Why TV Tropes and Idioms Cannot Be Trusted

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TV Tropes and Idioms is a website that as it’s name would suggest, dissects tropes and storytelling devices. Initially it began as just a Buffy fansite, but soon expanded to analysing other tv shows, before moving onto analysing tropes from all forms of media.

The site much like wikipedia is supposed to be an impartial, non biased source of information.

It has a different section from it’s main articles called your mileage may vary, or YMMV for short where people can voice their opinions about things that not everyone might accept.

The site can be very informative and fun, and I don’t mean to badmouth everyone who contributes to it here. Still unfortunately my recent run in with the site demonstrates not only that it cannot be trusted, but also the degree to which people will try and rewrite the past to fit their own agenda.

I set up an account on TV Tropes a few months ago. It was just to correct some bad misinformation the site was spreading about the British Science Fiction series Doctor Who.

I felt the site was not only ridiculously biased against the Classic era, but also guilty of spreading some outright lies, primarily about the Doctors nemesis the Master.

For those of you unfamiliar, The Master was the Doctor’s archenemy, introduced in the Jon Pertwee era of the show.

In the classic era, the Master was depicted as having once been the Doctors friend, before they drifted apart.

The villain’s primary motivation was to conquer the galaxy because he believed under his rule he could make it a better place. (Not out of altruism, more his own gigantic ego.)

This is not just my opinion, this is an objective fact!

You can tell this just by watching the stories.

Here are some quotes from all the Classic era Masters stories.

Roger Delgado

MASTER: There, Miss Grant. I think we’ve seen the last of the Doctor. Buried for all time under the ruins of Atlantis. You know, I’m going to miss him.
JO: He’s not finished. I just know it.
MASTER: Of course he is.
JO: No, you’re the one who’s finished! Do you think that, that creature out there will ever let you control it?
MASTER: I do so already. He came when I called. You saw that yourself.
JO: Like a tiger comes when he hears a lamb bleating.
MASTER: Nicely put, my dear. You know, that was worthy of the late lamented Doctor himself. You know, I could kick myself for not having polished him off long ago. Just think of the future. Dominion over all time and all space. Absolute power forever. And no Doctor to ruin things for me.

MASTER: Now please, as I was telling you, the whole world can be ours. I only need two things. Your submission and your obedience to my will.
WINSTANLEY: What’s all this about obedience and submission? You said that we were going to rule.
MASTER: You rule? Ha! Why, you’re all less than dust beneath my feet!
WINSTANLEY: Preposterous!
MASTER: You choose to question me, do you? Very well, I’ll give you another choice. Obey me or I shall destroy you!
WINSTANLEY: If that’s your brave new world, you can keep it! I’m getting out of here and if the rest of you have got any sense, you’ll come with me.
THORPE: I reckon the Squire’s right. Come on, let’s get out of here.
(Up on the stair landing, the Master concentrates, and Bok jumps in through the window. The Master gestures and Bok makes Winstanley disappear.)
MASTER: Right, does anybody else agree with the Squire? Thank you. It does my heart good to know I have such a willing band of followers. Now, today is May Day. Go and enjoy yourselves. Celebrate the festival with your families. When I need you all, I shall summon you again.

AZAL: Speak!
MASTER: I am the Master. I called you here.
AZAL: That I know. Tell me why you now call me.
MASTER: Give me your knowledge and your power.
AZAL: Why?
MASTER: So that I may rule these primitives on Earth here, and help them to fulfill your plan.
AZAL: You are not one of their kind.
MASTER: No, I’m superior to them. That’s why I should be their leader.
AZAL: There is another here of your race.
MASTER: He has been destroyed.
AZAL: No, he lives. I would speak with him.
MASTER: I think not!
AZAL: Take care, creature! With your few pitiful grains of knowledge, you have summoned me here, but I am not your slave and you are not immortal.
MASTER: Forgive me, Mighty One, forgive me. Nevertheless, I claim that which is rightfully mine.
AZAL: Your mind is superior to mankind’s, and your will is stronger.
MASTER: Then I am to be your choice?
AZAL: I shall consider. Now leave.

AZAL: I answered your call because the time was come for my awakening. The time has come for the completion of the experiment or its destruction.
MASTER: Then fulfill your mission by granting the ultimate power to me. Who else is there strong enough to give these humans the leadership they need?
DOCTOR: I seem to remember somebody else speaking like that. What was the bounder’s name? Hitler. Yes, that’s right, Adolf Hitler. Or was it Genghis Khan?

DOCTOR: You’re going to use this weapon?
MASTER: Not unless it’s absolutely necessary. Well, don’t you see, Doctor? The very threat of its use could hold the galaxy to ransom.
DOCTOR: I think you’ve left it a trifle late.
MASTER: Doctor, you underrate me.

DOCTOR: So, you intend to hold the universe to ransom.
MASTER: Doctor, why don’t you come in with me? We’re both Time Lords, we’re both renegades. We could be masters of the galaxy! Think of it, Doctor, absolute power! Power for good. Why, you could reign benevolently, you could end wars, suffering, disease. We could save the universe.
DOCTOR: No, absolute power is evil.
MASTER: Consider carefully, Doctor. I’m offering you a half-share in the universe.

The Burned Master

MASTER: Rassilon’s discovery, all mine. I shall have supreme power over the universe. Master of all matter! Bwhahahaha!

Ainley Master

MASTER: You’re getting old, Doctor. Your will is weak. It’s time you regenerated.
DOCTOR: You won’t win, not ultimately.
MASTER: You’re mistaken. With Kamelion’s unique ability at my command, it’s only a matter of time before I undermine the key civilisations of the universe. Chaos will reign, and I shall be its emperor.
DOCTOR: Earth is a primitive planet. You won’t succeed so easily elsewhere.
MASTER: Where I cannot win by stealth, I shall destroy. That way I cannot fail to win.
DOCTOR: You’ll never succeed.
MASTER: Unfortunately, you will not be alive to find out. Which reminds me. My compressor.
DOCTOR: Safely in my Tardis.

MASTER: A turbulent time, Doctor, in Earth’s history.
DOCTOR: Not one of its most tranquil, I agree.
MASTER: A critical period.
DOCTOR: You could say that.
MASTER: Oh, I do. The beginning of a new era.
PERI: Doctor, do you get his drift?
DOCTOR: I’m afraid I do, Peri.
PERI: He wants to pervert history.
DOCTOR: Not that the Prince of Darkness here would see it as perversion.
MASTER: Maudlin claptrap. The talents of these geniuses should be harnessed to a superior vision. With their help, I could turn this insignificant planet into a power base unique in the universe.

The Master also has a pathological hatred of the Doctor too. It is true they were once friends, but their friendship in the Classic era was never that important to either of them.

Their former friendship is mentioned in a grand total of one episode, The Sea Devils. Here the Doctor does express some regret at the Master ending up the way he has, but it is never mentioned again.

The Master meanwhile in his first few stories is willing to form an alliance with the Doctor if need be. The Master does at that point genuinely think that when he rules the Galaxy, it will be a better place and so in his mind, the Doctor, a genius can help him build his better world.

Still he is willing to kill the Doctor from the start, and as time goes on the Master becomes obsessed with not only destroying the Doctor, but proving his superiority to him.

As the Master is a rampant egotist (who thinks he has the right to decide the future of the universe.) It would make sense that he would hate the Doctor, the man who challenges him more than anyone else.

Here again are quotes showing the Master’s intense hatred for the Doctor from Classic Who

DOCTOR: How do you know about them?
MASTER: Oh, from the Time Lord’s files.
DOCTOR: More stolen information?
MASTER: Naturally.
DOCTOR: Well, why do you want to contact them?
MASTER: Those reptiles, Doctor, were once the rulers of this Earth. And with my help, they can be so again. DOCTOR: I still don’t see why you want to help them. What can you possibly gain?
MASTER: The pleasure of seeing the human race exterminated, Doctor. The human race of which you are so fond. Believe me, that’ll be a reward in itself.


DOCTOR: But there’s no need for a war. Why can’t you share the planet?
SEA DEVIL: That would be impossible.
DOCTOR: The depths of the sea and those areas on Earth where man cannot live can be yours.
SEA DEVIL: And man would agree to that?
DOCTOR: There’s a chance. Wouldn’t it be better to try for a peace, than to launch yourself into a war that you cannot possibly win?
SEA DEVIL: I will consider what you have said.
DOCTOR: Let me return to the humans, and I will endeavour to make a peace for you.
SEA DEVIL: Perhaps it would be possible.
MASTER: No! The Doctor is your deadly enemy! He must be destroyed!

MASTER: You realise, of course, that you’re a doomed man, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Oh, I’m a dead man. I knew that as soon as I came through that door, so you’d better watch out. You see, I’ve nothing to lose, have I?
MASTER: Enough! Azal, destroy him!
AZAL: Who is this?!
MASTER: My enemy and yours, Azal. Destroy him!
AZAL: This is the one we spoke of. He too is not of this planet.
MASTER: He is a meddler and a fool.
AZAL: He is not a fool, yet he has done a foolish thing coming here. Why did you come?

Burned Master

The Master: Well?
Goth: The trial was adjourned, master. He pleaded Article Seventeen.
The Master: He remains as ingenious as ever.
Goth: He will not escape.
Master: Escape? Escape is not in his mind. Now he is hunting you.
Goth: It was a mistake to bring him here. We could have used anyone.
Master: No, we could not have used anyone. You do not understand hatred as I understand it. Only hate keeps me alive. Why else should I endure this pain? I must see the Doctor die in shame and dishonour. Yes, and I must destroy the Time Lords. Nothing else matters. Nothing!

MASTER: I have suffered long enough from your stupid, stubborn interference in my designs. Now we are coming to the end of our conflict, Doctor.
(Spandrell moves forward and the Master shoots him.)
DOCTOR: Why have you brought me here?
MASTER: As a scapegoat for the killing of the President. Who else but you, Doctor? So despicably good, so insufferably compassionate. I wanted you to die in ignominious shame and disgrace.

Ainley Master

MASTER: But this is the end, Doctor. You see it. It’s a power. A power from that planet. It’s growing within me. Are you frightened yet?
MASTER: You should be. You should be. It nearly beat me. Such a simple, brutal power. Just the power of tooth and claw. It nearly destroyed me, a Time Lord. But I won. I control that force, Doctor. And now, at last, I have the power to destroy you.

The Doctor for his part never showed a desire to redeem the Master, and certainly not to reconnect with him.

Apart from the Sea Devils, where he mentions regret at how the Master turns out, he never views him as anything but evil and makes several attempts on his life.

DOCTOR: You just don’t understand, do you, Jo? Once he gets that circuit back he’s free to roam through time and space. We’d never catch him.
JO: Then you’ll just have to give in. The Master’s got the missile and all we’ve got is this wretched machine.
DOCTOR: Jo, will you stop stating the obvious. What did you say?
JO: I said all we’ve got is this machine.
DOCTOR: Well, that’s it. That’s the answer. We’ve got the machine and we’ve got our friend, Barnham.
JO: I don’t understand.
DOCTOR: With a little help from you, old chap, we can destroy this machine and the Master at the same time.

DOCTOR: Well, how do you think I feel?
JO: Sorry.
DOCTOR: Yes. Here, have some coffee.
BRIGADIER: Well, at least we’re rid of the Keller machine, and the Master.
DOCTOR: Yes, we’ve probably killed off that machine all right, but I’m not so sure about the Master.
BRIGADIER: Well, even if he wasn’t killed, Doctor, he won’t get far if you’ve still got his circuit.


[The Master’s Tardis]

MASTER: Ah, Doctor. I was afraid you’d be worried about me, so I thought I’d let you know that I’m alive and well.

[Prison Governor’s office]

DOCTOR: I’m extremely sorry to hear that.

ENGIN: It’s we who should thank you, Doctor, for destroying the Master.
DOCTOR: Well, I didn’t actually see him fall, you know. I was quite busy.
ENGIN: Oh, but if by some miracle he survived the fall into that chasm, he was dying anyway.
DOCTOR: There was a good deal of power coming out of that monolith, and the Sash would have helped him to convert it.
SPANDRELL: Are you suggesting he survived?
DOCTOR: No, no, I hope not, Spandrell. And there’s no one in all the galaxies I’d say that about.The quintessence of evil. Goodbye, Spandrell.

It is true that Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks who created the Master intended for their to be a strong bond between the Master and the Doctor, but they intended to reveal that they were brothers. In what would have been Pertwee’s final story, we would not only have found out that the Master was the Doctors brother, but the Master would have redeemed himself to save the Doctors life.

Roger Delgado who played the first Master came up with the idea that the Master was the Doctors brother very early into his performance, and told it to the producers who liked it.

Jon Pertwee says as such on an extra included on the Planet of Spider’s DVD, whilst Barry Letts the co-creator of the Master backs this up on both the Planet of the Spiders extras and an extra on the Frontier in Space DVD.

Sadly the brothers idea was never realised as Roger Delgado was tragically killed in a car accident before his final story could be filmed. As a result there was never anything on screen to suggest a deeper bond between the Master and the Doctor.

John Nathan Turner who produced the show from 1980-1989 and was responsible for reintroducing the Master and casting Ainley, nevertheless always considered the Master and the Doctor to be brothers. Barry Letts had overseen John Nathan Turner’s first season as producer, and helped him reintroduce the character, so he filled JNT in on the characters backstory.

You can see Peter Davison who played the 5th Doctor admit that JNT believed them to be brothers and came close to revealing it on the Planet of Fire DVD.

Now in the 21st century Doctor Who series, the character of the Master was tampered with greatly by the producers, Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat.

They both favoured the ridiculous idea that the Master was so obsessed with the Doctor because he was in love with him. The Simm Master during the Davies era is at least attracted to the Doctor, whilst the female Master during the Moffat era passionately kisses the Doctor, and tells him frequently that her hearts belong to him. She also murders or tries to murder any attractive female friend of the doctor in jealous rages, and her entire plans revolve around winning him back.

Missy also abandons all of the Masters other time honoured traits, like his hypnotic powers, his main weapon the Tissue Compression Eliminator, his manipulative nature, and most jarring of all, his desire for power. (In her first story she gives up an indestructable Cyber army to win the Doctor back.)

The New Series Masters are basically totally different characters from the original Classic era Master. Sadly however TV Tropes and Idioms outright lied about the Classic era Masters history to try and make the two modern Masters (Missy most of all) fit in with the classic era versions.

The reason for this is because the Missy incarnation of the Master was more of a political statement than anything else. She was the first female Master, (and indeed the first on screen female version of a male Time Lord.) As a result there were people desperate to prove that a male/female Time Lord can be a success, to pave the way for a female Doctor. Not only would they praise her no matter what, but they would go as far as to say that she is similar to Roger Delgado’s Master, the original, to prove how seamless the transformation was.

Of course even trying to compare Missy’s version to Delgado’s is utterly laughable.

Delgado’s Master

MASTER: Well, Miss Grant, as an Earth poet once said, ‘My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure’. Come on, you fellows, let me out! Your Emperor is waiting to see me.


MISSY: Well, yes, of course it is. I mean, how would you ever find your glasses? Or the little girl’s room? And what if you kissed an ugly? 

Yeah they are really comparable.

On top of that the Moffat era commands a certain loyalty from fans to the point where they will defend him no matter what. (Even when the Capaldi era’s viewers were down at 2 million, he was still being praised as bringing Doctor Who to new heights of popularity.)

With this in mind then it’s no surprise that these types of fans wrote on Television Tropes and Idioms factual article about the Master, that the producers had always intended the Roger Delgado Master to be in love with the Doctor, and that there was underlying sexual tension between the Delgado Master and the Pertwee Doctor (I’ll give you a minute to laugh at that.)

They also wrote that the Delgado Masters only motivation was to spend as much time with the Doctor as he could, that he was a vicious psychopath who killed people for no reason, and that the Missy incarnation was more faithful to the original Master than any other.

All of these points were presented in the main article about the Master, not in the YMMV section. They were clearly included to try and make Missy fit in better with the Delgado Master.

Naturally as a fan of the original I wanted to edit this article to be more factual. I wrote in the the truth that the producers and creators of the character intended to make the Master and the Doctor brothers. I also wrote in the Delgado Master’s true motivations, (his desire to take over the universe, rather than to spend time with the Doctor.) I also wrote in how Missy eliminated all of the time honoured traits of the Masters character, such as his hypnosis, his intense hatred of the Doctor and his lust for power.

Again these are demonstrable facts, not just my opinion.

Here is a quote from the Ainley Master in Classic Who.

MASTER: The universe is hanging on a thread. A single recursive pulse down that cable and the CVE would close forever. Even a humble assistant could do it.
DOCTOR: You’re mad!
(The Master produces his weapon, then switches on the tape recorder to broadcast his message to the universe.)
MASTER [OC]: Peoples of the universe, please attend carefully. The message that follows is vital to the future of you all. The choice for you all is simple. A continued existence under my guidance, or total annihilation. At the time of speaking, the
DOCTOR: Blackmail.
MASTER: No, Doctor, I’m merely reporting the state of affairs. I have it in my power now to save them or destroy them.
DOCTOR: You’re utterly mad.

Now let’s look at Missy’s view of gaining power.

MISSY: Tiny bit pleased? Oh, go on, crack a smile. I want to see if your eyebrows drop off.
DOCTOR: All of this. All of it, just to give me an army?
MISSY: Well, I don’t need one, do I? Armies are for people who think they’re right. And nobody thinks they’re righter than you. Give a good man firepower, and he’ll never run out of people to kill.
DOCTOR: I don’t want an army!
MISSY: Well, that’s the trouble! Yes, you do! You’ve always wanted one! All those people suffering in the Dalek camps? Now you can save them. All those bad guys winning all the wars? Go and get the good guys back.

That’s a clear deviation from the character. If Missy were a man, nobody would disagree with my analysis that she is an in name only version, but again because she is a woman and written by Moffat then she get’s a free pass from certain fans.

My edits to the Master article were instantly taken out by a moderator with no explanation. So I put them back in again, only for them to be taken out. I put them back in again, stating clearly that my opinions were backed up by facts, and so the moderator banned me for supposedly being rude and starting an edit war.

I took up my issue on the forum only to be told that nobody cares about my opinions, (whilst also ironically being told that my behaviour was rude. Incidentally another edit I made to another article, pandering to the base simply describing the legit criticisms of the Jodie era for it’s politics were deleted, with the reason being given that I was a misogynist. Apparently that wasn’t rude.)

I brought up the fact that what I wrote about the Master and the Doctor originally having meant to be brothers wasn’t simply my opinion. I told the moderators that they can find interviews with the likes of Jon Pertwee, the creators of the character, and others like John Nathan Turner all conforming this on DVD’s of Classic stories such as Planet of the Spiders and Planet of Fire and Frontier in Space.

I was then told that it didn’t matter what the creators and writers of the classic era Master stories think. Apparently because there was a consensus among people on TV Tropes that there was always a romantic relationship between the Doctor and the Master, that’s how it had to be written.

I brought up that it’s absurd to ignore what the creators, people who played the role, and writers of the character for 20 years all said in favour of some fans thought, who came decades after the likes Delgado and Ainley and JNT had died. After that I was banned from the site forever. I can’t even read personal messages to my profile on the site now.

Here is the argument in full.

TV Tropes and Idioms Banned Users Discussion

With this in mind you can see how Television Tropes and Idioms cannot be trusted. They are actually willing to ignore what the people who made the character of the Master said, because it doesn’t fit in with their interpretations. Every page should be a YMMV page with this in mind. There should be no distinction.

This also shows you how dangerous Missy fans and SJW fans are to the brand. It’s not enough for them to take it over in the present. These “fans” have to take over and rewrite the entire history of the Doctor Who franchise.

Television Tropes and Idioms is a site that millions of people around the world read every year. It’s terrible if it spreads such blatant disinformation that can be easily disproved as facts. It starts with something fairly irrelevent like Doctor Who, a tv series, but if it is allowed to spread to other more important records and areas of information then it could be extremely dangerous.

Ironically I am reminded of a line from a Doctor Who story featuring the Master. “The truth is inconvenient, we’ll just have to adjust it.”

This behaviour needs called out now before it spreads to other factual sites. I can already imagine if I wanted to include it on wikipedia that Missy was an objective change from the Master’s character as they were originally intended to be brothers, it similarly being edited out and me being banned.

The actual history of the Master in the Classic era is being either erased, or changed beyond recognition because it doesn’t fit with the modern, politically motivated versions of the character.

Until TV Tropes and Idioms get’s their act together and makes it clear that they are not quite so biased, then they simply cannot be trusted. If they are willing to blatanly lie about this, what else are they lying about?

Roger Delgado: The Original Master and the Best - Doctor Who Talk

There’s that big woman that wants to shag the Doctor. Remember it doesn’t matter what Roger Delgado himself thought about the Master, only what a fan born decades after his death thinks for their own political agenda. At least according to TV Tropes.





King Kong Part 4


“This was where he was last spotted.”

“How long ago was that? A year ago. Maybe those things killed him.”

Liasa could see her words had hurt her mother.”

“I’m sorry, but we turned our backs on the Ape why would he.”

“I turned my back on him you mean. I saved him all those years ago from the river. I was the only family he had. I shouldn’t have let them. It doesn’t matter now though, he’s our only chance.”

Suddenly the two women could hear a rustling sound in the distance. Gerisian stopped her daughter from going ahead. It didn’t sound big enough to be Kong, though granted she didn’t know what size the Ape would be by now for sure, but it sounded more fleet footed and light, like a Raptor.

Sure enouh the noise was followed by the sound of several Raptors screeching.

“They followed us up here. They’re smarter than you’d think.”

The two women tried to make their way out of the jungle as fast as they possibly could. If the Raptors saw them for a second it would be over. No one could outrun them.

The two women concealed themselves in the low grass to keep out of sight from the Dinosaurs that they could see come into view in the distance. There were three Raptors in total all sniffing at the ground, trying to pick up the two woman’s scent.

Unfortunately however Gerisian and her daughter were too focused on the Raptors in the distance to notice one of the Dinosaurs watching them from above. The Raptors were pack hunters and would often use members of the pack to cover multipe areas, rather than all attack at once.

The Raptor glided slowly from the tree tops like a bird of prey on top of Gerisian, using it’s wing like forearms. It pinned her to the ground with the claws on its arms and feet and sunk it’s jaws into her back.

Before it’s teeth could cut through her spinal chord however, Liasa was able to bat the Dinosaur away with a stick. It’s bite was still deep however and Gerisian was in tremendous pain, though she fought through it for her daughters.

Liasa tried to drag her mother away, but the other Raptors had noticed the commotion and were quick to swarm the humans.

Liasa and Gerisian both crawled up a nearby tree. The Raptors tried to follow, but at the top Liasa was able to knock them back down with a stick.

At the very top of the tree, Gerisian could get a better view of the forest. There was no sign of Kong, but with no other choice Gerisian started to use her special call for Kong.

Back when Kong lived in the village, Gerisian would always use a special call to summon the monkey. She hadn’t attempted to use the call when searching for Kong up until now, as she was afraid the call would make the Ape flee after what had happened. (She was also worried about attracting the Dinosaurs.)

Now however she had no choice.

She screamed out Kong’s call from the top of the forest for a few minutes until suddenly the trees in the distance began to break down. Kong came charging into the clearing behind the Raptors who he towered over. Kong now stood over 15 feet tall, and was several tons in weight.

Kong slammed both of his fists into the forest floor and whilst one of the Raptors wisely fled, the remaining 3 Raptors all dogpiled on the great Ape at once. The largest Raptor went for Kong’s neck and started to kick with the talons on it’s feet, whilst the other two each jumped on Kong’s arms.

Such a tactic had worked many times for the Raptors when taking down lumbering herbivorous Dinosaurs such as Hadrosaurs. Two Raptors tear at the arms, distracting the animal, whilst another goes for the jugular and takes it down quickly before it can realise what is going on.. Kong however was much too smart for their tricks and slammed both of his arms into trees crushing the Raptors. He then grabbed the Raptor going for his neck and bit down hard, tearing the animal in half. He then threw the bottom half onto the ground and stepped on it, before spitting the top half he had chewed up over the nearby trees.

Kong then beat his chest furiously and roared sending all of the birds and a few Pterosaurs in the nearby area flying from the tree tops.

Even Liasa cowered at the sight of the beast, whilst Gerisian walked slowly towards the Ape, undettered by the tremendous pain in her back.

Kong stared at her tenderly for a few moments before letting out another roar and grabbing his foster mother in his hand. He hoisted her up to his angry, scowling face.

Liasa ran to try and help her mother, but Gerisian signalled her to stop, even as Kong’s grip around her tightened.

200 Years Later

Scarlett tried to hurl herself forward, but the Dimetrodon was just as fast and managed to grab her foot it it’s jaws. It wasn’t a good bite however, though the monsters teeth still penetrated the skin and muscle on her foot.

Daniel meanwhile had reached the top of the hill without even looking back, whilst William in contrast hurled a massive rock he had found at the Dimetrodon’s sail. He knew these beasts well. They were arguably the most perisitent enemies of the humans on the island. Their sails which they used to regulate body temperature, and to attract a mate were nevertheless extremely delicate and Peter’s well aimed throw managed to puncture a hole in the sail.

The Dimetrodon let out an agonized scream and darted back into it’s cave, leaving a trail of blood behind as it went.

William and a few of the other criminals, helped Scarlett up, whilst the rest, including Daniel waited paitently at the top of the hill.

“Can you walk?” William asked.

“Yes I can” she said as he put some pressure on her foot.

“Good because if you couldn’t we would have left you. You’re right in that we are all in this together, but at the same time no dead wood. Unless I get hurt of course.”

“What makes you so special,” Daniel said from above?

“I’m the only one who knows the natives on this island remember? I not only know where their village is, but I’m you liason in with them. Without me you won’t last long on this island as you can see.” William said whilst looking back at the remains of the criminal the Dimetrodon had devoured. Come on, let’s get out of here before more of those sail back’s get hungry.”

Over the hill ahead was another maze of rock formations, but William was confident he knew the way ahead.

“I remember one of these passages led to a large underground lake where we did most of our fishing. I must have walked past this area 100 or so times.”

“Why did you stop coming here?” Scarlett asked.

“Something else, something bigger and hungrier found out about our little watering hole, let’s just leave it at that. Don’t worry we won’t run into it here. We’ll be fine.”

As they walked down one of the ridges together, keeping an eye out for more Dimetrodon’s, Scarlett couldn’t keep her contempt from Daniel hidden for long.

“I guess there isn’t any honour among thieves after all.” She said in Daniel’s direction as she limped behind the others.

“There was nothing I could have done to help you, Scarlett, besides I’ve only ever looked out for myself before, why should now on this godforsaken island of all places, suddenly change that.”

“Yes well you better hope you’re not ever in danger here yourself. I and don’t think anyone else will be in a huge rush to help you.”

“I wasn’t going to help him anyway.” One of the other criminals said.

“I hope one of those things eats him slowly.”

“Yes well it wouldn’t want to eat you would it? You look like you’ve already passed through something’s digestive system.”

William and Scarlett quickly intervened and broke up the fight, but within a few seconds the roaring of a Dimetrodon took their minds off of the petty squabble.

“It’s near.” William said.

“We just have to stay on our feet.”

William made sure to place himself in the middle of the circle so that if there was a Dimetrodon around any corner he would be the last person to get snatched.

The others weren’t happy at this arrangement, but realised they had no choice as he was their only chance of getting to the natives.

At the end of the latest ridge was a hill at the top of which stood a Dimetrodon roaring. The criminals paused for a minute.

“It won’t go away. It can smell us.”William said.

“It’s waiting for us to go by, into the open where it can pick us off.”

“What do we do?”

“We might just have to leg it.”

“I can’t run as fast after that thing bit my leg.”

“You’re dead wood Eva.” Daniel taunted.

“We don’t leave anybody behind” Sarah interrupted. “The fewer of us there are, the less likely we live.”

William meanwhile didn’t say anything for once. He agreed with Daniel, but he didn’t want to push the prisoners too far, or completely alienate Sarah either.

Fortunately it was soon taken out of their hands. The Dimetrodon that William had wounded crawled slowly out in front of them towards the end of the hill. It had obviously made it’s way out of the end of the cave.

Weak, bleeding and limping in pain, the wounded Dimetrodon didn’t even notice the other member of it’s kind at the top of the hill as it pitifully tried to crawl up it.

The healthier Dimetrodon meanwhile bolted down the hill and leaped at it’s wounded kin.

The healthy Dimetrodon easily overpowered the wounded creature after a short struggle and pushed it on it’s back, breaking it’s fragile sail completely.

The Dimetrodon screamed in agony as it waved it’s legs around helplessly on it’s back like a turtle. The healthy Dimetrodon meanwhile started to tear into it’s helpless kin whilst it was still alive.

Even the criminals looked away in disgust.

“It’s the way it is on this island. Food is so scarce the big predators hunt each other just as much. Everything eats everything on this island.” William said.

“We need to go now, whilst it’s feeding.”

The other criminals meanwhile had been forced to go down a different route. After what had happened with the Dimetrodon in the cave they were too scared to go back that way, so instead they decided to climb up a hill near to where the boat had crashed.

Peter had lost any small respect he may have among the other criminals for his cowardly actions in leaving behind one of his comrades to be devoured by the creature.

At the top of the hill, the criminals could see the same maze spread out ahead of them. They also spotted various Dimetrodon’s down several of the passages, some fighting brutally with one another.

In the very distance they could see what looked like a gigantic wall.

“Unbelievable, what the hell kind of a place has that mad man brought us too. ” One of the criminals who had somewhat assumed command of the group, named Hamish thought to himself. Hamish was an absolute bear of a man, standing over 6 feet 5 inches tall. Despite this he was actually one of the more fair and reasonable convicts. He had a pathological hatred of William however and had been against travelling to Skull Island from the start. As William himself had said however, he had no other idea of where to go.

“That hill up ahead” Peter said sheepishly, whilst pointing to another hill that led into the one they were standing on.

“It’s the only way forward, the passages are filled with those sail backed monsters.”

“That hill leads us away from the wall”. Hamish said.

“What’s so special about that wall.”

“You idiot it’s the sign of a civilisation. That’s clearly where these natives William is always going on about live.”

“I don’t care” another of the prisoners said.

“I’m not going through those things. I’d rather have drowned in the ocean.”

Hamish wasn’t too eager to fight his way through those things either and so he sheepishly agreed, hoping they could see another way around the hill.

The criminals walked down the hill, but as they prepared to climb the next hill, Peter noticed there was a small cave beside it. Whilst the others moved on ahead Peter was sure he could hear something coming from the cave, a deep growling sound.

To Be Continued




Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 13

Clue (1985) starring Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn ...Bruce Campbell (@GroovyBruce) | Twitter

Just a quick update. My schedule will change starting from today. Each episode of this, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will be posted every few days rather than every two weeks. I felt there was no need to stick to my regular schedule since we are in a lockdown for the forseeable. I have no other commitments so I might as well contribute to this blog more often.

                                    Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter

Elena had managed to make it past the warring monsters to the gates of the castle. Surprisingly they were open. It worried her that there were no guards at the castle door, but she assumed they were all caught up in the battle. Behind her most of the lesser Demons and Aliens had been slaughtered and it was only the most powerful left.

Elena had wisely avoided taking part in any of the fighting. She would have been cut down in seconds. Inside the castle was a massive hall, filled with paintings of strange creatures being attacked by Scratchman’s monsters.

As she walked down the seemingly neverending hall slowly, keeping an eye out for any of Scratchman’s minions she felt she could hear faint screams coming from the paintings.

Elena walked towards one of the paintings, of a strikingly beautiful Cyclops woman with green hair.

Below it read “The great Siclea, once a hero of her people the Uriox. She thought she could defeat Scratchman.”

In the painting, Siclea looked miserable. There was a single tear coming down her face.

Next to the painting of Siclea was a painting of a large Centaur with a hideous Demon riding on it’s back. The caption read. “See what happens when you cross old Harry?”

When Elena looked back at the painting of Siclea a hideous, pig faced, green skinned, slimy Demon was now grabbing her throat from behind.

The screams suddenly got louder and louder,so much that Elena started to back off, but when she turned around she saw that the front door to Scratchman’s castle had vanished.

It was now an endless corridor of paintings at both ends. Elena ran deeper into the castle as there was no way of going back.

As she ran down the corridor however, a brick wall suddenly appeared, followed by the sound of cruel, mocking laughter.

“You’ll look good on my wall. I do so love collecting pretty girls.”  A hideous, high pitched voice screeched from all around.

Elena’s attention was suddenly drawn to a blank painting by the wall. She didn’t want to look at it, but she couldn’t look away. Some force was pulling her towards it.

Underneath the painting was a caption.

“Elena. She really should have stayed in the 31st century.”

Elena tried to pull away from the seemingly empty canvas, put the same powerful force pulled her hand through it. The canvas suddenly turned to water when she touched it, and in a few minutes the Mutant was pulled through.

On the other side of the painting was the courtyard of a tiny castle, overlit by a black, thunderous sky above. When Elena tried to leave the courtyard via a drawbridge, she was held back by an invisible barrier.

She pounded and kicked on the barrier as hard as she could, but it made no difference.

“There is nothing beyond that wall.” A voice from above said.

As Elena turned around she saw a hideous giant creature emerge from the tallest tower at the end of the courtyard. The beast’s large, shapeless body was covered in faces, almost all of them screaming. The largest face at the centre however spoke.

“This is all that is left of the planet Orisa. All of the paintings you passed. They are what is left of many of the worlds in this universe. Scratchman destroyed most of the planets and used their remains to build his domain out there.

What was left of some other planets however, he turned into these pocket dimensions to torture anyone brave and stupid enough to try and break into his castle.”

“What are you going to do to me” Elena asked.

“We don’t want to. We have no choice. We were all once individuals. A race. We survived the appocalypse of our world, but Scratchman fused us all together. We’re in a state of constant agony. Our identities constantly merge, we share each others pain. None of us even know who we were originally. You will be absorbed into us.”

“Yeah sorry I’ve never been good with crowds.” Elena said as she frantically ran around the castle from the gigantic abomination. The beast must have stood over 12 feet tall. It didn’t really have a shape. It was just a mass of flesh, faces, and blood. It slid down the tower of the castle like a snake.

It was fast despite it’s massive bulk, but Elena still managed to keep ahead of the monster.

“You cannot escape us. You will tire eventually and one touch is all we need.”

Some of the faces begged the monster to show clemency.

“Please how can you, we condemn another person to this fate.”

“You know we have no choice.”

Elena tried to throw a torch from a nearby tower into the monster, but it merely bounced off of it’s flesh.

There was nothing she could do to even slow the monster down. All Elena could do for now was to flee.

The Doctor and Yarox were forced to follow Scratchman through his dark, cobweb ridden corridors.

“You know for an all powerful being, you haven’t half let this place go to the dogs?” The Doctor said.

“I like cobwebs. Spiders torturing flies? It’s like a tiny little appetizer for me.” Scratchman said.

As they reached the end of the corridor, Yarox and the Doctor could hear what sounded like the TARDIS taking off.

“What are you doing to my TARDIS.” The Doctor asked.

“I would have thought you of all people would know the sound of your own TARDIS screaming Doctor?” Scratchman said with a perverse delight as he threw open the two doors at the end of the corridor.

To his horror the Doctor could see the TARDIS completely encased in flames. It looked as though it was made of fire.

“I told you I need her energy to free myself from this hell. She was uncooperative. So I tried to make her see reason. She’s rather stubborn like you old boy. Normally I love it when they struggle. It just makes it all the more fun when they break, but I am on a time limit here so if you will just make her see reason.”

Yarox could see the Doctor was repressing his rage and anguish. No matter what the danger, in the brief time Yarox had known him, the Doctor had always kept his calm, even remained jovial in the face of danger. Now however at the sight of his TARDIS suffering, the Doctor could barely contain his anger.

“Please.” The Doctor begged.

“Don’t hurt her. I’ll do anything you want.”

Scratchman smiled.”People always reach a breaking point. I knew for you it would be your oldest companion. It’s quite pathetic really. You love that machine like a pet.”

“Please Scratchman.”

“Call me Harry” Scratchman said as he made the flames vanish.

“You have a few minutes to link up the TARDIS to the rip. No tricks or else I’ll make you burn along with your machine Time Lord.”

The Doctor entered the interior of the TARDIS, which had been twisted beyond all recognition. The walls were broken and bleeding, there were hideous insect like creatures swarming the walls, the floors were covered in a disgusting, foul smelling, green slime and on the scanner was footage of people being tortured.

The Doctors hearts sank as he saw what had been done to his beloved machine.

“Oh trust me I can do much, much more” Scratchman taunted.

The Doctor started to mess around with the console, whilst Scratchman waited impatiently.

“So” Scratchman said to Yarox.” “I didn’t catch your name.”

“Here it is.” The Doctor said as he held up a cable he had pulled from the TARDIS’ console.

“This is like the TARDIS version of veins in a human or Time Lord body. Just connect this to what you want and you can suck the machines blood as it were out.”

“You can’t really be doing this Doctor?”

“I’d rather the TARDIS die now than let it live on in this state for any longer.”

“You’re a smarter man than I thought Time Lord”.

“Yes I am.” The Doctor said as he whipped out his sonic screwdriver, and activated the controls.

Scratchman suddenly screamed as the TARDIS took off. The TARDIS however only managed to take off briefly before crashing back down again.

“What happened.”

“You think I’d give him the TARDIS?” The Doctor said boastfully. “It was an experiment.”

“You see Yarox this entire reality is hanging by a thread. Scratchman may like to act laid back and in control, but every second for him is a struggle to hold these, pitiful remains of a universe together. If we can break his concentration for long enough, this place will collapse and Scratchman will be trapped. When I gave him the TARDIS control, I was able to drain just an iota of his energy through it, and power the old girl to teleport. As it was we still couldn’t get out of here. Scratchman still held onto us, but that second where his concentration was split will have repurcussions. If we can only find a way to distract him for long, then we can break this realm, and destroy Scratchman’s food source leaving him trapped.”

“I should have known that you wouldn’t give in to him. You even had me worried there.”

“Yes well whilst I obviously would never give in to Scratchman, though I must admit we have quite a job redecorating ahead us. Still the old girl is as tough as an old pair of boots Yarox. If Scratchman thinks he can get to her or me with this bag of parlor tricks then he’s as stupid as he looks.

“What about the creatures in this reality Doctor?”

“I’m afraid there is nothing we can do for them. That battle was lost a long time ago.”

“We can’t just leave an entire universe to die.”

“You think I want too. Besides it isn’t an entire universe. It’s the last scrap of one. If Scratchman get’s free, he’ll destroy billions more.”

Just then Scratchman appeared on the TARDIS scanner. His face had begun to morph into his true form. He was still humanoid in shape, but his skin was beginning to catch fire, whilst his eyes formed into thick black pieces of charcol.

“Foolish Time Lord you will suffer.” The Doctor switched the scanner off before Scratchman could finish his threats.

As the Doctor tried to make the TARDIS take off again however, suddenly the console lit up in flames. The Doctor and Yarox tried to make it for the doors which started to close, but several rotting hands started to emerge from the slimy green floor. Yarox managed to pull free from the hands whilst the Doctor struggled. He grabbed hold of the two TARDIS doors.

They were burning to the touch and scalded his hands badly. Several of the hideous insect like creatures also started to crawl all over Yarox’s hands and bite his fingers. Still he held on long enough for the Doctor to pull free from the hands on the floor. The Doctor helped Yarox pull open the two doors and escape.

Outside the two found they were still in the castle. The TARDIS must have taken them a mere twenty feet before Scratchman managed to stop the machine in it’s tracks. Nevertheless the effects of the Doctors brief attack on Scratchman were evident.

The entire castle was overwhelmed with hideous creatures and nightmarish monsters, all fighting with one another.

At the top of the room however Scratchman himself, gigantic flaming wings emerging from either side of his back, he flew over the crowd of monsters.

“You thought you could trick me Time Lord. You will suffer in the deepest, darkest pit of my domain.”

To Be Continued



Update on My Doctor Who Series

Doctor Who Classic Logo - Doctor Who - Sticker | TeePublic

As regular followers on this blog will know, I have been producing my own alternate sequel series to Classic Doctor Who that ignores New Who.

I don’t hate New Who per se, but I vastly prefer the original series in terms of it’s style, more fleshed out stories and focus on monsters and science fiction. Above all else however, I prefer the original series core characterisation of the Doctor.

My sequel series suffered a bit of a delay in late 2019 as I went through one of the worst periods of depression in my entire life, but fortunately it’s back up and running now and will continue indefinitely. However there will be a change to the character of the 12th Doctor.

The alternate sequel series uses images of different actors for the 9th-13th Doctors, instead of those who played them for the revival.

The alternate 9th-13th Doctors personalities are based on the actors whose images are used or of characters they have played.

For instance the 9th Doctor is based on Dylan Moran and is portrayed as a grumpier, bad tempered version like Moran’s character Bernard Black. The 10th Doctor is based on Tim Curry and is a more boisterous, theatrical character like many of Curry’s most famous roles.

Originally the 12th Doctor was to have been based on Damien Molony, an actor best known for appearing in Being Human as the Vampire, Hal.

I still think Molony would make an excellent Doctor. He can do the old man in the young man’s body really well, he has a naturally eccentric personality, and he has an obvious presence.

However that said I think that Damien is somewhat too conventional for an old school Doctor. He would probably have been the best choice to follow Peter Capaldi in hindsight. The great thing about the classic era meanwhile was that it allowed more offbeat character actors a chance to play the lead.

Actors who were perhaps too old, had too eccentric personalities, were too unusual looking, or who had been typecast as villainous or comedic characters could not only play the Doctor, but were actually always a better choice for the role because they were more unusual.

William Hartnel’s widow Heather says as much in this interview. She says that out of all the then actors to play the role, Peter Davison looked the most out of place. She doesn’t dislike Peter Davison’s portrayal, (and neither do I) but she does say that she felt he looked too normal. The Doctor, an alien, eccentric Professor she said should always stand out in a crowd.

One could only imagine what she would think of the more modern conventional Doctors such as David Tennant or Jodie Whittaker.

With this in mind since the entire point of my sequel series is to capture the style of the Classic era, I have decided to base the 12th Doctor on a more unusual character actor.

The 12th Doctor will be based on Julian Barratt.

Julian Barratt chatting about The Mighty Boosh and various other ...

Say hello to our new Doctor.

For those of you unfamiliar with him, Julian Barratt is an English actor, best known as part of the surrealist comedy duo, The Mighty Boosh.

Barratt played one of the two main characters in the series, Howard Moon, as well as various supporting characters such as the Crack Fox.

Barratt to me would make an excellent Doctor Who. He has a somewhat more unusual look, is primarily a character actor, and has a nack for playing eccentric characters from Jazz mavericks, to prissy Wizards to insane, genocidal Fox’s!

Here he is in action.

Personally I see a potential Julian Doctor as being similar to Patrick Troughton, IE being somewhat more bumbling on the surface, somewhat scruffy, yet a lot more wiley underneath and very warm and caring.

I’m surprised he hasn’t been put forward more often as a potential Doctor?

Julian’s Doctors two companions will also be based on two real life people. I like to base the companions on real actresses, as it gives me an idea of the character more. For instance the 9th Doctor’s companion was based on and named after actress Dana Delorenzo.

For me this instantly gives the character an identity if you can imagine it being played by a particular actress.

Obviously if anyone whose image is used objects, I will stop using them. It’s obvious that these people aren’t involved as these stories are merely fan fiction, but if anyone still objects to the association I will obviously respect their wishes.

The 12th Doctor’s two companions will be based on Susan Wokoma and Dionne Bromfield. (Or rather characters they have played, their onstage persona’s etc.)

Susan Wokoma is an English actress, best known for a wide variety of roles in series such as Mabel in Year of the Rabbit. It was her performance in this series in particular which convinced me she would make a great Leela/Ace style physical companion.

Dionne Bromfield meanwhile is one of my favourite singers. The god daughter of the legendary Amy Winehouse, Dionne has trained as an actress, and I feel would make a good basis for a companion as she has a somewhat likable, down to earth, sweet personality.

I think she would make a good choice for a companion to Julian’s Doctor in particular. Julian has a famous love of Jazz music, which is reflected in his character of Howard Moon. I think this would be quite a good aspect to bring to his Doctor. (Like the Second Doctors love of playing the recorder, the 4th Doctors love of Jelly Babies, the 5th Doctors love of Cricket etc.)

Dionne meanwhile loves Jazz music, and soul music too. (It is her background as she was afterall Amy’s god daughter and best friend) so with this in mind I can see them bonding over their love of the genre and arts in general.

Dionne I think could be quite a good Zoe, Victoria type companion (though obviously not wimpy like Victoria) who forms a close father/daughter relationship with the Doctor, whilst Susan will be a more action oriented companion like Leela and Barbara who could clash with the Time Lord.

This trio’s first story which will be out later this year. (Not only is there still a bit to go of Scratchman, but there will also be a story to introduce the 11th Doctor, based on Robert Carlyle first.) Will see the 12th Doctor and friends go up against the Cybermen.

I’ve yet to write a Cyberman story  (one of my previous adventures featured the Doctors other great enemies, the Daleks.) Furthermore I think the Cybermen would be a good match for Barratt’s Doctor who will have a touch of Troughton to him. Think of this as being something of recreation of the Troughton era.

This story will be inspired very heavily by the classic Troughton Cybermen stories, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Moonbase, and will be more of a tight claustrophobic adventure. I feel the Cybermen always work better in tighter, low key surroundings.

The story will most likely be ready this summer, though depending on my new schedule it might be sooner.

The new Doctor and friends




The Circus Master: The Curse of the Robots: Part 4: The Mines


The Jiang Shi slowly surrounded their prey, the Witch, the Martian and the Urchin.

“Get behind me” Denika said as she started to fire magical rays at the Jiang Shi, knocking them off of their feet and back down the mine. In order to actually kill one of the Jiang Shi she would have to use up far more of her magic. After just a few of the Vampires she’d be completely drained. It was better to just simply fight her way through them and get out that way.

After clearing a path, Denika placed a barrier around herself, and her two companions and flew deeper into the mine.

As they descended they could see hordes more Jiang Shi feasting on their victims, with some corpses already beginning to rise as Vampires.

The remains of various Robots were also scattered around the mine too, though one of the Robots in the far distance was still trying to hold off a few Vampires in a futile gesture.

In the very distance Denika could make out what looked like a young girl, emaciated and worn down being pursued by two more Vampires.

She quickly headed in their direction as fast as she could. Her sphere vanished as she blasted at the Vampire chasing the girl, whilst Keptis and Ashlei tended to the slave.

“It’s okay we’re here to help.” Ashlei said.

“Please there are others back there, you have to help them. I’ve never seen anything like these monsters. Even the Robots can’t contain them.” She said.

Up ahead there was an entire pit filled with the monsters, with various slaves struggling to get free as the Vampires tore into them.

Denika fired a massive blast at the Vampires sending several back at once, but they quickly jumped back up.

“Don’t just stand there, help the slaves.” Denika said to Ashlei and Keptis who quickly ran into the pit to help as many of the aliens as they could get to safety, whilst Denika continued to blast at the horde of Vampires.

Florence and the Circus Master meanwhile had managed to get some of the Aliens to behind a nearby hill. All around where the Robots and the Vampires fighting with one another.

“We’ll never get by them without being seen.” The Circus Master said.

“I’ll distract the monsters you get the people to safety.”

“Okay right you are.” Florence said.

“What that’s it?” The Circus Master said?

“No I’ll go in your place, no you’ll be killed?”

“Well what do you expect me to say? You can’t lead those aliens out like I can.”

“Well of course, but a bit of concern wouldn’t go amiss. Honestly this reminds me of being with Denika.”

“Well if it’s any consellation I think we’re both going to get killed in the next 20 minutes or so. I might last 5 or so longer than you.”

“Yes that does make me feel a bit better.”

The Circus Master jumped over 20 feet through the air and landed on the back of a flying robot as it was blasting at a small pack of Vampires. The Circus Master tore the machines innards out from the back using his claws and sent it hurling into the three Vampires, causing a small explosion.

Both the Vampires and the Robots soon turned their attention towards the Vandal who was forced to simply dodge their attacks. Nevertheless he managed to lure them away to the other side of the mountain, whilst Florence quickly commanded the aliens to follow her.

She had no idea where she was going, but up ahead she could see the top of the mine shaft that led out into the open. For all the Siren knew there could be a whole army of Robots waiting at the top, but she definitely couldn’t afford to wait here. She would have to command some of the younger, stronger aliens to carry the old and infirm up the slope ahead.

“It’s okay you can come out now.”

“About time” Carlene said as she crawled out from behind a nearby door.

“Most of the Demons have gone to the mine to contain the outbreak of whatever it is.”

Carlene knew what it was, she just didn’t want to admit to herself that the Strange Boy was beyond help yet.

“I almost gave away my ruse for nothing.”

“If what they’re all busy in the mine darling, why don’t we just attack those metal wankers while they’re vulnerable?”

“They’ll still be hundreds of them guarding the Tent. No we have to play this smart alien. I don’t care what tricks you say you have in that strange comptartment you have on your head, trust me. We need to get you to the rebels first so you can launch a proper attack.”

As the Robot and the Vampire ran down the nearest corridor together, they suddenly heard an alarm.

“All Robots are to retreat to base. Mine B must be destroyed. It has been overrun with a new type of Demon that can infect the workers. You have 10 minutes to return to base.”

The Demons spirits would not be harmed by the explosion, but naturally they were conscious about wasting their robotic bodies.

“Mine B, is that where my friends escaped too.”

“I’m afraid so alien.”

“We have to stop them”

“There is nothing we can do. The mine is rigged up to a device in the main control room. Not only is it protected by hundreds of guards, but in a few seconds these corridors are going to be crawling with more of the Demons. We have to go now.”

“What do you think my friends chances are of getting out of the mine?”

“Well they will have heard the warning too.”

“Don’t bullshit me.”

“The mine’s are the most heavily guarded areas. It’s why I didn’t escape through that area before with you. The pandemic of Demons might have taken care of many of their guards but.”

“Then we have to stop the Demons or Robots or whatever from blowing up the mine.”

“We can’t. Alien I have seen many of my friends die in the war against these monsters, we all have to make.”

Before the Robot had finished Carlene ran down the other end of the corridor. She didn’t have any idea where she was going, but she couldn’t just leave the rest of the Circus Folk. She felt bad for the Robot. He had saved her, and she was endangering him. She just hoped he wouldn’t be foolish enough to try and stop her and blow his cover in the process.

The Circus Master meanwhile instantly jumped onto the back of one of the Robots as it flew back to base. He caused the machine to smash into a nearby wall in the process. The Circus Master then used the broken robots body as a shield against the few Robots who noticed him as he ran back into the Robots base, with the rest flying up ahead frantically.

In the base, the Circus Master was cornered by two more Robots, but before they could blast him, the Vandal rammed the dead robots body into one of the other two, and then pushed it into the other, before jumping over them both and down the nearest corridor.

“Alert, alert alien has escaped into the base, capture it, capture it.”

“They must know I’m here” Carlene thought to herself. She quickly hid behind a nearby door as 6 more of the Robots came rushing down the corridor before, she ran down the other way.

At the other end of the corridor, was another prison cell, filled with strange bald looking aliens. The aliens were pounding on the doors furiously in panic, whilst the Robot guard was trying to calm them down.

Carlene was torn about what to do. If she released the prisoners it would create a commotion that would give her a better chance of reaching the control room. There was also a chance one of them may know where it was. On the other hand if she released the prisoners most of them wouldn’t make it out alive. Was she therefore to sacrifice their lives for those of her shipmates?

After weighing it up for a few moments, Carlene felt it would be better to release them. She deluded herself into thinking that the prisoners would be safe if she freed them, as she could then protect them, even though she would be lucky to protect herself. In all fairness however Carlene wasn’t just thinking about her ship mates. She also thought of all the potentially thousands of others in the mine who would die if she didn’t stop the monsters from blowing it up.

Carlene slowly crept up on the single Robot guard and jumped it from behind. She wrestled with the monster for a few minutes before being able to rip a large chunk of metal from the Demons body, after which she then pulled several of it’s wires out causing the body to break down.

Even though the Demon was stronger than Carlene, she was lucky that she knew it’s weaknesses whilst it was completely unaware of hers.

“Use it’s hand on the door” one of the prisoners shouted.

Carlene quickly pulled the Robot’s arm out of it’s socket and used it to open the doors one after another.

“Thank you, eh, I assume you are not from this planet.”

“No love, I’m from earth.”

“Earth? I don’t believe that’s in any of the known galaxies?”

“It isn’t. I’m not even in the right time love. For all I know this is a billion years after my planet’s gone.”

The alien looked at Carlene in a strange way for a few seconds before continuing.

“Wherever you’re from thank you, we need to get out of here as soon as possible.”

“No please we have to stop them from blowing up the mine.”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that. There is no way you can make it past the control room.”

“I’ve got to try, my friends are in there. One of them, is only there because of me. She trusted me, saw me as her family. I can’t leave her.” Carlene said.

One of the aliens, a large male at the back agreed to help Carlene.

“I know what it’s like to lose a daughter to these things.”

The other 5 prisoners however refused and begged Carlene to come with them, but she insisted on staying behind to help.

“We have to move now, we probably won’t make it to control room alien.”

“I know but have to try.”

Outside in the mine, most of the robots had fled, allowing Florence and 20 or so prisoners under her control to make their way to the top of the mine. Just as they had almost reached the top however they were attacked by a handful of the Robots.

The robots shot three of the fleeing prisoners in the back, which broke Florence’s spell over them. One more prisoner went falling to his death in panic at suddenly being at the top. Florence however quickly jumped one of the Robots, and forced it to get in the way of fire from the other, before jumping onto the others back.

The Siren and the Robot flew around whilst the prisoners still instinctively crawled up to safety.

Sadly Florence wasn’t able to completely control the Robots line of fire and it managed to blast another prisoner off of the cliff to their deaths. As Florence and the Robot continued to struggle, a large metal shaft started to close at the top of the mine, to seal the prisoners in.

Florence quickly piloted the Robot towards the top of the mine where she used the robot’s body to jam the shaft before it shut.

The aliens frantically crawled up the mine to safety, but the strength of the shaft soon began to crush the Robot’s body entirely.

Florence using her supernatural strength tried to keep it open for as long as she could, but her arms soon began to give away. 4 prisoners were still a good distance from the top.

Florence knew she couldn’t hold it open much longer. “I’m sorry” she said to the aliens, but just as she was about to let go, she felt something else push the shaft back.

When she looked around, she saw to her shock it was The Strange Boy. Using the body of the Robot, the Strange boy helped push the shaft back even further with his much greater strength. Even then however he was only able to hold it back by a few minutes, but that was enough to allow the prisoners to get by before Florence pulled herself and the boy free, allowing the shaft to shut.

Outside was nothing but a wilderness, just like where they had first landed, though Florence could see the entrances to several more mines in the distance.

Three more Robots from a nearby mine flew towards Florence, but before she could even react the Strange Boy attacked them. He tore one of the robots out of the sky and then threw it into the other. When he tried to attack the third, it quickly blasted him backwards, but Florence managed to jump the creature from behind and send it crashing to the ground.

When Florence went to help the Strange Boy up, the Vampire child simply growled at the Siren.

Florence wasn’t sure what to make of the boy. There was clearly something of him still in there, but how much?

The child soon hopped off in the other direction and as more and more Robots began to emerge from the other mines, Florence was forced to flee along with the Aliens.

“It’s no use. It won’t budge.” Denika said as she fired her magic at the shaft.

Denika had managed to pull several more of the slaves away from the ravenous Jiang Shi to a safe upper level using her magics.

She spent as long as she could helping the survivors, but now with only a minute to spare, all of her energy was spent trying to smash the shaft covering the exits, but unfortunately she hadn’t even made a dent.

“It’s no use, nothing can break those shields.” The slave girl said. “I’d rather be blown apart than become one of those things.”

With the countdown to the explosion about to go off, Denika did the only thing she could to save herself, her friends and the handful of slaves she had rescued. She placed a magical sphere around herself and the others. The magic shielded them from the blast, but the power of the blast still threw them to the other end of the mine.

Denika was in constant agony the entire time. She felt the flames burning against the sphere, and the debris and corpses smashing into it. One Jiang Shi was blown on top of the sphere. The Vampire grabbed on with it’s talons and clawed and bit at the sphere in desperation as the flesh was burned slowly off it’s bones. The pain was becoming too much for Denika, but if she gave in for even a second they would all be burned to dust.

To Be Continued


Professor Fang: The Dark Side of the Moon: Part 4: King of the Dinosaurs


The Carnotaurus almost caught up to Lindsey, but she quickly managed to side swerve the giant’s snapping jaws.

The Carnotaurus could bite with a force greater than any modern day predator. Just one little nip would be all it would need to take Lindsey’s arm or head clean off!

Fortunately whilst the giant was fast, its large bulky body wasn’t very manuverable and so the more Lindsey kept swerving to the side, the more the Dinosaur was struggling to keep up with her. Eventually in a desperate attempt to catch it’s prey, the Carnotaurus leapt forward, but once again Lindsey was too fast and the giant went tumbling off it’s feet.

As it was the monster very nearly fell on Lindsey, but again she managed to swerve to the side. When she ran past the giant it still reached out and tried to bite her.

Still Lindsey was able to get a good head start on the Dinosaur as it’s tiny arms meant that it couldn’t get up easily, and she quickly made her way back to Kirsteen and the girl.

“Quick we need to get out of here, there’s a big meat eater heading this way.”

The giant’s roar quickly followed Lindsey through the tunnels, and Kirsteen instantly jumped to her feet. The time travellers, helped the young woman up and ran back down the way they came with her.

When they reached the cavern with the Raptors, most of the feathered monsters had gone, having followed the Professor instead.

“Come on we need to get down this tunnel.” Lindsey said.

“Are you insane? That’s where the Raptors went?” Kirsteen replied.

“Yes I know. We can get them to fight the Carnotaurus. Plus the Professor went that way come on.”

As the Carnotaurus came crashing round the corner, Kirsteen couldn’t afford to argue any longer, though she still thought Lindsey’s idea was insane.

Not long into the tunnel they came upon the horde of Raptors all gathered below a small hole in the cave roof, where the Professor had escaped too.

Even Lindsey froze at the sight of that many Raptors for a few seconds, before the Carnotaurus forced her and the others forward.

The Carnotaurus just as Lindsey hoped soon turned it’s attention to the Raptors, who in turn began to flee.

A few bold Raptors however stood their ground. Whilst obviously outmatched physically, the Raptors were considerably faster than the larger theropod. Lindsey, Kirsteen and the girl meanwhile tried to get to safety at the other end of the tunnel, but they were forced to hide behind a nearby rock as the Carnotaurus started to thrash around in rage at the Raptors.

The Professor meanwhile had been drawn back to the hole by the sound of the larger theropod.  Peering through he managed to catch a sight of Kirsteen, Lindsey and the girl. He slowly crawled along the roof towards them and then dropped down behind.

“Professor” Kirsteen said with relief.

“Sorry I almost thought I’d got you killed.”

“You did, but to be fair I’ve almost got you killed several times over too. Come on we’ll be safe up there.”

The Professor carried the wounded young girl and then jumped up with his Vampiric strength through the hole he had made in the ceiling. He then quickly returned for Kirsteen and Lindsey.

As he prepared to jump up to the ceiling with both however, the trio were suddenly swarmed by 4 of the Raptors who had taken notice of the time travellers.

The Professor tried to jump up, but one of the Raptors managed to jump on his back this time, causing him to drop Lindsey and Kirsteen and crash to the cave floor.

Two more of the Raptors swarmed the Professor at the same time as the monster on his back, whilst the 4th and final Raptor went for the two women.

Lindsey and Kirsteen both stood their ground against the Dinosaur, but it clearly wasn’t intimidated and moved slowly towards them, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Fortunately the young woman who they had rescued dropped a large rock from above on the Raptors back. The Raptor was knocked out cold instantly, and Lindsey grabbed the rock from the Raptors back and hurled it at one of the monsters attacking the Professor. This distracted the other two Raptors long enough for the Professor to throw them both across the cave with his strength. He then quickly grabbed his two companions and jumped through the hole before any more of the Raptors could attack.

From above the Professor, Lindsey, Kirsteen and the girl all watched with a grim fascination as the Carnotaurus and the Raptors fought with one another.

The Carnotaurus despite it’s fantastic size was utterly hopeless against the Raptors. The smaller Dinosaurs were able to jump around the Carnotaurus no problem. Much like Lindsey, it didn’t take the Raptors long to realise what the giant’s weakness was. It was a dangerous predator, with a devatatingly powerful bite force, and could run at tremendous speeds, but not only were the Raptors much faster; they were highly agile and manuverable too. They could jump onto the Carnotaurus’ back and tear chunks out of the animal before it could even react.

Normally a Raptor pack wouldn’t dare take on an animal like a Carnotaurus, but these were not normal times. Furthermore there were so many of the Raptors now as more and more of the creatures kept returning from down the tunnel. The Carnotaurus was also weak from several days without food and very little water too.

It was even more clumsy than usual, and in an attempt to catch the Alpha Raptor, that had landed more strikes against the larger theropod, the Dinosaur ended up tripping over a large rock and was sent crashing head first to the ground.

Not only did it break several ribs in the fall, but the Carnotaurus’ little arms meant that it would have a hard time getting up.

All of the Raptors soon descended from the tunnel and pilled on top of the fallen Dinosaur like a herd of locusts. Keeping away from it’s massive head, the Raptors slashed at it’s body and tail with the claws on their feet and hands, and tore massive chunks of flesh out with their jaws.

In a few minutes the Carnotaurus’ body was just a heaping mass of mangled flesh. Some of the Raptors were even bold enough to attack it’s face, as the Dinosaur let out it’s final, agonized roars and died.

“Disgusting creatures.” The young women they had rescued spat out as she looked away.

“Come on let’s get out of here before they fancy seconds.” The Professor said as he carried the young woman down the dark tunnel ahead.

The 4 of them walked slowly, not saying anything at first so as not to alert any Raptors or any other unpleasant creatures that might be near. After a few minutes the girl however brielfy spoke.

“I don’t know who any of you are. You are clearly not of this valley. We are the only tribe left now, but whoever you are thank you.”

“Well you have Kirsteen to thank. As much as I hate to admit it, I was going to leave you down there. I didn’t want to alert those Raptors.” The Professor said.

“I understand.” She said. “I would have done the same thing. What is your name.”

“You can call me the Professor, that’s Lindsey, and that’s Kirsteen.”

“My name is Hisera” She said.

“Do you have any idea where we are going” Lindsey asked.

“In truth? No, but all that matters for now is getting somewhere safe where we can at least get an idea of our bearings.”

“Not so eager to jump ahead now.” Kirsteen said smugly.

“No, I am not. I underestimated those Raptors back there. We need time to figure out where it is we need to go next.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you” Hisera said.

“You punched a hole into a level I’ve never been too before. The good thing is that there probably aren’t any Raptors here either as they’re not strong enough to break through the walls o the cave either. You’re not entirely human are you?”

“Not one bit. I was, but well that’s in the past. My two friends are human though as you can see.”

Kirsteen was rather flattered at being called one of his friends. It was probably just for practicality sake, but it still meant a lot to her, simply because it had been a long while since she had a friend of any kind.

The foursome must have wandered for roughly half an hour or so before they came across a tiny flickr of light from above.

“Up ahead, there’s a way out.” Hisera said.

“I’m afraid not” The Professor replied.

“We need to find the magical core of this valley, or else the Raptors will be the least of our problems. Chances are it’s in here.”

“It’s not” she said.

“We know where it is. It’s atop the highest mountain in the valley. ”

“For god’s sake” The Professor shouted, only to be instantly shooshed by Lindsey and Kirsteen.

“Sorry, but a core like that needs to be underground. That way you can channel it to one location easier. Up above and the energy is in more danger of being spread out too far. The way it is now, I’m not surrpised the energy is fading.

“You could reach it through these caves.” Hisera said, “but not only would it take weeks, there are hundreds of Raptors here.”

“Yes well if you know of a quicker way by all means.”

“I do, but the mountain is even more dangerous. We know full well of what is happening to this valley stranger. We’re not primitives by choice. The magic’s that once held this place together are crumbling. We have been preparing for this disaster for centuries, but the magic’s of the mountain, now that they’re acting up, well they have had unintended side effects on some of the creatures nearby.”

“How do you mean?” Lindsey asked.

“Some of the great reptiles nearest to the mountain have been, twisted into unnatural beasts. Many of our tribe have tried to reach the mountain, but none of them have got by those monsters. Even with your great strength and tricks I doubt you’d last long.”

“Probably not but the valley won’t last much longer if we don’t.”

“I’ll show you the way, but first we need to get back to my tribe. They’ll have the man power and the magics you need. We have to get out of these caves first.”

The Professor jumped up to the roof using his strength and saw that the hole was relatively small. With his strength he widened it, and then just as before he jumped up with one of the women after another, taking them with him.

On the other side of the hole was a slope that led into a small jungle area.

“The village is just ahead of that jungle. If you hadn’t punched your way through the cave, it would have taken hours to reach.”

“I don’t like the look of that jungle.” Kirsteen said. “Looks like the kind of place Raptors could live.”

“It is but we have no options for now.” The Professor said as he marched ahead, carrying Hersa with him.

The foursome tread carefully through the jungle below. Surprisingly there were hardly any Dinosaurus in the area. Along the way they came across the mangled corpse of a Triceratops, as well as a few tiny Raptors running in the opposite direction from the village. Several trees had also been trampled too, clearly by a stampede of large plant eating Dinosaurs.

Up above they could also see several Pterosaurus flying in the opposite direction too.

“I don’t like the look of this.” Hersa said. “Something must have happened at the village.”

When they reached the end of the jungle they could see the entrance to the village, two gigantic doors, bridging a gap between two small mountains that formed into a large circle behind. It was seemingly the perfect place to hide, but the two doors had been smashed open by something.

The Professor, Hersa, Lindsey and Kirsteen slowly walked inside. There was almost a mini valley in between the two mountains, with a large river, and a small village beside that now lay in ruins. There were half eaten and trampled bodies spread everywhere.

Hersa was almost on the brink of tears at what had become of her people, whilst Lindsey examined a nearby footprint.

It was a three toed footprint, but belonging to an animal far larger than either an Allosaurus, or a Carnotaurus. Lindsey knew exactly what had made it.

“We have to get out of here now” she said.

Suddenly a massive roar came bellowing through the lair, so loud it felt like the mountain itself was shaking. The earth then began to rumble and out of the darkest corner at the end emerged the most ferocious of all meat eating Dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex!

To Be Continued



What Ruined Doctor Who Part 2: Doctor Who is All About Change

The Doctor and Sarah travel back to stop Chris Chibnall, Steven Moffat, and Paul Cornell from ever meeting up.

In the last article we looked at how a particular fandom incrowd was able to take over the Doctor Who franchise when it was at its most vulnerable, the Fitzroy Crowd (who were named as such because they all used to congregate at the Fitzroy pub in the 90s.)

The Fitzroy Crowd included the likes of Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall Paul Cornell, Gareth Roberts, Nicholas Briggs, Mark Gatiss, etc.

The Fitzroy Crowd, apart from a few exceptions in my opinion never really cared much for the Classic era. They generally tended to use the show to launch their own projects such as Torchwood instead.

We also examined how the Fitzroy Crowd were able to play on Doctor Who fans collective self loathing, and insecurity of the show not succeeding after the cancellation crisis, to bully fandom into accepting the mantras “Doctor Who is all about change”, “Doctor Who has no canon,” and “all change is good.”

In this article I am going to thoroughly debunk the Doctor Who is all about change mantra once and for all and run through why it has been so poisonous for the franchise.

Why Doctor Who is all about change and has no canon are so damaging.

Image result for paul cornell

Whenever anyone criticises anything about the new Doctor Who, the first thing its fans will say is either “Well Doctor Who has always been about change. Oh you are the type of people who would have criticised William Hartnell changing into Patrick Troughton.”

Or “Doctor Who has no canon, what about the three sinkings of Atlantis, or the UNIT dating controversy. There are no constants in Doctor Who. It can change its continuity all the time.”

Sadly despite being demonstrably not true, this line of thinking has become the official mantra of the show, with the BBC themselves even using it to justify Jodie’s casting.

These quotes from Paul Cornell, a writer of the 21st century version of Doctor Who and various pieces of spin off material sum up the attitudes of both the makers of New Who and its fans.

To be a good writer, you have to smash things up.  To make great Doctor Who, especially, you have to destroy something someone values with every step.  Those footsteps of destruction will, in a few years, be cast in bronze and put on a plinth for the next great story to destroy. 

Because when you say ‘the books just aren’t “canon!”’ or ‘the books “happened” and the TV show can’t ignore them!’ you’re not saying something like ‘for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction’, you’re saying something like ‘the South will never surrender’. You’re yelling a battle cry, not stating the truth. Because there is no truth here to find. There was never and now cannot be any authority to rule on matters of canonicity in a tale that has allowed, or at the very least accepted, the rewriting of its own continuity. And you’re using the fact that discussions of canonicity are all about authority to try to assume an authority that you do not have.

In the end, you’re just bullying people.

Because in Doctor Who there is no such thing as ‘canon’.

Leaving aside how ridiculous it is that Paul Cornell would complain about bullying. This is a man who regularly smears people as sexists, who called all critics of Missy people who would throw their relatives out onto the street for being trans, and who retweeted a cartoon where critics of Jodie where depicted as wife beaters, whose wives ran away with Jodie fans. (Presumably representing him.)

Image result for Whovians in love

Remember its not bullying to call people wife beaters, and make jokes about shagging their wives over a difference of opinion over a tv show. It is however bullying when you point out plot holes in their stories.

To start with the all about change idea, is a terrible argument overall not just in regards to Doctor Who. It basically means that a writer dosen’t have to justify any creative decisions on their own merits.

“Someone did something back in 1966, so that means I can do anything I want to now.”

That’s basically Paul Cornell’s argument. By that logic I could have the Doctor morph into a big yellow Dinosaur that shoots eye beams and justify it with, “well William Hartnell changed into Patrick Troughton. That was a change and so is this, so it must be exactly the same. Also Doctor Who has no continuity, so this makes perfect sense.”

Each creative decision has to be justified on it’s own creative merits. There is no one size fit’s all method. No one is saying all change is bad, but you have to take change on a case, by case basis. The concept of regeneration and introducing the Time Lord’s were not even comparable to one another, never mind regeneration and the Timeless Child.

Trying to lump every change together under the umbrella of they are all the same, so every chang is good, is every bit as bad as saying nothing can ever change. Both are extremes with no room for leeway or debate.

Furthermore limitations are not a bad thing by definition. Paul Cornell likes to paint them as being limits to his creativity, but in actual fact limitations are what define a character, or franchise and give it it’s own identity.

Take a look at another long running character like say Batman for example. Batman has been around longer than Doctor Who, and has gone through arguably more changes.  Even just in terms of adaptations Batman has been a comedy character with Adam West, a dark, gothic character with Tim Burton, a sci fi hero with the DCAU, and a gritty crime fighter with Christian Bale.

Throughout all of these adaptations however, Batman has always retained a number of traditions and characteristics that have helped to define him.

Adam West, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy and Christian Bale’s versions of Batman are all ordinary humans with no super powers, their civilian identities are all Bruce Wayne, they are all motivated to fight crime by the tragic murder of their parents which they all witness as children. They all even have similar costumes, a bat shaped cowl with pointy ears, a long flowing cape, a bat symbol on the chest, bat gloves, a utility belt etc. They all have the same gadgets, batarangs, bat ropes, gas bombs. They all have a Batcave, a Batmobile, a Bat bike, a Bat aerial means of transport. They also all have a butler named Alfred, work with Commisioner Gordon, are summoned by the Bat Signal. They also all fight at least some of Batman’s colourful enemies, the Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin etc.

All of these things define Batman as a character and it’s the job of a particular writer to do something new within those limitations. Limitations are not a bad thing. They define a character.

For instance everyone knows that Sherlock Holmes is asexual. That’s a limitation of the character, that Holmes cares more about his work than any kind of personal life. Without that limitation, he wouldn’t be Holmes anymore.

Similarly everyone knows that Batman is a brooding character, tormented by his parents death. Even in Adam West’s time, whilst he is comical, he is still nevertheless in his own way very serious.

You can throw away some limitations of a character its true, but utlimately you cannot throw them all away. It’s okay to have a Batman who might be a bit less tormented, or even a Sherlock Holmes who lives in modern day.  They still have to have some limitations that the others had, like being asexual, fighting the Joker, living in Gotham, etc. If you were to throw away all of those limitations, then we wouldn’t have Batman, or Sherlock Holmes at all, so why bother adapting them and not doing something new? Surely creating a new character is the most creative thing you can do?

Also bare in mind that some limitations are stronger than others. Like Batman and Sherlock Holmes both have to be ordinary men without superpowers, above all else.

With this in mind, why should the Doctor as a character, or Doctor Who be any different? It’s demonstrably not true to say that as a franchise, Doctor Who doesn’t have a number of constants that have helped give it a unique identity.

Why has the TARDIS remained a blue police box for over 50 years? Why has the show kept the same theme for over 50 years? Okay there have been different variations, but it is the same basic piece of music.

Why has the Doctor continued to fight the Daleks in every incarnation? Why do the Daleks have the same design? Why do the Daleks have the same voices? Why do the Daleks have the same motivation to exterminate all non Dalek life forms? Why has Davros continued to reappear? Why have the Cybermen continued to return to face almost every Doctor? Why have other villains and characters and staples like the Master, the Ice Warriors, The Brigadier, UNIT etc all spanned multiple Doctors?

If what Paul Cornell said is true that in order to write good Doctor Who you have to smash everything that came before, shouldn’t all these old 60s, 70s monsters and characters have been jettisoned a long time ago?

Why do we not know the Doctors name? Why does the Doctor still have a Sonic Screwdriver?

All of these things are limitations, constants that give Doctor Who it’s identity. If you smash them up, then you don’t have Doctor Who anymore, which is why people like Paul Cornell are so harmful to the franchise. They not only want to smash up the show and characters defining traits, but tar anyone who doesn’t as a bully!

“Oh but the Doctor regenerates, so he can be anyone.”

Again however this argument doesn’t hold much water.

In Classic Who, all of the different Doctors were meant to be the same person. Regeneration was simply an advanced form of healing.

Basically a Time Lord, or Lady’s body broke down, and then it repaired itself, but in doing so changed appearance. As a result of the change, their outer personality might be given a shake up.

Ultimately however a Time Lord, or Lady’s consciousness, memories, morals and core personality remained the same throughout all of their lives. If not then the Doctor wouldn’t exist as a character. He’d be a title handed down to several, totally unrelated characters.

Regeneration was created in order for the character of the Doctor to endure beyond any one actor. It wasn’t just a simple way of replacing the lead. Back in 1966, since we knew nothing of the Doctors people, the writers could have just as easily revealed that the Doctor was a title handed down to various members of his race, and had the Hartnell version die, only to be replaced by a new Doctor.

Instead however they came up with the best of all worlds. The Doctor could change, meaning they didn’t have to throw out everything from Hartnell’s Doctor (like his history with the Daleks.) Yet at the same time, not only could a new actor play him, but he could in some ways make the role his own, whilst still being believable as the same character.

In Classic Who it was all about finding the right balance when casting and writing the Doctor. You needed someone who would bring something new to the role, but who would not be totally unbelievable as still being William Hartnell under his new face.

Any of the 6 classic Doctors after Hartnell fit that description. Jon Pertwee for instance, brought something new to the role by being more of an action hero, yet he was still an old, grandfatherly scientist like Hartnell. He still had the same motivations as Hartnell, to explore the universe, the same moral code, the same asexual nature etc.

This isn’t just my interpretation. In the series itself the Doctor never treats regeneration as death. He always treats it as a way of escaping death.

See these quotes from Classic Who stories.

The War Games.

TIME LORD: You will be sent to Earth in the twentieth century, and will remain there for as long as we deem proper, and for that period the secret of the Tardis will be taken from you.
DOCTOR: But you, you can’t condemn me to exile on one primitive planet in one century in time! Besides, I’m known on the Earth. It might be very awkward for me.
TIME LORD: Your appearance has changed before, it will change again. That is part of the sentence.
DOCTOR: You can’t just change what I look like without consulting me!
TIME LORD: You will have an opportunity to choose your appearance.
DOCTOR: Oh, well, that’s not so bad. But I warn you, I’m very particular.

If each Doctor were a different person, why would the Second Doctor say its not so bad if he gets to choose his new face? He’d be dead either way. He’s choosing someone else’s face!

Similarly why does the Third Doctor refer to the Second Doctor as I on many occassions?

DOCTOR: That was my business.
JO: What about stealing the Tardis?
DOCTOR: I didn’t steal it. I just borrowed it. I fully intended to return it, I assure you. Anyway, she wasn’t exactly the latest model, poor old thing.
JO: You can say that again.
DOCTOR: I’ll tell you, I made a complete fool of that prosecuting council, though. I ridiculed his every argument. Yes, and I told him that I had the complete answer to every one his charges against me.
(And behind his back, the Doctor is using his steel wire on a hinge of the cage door.)
JO: And then what happened?
DOCTOR: Then what happened. Well, they found me guilty, changed my appearance and exiled me to Earth.
JO: And that’s where you met me.

All of this clearly shows that the writers and producers intended Pertwee, Troughton and Hartnell to be the same man.

Furthermore, in the Deadly Assassin, a Time Lord makes a distinction between regeneration and death.

DOCTOR: Yes. He was evil, cunning and resourceful. Highly developed powers of ESP and a formidable hypnotist. And the more I think about it, the less likely it seems.
ENGIN: What?
DOCTOR: Well, that the Master would meekly accept the end of his regeneration cycle. It’s not his style at all.
ENGIN: But that’s something we must all accept, Doctor.
(Engin hands the Doctor a drink.)
DOCTOR: Thank you. Not the Master. No, he had some sort of plan. That’s why he came here, Engin.
ENGIN: After the twelfth regeneration, there is no plan that will postpone death.

Also the Master who plans to steal other regenerations because he is afraid of death’s motivation makes 0 sense if each incarnation of a Time Lord is a different person. He’ll die as soon as he changes anyway.

The Fifth Doctor also makes a distinction between regeneration and death in his last story.

PERI: There must be something I can do. Tell me!
DOCTOR: Too late, Peri. Going soon. Time to say goodbye.
PERI: Don’t give up. You can’t leave me now!
DOCTOR: I might regenerate. I don’t know.
(She lays his head down on the floor.)
DOCTOR: Feels different this time.

The hallucinations of the Doctors companions telling him not to die make 0 sense if the 5th Doctor is actually dying.

Finally in The Twin Dilemma, the poison that killed the 5th Doctor is meant to have damaged the 6th Doctors mind, making him more unstable than previous incarnations. As a result the 6th Doctor starts doing things the Doctor would never do. After his violent attack on Peri he is horrified and states firmly that he is never violent unless in self defence.

Again this makes no sense if all the Doctors are different people? How does the 6th Doctor know that he would never harm anyone if he isn’t provoked? If everything about a Time Lord changes, maybe 6 is just a psychopath. He is basing his behaviour entirely on his previous selves. Similarly why hasn’t one version of the Master ever been a good guy? Why do they all have the same motivation and opinion of the Doctor?

Furthermore its not just that this is how regneration is portrayed in the show itself. All of Classic Who’s most prominent writers, producers and all 6 actors who played the role after regeneration was introduced hold the same opinion.

Patrick Troughton said in an interview collected for the 10th anniversary in the Radio Times, that the key to Doctor Who’s success was that he, William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee were playing different sides of the same character, rather than three different characters.

Jon Pertwee meanwhile was adamant about the Doctor remaining asexual like his predecessors, whilst Tom Baker also said in an interview collected for the 1977 Docu “Whose Doctor Who” that the Doctor was the single most limited role he had ever played. Baker said there were so many things he couldn’t do or else he wouldn’t be the Doctor anymore.

Terrance Dicks the shows longest serving script editor, (and author of more Doctor Who books than is seemingly possible) meanwhile said in this interview conducted in 2013, that the single most important thing is to not change the Doctors character too much.

Terrance Dicks Interview

Robert Holmes and Terry Nation, the two most prolific writers of the original series have both said that they always viewed the Doctor collectively as one character. They both said that they wrote the Doctor as the same character and simply allowed the actor to say the lines in their own way. Both Holmes and Nation argued that from their perspective as writers, the Doctor hadn’t changed. Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker had the same motivations, the same moral code fundamentally, the same attitude to humans and the Daleks, etc. It was up to the actor to make the Doctors outer persona different.

Pertwee would play the role completely seriously, Tom Baker might bring a more bohemian quality, Hartnell would be grumpy and difficult, Davison more youthful, energetic and vulnerable etc.

Point is however it was the same person underneath.

Here are is a quote from Robert Holmes, taken from his biography.

“I wrote the fifth Doctor in very much the same way as his predecessors. After all, the Doctor is always the same character. His body changes, his manner and idosyncrancies alter, but at the bottom he remains the same person.”

Finally John Nathan Turner was also adamant about making the Doctor seem like the same person, hence his famous no hanky panky in the TARDIS policy. JNT even forced his actors who played the role to all grow their hair out, as he said short back and sides were not the Doctors style.

None of the most prominent people involed in the original 26 years of Doctor Who, ever had the attitude of Paul Cornell. Whilst its true what Cornell said that Doctor Who was not the work of one person like Sherlock Holmes, and therefore it’s canon was not set down officially. Ultimately all of the most prominent people who worked on the original still followed an accepted template for the Doctor, based on what had come before.

Its also worth mentioning that many of the people who worked on Classic Who, who helped shape its lore, would be involved throughout most of its history. Terrance Dicks wrote from the third to the 5th Doctors.

Robert Holmes wrote from the 2nd to the 6th Doctors, whilst Terry Nation not only wrote for three Doctors, but also had final say over every single Dalek story until the very end. Even John Nathan Turner had worked on the show in some capacity since the Troughton era.

Barry Letts meanwhile who co-created the Master, helped to reintroduce the character in the Anthony Ainley era, and filled John Nathan Turner in on his backstory, character (even on the aborted idea that the Master was really the Doctors brother, which nearly re-appeared in Planet of Fire.)

Paul Cornell is talking nonsense when he says that the original creative team had no contact with each other, and all worked independently.

The changes behind the scenes were gradual, there was a definite idea of who the Doctor was, and many of the people who helped create and shape the lore were there in some capacity, from Terry Nation to Barry Letts right the way through.

“But the Doctor changed into Patrick Troughton, and in the Hartnell era he wasn’t established as a Time Lord. So that proves the show should rewrite itself.”

No it doesn’t.

To start with these changes that are always cited as proof that all changes work, like the introduction of Time Lords, and regeneration, where introduced when the show was still young and was more of a blank slate. They are not comparable to the Timeless Child that comes after 60 plus years of established history.

When Hartnell morphed into Troughton, we knew nothing about the Doctors race. We didn’t even know what they were called. Revealing that they had the power to renew themselves didn’t contradict anything that had come before. It was still a convenient asspull, but it wasn’t actually contradictory. We already knew that the Doctors people lived for a long time, so the idea that it was because they could renew their bodies, fitted in well.

Similarly in the War Games revealing that the Doctors people were the Time Lords, that he had ran away from them to explore the universe, was not a change. It was filling a gap in. We had never seen his people before the War Games, we had never known why he had ran away so it wasn’t a change. Furthermore it was one that fitted in with what we had seen before.

We knew his people were highly advanced, we knew that the Doctor was a scientist who wanted to explore new worlds above all else (to the point where as Hartnell he risked his friends and families lives at the prospect of exploring a new city.) Finally we also knew he could never go back and was in exile.

The Time Lord explanation fitted into all of that. It tied in with the fact that he couldn’t go back, that he was a renegade, and his status as a scientist who wanted to live by his own rules.

Similarly revealing that Time Lords could regenerate only 12 times wasn’t a contradiction either. It was filling a gap in. Prior to the Deadly Assassin, the Doctors changes of appearance had been very vague. We didn’t know the process in detail, the Deadly Assassin simply told us.

Notice that once these gaps were filled in, they were never contradicted.

After the Doctors people are revealed to be the Time Lords, then that’s it. There is no story that reveals “actually his people are Venusians, and they are giant shapeshifting monsters, with the Doctor just having assumed a human form.” If what Paul Cornell said is true that you “have to smash up what a previous writer created.” Why did everybody from Barry Letts to John Nathan Turner stick to the Doctor’s people being the Time Lord’s after The War Games?

Similarly once the limit for the Time Lord’s lives has been given as 13, that’s it. The Keeper of Traken, Mawdryn Undead, The Five Doctors, The Twin Dilemma, all stick to that rule as contrary to what Cornell said, it clearly was set in stone at that point for future writers.

Again let’s compare this to another character like Batman. Originally Batman was just a generic crime fighter, but then it was revealed that he fought crime because his parents were killed by a mugger. Once that was revealed, that was it. His origin always had to stay that way. Another writer 20 years later couldn’t come along and say “Batman’s parents are alive, and it was his brother that was killed. If you object to this you are the type of person who would have objected to Batman’s parents being killed in the first place, because that was technically a change and so is this etc.”

Too much time has passed with the knowledge that Batman’s parents are dead. From an in universe perspective it would require a retcon that would stretch credibility, and from a real world perspective audiences wouldn’t accept it. Audiences all over the world recognise the death of Batman’s parents as being a key ingredient of his character. Even in a remake, or adaptation, his parents still have to die. The only time you can not have Thomas and Martha Wayne die, is if it’s meant to be a weird alternate universe version of Batman that is supposed to have a different history.

The Doctor is the same. The Doctor has been set in people’s minds as a Time Lord for over 50 years now. Similarly for over 40 years it has been set that Time Lords have 13 lives. Trying to compare getting rid of, or changing that, to a change that came in after 6 years when the character was more of a blank slate is totally dishonest and harmful to the character. It now means that not only is his past identity that generations have come to love unsafe, but it also means that he can never have an identity again. If the Doctor can say be a Venusian one episode and then a Time Lord the next, then he ceases to exist as a character. Unlike Batman who we know always lives in Gotham, or the Doctor of Classic Who who we knew was a Time Lord, had a TARDIS, hated weapons etc, a character written under the all change is good formula will be nothing more than an incoherent mess.

“What about the three different endings for Atlantis, doesn’t that show the Classic series never cared about continuity.”

No it doesn’t. The three sinkings of Atlantis to start with are a minor part of the show’s lore. Second of all they are an honest continuity mistake.

You can’t bring up examples of the writers making honest mistakes, and use that to justify smashing essential parts of something.

Every single show makes continuity blips now and again. Frasier has about 6 different dates for his birthday. Curb Your Enthusiasm, another classic American comedy series makes a big mistake in series 6. The character of Marty Funkhouser states very clearly in series 4 that his mother has been dead for decades, whilst an episode in series 6 revolves around his mothers recent death.

Again this is a minor blip.  It doesn’t then mean that a later writer can come along and smash up the entire story of Curb Your Enthusiasm (by changing it one week that say Larry was always married to Susie Green rather than Cheryl for instance.)

Also I feel that the likes of Cornell often leave out the dozens more examples of really tight continuity from the Classic era.

Look at the Cybermen’s history for instance.

In The Tenth Planet it is said that the Cybermen come from Mondas. After Mondas is destroyed, the Cybermen are driven to near extinction. In their next story, The Moonbase the Cybermen are said to be desperate after losing their home planet.

In Tomb of the Cybermen meanwhile they state that they moved to Telos to survive after their failed invasion of the Moonbase, and the destruction of Mondas.

See here.

DOCTOR: We’ll play for time. Wait our chance. Leave it to me. Excuse me. May I ask a question? Why did you submit yourself to freezing? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.
CONTROLLER: To survive. Our history computer has full details of you.
DOCTOR: Oh? How?
CONTROLLER: We know of your intelligence.
DOCTOR: Oh, thank you very much. Ah, yes. The lunar surface.
CONTROLLER: Our machinery had stopped and our supply of replacements been depleted.
DOCTOR: So that’s why you attacked the Moonbase.
CONTROLLER: You had destroyed our first planet and we were becoming extinct.

In The Wheel in Space meanwhile the Cybermen are again depicted as being desperate. Mondas isn’t mentioned in The Invasion, but there is nothing to contradict it either. (Contrary to popular belief that story does not state that the Cybermen come from Planet 14, simply that they met the Doctor there.)

In Revenge of the Cybermen meanwhile the Cybermen again mention their home planet being destroyed, or rather the Doctor does.

“You’ve no home planet, no influence, nothing!”

Mondas is mentioned in Earthshock too, whilst Attack of the Cybermen shows the monsters attempt to prevent it’s destruction. Finally Silver Nemesis shows the Cybermen attempt to make Earth the New Mondas.

So from the first to last appearance, over 20 years, the show kept to the idea that the Cybermen came from Mondas and as a result of it’s destruction, they were desperate.

Similarly the Daleks home planet is established as Skaro in their first story, and it remains that way right the way through to Remembrance. The Chase meanwhile is a sequel to The Dalek Invasion of Earth. In The Chase, the Daleks explicitly mention wanting to destroy the Doctor for foiling their invasion of earth.

The Daleks Masterplan meanwhile depicts the monsters as having time travel, because they were shown to have invented it in The Chase. Many Dalek stories set after, such as Day of the Daleks, Ressurection and Remembrance also carry on this plot thread too.

Planet of the Daleks also mentions the events of the first Dalek story too, whilst Resurrection follows on from Destiny. It not only continues the Movellan/Dalek war story, but also follows on from Davros being frozen at the end of Destiny. Likewise Revelation follows on from Resurrection by showing Davros being on bad terms with the Daleks after betraying them.

Similarly the Master, from The Deadly Assassin onwards it is established has lost his ability to regenerate. The Keeper of Traken shows he learned the ability to transfer his mind into new bodies and both of these plot threads are kept up afterwards, even to the 96 movie.

At no point is the Master suddenly shown to be able to regenerate without explanation, post The Deadly Assassin. If it is brought up, he will mention having no lives, and being forced to steal more bodies.

Furthermore the Brigadier’s story is overall consistent as well. Whilst they may get the dates of the stories wrong, the Brigadier always mentions having first met the Doctor when they faced the Yeti in the London Underground, having worked with Sergent Benton, Jo Grant, faced the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master etc whenever his past is alluded to.

The Doctor’s exile to earth is another example of tight continuity too. In The War Games the Time Lord’s state that they will not only exile him to earth, but remove the knowledge on how to pilot the TARDIS from his mind.

Throughout the Pertwee era his is shown to struggle with fixing the TARDIS, because of the blocks around his memory.

In The Three Doctors the Time Lord’s return the missing piece of the TARDIS to the Doctor, and the Doctor mentions his memory of how to work the machine being restored.

See for yourself.

The War Games

TIME LORD: You will be sent to Earth in the twentieth century, and will remain there for as long as we deem proper, and for that period the secret of the Tardis will be taken from you.

The Three Doctors

DOCTOR: The Time Lords! Look, they’ve sent me a new dematerialisation circuit. And my knowledge of time travel law and all the dematerialisation codes, they’ve all come back. They’ve forgiven me. They’ve given me back my freedom.

Furthermore many stories in the Classic era served as sequels to previous adventures.

The Web of Fear is a sequel to The Abominable Snowman, whilst The Invasion is a sequel to The Web of Fear. The Curse and Monster of Peladon are also connected too, whilst Metebelis 3 is mentioned in various stories before showing up in Pertwee’s last adventure.

The Web of Fear

TRAVERS: Who are you?
JAMIE: I’d like to ask you the same question.
VICTORIA: Wait a minute, Jamie! I’m Victoria Waterfield. And that’s Jamie McCrimmon!
ANNE: Father?
TRAVERS: But it can’t be. Why, that’s over forty years ago.
JAMIE: What’s going on here?
VICTORIA: Oh Jamie, don’t you recognise him? It’s Professor Travers.
JAMIE: So it is! Professor Travers! Here, hasn’t he got old? Oh, but we’re very pleased to see you, Professor. Very pleased.
TRAVERS: The time machine. It was all true then?
JAMIE: The Tardis you mean? Aye, of course it’s true. Hey, do you know what’s happened to the Doctor?
VICTORIA: Oh, is he safe?
TRAVERS: Isn’t he with you?
ANNE: No, he’s in the tunnels. Arnold’s gone to look for him. Father, what is going on?
TRAVERS: Oh dear, I do hope he’s all right. Come on, Jamie. Let’s go and find out if he’s got back yet.
ANNE: Father!
TRAVERS: Eh? Victoria, try and explain to Anne, will you? It’s all right, Victoria. You were born. I mean. She was born years before I was!
(Travers and Jamie leave.)
ANNE: A time machine.
VICTORIA: Oh, dear.

The Invasion

BRIGADIER: How nice to see you again, Doctor.
DOCTOR: It’s Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart!
BRIGADIER: Ah, Brigadier now. I’ve gone on up in the world.
JAMIE: Oh course, the Yetis. We met you in the
BRIGADIER: That’s right, McCrimmon, in the underground. Must be four years ago now.
JAMIE: That long. It only seems about a couple of weeks ago, doesn’t it.
DOCTOR: I’ve told you over and over again, Jamie. Time is relative.
BRIGADIER: Are you still making a nonsense of it. Doctor, in your, what was it called? Tardis?
DOCTOR: Yes, we’re still travelling. Yes.
BRIGADIER: Yes, Mister Travers told me all about it. It’s er, well it’s, to say the least, an unbelievable machine.
DOCTOR: Any more unbelievable than the Yetis?
BRIGADIER: No, true. I’m not quite so much of a sceptic as I was since that little escapade.

With this in mind, how can anyone say that continuity didn’t matter in Classic Who? For the most part it was kept up. Even as far back as the Hartnell era, continuity was deemed important by the producers.

William Hartnell’s widow states in this very interview that the producers kept notes on the show’s lore to make sure that new writers wouldn’t mess things up.

Jump to round about 8 mins in to see Heather talk about how new writers had to adhere to a very strict formula when writing the Doctor.

You can see when you watch the Hartnell era itself, (which again I’m not sure that the Fitzroy Crowd have in decades) It’s continuity overall is surprisingly tight. For instance in The Dalek Invasion of Earth it is established that the Daleks invaded and conquered humanity in the 22nd century. Vicki who is from a later date in human history is therefore familiar with the Daleks, as are other humans from the future, such as Steven, and the colonists in the Ark.

[Museum Exhibit room]

DOCTOR: Chesterton!
IAN: It can’t be!
(The adults recoil at the sight of a large pepperpot with a bad disposition, but it is only an exhibit labelled Dalek, Planet Skaro.)
VICKI: So that’s what a Dalek looks like.
DOCTOR: Don’t touch, child.
BARBARA: What do you know about them, Vicki?
VICKI: Only what I’ve read in history books. That they invaded Earth about three hundred years ago, was it?
IAN: We were there, Vicki. That was one of the periods we visited.
DOCTOR: I don’t mind admitting, my boy, that that thing gave me a start. Coming face to face to it again.
VICKI: It’s not a bit the way I imagined it. Oh, I mean, the books describe them all right but well, this one looks quite friendly.
BARBARA: Friendly?
IAN: You wouldn’t say that, young lady, if ever we meet them again. Which to say the least is very unlikely. I hope.

Furthermore the Monk is left stranded on earth at the end of the The Time Meddler, and in his next appearance he mentions this to the Doctor, and vows revenge as a result.

DOCTOR: Ah, tut, tut, tut, my dear Monk. Now don’t be so ridiculous. Put that down at once.
MONK: Well, hello, Doctor. Keeping well?
DOCTOR: Oh, no complaints, no. And you?
MONK: Oh, so so, you know, just so so.
SARA: Who is it?
MONK: Delighted to see you again, young man.
STEVEN: Thanks. I wish I could say the same for you.
DOCTOR: I suppose congratulations for your escape are quite in order.
MONK: Oh, thank you. Most kind of you, Doctor. Yes, it took a bit of time, but I finally managed to bypass the dimensional controller.
DOCTOR: Yes, a very interesting solution, yes, I’m sure, though I think it would make for rather an uncomfortable ride. However, I don’t suppose it affected you very much, being an amateur.
MONK: Yes, it was rather uncomfortable, but then, we can’t have everything, can we? As for being an amateur, we shall see. Anyway, it was better than 1066.
DOCTOR: Yes, I suppose so.
SARA: What’s he talking about, 1066?
STEVEN: It’s all right. We’ve met the Monk once before. I’ll explain later.
DOCTOR: And you returned here for one obvious reason, did you not?
MONK: I’m afraid so, Doctor. Revenge is a strange thing, isn’t it?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, quite, quite. Tell me, any plans?
MONK: And all carried out as well. Oh, ho. Doctor, you remember you left me in 1066?

In the 80s meanwhile Ian Levine was called in by John Nathan Turner as a continuity advisor. Whilst some think that Turner went too far with continuity references, personally I think this has been exaggerated somewhat.

The fact is there were references to previous stories before John Nathan Turner’s era. I feel this point get’s exaggerated as a way of justifying the show’s cancellation. Obviously too many references to the past is a bad thing, as it can alienate new viewers. I think you should only reference the past if you are following a previous story. If you are setting a story on an entirely new planet and time, then there is no need to comment on the past.

Still it’s worth baring in mind these references from the Pre JNT years.

The Daemons

DOCTOR: Ever since man began? Exactly. But why? All right, Captain Yates, the curtains. Now creatures like those have been seen over and over again throughout the history of man, and man has turned them into myths, gods or devils, but they’re neither. They are, in fact, creatures from another world.
BENTON: Do you mean like the Axons and the Cybermen?
DOCTOR: Precisely, only far, far older and immeasurably more dangerous.

Pyramids of Mars

SARAH: Hey, Doctor. Doctor, look what I’ve found.
DOCTOR: Hello, Vicky.
SARAH: What?
DOCTOR: Hmm? Where did you get that dress?
SARAH: I just told you. I found it back there in the wardrobe. Why, don’t you like it?
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, I always did. Victoria wore it. She travelled with me for a time

Spearhead from Space

BRIGADIER: Since UNIT was formed, there’ve been two attempts to invade this planet.
LIZ: Really
BRIGADIER: We were lucky enough to be able to stop them. There was a policy decision not to inform the public.
LIZ: Do you seriously expect me to believe that
BRIGADIER: It’s not my habit to tell lies, Miss Shaw.
LIZ: I’m sorry, but it is a fantastic story.
BRIGADIER: We were very lucky on both occasions. We had help from a scientist with a great experience of other life forms.
LIZ: Really Who was this genius
BRIGADIER: Well, it’s all rather difficult to explain. We used to call him the Doctor.
(A phone buzzes.)

The War Games

TIME LORD: You have heard the charge against you, that you have repeatedly broken our most important law of non-interference in the affairs of other planets. What have you to say? Do you admit these actions?
DOCTOR: I not only admit them, I am proud of them. While you have been content merely to observe the evil in the galaxy, I have been fighting against it.
TIME LORD 3: It is not we who are on trial here, Doctor, it is you.
DOCTOR: No, no, of course, you’re above criticism, aren’t you.
TIME LORD: Do you admit that these actions were justified?
DOCTOR: Yes, of course, I do. Give me a thought channel and I’ll show you some of the evils I’ve been fighting against.
(The Time Lords nod to each other.)
DOCTOR: The Quarks, deadly robot servants of the cruel Dominators, they tried to enslave a peace loving race. Then there were the Yeti, more robot killers, instruments of an alien intelligence trying to take over the planet Earth.
TIME LORD 3: All this is entirely irrelevant.
DOCTOR: You asked me to justify my actions, I am doing so. Let me show you the Ice Warriors, cruel Martian invaders, they tried to conquer the Earth too. So did the Cybermen, half creature, half machine. But worst of all were the Daleks, a pitiless race of conquerors exterminating all who came up against them. All these evils I have fought while you have done nothing but observe. True, I am guilty of interference, just as you are guilty of failing to use your great powers to help those in need!
TIME LORD: Is that all you have to say?
DOCTOR: Well, isn’t it enough?
TIME LORD: Your defence has been heard and will be carefully considered, but you have raised difficult issues. We require time to think about them. You will be recalled when we have made our decision.

The Curse of Peladon

(There are footsteps so they duck back behind the tapestry as a familiar scaly-armoured green figure hisses its way past. They follow it to a corner.)
JO: What was that
DOCTOR: That, Jo, was an Ice Warrior. A native of the planet Mars.
JO: You’ve seen them before
DOCTOR: Yes, indeed I have, and believe me, they’re not very pleasant company.

Day of the Daleks (TV story) | Tardis | Fandom

Ultimately Doctor Who as you can see did very much care about it’s continuity. To say that it didn’t just because of a few minor continuity blips, sprinkled throughout a 26 year history is once again dishonest and harmful.

Fandom seems to have it in their heads that continuity is something that only fans care about, and that it consists of just shoehorning in pointless references. It doesn’t.

Continuity is essentially just making sure a story stays consistent. For instance if you establish that a character like Buffy has super strength, but cannot survive bullet wounds, or conventional weapons then that becomes part of canon. A proper writer will therefore want to work within that, and not have Buffy survive a bullet wound to the head because of her powers. A lazy hack however will have Buffy get shot in the head with a shotgun and be perfectly fine, and justify it with “continuity is for nerds.”

Similarly if a character’s story has been built up for years by other writers, then it won’t just be die hards that care about it being followed up on. If you bring the character back without explanation after being killed off, people will feel cheated. (In all fairness Classic Who was guilty of this with The Master after his supposed death in Planet of Fire. However that was rightfully criticised at the time. It makes no sense to use a bad example of something from Classic Who as a template whilst ignoring all of the good.) Similarly if you undo years of development and don’t explain why, even casual viewers will feel cheated.

Trying to turn continuity into something that must be ignored is a terrible idea, as essentially it is telling viewers “nothing matters. We are too lazy to try and remain consistent to any degree about characters, histories, powers, or anything like that.”

It also means you can’t develop a character properly. After all if their entire history can be just tossed aside (because continuity is for nerds.) How can you possibly develop them over a long period? An example of this from New Who was the development of Missy into a more heroic character that was quickly dropped without explanation when the Master returned in the Chibnall era.

“What about the two different origins for the Daleks in Genesis and the first Dalek story, and what about the Time Lord’s being presented completely differently. That proves Doctor Who constantly rewrote itself as those are large parts of the lore, not just minor blips.”

No it doesn’t. To start with those changes are nowhere near as big as they have been made out to be. (Often by people like Paul Cornell.) Second of all those changes were still carefully done. Again I am not saying you can’t ever have any retcon’s or changes, but even with a retcon it still has to fit in with what came before to a reasonable extent.

In the first Dalek story we learn that the Daleks were once humanoid creatures called the Dals who engaged the Thals in an atomic war which destroyed the surface of Skaro. Both species were mutated as a result, and whilst the Thals mutation cycle eventually came full circle, the Dals mutated into the Daleks, and housed themselves inside metallic casings.

In Genesis of the Daleks, we find out that the Daleks humanoid ancestors were called Kaleds instead. Like the Dals, the Kaleds engaged the Thals in an atomic war that destroyed the surface of Skaro. Both species slowly began to mutate, but in Genesis it is revealed that the Kaleds leading scientist Davros, accelerated the Kaleds mutation cycle (as well as tampered with their minds for his own ends) before placing the mutants inside metal casings, creating the Daleks in the process.

At a glance these two origins stories are deeply contradictory, but Terry Nation (who wrote both stories.) Insisted that they weren’t.

Nation argued that in the first Dalek story we only heard a vague, second hand account about the Daleks origins written thousands of years later from the Thals history records. In Genesis we see a first hand account meanwhile. Therefore the first Dalek story’s origin can be dismissed as just simply the Thals (who were a primitive society at that time) getting their history wrong.

He says as such in this interview at roughly 9 mins 50 seconds.

Personally I think this is a fair enough answer. As Nation himself has pointed out there often many contradictory historical records of different events and important figures.

The point is that Genesis shows us a first hand account, and so after Genesis there is no third origin story for the Daleks. There’s no wiggle room left after Genesis.

Similarly in The Deadly Assassin, Robert Holmes never set out to destroy canon, or smash things up as Paul Cornell said.

The Deadly Assassin was controversial, because prior to The Deadly Assassin the Time Lords had seemingly been portrayed in a sympathetic light, whilst The Deadly Assassin portrayed them as being somewhat corrupt.

Holmes was able to defend the story however, by stating that as far as he was concerned the Time Lords had always had a dark side.

He argued that they had a death penalty (as seen in The War Games) which meant that they were not total pacifists. He also argued that they had produced a number of renegades which suggested that their society was entirely peaceful. (The Meddling Monk, The War Chief, The Master, Omega and Morbius, all of whom were created by other writers. Morbius was introduced in a story Holmes had script edited, but the character was still the creation of Terrance Dicks.)

Holmes also argued that the Time Lords had punished the Doctor in a severe way by exiling him, and that they had been depicted as unfair and unjust in Jon Pertwee’s time in their treatment of the Doctor.

See here for Holmes words on the subject.

I looked at all that was known about Gallifrey, and it was very litte. The only occasion when more than one Time Lord had been seen in the programme was at the end of The War Games, when a group of them condemned Patrick Troughton to exile on earth for interfering in the affais of other races.

Hang on! Wasn’t it usually a Time Lord who was seen dispatching the Doctor on some important mission? And didn’t this normally result in a bit of some distant planet being blown up? In this case wasn’t it grossly hypocritical to punish Troughton by turning him into Jon Pertwee?

This new hypothesis seemed to fit better than the old belief that Time Lords were lofty minded, cosmic Buddhists. It explained why the Doctor never went near Gallifrey; why in The Brain of Morbius he flew into a rage over their interference and used the telling phrase “won’t soil their lily white hands; and why Morbius himself called them “pallid, devious worms”. It also, I thought explained the disproportionately high number of villainous megalomaniacs emanating from Gallifrey. The Meddlesome Monk, The Master, Omega, The War Chief and Morbius.

I have therefore decided to depict the Time Lords as an inward looking oilgarchy, involved in constant political intrique within their own version of the Palace of Westminster. This interpretation seems fully defensible in the light of the known facts..

Of course we had often been told what splendid chaps they were, interested solely in the welfare of the universe, but it was usually a Time Lord who told us this anyway, it could be dismissed as taradiddle.”

You can see with this in mind that Robert Holmes certainly didn’t have the Paul Cornell mindset of “I can do anything I want.” If he were going to reveal something new or provide a new interpretation of an old character, he would still try and make it fit with what came before.

That’s what any writer should do when trying to rewrite, or reinterpret something that has been established. They find a loop hole, or a way to make their retcon still fit somewhat.

Even outside of Doctor Who you can see that the most successful retcons have worked this way.

In Batman The Killing Joke, Alan Moore added a whole new backstory to the Joker, but again Moore made it fit with established DC continuity. Prior to this adventure, the only thing we knew about the Jokers past was that he had once been a criminal known as the Red Hood, who had fallen into a vat of chemicals. The chemicals bleached his skin white and drove him insane, resulting in the birth of the Joker.

Moore still kept those elements of the Jokers origins intact, but again used the wiggle room that was there to show us who the Joker was before donning the Red Hood persona. (Which had never been revealed before.)

“The Joker has a kind of muddy kind of origin. They’d said that he’d been the leader of a criminal gang called the Red Hood Mob and that while trying to escape from Batman he’d swum across this river of chemicals…That was about it and this was from a story from like the late 50s or something, and so I thought “Okay I won’t contradict that,” because I kind of believe in working by the rules of the material as it already exists but I can put a lot of spin on that.”

This is how you build on established characters backstories. You fill in any gaps there are, see what wiggle room is still left for you to play around with, try and do something new with them in the present.

If you take the Paul Cornell/Fitzroy approach of just trampling over all established aspects of an established character however, very soon you won’t have anything left of said character, or any kind of consistent universe or mythology or franchise.

This is what has happened to Doctor Who and in the next article we will examine just how the revival smashed the core identity of the Doctor to pieces.

We will be examining how from even the Eccelston era, the revival did not stay true to the Doctors character, and also how this changed the direction of the series and it’s audience as a result.

To Be Continued

King Kong: Part 3


It had been a long tormented night for quite possibly the last of the Kongs. After Gerisian had taken the monkey back to her tribe, she was predictably met with scorn by the others. Her leader complained that it was one more mouth to feed, that it could attract predators. It was only Gerisian’s mother who thinking quickly, was able to convince the tribe to keep the Ape. She argued that when it grew larger it could protect them.

Even then however the tribe leader was still unsure, but agreed for now at least to let the Ape recover in their village.

Kong had been kept in Gerisian’s family’s hut overnight, and though the Ape was made comfortable by Gerisian, the recent horrors it had been through haunted it’s dreams.

Kong kept dreaming that he was back in the safety of his cave, with his parents and sister, just before those nightmarish Tyrannosaurs attacked. In the morning the little Ape would be jolted from it’s tormented slumber by something nudging him. It was Gerisian’s pet Protoceratops. The little Dinosaur was more curious about Kong than anything else. She certainly wasn’t trying to harm him.

Gerisian’s little sister who had been playing with the Dinosaur stood at the back, curious but also scared a little of the small Ape. The fact that it was almost human in it’s appearance, movements and expressions just made it all the more unnerving.

The little Ape intitially crawled away from the Dinosaur in fear. It didn’t have the best experience with reptiles to be fair.

The Protoceratops followed the small Ape however, which caused Kong to jump on the Dinosaurs back and start biting it in self defence.

Gerisian’s sister, named Herisic, instantly tried to pull Kong off of the Dinosaur. Kong held on tightly however until Gerisian entered the room. The Ape stopped in it’s tracks at the sight of her.

Herisic quickly rushed the Protoceratoprs outside to tend to it’s wounds. Fortunately the Ape’s single bite wound wasn’t deep and the little Dinosaur would recover easily. Herisic however was furious and picked up her fathers spear. Gerisian however got in the way of Kong.

“He’s just scared.” She said.

“Please, I’ve always wanted to see one of the legendary Kongs. Please.”

Herisic slowly dropped the spear.

“I warn you if he hurts her again. I won’t hesitate.”

Gerisian went to the Kong that had curled up in the corner. She approached it slowly and after a few minutes started to pet the Ape gently.

The Ape was just as unsure of the humans, but in time it would come to view Gerisian as a mother figure.

Gerisian showed the Ape more affection than even it’s own family had. She would spend all her time with the monkey, that soon became her favourite pet. Initially her bond to the little Kong was somewhat shallow. She loved it simply because it was a special animal, that only she had. She loved to boast to her friends that she had the rarest animal on the island and they were all a little jealous.

Still as time went on the Kong was able to show a greater loyalty to Gerisian than any of her other pets. The little Ape would always shower Gerisian with affection, even when the rest of the village would turn against her for sheltering so many animals. Gerisian in turn spoilt the Ape, and even forced her father to build a small area outside their hut for it to play in undisturbed.

These would be the only years the last of the Kongs would know peace. The rest of Gerisian’s tribe would also come to accept the Ape in time. Many of the other children would come to play with the Ape, whilst even some of the adults came to see having possibly the last of the Kongs as a big accomplishment for their tribe.

Sadly however these years would not last, as the Ape grew larger, and Gerisian moved on and had a family of her own, their bond would begin lessen.

200 years later

One by one the survivors crawled out of the wreckage of the ship. Only a few had died in the crash, though many more were injured.

Scarlett, Sarah, Daniel and William had all managed to escape uninjured and were among the first to make it to the beach.

“I can’t believe we made it.” William said excitedly, completely oblivious to the wellbeing of the rest of the crew.

One of the other prisoners got so angry, he ran at William with a knife, but fortunately for the former captain, Scarlett noticed and warned him in time.

William quickly ducked, whilst Scarlett tried to restrain the prisoner only to be easily overpowered.

“This maniac has killed us all. He crashed the ship on this godforsaken rock, and you want to protect him?”

“He knows this place better than the rest of us. We need him.” Scarlett argued.

“Really. I’d argue that we can’t trust him” Peter said from the back, as he limped forward in pain.

“He lied to us about this being some safe haven. Look at it? It’s a barren wasteland.”

“It is not. There is a tribe just over the rocks ahead. They’ll take care of us.”

“Even if you’re telling the truth, how do I know those natives, are going to be friendly towards us? You hate us. You think we’re all freaks, I heard you. I evesdropped on your entire little conversation with this slapper.” He said about Sarah.

“He said we’re all freaks that he couldn’t stand to be around for another second. That was why he was so reckless bringing the boat to this dump.”

“I don’t think much of any of you, but there’s what? 200 or so of you here. It would be a bit stupid of me to make enemies of all of you wouldn’t it.”

“What makes you think these natives will want to look after 200 people?” Another one of the criminals shouted from the back.

“This is all a trap.” Another young woman shouted.

“I say we kill William and take what we want from his Native friends, if they even exist.”

“You’re an idiot if you think you’ll get anywhere near them without me.”

“We were idiots for letting you take us all the way out here.”

“And where else would you have gone? If we’d made our way to back to England we would have been arrested and stuck on some other ship. None of you had any idea where to go. I warned you that we would have to take the long way round to escape the authorities. You all owe me.”

Several of the prisoners started to surround William and Scarlett, including Daniel and Sarah, whilst the majority gathered around Peter.

“Think about what you’re doing now. I won’t show any mercy if you cross me.” William said, only to be met with laughter from the rest of the prisoners.

Knowing he was outgunned, William ran down a nearby passage way between two rock formations.

Scarlett, Daniel, Sarah and a few others were quick to follow, whilst the rest of the mob searched scattered around the Island in attempt to cut him off.

William knew this area better than they did however, and he also knew that there were dangers lurking in these rocks that he had seen the Natives struggle with every day.

In some respects William had actually hoped that some of the prisoners would turn on him as it would make it easier for him to get through these cliffs. The monsters that lurked in them had a real taste for human flesh, so much so that the Natives still lost several of their number to every year. William would have been perfectly happy to lose all of the prisoners except for Sarah. Though he didn’t know much about her. In fact in the entire time she had been locked up, she never once shared with him what she had been found guilty of. William had nevertheless found her more understanding than any of the other prisoners. It seemed doubtful however that she would ever trust him again.

Whilst Sarah had taken his side against the other prisoners, it was more out of self preservation than anything else. Much like Scarlett and Daniel she felt that her best bet was with William, only because he knew these cliffs and rocks, though even then neither she nor the others were equipped for what they were about to encounter.

Peter had followed William’s group straight down the passage, along with several more criminals, including the one who had originally attacked William.

Little did they know however that William was luring them into a trap. At the end of the passage was a ditch that led to a cave.

William suddenly stopped the rest of the criminals for a few moments.

“Why are we waiting here! They’re coming up behind us!” Daniel screamed.

“I know just any minute.”

“You lunatic I’m not waiting around.”

Suddenly Daniel’s hysterical cries were drowned out by a roar in the cave. Slowly a creature started to emerge from the dark, enough to make all of the supposedly hardened criminals tremble. It was a long creature, short in height, that waddled on four legs like a Lizard. It had a massive sail along it’s back and a short, squat, toad like head, and a large mouth filled with long, razor sharp teeth.

It was a Dimetrodon, a prehistoric reptile even older than the Dinosaurs and the top predator from this part of Skull Island.

On William’s urging all of the criminals who had sided with him stood completely still, whilst the monster inspected them.

A few seconds later Peter and his team came charging down the path after them. They initially froze in terror at the sight of the monster that quickly diverted it’s attention towards them. Peter was so terrified he instantly pushed the largest criminal there down and ran for safety.

The Dimetrodon soon went for the criminal Peter had knocked over and clamped it’s strong jaws around his skull, killing him right away. The other criminals scattered, and the Dimetrodon was able to pick another one off. The creature despite being larger than a Grizzly Bear was able to move at a lightening speed and grabbed another criminal by the leg. With one bite it tore his leg clean off and crushed it into pulp.

“Now” William said as the Dimetrodon was busy tearing into it’s victim. William and his team quickly headed up a nearby hill. Unfortunately as they ran, Daniel tripped on one of the rocks. Scarlett quickly went back for him, but the Dimetrodon, having made short work of the criminal pounced on them.

Whilst Daniel quickly fled, the Dimetrodon knocked Scarlett off her feet.

To Be Continued

Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 12

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                                     Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter

“I’m sorry it’s taken us this long to meet. I’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time, Doctor. You’ve sent more humans to me than you’d think, like when you torched Rome. I got quite a few good souls out of that blaze.” Scratchman said as he led the Doctor and Yarox up a large staircase.

“You did what?” Yarox asked?

“It was an accident. Plus it wasn’t really me, it was Nero.”

“Yes but you were his muse, shall we say Doctor.”

“Something like that.” The Doctor said as he struggled up the steps, with Yarox even having to help him out. They’d been following Scratchman for the last twenty minutes from when he had first led them from the cave. It had all begun to take an effect on the Doctors more frail body.

“Now, now Doctor I can always kill you and you can regenerate into a younger, much fitter man if you want?”

“Thanks for the offer, but I can’t see you leaving much left to regenerate.”

“That’s true I do get a little carried away.”

All round the stair case were gigantic Demons and nothing but fire. The screams of the damned souls were defeaning at the ground level, but as they reached the top, they became almost completely silent.

At the top of the stair case were two gigantic doors made of still dripping flesh and bone. They both swung open on Scratchman’s mental command, whilst inside was a long gold dinning table, with several figures, whose heads were nothing but blue flame, darted around the room. The figure remained completely still, though Scratchman assured the Doctor that they were very much alive.

There were several paintings of Scratchman and his Demon hordes invading planets on the left hand side of the room, whilst on the right hand side there was a gigantic window, with a view of the hellish landscape outside.

Just below the castle the Doctor could see the war between Scratchman’s horde and the resistance. Beyond the battle however were massive mountains, and pits, all of which were filled with the souls of humans and other strange creatures being subject to the most horrific torture.

Even with everything he had seen on his travels, the Doctor had to look away, whilst Scratchman couldn’t help but laugh.

“Those fools trying to make their way into this castle. There is only one way to get to the tower. All the others lead to some rather nasty little traps I’ve set out.” Scratchman said as he sat down and conjured up a glass or red wine for himself.

“I must admit I’m surprised given how elaborate everything else is here that you’ve chosen such a shall we say human appearance? Is that just for our benefit.” The Doctor asked.

“Oh I assure you Time Lord. Nothing here will be for your benefit. I like this face. It belonged to someone from this universe before I took it over. He was a man like you Doctor. He was a traveller, but after saving a few worlds, he got delusions that it made him some kind of hero. He thought I was just another two bit villain for him to defeat and boast about to his followers after. In all fairness he did give me some trouble, but in the end he now rots at the bottom of this castle. I took his face because it used to represent hope to people. He loved that. It meant more to him than anything else, so I thought it would be funny if his face came to represent fear and terror to all the people he once tried to save. I was thinking about doing the same to you, but you’ve had 10 already. You can never hold on to one too long can you?”

“Yes well this has been fun eh, Scratchman? Or do you prefer Satan?”

“Please call me Harry Scratch. I’ve forgotten my real name, if I ever had one. I’ve been given so many over the millions of years by so many people and they’re always so damn negative. I try my best to be liked damn it. Harry Scratch I think has a more casual sound to it, don’t you.”

“You’re a monster.” Yarox said.

“You’re only just getting that now.” The Doctor replied sarcastically.

“I am a monster to you, yes, but then tell me Doctor, what intelligent species doesn’t exploit and slaughter what it perceives to be lesser creatures for it’s own survival? The great predators of the earth, such as the Lion, the Shark, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, they all hunt less intelligent, weaker creatures do they not? Humanity is not much better. Look at the way they treat animals? A butchers shop may look harmless to you Doctor, but to the species strung up in it’s windows, it’s no worse than my pit out there.”

“You don’t just kill, you torture your victims. You break them them down to your level.” The Doctor protested.

“You are wrong, I feed on fear, chaos and pain. I need it as you need food. I sacrifice lesser creatures to keep myself alive, the same way a human does when it sinks it’s teeth into a steak. The gulf between even you and me, Time Lord is far beyond that of a human and animal. My lifespan is greater than that of entire universes, I have knowledge that even your people would never understand. You are all nothing to me, and so I therefore see no evil in making you suffer to prolong my own life, anymore than a farmer does when he slits a bovid’s throat.”

“In spite of your supposed superiority, you still need me and my old, broken down, obsolete Time machine hmmm.” The Doctor said as he proudly clutched his lapels.

“Yes well that’s only because of the tight situation I have found myself in. Eons ago when I first conquered this universe, the latest in billions I have destroyed I was sealed in here by the inhabitants of another reality. A few lucky survivors.” For the first time Scratchman started to show anger as he spoke. “From one of the msierable worlds in this universe managed to creep their way into the universe next door and alert the most advanced creatures from that reality. They then in turn alerted other universes and before I knew it I had the forces of several realities against me at once.”

“Now, now Harry, you of all people can hardly complain about people not playing fair.” The Doctor said.

“Yes well anyway.” Scratchman continued. “Even they weren’t powerful enough to kill me, but they managed to place a barrier around this universe. Again just as I do, they only thought of themselves. They knew that they couldn’t overthrow me here, so they sealed the people of this reality in with the beast. For thousands of years I had to make do with just this one universe, and the remains of a few I’d conquered before, but it wasn’t enough.

The universe was gradually decaying into nothing, and with it my food. Once it had gone, I’d be left here all alone, still trapped by the barrier, but unable to get more food. I’d rot away to nothing. The only reason this place is still standing is because of me.”

“Not much of a claim when you’re the one who more or less tore it apart in the first place Harry.” The Doctor replied flippantly.

“Yes quite, but then when all hope for me seemed lost, I noticed a tiny little rip in the barrier. When I was at full power and had struck at the barrier with all of my fury. I didn’t realise it until much later, but I had obviously managed to create a little break. The rip led to a small seemingly insignificant planet named earth.

“I don’t think I like where this is going” The Doctor said.

“For centuries I could only peer through the rip. A few delusions of grandeur here, the odd lingering resentment towards something, or someone. I was also able to send through the odd creature, and absorb several human minds both before and after death into this reality.

Over the centuries the primitives told stories about me, even came up with ideas to comfort themselves about how only the wicked were sent to my domain. You should see the looks on the faces of the humans who lived an honest life when they arrive here. Even after centuries they still can’t take it in.”

“I can imagine” The Doctor replied in a dry tone.

“Yes well that’ll teach them to think they’re better than anyone else. Still whilst it was an amusing distraction from my impending death, toying with the primitives, it was only when I saw your vessel arrive at various different points that I realised I could free myself. Other aliens had visited the earth, such as that worthless Charon. However none of them had the technology you did. It took me a while to realise you were different. At first I didn’t even know you were the same man, but my followers kept not of enough of your visits to slowly learn the trut.

For centuries  I’ve used all my power to widen the rip to send through more of my minions to capture you. Finally I was able to send through the army on that Island to try and trap you. I knew you’d show up sooner or later to something like that, though I was disappointed at how unprepared my warriors were. I’m glad at least that Pan was of use to me. They were my best warriors as well.

Your machine, old, outdated and worthless as it may be.” The Doctor was getting visibly annoyed at Scratchman talking about the TARDIS that way, but of course the Demon didn’t care and continued.

“It still contains tremendous power. If I were to link it to the to the rip and drain all of it’s energy into it, it might widen the rip just large enough for me to pass through completely. I’ll have to be at my lowest stage even to get through it. Right now it’s still too small for me even if I were completely drained. Your machine is the key Doctor. It’s quite funny in a way. When you ran away to go exploring, you never thought how reckless it was to take a piece of advanced technology like the TARDIS with you? If it weren’t for your carelessness I would never have gained the means of my escape.”

“Yes well I could be forgiven for not thinking, oh dear Satan is going to steal my ship and use it escape from hell, when I first ran away.”

“Well maybe next time you’ll be more careful. I need you to help me break through your ships defences Doctor. Oh sure in time I could easily rip through them, but I don’t have much time. Its taken all of my limited power to hold this planet together.”

“Why would I help you? Aside from the obvious, you can’t threaten me with anything but death. If what you say is true in a few days, maybe even a few hours this entire place will crumble.”

“I have enough power Time Lord to ensure that at least one person will become an immortal like me, and share my fate in the eternal nothingness this universe will soon become. I can think of no one better to take my frustration’s out on than you, Time Lord.”

“Well when you put it that way.” The Doctor said.

“That’s a good sport. I had your TARDIS move separately when you came here. Best not to let try and run off with it in case my servants were useless as always.”

“When you drive your workers to suicide, you can’t expect them to perform at their best. Tell me where do you come from.”

Scratchman seemed to stop for a minute at the Doctor’s question.

“Why do you care Time Lord?”

“I always care. That’s what got me into this mess in the first place.”

“If we had only ignored that Scarecrow.” Yarox side.

“No I was talking about my life.”

“I don’t know where I came from.” Scratchman said, honestly.

“My first memory is of nothing but fire, pain and struggling with a creature like me before being cast across the stars, that I later destroyed. I tell my followers here that I am god, because I feel it makes no difference. To them I am a deity, and I also believe firmly that I am part of his plan too.”

“You believe in a supernatural creator? What makes you think that you weren’t just some cosmic accident hmm”

Scratchman smiled.

“Something like me could not come about by accident, Time Lord. I am designed to feed on the suffering of others. I am part of the Creators plan. He clearly is not benevolent. How could he be if he created me. As far as I am concerned, I am following the universal way of life for stronger life forms to dominate lesser creatures. Now then let’s not delay any longer shall we? I so can’t wait to visit your reality properly.”

To Be Continued


The Circus Master: The Curse of the Robots: Part 3: The Outbreak


“Oh that’s right I’m dying.” Carlene said to herself jokingly as she woke up.

The pain had knocked her out several times. Each time she dreamed she was back on earth in her Victorian mansion. Though she was still in agony in the dream, at least she was somewhere familiar.

As she could feel herself blacking out again for what would probably be the last time, one of the robots came in.

“Oh god what do you want, you metal wanker.” Carlene spat back at the robot that bent over her, chanting some kind of spell.

Within a few seconds the pain was gone, and Carlene felt her strength returning.

“All right what’s this? I don’t care actually, I won’t help you no matter what you do.”

“Relax alien I am not here to hurt you, the robot said.” As it spoke the fire around its face vanished, and it’s face took on a more human form.

“I am not like the others young lady.  I assume you are the female of your species?”

“Of course I am you cheeky bugger.”

“My apologies, but the potential for variation among different life forms is infinite. I am not possessed unlike the others. I don’t have time to explain, but you must follow me now.”

Suddenly the alarm went off.

“No, they must have discovered me. Come we don’t have time alien.”

“It’s Carlene love.”

Outside deep in the mine, the rest of the Circus Folk were still being pursued by the robot troops. The Robot’s had been chasing them for half an hour, and in all that time the Circus Folk hadn’t managed to help any of the slaves in the mine. They could barely help themselves.

Denika had tried to fire magical blasts back at them, whilst also trying to deflect their blasts at the Circus Folk. Whilst she did manage to knock a few of the monsters out of the sky, more and more would soon emerge in their place.

Up ahead in the far distance one of the humanoid slaves suddenly jumped out in front of the fleeing time travelers.

“What are you doing? Get out of the way you idiot or they’ll kill you.” The Circus Master shouted at the figure ahead.

Instead however the figure outstretched its arms and started to hop towards the Circus Folk.

The Circus Master halted instantly, and stopped the others in the process.

“It can’t be.” He said.

The figure continued to hop towards the Circus Folk, hissing and snarling.

The Circus Folk (except for Ashlei) knew that it was a Jiang Shi, which meant that the Strange Boy must have infected one of the workers. There was seemingly no going back for the boy now. The Circus Master didn’t think there was after his attack on the Rysteans, but at least that had been in self defence. Now it seemed he was just preying on the helpless slaves here. They certainly wouldn’t have been a threat to the small Vampire. It seemed as though everything the boy was, was now gone.

The Circus Folk tried to restrain the Jiang Shi. They had almost forgotten about the Robots chasing them.

Denika was able to quickly restrain the Vampire with a magical chain, but the beast then pulled her forward into the Circus Master and Florence, which caused the chain to vanish after the Witch’s concentration broke.

The Robots meanwhile turned their attention towards the Jiang Shi and fired on the monster.

Some of their dark magics appeared to hurt the Vampire. Despite their strength the Jiang Shi were more vulnerable to dark magics than some other breeds. Nevertheless the bloodsucker hopped through the air at one of the Robots and grabbed the flying machine in it’s talons.

The Vampire tore the machine into several pieces effortlessly with it’s inhuman strength. The Demon inside screamed as it’s metal body was torn open. The Jiang Shi didn’t just destroy it’s body however. It’s claws were able to shred the Demonic spirit inside too, destroying the monster completely. The other Robotic Demons quickly surrounded and overcame the Vampire with a barrage of magical blasts, until it was nothing but a charred corpse on the floor.

Unfortunately for the Demons five more Jiang Shi began to emerge from the mine. The Robot’s tried to hold them off, but this time the Vampires managed to overpower several of the Robots and temporarily drive them back, before more Robot soldiers arrived to take care of the Vampires.

During the fight the Circus Master and the others were able to take shelter behind a nearby rock.

“I can’t believe it.” The Circus Master said. “I thought, I hoped he could fight it, but.”

“I’m sorry.” Ashlei said.

“You should be.” Florence snapped.

“This is all your fault.”

“No it’s not her’s it’s mine.” The Circus Master interrupted.

“I should have never brought him on that last mission. Now he and all of his victims are suffering.”

“Perhaps, or perhaps this is what was meant to happen.” Denika said.

“What are you getting at?” Ashlei asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

“Look around you. The Jiang Shi have probably killed more of these Robots in 2 minutes than the inhabitents of this planet have in decades. If we can take control of the Jiang Shi then we can use them to fight the Robots off.”

“You can’t be serious! You want to let those monsters infect others.”

“No of course not, but the Jiang Shi that have already been created we can use. I know magic’s that can tame them. We can use them to fight the Robots.”

“No, we can’t use these people like that.” Ashlei protested.

“People? There’s no people left in those husks anymore. They’re just Demons in the corpses of the people they murdered. Didn’t Carlene explain the different types of Vampires. At least this way those people won’t have died in vain.”

“No, Ashlei’s right.” The Circus Master interrupted, much to Denika’s surprise.

“For now at least. We might have to use the Jiang Shi later if there is no other choice, but right now, we have to try and get as many of the workers out of here as we can. The Vampires and the Robots can fight it out together, but we can’t let anymore people be caught in the crossfire. It’s the least we can do.”

The others agreed, though Denika was still reluctant.

More Vampires began to crawl out of the pits. It was obvious that the Strange Boy had jumped into the lower levels of the mine, as most of the workers were stationed there.

The Circus Master and Florence ran to the nearest group of alien workers who had all backed away towards a wall. In spite of everything they had been through the aliens clearly still had some self preservation instincts, and the Jiang Shi were quite unlike anything even they had seen before.

Some of the miners tried to approach the Jiang Shi, believing them to still be the people they once were, but the Vampires quickly turned on the hapless aliens just as soon as they had the Robots.

The crowd were somewhat taken a back at the sight of the Circus Master himself. His wild hair, colourful clothers and the massive talons at the end of his fingers made him look almost like a monster to these hairless aliens.

The Circus Master tried to reason with them, but the aliens still cowered.

“We don’t have time for this, Florence if you’ll use your voice, I’ll cover you.”

Denika, Ashlei and Keptis meanwhile headed down one of the pits. The Vampires and the Robots were engaging in an all out battle across the mines. More and more Robots were flying down from above, whilst more and more Vampires were emerging from the mine below.

The robots outnumbered the Vampires greatly, but it took several Robots to take down just one Vampire. The Vampires were also a lot faster than the Robots and could leap through the air and knock the Robot’s out of the sky.

The Robots fired frantically in all directions they were so terrified of the Vampires. It had been a long while since they had faced an enemy that could harm them. The Robots vaporised several alien workers, and destroyed massive pieces of machinery that the slaves had been working on for months, if not years.

The leader of the platoon tried to keep the Robots in control, but it was no use.

The aliens meanwhile having been completely entranced by Florence’s hypnotic voice, followed Florence, whilst covered them all from behind.

Most of the Vampires and the Robots were too busy fighting each other, though the Circus Master and Florence still had to push some of the aliens out of the way, of stray blasts from the robots and falling rubble. The Circus Master even got in the way of one blast, but sadly they couldn’t save them all.

Just as they had almost got out of reach, one of the Robots spotted them. (It had only done so because it was fleeing from a Jiang Shi.)


A horde of Robots soon descended upon the Circus Master, Florence and the aliens.

The Circus Master jumped onto one of the robots, narrowly dodging it’s rays, he grabbed onto the Robot, and dug his claws in as deep as he could. He managed to pierce the metal, ableit only just. The Robot tried it’s best to shake him off, but the Circus Master not only held on, he pushed the Robot into the fleet above knocking 4 more of the monsters out of the air.

When the Circus Master tried to grab onto another one of the flying Robots however, they blasted the Vandal back into a large rock, causing it to collapse on top of him.

Florence meanwhile commanded the aliens to hide in a small cave, whilst she tried to hold the Robots off. Florence hurled several large boulders at the mechanical monsters and managed to smash two out of the sky, the monsters however bombarded her with so many blasts that she was forced to spend most of her time simply dodging them. At the very least she was able to draw the robots attention away from the aliens.

The Circus Master meanwhile struggled to push the boulder that had fallen on him away, but even his great Vandal strength could not shift the boulder.

Florence tried to help him, but she’d only moved it a quarter of an inch before one of the Robots fired at her again causing her to flee. Fortunately the blast destroyed a large section of the boulder, allowing the Circus Master to not only push it off, but with Florence’s help pick it up and hurl it at the Robot’s crushing 3 more of the Robots.

Several more Jiang Shi started to attack the Robots, though at least two of them went after the Aliens in the cave who they could sense.

Florence shouted at the Aliens to run away as they tried to help them, but the Vampires managed to catch several of the aliens and tear them apart.

The Circus Master air kicked one of the Jiang Shi from behind, knocking it over, whilst Florence was able to flip one of the monsters over her shoulder and into more of the robots behind.

They didn’t have time to stay and fight the Vampires however. The aliens were running blindly ahead, and though they had managed to get away from the immediate battle between the monsters.

In the mine meanwhile Denika, Ashlei and Keptis found nothing but the remains of several aliens, and robots’ Blood literally ran down the walls of the mind, whilst most of the bodies were mangled beyond recognition.

“I can’t believe The Strange Boy caused all of this.” Keptis said with utter revulsion and shock.

Suddenly the three time travellers heard the sound of something large and metallic close above. As Denika flew up to see she saw that the all of the entrances to the mine above had been closed off by metal hatches.

At the bottom of the bit meanwhile Ashlei and Keptis could see several figures begin to slowly emerge or rather hop from the darkness all around them.

To Be Continued