As they ran further down the corridor, the roof suddenly disappeared.

Up above was nothing but blackness, but the Doctor and Yarox could hear screams and roars all around them. The fireball itself seemed to be screaming.

The Doctor and Yarox reached the end of the corridor where there was a portal, that looked like a hole in the ground, that led to one of Scratchman’s pocket dimensions.

The Doctor looked into the portal and saw a dimension that appeared to be nothing but a gigantic wasteland, with a huge tree in the middle. Several damned souls were trying to climb up the tree, which was covered in jagged, spiked branchses. The souls were cutting themselves on the branches the higher they climbed and were screaming, yet seemingly had no choice but to keep climbing.

“Ah you’ve reached the remains of one my favourite hell dimensions, you get the gist of the game now, if you can get out of my little maze I’ll let you go, well I’ll kill you quickly at least, well quicker than I would have. If not suffer in one of my many layers of hell.”

The Doctor helped Yarox to climb over the wall, after which Yarox then helped to pull the Doctor over, whilst the fire ball vanished down the hole into the hell universe below.

On the other side of the wall was another fire ball that forced the two time travellers to flee up the corridor.

“It’s like we’re trapped in some gigantic, nightmarish pinball machine.” The Doctor said.

As the Time Lord and his companion turned down the nearest corner, they saw a gigantic Iron Dog, with blood and flesh dripping from its fangs. The creature charged at the two time travellers, who both jumped to either side of the wall, narrowly dodging the abomination.

They then ran ahead of it together to the end of the corridor, which ended in three more corridors.

Picking one at random the Doctor and Yarox ran down the centre corridor, only for a gigantic fireball to come rolling down the other end.

“I really hate those things.” The Doctor said as he and Yarox ran back down the way.

When they reached the end of the centre corridor again, the Iron Dog was waiting for them. Roaring and hissing, as the Doctor tried to help Yarox climb over the wall, suddenly from above a gigantic griffin like creatures emerged from the darkness and grabbed the Doctor in it’s talons. Yarox tried to pull the Doctor back down, but the Dog pounced on Yarox. The Griffin carried the Doctor high above the maze, which was absolutely enormous web of corridors, filled with fire balls, creatures and other dangers.

The Griffin dragged the Doctor to another pit at the end of a corridor and dropped him down it. The Doctor however managed to hold on the edges of the hole as he fell.

Below he could see this pocket dimension, or layer of hell, was a gigantic lake of fire, over which there was a huge suspension bridge between two large cliffs. The Doctor could see that several people were being forced to walk from one end of the bridge to the other. Each time they crossed the bridge however hideous Griffin like creatures, similar to the monster that had brought the Doctor to the pit in the first place would attack them, and force most of them into the fire below.

The Doctor tried to crawl back up, but each time he did the Griffin would fly back down and claw at him.

Yarox meanwhile was able to wriggle free from the Iron Dog when it bit into his back as the creature (which stood over 7 feet tall) only grabbed a flap of his clothes which when he pulled it ripped, allowing him to then slide under the monster undetected.

Yarox then ran down the right of the 3 corridors. Once he reached the end of it he came across two large wooden doors without any handles. He tried to push them open, but suddenly the doors started to pull open at either side, revealing the two doors to be a mouth, filled with razor sharp teeth.

The mouth which dribbled green, acidic saliva started to snap shut furiously and moved down the corridor after Yarox. Unfortunately at the other end the Dog was already waiting for him. With nothing left to lose and in a rush of adrenaline, Yarox jumped at the Dog as it leaped at him. Grabbing onto it’s head, he jumped over the beasts head and onto it’s back.

Whilst it was distracted trying to shake him off, the Dog failed to notice the wooden mouth that charged at him. Within a few seconds the two doors lined with razor sharp teeth had closed around the Dog’s head, ripped it off and crushed it into powder. The two doors then crushed and consumed the rest of the animal, whilst Yarox made his way down the left corridor.

Elena meanwhile had managed to make her way to Scratchman’s control room. Crawling along the walls of the rapidly crumbling castle, she could see that the water stopped at the silver corridor and crawled along towards it. Once she was near enough she then jumped onto the metal corridor.

Elena could see Scratchman watching the Doctor and Yarox struggling in his twisted game on the massive computer screen. Scratchman was hysterical with laughter at the two time travllers plight.

Elena knew it was pointless to try and attack Scratchman. There was no way she could hurt him, and she’d probably vaporize herself if she touched him.

Even if she tried to help the Doctor then Scratchman would still see her on his monitor. Still she couldn’t just leave him dangling over one of Scratchman’s worst layers of hell.

Elena quickly jumped down the hole into the maze. There she ran down the corridor until the roof disappeared. She then seeing a fireball heading in her direction jumped up to the top of the wall beside her. It took her a few goes, and it was only on her last attempt before the fire ball reached her, that Elena managed to grab the top of the wall with her finger tips, and pull herself up before the fireball consumed her.

Balancing herself on the top of the thin wall, Elena looked all over the maze, which did resemble a gigantic pinball machine with giant flaming pinballs running down almost every corridor. In the distance she could see the Griffin hovering over the Doctor.

Wasting no time, Elena jumped from the top of one wall to another until she reached where the Doctor was. Catching the Griffin off guard with a powerful kick to the head, she managed to send it flying over the top of the nearest wall, before helping the Doctor up.

“Elena, I honestly thought I’d never see you again, then again, I didn’t think I’d ever seen anything again dangling over that abyss. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, where’s Yarox?”

“I don’t know we got separated in this overgrown pinball machine, come on we need to find him.”

The Griffin suddenly re-emerged from behind the wall furious causing both the Doctor and Elena to flee, though Elena was able to land a good kick onto the monsters chest first.

The Doctor and Elena both called out for Yarox across the maze.

“Doctor? Elena? You’re both alive. I’m over here. Two corridors down.” Yarox shouted.

Elena and the Doctor tried to run down the nearest corridor in Yarox’s direction, but it was blocked by two skeletons holding two shields with Scratchman’s human form on them, smiling.

Elena tried to kick the shield but she suffered an electric shock, whilst the Skeletons were unaffected. As the Doctor helped Elena up, he saw the Skeleton’s as well as Scratchman’s face on both shields laughing hysterically.

With the Griffin not far away, the Doctor and Elena realised that they didn’t have time to try and fight through the Skeleton’s and so the Doctor helped Elena over the wall, but on the other side was red water rather than a floor. Elena jumped over to the top of the wall on the other side, after helping the Doctor up.

Unfortunately when the Doctor prepared to jump over, a gigantic snake like creature emerged from the water. Hissing and snapping at the Doctor, Elena kicked the monster from behind, distracting it and allowing the Doctor to jump over, though he landed on his stomach over the wall. Whilst his feet dangled over the red water, another snake like creatures head began to emerge, but Elena pulled herself and the Doctor over to the other side before they could do anything.

As soon as they landed on the other side however, two fireballs from either direction came charging at them.

“Oh give us a break.” Elena said.

“I think you’ve forgotten where you are supposed to be”. Scratchman said.

Again the Doctor helped Elena up, but before she could return the favour, the Griffin returned and grabbed the Doctor.

A tug of war ensued with Elena only barely holding on to the Doctor. Fortunately the two fireballs below colliding caused a mine explosion which shook knocked the Doctor, Elena and the Griffin backwards.

The Doctor and Elena quickly ran down the nearest corridor, but at the end of it was another hole which led to a very different type of hell dimension.

This dimension was nothing more than a hideous swamp of black tar, though at the centre of the tar was a giant throne, atop which a massive Demon with horns and a pig like face sat.

“Erlik has been so desperate to torture the Time Lord in his swamp. Looks like he’ll get his wish after all” Scratchman laughed.

A fireball blocked off the way back, but the Griffin flew towards the Doctor and Elena.

In desperation the Doctor attacked the Griffin and grabbed it by the talons. Elena soon joined in and together the two of them were able to pull the Monster down for a few seconds before it flew away, with both still holding onto either claw.

Whilst the Griffin struggled to kick them away in the air, the Doctor got a good look around and saw Yarox running down a nearby corridor from another flaming ball.

He and Elena then jumped away from the Griffin and landed in front of Yarox.

“Doctor, Elena” he said with joy.

“We’ll talk later” the Doctor said as he ran away from the fireball.

The three time travellers ran down the long corridor, but on the right hand wall, the three were distracted by a what looked like a door to another one of Scratchman’s pocket dimensions.

The three saw a woman standing in the doorway, though to the three of them she appeared very differently. The Doctor saw her as a hideous Demonic hag, whilst Yarox saw her as the most stunningly beautiful woman he had ever seen with flame red hair, and piercing green eyes. Elena meanwhile saw a relatively ordinary woman.

The Doctor was the first to break out of the trance and quickly pulled his two companions out of it.

They soon reached the end of the corridor, which was another portal on the ground. This time it led to a version of hell that appeared to be nothing but a Frozen wasteland. As the Doctor prepared to help his two companions up the nearest wall again, the walls around them suddenly grew to over 60 feet tall.

“Not very sportsman like Harry” The Doctor said.

“Again I think you’ve forgotten who you were talking too? Be glad I gave you a chance for as long as I did.”

The Doctor and his two companions tried to push at the walls as hard as they could, but it was no use. As the fireball hurled towards them they had no choice but to jump through the portal into Scratchman’s frozen wasteland below.

Scratchman burst out laughing.

“Poor Doctor. If this had been any other time I would have given him more of a chance, but ah well time is short. He brought it on himself.”

Scratchman turned around causing the water flooding his castle to retreat and the walls to turn to fire again.

“Let’s just hope his little machine is smart enough to realise I don’t appreciate or respect stubborness.”

In the wasteland below the Doctor struggled to move the cold was so biting. His people the Time Lords could withstand the cold to a much greater extent than human beings, but even he was beginning to pass out. Around him Elena and Yarox were both completely unconscious.

“Elena, Yarox.” The Doctor said weakly. “Please, we have to move, find shelter or we, we” He collapsed face first into the snow.

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: The Curse of the Robots: Part 5


The fire slammed the bubble Denika and the others were encased in back into the nearest wall of the mine, nearly smashing it.

Denika upped the power in the sphere as hard as she could, but the more she did, the more her connection with it became greater and she started to feel the fire herself.

The Jiang Shi had managed to clutch on, with it’s claws even penetrating the sphere somewhat. Ironically lesser Vampires would have been able to rip through the sphere no problem, but fortunately the Jiang Shi’s greater weaknesses to magic meant that it was actually struggling to get through.

The creature however didn’t give up even after it had been reduced to nothing but a skeleton, but fortunately the flames soon blasted it’s skeleton to pieces.

Denika screamed as her flesh began to sizzle, but she held on in spite of the agony until the flames had finally died down after which she then using the last of her power, blasted a space below among the rubble for them to land. The bubble instantly vanished after, and Denika and the others fell onto the scorching earth. Denika who had collapsed would have landed face first into the burning dirt had it not been for Keptis, who instantly jumped back up and caught her.

Keptis tended to the witch, whilst Ashlei checked their surroundings. They were completely surrounded by large burning boulders on every side. Not only would they not have the strength to lift or push them, but they were scorching to the touch.

The mine looked largely blocked at both ends, though there appeared to be some space between some of the boulders. The only way up was to climb.  Ashlei tried to put her fingers on one of the rocks, but it was so seering she had to pull away instantly.

She suddenly noticed a hand peeking out from underneath one of the boulders. Though badly burned, Ashlei could tell that it belonged to one of the Jiang Shi as it’s fingers were clawed.

The hand started to move. The Vampire had managed to survive the flames by shielding itself behind the boulder. It hadn’t intended to, it had essentially lucked out when the boulder was blown into the undead monster, knocking it across the mine until it was trapped between two boulders and “protected”, though it’s body was still scorched.

The Vampire pushed the boulder off of it’s back, nearly hurling it on top of Ashlei in the process. The bloodsuckers entire body was badly scorched, and it’s left leg appeared to be broken as it limped after Ashlei very slowly.

Up above more rocks started to shake, as more and more of the Vampires that had survived started to crawl out from under them. One of the boulders from above was pushed on top of two of the surviving alien slaves, crushing them to death.

Another, female Vampire then jumped down, it’s body just as scorched as the others, though it was otherwise undettered.

Ashlei lifted a large flaming rock despite it being burning to the touch, and managed to hit the female Vampire over the head from behind, but it did little to deter the Jiang Shi who then grabbed Ashlei and prepared to sink her fangs into the time travellers neck.

Keptis however tripped the Vampire up from behind and then repeatedly hit it in the face with the rock Ashlei had used, the male Vampire meanwhile managed to creep up on Ashlei, but when it grabbed her, she was able to wrestle free by kicking the bloodsucker in it’s broken leg.

Some of the prisoners started to join in the fight, with three more alien slaves dogpiling on the male Vampire. One of them tried bludgeoning the beast over the head, whilst the other two hit the Vampire in it’s broken leg over and over.

Another three tried to hold down the female Vampire that Keptis was still trying to finish, but unfortunately the slaves ended up making things worse. The male Vampire was angered by the pain in it’s leg to such an extent that it reached out and tore it’s claws into one of the slaves stomach and pulled his guts out.

The bloodsucker, after quickly licking it’s victims long intenstines, then used them to strangle Ashlei. The other slave tried to pull the Vampire away and even tried to hit it’s leg again, but the Vampire with one slash of it’s claws cut his throat and sent him head first into the burning earth.

The female Vampire meanwhile managed to push the attacking aliens off, after which she grabbed Keptis and pinned him to the ground.

The Vampire’s face was burnt and broken beyond all recognition, and the monster lifted Keptis’ own rock to crush his face in, but Denika woke up just in time, and blasted the Vampire through several more rocks.

“You need to get us out of here now.” Keptis said to Denika.

“I’m too weak.”

“I know I’m sorry, but there’s no way we can climb through this mess and there are Vampires all around. They’re like roaches.”

Sure enough several more Vampires were beginning to crawl their way out from between and under the rocks

“We’ve dug ourselves into a hole, we’ll just have to dig deeper” Denika said as she blasted a hole in the ground.

Denika, and Keptis were the first to jump down the hole that was about 20 feet deep, with Ashlei and the suviving slaves following.

“What the hell are you doing?” Keptis asked?

“I don’t have the power to knock away all of those boulders, but we might be able to make our way down to somewhere safe, while I recharge.”

Denika placed another bubble around herself and the others before pushing it through the hole in the ground, though even that was taking it out of her after how spent she had been after the blast.

One of the slaves however had not made it down the pit, having decided to stay and hold off the Vampires. Unfortunately by the time one of the slaves warned Denika, she had already dragged the bubble 100 or so feet deeper into the ground.

Some of the Vampires had jumped down and landed on top of the bubble, Denika tried to push it back up to rescue the slave, but the Vampires were pushing against it, and worse this bubble was much weaker than the previous one, so the Vampires were able to rip their claws through the sphere and grab hold of one of the slaves. The Vampires then pulled the slaves arm out through the sphere and bit her.

In the middle of the commotion, the mutilated corpse of the slave who had been left behind fell on top of the sphere. Worse still the slave who been bitten instantly began to turn into a Jiang Shi and tried to attack the others. Ashlei and Keptis, catching the Vampire off guard, (as she was distracted by Denika) pushed her back and through the sphere, which was getting weaker by the second.

In spite of her weakness, Denika managed to push the sphere through over another 200 feet of rock below until eventually she reached a gigantic cavern.

There cavern below was several hundred feet wide, and at the far end of the cavern was a huge machine, connected to a long pipe that ran down a nearby massive tunnel.

As soon as the sphere hit the ground it shattered just as before, sending it’s occupants and the Vampires all over the room. One of the slaves was knocked straight between two Vampires who jumped on top of her, and mauled her to death before any of the others could help.

Up above in the Robot’s base meanwhile Carlene and the alien had become lost in the maze like corridors. They had been spotted by two of the Robots, just as they were about to reach the control room and had only managed to barely escape thanks to Carlene’s fantastic speed.

“We’re lost alien. I’m afraid in our haste we.”

Carlene suddenly pushed him to the side and put her finger to her lips. Someone was coming around the corner. Carlene reached into her beehive for a weapon, not that it would do her any good, but still.

Fortunately she soon saw it was the robot she had abandoned earlier and The Circus Master himself.

After he had made his way into the base, the Circus Master had been swiftly captured by the Robots. Fortunately Carlene’s Robot after hearing that one of the aliens had been recaptured was able to rescue him, by blasting the two Robot guards from a distance.

“Carlene I thought you were.”

“I nearly was, but thanks to our friend here” She said pointing at the Robot. “He fixed me up with some magics. Where are the others.”

“Florence I last saw tryng to escape the mine through the top. Denika, Keptis and Ashlei I, I.”

“No, please”

“I’m sorry Carlene but they were trapped in the lower levels of the mine. It’s possible that Denika could have used her magics to escape but.”

“No it is not” The robot said coldly.

“The metal of the shutters that seal off the lower levels is designed to withstand any kind of magical blast. I’m sorry but there is no way they could have escaped. ”

Carlene started to cry.

“You know that Denika can create a forcefield around herself. Believe me Carlene we’ve been through worse.” The Circus Master said, not sure if he meant it or not.

“Even if they by a miracle survived the power of the blast, they will have been buried under thousands of tons of rock.

Carlene darted back down the hallway, forcing the Circus Master to run after her.

“She always does that.” The Robot said bitterly.

“What are you doing Carlene?” The Circus Master said as he tried to hold her back.

“Those metal bastards are going to pay. ”

“How do you think you are going to do that?”

“We’ve already lost, all that matters is taking as much of them down with me before I die.”

“You’ll be lucky to last against one.” The Robot said.

“Furthermore we haven’t lost. You just feel that way because the people most important to you will sadly not see the end of this fight.”

“He’s right Carlene we need to think of the bigger picture here. There are still millions of people on this planet who need our help.”

“The bigger picture” Carlene said derisively.

“That’s all you ever think about isn’t it?”

“Funny you didn’t seem to disagree with me when it was just the Rysteians and not Ashlei that was being sacrificed for the greater good? Besides I lost my friends too. I’ve travelled with Denika and Keptis for years.”

“You’re right I’m sorry, it’s just. That girl, she put her trust in me. I promised nothing was going to happen to her.”

“Well like I said, don’t write them off yet. I don’t care what that Robot says, but he is right that we need to do what we can for the people of this world, and a pointless sacrifice is not going to help anyone.”

Back in the lower levels of the cave, the aliens, Keptis and Ashlei did their best to try and fight off the Vampires, but the monsters were too strong, and their burnt flesh and broken bones had begun to heal.

Denika meanwhile was too weak to carry on in the fight and she crawled along the cave floor, to try and get somewhere safe to charge up.

As she got away from the Jiang Shi however she found herself drawn towards the pipe that ran through the cave. She didn’t know why, but she could sense something powerful in there.

The closer she got to it, the more she could feel her own power growing. Suddenly  just as she was getting stronger, she noticed one of the Jiang Shi had followed her. The beast slashed at her, but the Witch managed to dodge his attack and instead riped a hole in the pipe.

A massive blue energy fired from the pipe, striking the Vampire in the face and vaporising it into dust.

The energy spread throughout the room vaporising more Vampires and slaves that were unlucky enough to be caught in its blast..

To Be Continued